Karl Rove on Debate: Biden voted for both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq even though he said he didn’t

Karl Rove caught Biden saying he didn’t vote for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq during the debate, even though he really did:

Here’s the full quote from the debate transcript:

And, by the way, they talk about this Great Recession if it fell out of the sky, like, “Oh, my goodness, where did it come from?” It came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card, to at the same time put a prescription drug benefit on the credit card, a trillion-dollar tax cut for the very wealthy. I was there. I voted against them. I said, no, we can’t afford that.

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  • Betsey_Ross

    All of a sudden from out of nowhere during election time Dems turn into fiscal hawks. Usually in October before the November election.

    • BlueGood

      LMAO..that behavior I believe Betsey is universal, we have a DORKNOB LEFTOID PREMIER called DOLTON McGOOFY in ONTARIO tryin’ to pull the same schit….except this IDIOT has a very tight minority and is beside his-self with attacks from the RIGHT, the FAR LEFT and the TEACHERS and all Unions now after he squandered BILLIONS…upon BILLIONS…

      We’re investing in Tar, Feathers and Rails….up here in Ontario!

      • warpmine

        How hot can I give it to you? Have roof kettle, will travel for very special reasons if you get my drift. Md.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Very astute observation. 🙂

  • PVG

    I just got home. Listened to the first part of the debate in route in my car. I was yelling at the radio…..”shut the H— up Joe”. Arrogant, condescending, and rude, besides lying through his implants! And I haven’t even watched it.

    • A_Truism

      I’ll take your post as an indication you got home safely, hahaha…

  • poljunkie

    Drudge ought to put a headline up that Biden voted for the two wars. Doesnt he get millions from both sides of the aisle?

    • LiveFreeOrDie2012

      Go to his website and post a tip then! Take some action!

      • poljunkie

        Good idea! Thanks

    • williamm

      Vice President Joseph ‘Joe’ Robinette Biden, Jr.’s Voting Records


      Sep 14, 2001 S.J. Res 23 Military Force Authorization Biden voted Yea

      Oct 11, 2002 H.J. Res 114 use of military force against Iraq Biden voted Yea

      • williamm

        Complete Vice Presidential Debate 2012: Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan –

      • Sober_Thinking

        Good work!

  • Biden voted for the wars, Ryan voted for the wars… doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’ve already crushed Al Qaeda and killed bin Laden – it’s time to bring the troops home. We’ve wasted enough money over there fighting what is now the longest war in American history… we can’t afford it.

    • poljunkie

      Ryan didnt lie about his votes- Like Biden tried to mislead about tonight in regards to his votes.

      Al Qaeda isnt crushed.

      I do agree about bringing the troops home though.

      • biasforbothsides

        No Ryan didn’t lie about it, he just stood quiet about it and act like the big bill came only from the other side. The point is he also created that bill. so stop the innocent act. The war had already started and they had no choice but to vote for it as it was already in gear. you have to back up your country wether you agreed for that war or not. Bush went for it, even when he was adviced not to. You support your country wether you liked the war to have started or not. Period! we have to be united not devided. outside of that one lie makes Biden horrible? then all the lies caught on tape with Mitt should be devasting then don’t you think? that is why I think politics is darn right dividing. we never back up the President in power if he isn’t our choice.. then we complain when things don’t get done completely, when the whole time we were the ones getting in the way of that. No matter who is in power we need to make sure that things that are suppose to happen as they say would happen and make sure as a people that no one get in the way of their accomplishments. I sat there and watched Obama make many attempts to do what he said he would and was only able to get some of them done because the other party did everything in their power to stop him in every step of the way. Shame on those who thought that was ok. don’t complain about things needing to get done when you don’t back him up on it. instead complain because he isn’t your party. Thank God I am not in either party so I can actually make a intelligent vote. . and we all have lied in our lives so stop the OMG he lied crap. he didn’t lie in everything that is why they only picked one thing and couldn’t use more then 1 because the rest was TRUTH!!! hmmm

    • librtifirst

      We haven’t crushed Al Qaeda. They are thriving in the Libyan government, moving into Syria, an have a strong presence in Egypt. They move in and join up with the “rebel” forces that we support.

      I agree that we need to change our tactics, end our financial aid to these countries, pull most of our troops back to the US to protect our flipping borders, and cut military spending to focus on defense spending.

      • aposematic

        The rebel forces in these conflicts are part of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) from which Al Quida sprung as a militant arm. Yes the dictators deposed in the Middle East were bad but the MB forced them to be bad to keep the MB in check. America’s foreign policy is in complete meltdown and as Iran has proven to be the thorn than keeps pricking now America has the entire Middle East growing thorny plantations.

    • trouble06

      No we haven’t crushed Al Qaeda but I do agree with you we need to get out because We aren’t allowed to win and we are broke. Russia couldn’t do it, we won’t either.

      • aposematic

        Wars are won when the enemy looses the will to continue the fight; obviously we have lost big time as the enemy is stronger than ever and expanding across the Middle East.

    • Wisewoman2

      Yes it does matter when the vp lies to the american people about such an important issue as war. The man is a scumbag.

  • 911Infidel

    Good thing Biteme’s real name isn’t Pinochio.

    • biasforbothsides

      Lol that is funny… I said the same thing about Mitt on his debate

  • smmy33

    Can EVERY republican and pundit who talks about this debate say clearly that BIDEN on TV lied right to the American people about voting to send people to to war … And now lied
    that the American Diplomats in Libya didn’t request more security they did numerous times and were ignored. 2 major lies right to the American people, and that Biden looked like he was off his meds.

    Also Romney better not allow the shit that Ryan allowed… Ryan let Biden and the Raddaz get away with way too much bullshit and he should have politely told both Biden and the biased cow Raddaz that either they let him talk for his allowed time or get a damn clock put in front of both candidates and when his allotted times runs out theses two clowns can interrupt him.

    Romney has too UNDERSTAND before the next debate he will lose soundly if he allows himself to be railroaded… Even if he looks nice, polite and earnest … What ever bullshit people tell polls they don’t like their President to look small in debates or a pushover… Why do you think Bush looked good in 2000 when he gave the head nod to Gore… Like dude, sit down.

  • AbdulBX

    I just knew Ryan was going to hit Biden with that, but he didn’t.

    • aposematic

      Agree, I said to myself: Hey Ryan, even I could rebut that Biden lie and then nothing…

  • opinionatedhermit

    I don’t think people remember the history of the war in Iraq.

    It was Bill Clinton who was President when “Regime Change” in Iraq was voted on and passed. In fact, the bill was shepherded through Congress by our ol’ pal Al Gore. Who, told the world over and over the reason this was needed was because of Saddam’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

    After the Republicans won office, and when GW Bush was deciding to go into Iraq after 9/11 he wanted a bipartisan effort in order to make this happen. And, it was Bill Clinton who delivered the speech backing Pres. Bush and saying “Weapons of Mass Destruction” was the reason he was doing so. Immediately after that, Democrats started backing Pres. Bush and the rest is history.

    But, do not doubt, this is the reason why it was so important for Hillary Clinton to go out on the Senate floor to lambast Pres. Bush as a liar.

    It was to provide cover for her husband and her. Nothing more. Nothing less. Delivered in typical Clinton style. Always accuse other people that which you are guilty of…..

    • Your recollection matches mine. I remember the total flip the lefties did once it was obvious we would crush Saddam. Even the Clintons. It began the totally unhinged moonbattery that followed their crushing losses in 2002 (which destroyed the comity we had following 9-11 and all their support for the two AUMF bills).

      It was their road to the comeback they sought and finally won in 2006, with the major load carried by the press, and by Bush’s absence on any debate over Conservatism versus Leftism.

    • librtifirst

      Bush was interested in Iraq from day one:

      Iraq has been on the table since Bush Sr. was in office. There was a progression of aggression by both parties toward Iraq over a long period of time. People can argue the details, but Iraq was strategic geographically to moving through the middle east. It is a globalist thing, and they are nonpartisan concerning foreign policy. This is why there is no discernible difference in the voting record of the two parties. I believe that the global superpowers are fighting proxy wars for territorial and resource control. We have the new world order which consists of the UK, the US, etc, fighting Russia and China through the use of Muslim groups like the Taliban and Al Qaeda. We supported the Taliban against the Russians, and now the Russians supply them through others to fight us. Right now, Al Qaeda is joining up with these “rebel” groups that we support in Syria, Libya, etc.

      The democrats and republicans just fight over who gets to run things. It is all about power brokering.

      No, I’m not some liberal shill bashing Bush, I just call it as I see it.

      • opinionatedhermit

        Do you think that Pres. Bush may have been interested in Iraq from day one … given that regime change had been voted on and passed already? Because Clinton and Gore told the world that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction?

        Given that Bush Sr. had to kick the crap out of the Iraq military in order to get them to leave Kuwait?

        You mean like that type of “Going through the middle east thingy?”

        And, no. I’m not some Ron Paul bashing shill. I just call them as I see them…..

        • librtifirst

          Good response. I think that our CIA installed Saddam to begin with. Over the years he got cocky and went outside of the globalists plan for Iraq. In the race to beat out Russia and China in controlling middle eastern territory and resources, the new world order, that Bush 1 talked about, planned to go through the middle east one country at a time using Iraq as a central base of operations.

          Libya had trade agreements with China, and China responded to our support of the overthrow by having one of their generals publicly talk about war with the US over our involvement. This is because the new regime in Libya will not honor those agreements, and will sell out the oil resources to western companies. This is not to mention that Gaddafi refused to give into the global banksters, and insisted on having a sovereign national currency that benefited its people. That is all down the tubes now.

          Many people predicted which countries were the targets a long time ago. I even warned, on this site, that Syria was on the list a couple of years ago. Here we are, financing the “rebels” in Syria to overthrow their government, and Romney is vowing to continue Obama’s support for the supposed “Syrian” rebels. Other news outlets such as BBC and Reuters have reported on Al Qaeda’s involvement in joining the rebels, which means that we are literally supplying Al Qaeda with what they need to take hold in the new Syrian regime. Al Qaeda flags now fly on the rooftops of Libyan government buildings, and this will be repeated in Syria.

          The NWO doesn’t care about the 40K blacks that were immediately killed off in Libya after their government was toppled, and they won’t care about the Christians that will be killed off in Syria. About ten percent of their population is Christian, and Assad’s government did not persecute them, but the new Muslim regime will, and the western media will ignore it, just as they did with the black killings in Libya.

          We tend to get caught up in the details, such as the Kuwait issue, and we miss the big picture. I did for many years. I was paying attention in the early nineties, and supported republicans unconditionally right up until a few years ago. I don’t buy into the partisan US political theater any more, but rather look at the big picture, and I don’t see much difference in the two parties anymore. Domestically speaking, nothing reverts back to conservatism when republicans are in control, and foreign policy is almost identical, except how it is carried out.

          • opinionatedhermit

            You need to reread my response.

            • librtifirst

              I don’t disagree with what you said concerning the progression of events, I just don’t think that Bush wanted to go into Iraq from day one because it was already voted on and sold by the previous administration. I think that it was a bipartisan, ongoing agenda propagated by our political elite that has continued up to this day, and will continue with the next administration.

              I know that you were generally disagreeing with me, but I still appreciate a good response.

      • biasforbothsides

        I totally agree 100% with you. Thank you for saying it like it really is instead of picking sides. we can continue to be blind to the truth or start supporting what we really want to see happen and then back it up as a people.

    • biasforbothsides

      atually that is the style of both parties. I don’t recall any of the stuff you mentioned on the Clintons. Both parties always slam the other side and always only note the other sides flaws, but are completely blind to theirs.

      • librtifirst

        Pointing out their own flaws isn’t good for elections, yet guys like RP have a lot of support telling it like it is. One day soon, many will be forced to consider alternatives to the status quo, and they will be sounding much like RP. Iran has other countries willing to feed them in trade for oil, but who is going to bail us out when the global financial collapse takes place? For that matter, what do we have to trade?

        • biasforbothsides

          I was talking about the people that are voting. republican voters slam and talk of the flaws of demacrats and demacrat voters do the same. Who will bail us out? I guess we borrowed enough money from China to go to war that we can rely on them?

          • librtifirst

            China is leading the charge on destroying the value of the Fed Note right now. It is in their interest to see the dollar crash, and they want to position themselves to be the next world reserve. This is why they have been buying tons of gold, to have the strongest currency when the petro-dollar is abandoned. (which they and ten other countries are doing for the first time since 1946)

            What I was referring to was who is going to feed our population when we can no longer afford to import food? The Iranians went food poor because of UN an US sanctions, and China, Russia, and others are stepping in and trading food and gold for their oil.

            Eighty percent of what is in the grocery store is corn and soy based, and due to the US ag drought, and 40% of corn now going to make fuel, we rely more and more on imports to feed our population. Since Bush and Obama have gone to war with small farms, they have been unable to develop locally to help feed people.

            QE3 is now a perpetual $40B per month automatic bailout going to the banks to invest in the mortgage derivative market and to buy T-bills, and the rest of the world is now deciding to abandon the petro-dollar and trade in their own currencies, and for gold. Some say that we only have six months to a year before our currency is completely done for.

            Who is going to feed us?

            • biasforbothsides

              That is truly sad news to hear. thank you for the info

  • Another theory is that Biden didn’t lie in the debate, but is suffering from Alzheimer’s. I’m sticking with that. He just seems like the crazy uncle responsible parents try to keep away from their kids.

    • librtifirst

      Alzheimer’s may be involved, but it is likely brought on by him getting regular ijections of mercury through the vaccines that liberals push, and he is drinking the DC tap water that is filled with the carcinogen fluoride. Apparently he didn’t get the memo to stay away from GMO’s and the like either, because the roundup in them can do some serious damage as well.

      Yes, people should keep him far away from their children.

    • biasforbothsides

      since they put all taxes and a whole bunch of stuff together with the war vote I guess he had no other choice but to vote for it since it was included with other things as well. It wasn’t a seperate vote. so I don’t know who said what during that vote only they both knew since they were there. but apparently Biden didn’t like the fact that the war vote was included in that voting process. I have to look for it again as I have researched a ton. and Government documents can be long and tedious.

  • Nukeman60

    When Biden says he didn’t vote for them, you have to realize that he grouped the vote for the two wars with the vote for prescription drugs, and the vote for the tax cut. Now without looking it up, we can safely say that he voted against any tax cut. Therefore he, and the media, will claim that he didn’t ‘lie’ because that was what he was referring to, even though he made it clear he was talking about the war votes.

    It’s the way the liberals work. It’s not a lie if it’s partly true. Even if the true part is minor and the lie is major.

  • 6 days in seclusion and this is the brilliant material we get!


    • AlabamaPatriot2

      Can you imagine being locked in a room with Joe for 6 days? My head would explode.

  • Susitna

    The debate was actually a good example of what has been going on in the last four years. While the GOP was trying to debate issues and find bipartisan solutions the Communist Democratic Party was laughing and smirking because the had their own “plan”.

  • I know Biden lied about the war, but oddly enough I expected that. I think the real story is the Biden is now blaming US intelligence for saying that the YouTube video was responsible for the Benghazi attack in Libya. THAT is big news, because today the CIA will probably have something to say about that and none of it will be good for Biden. It will be interesting to see what Biden says once the CIA says he’s full of it.

    • aposematic

      All good points but lying is SOP for D’s as its all they have to justify their existence.

    • biasforbothsides

      BTW they arrested the guy who did the documentary that was poorly done and it did get on youtube. and during that is when that whole thing started to get ugly. REASON why they arrested the guy who made it. you don’t arrest someone if it didn’t start anything. come on people get real. it was alll over the news. GEEZ

  • ryanomaniac

    I was glad that Steve Hayes brought up the fact that Biden said that the intelligence community didn’t know at all what was going on leading up to and after the assassinations in Libya and at the same time he said that our intelligence would know without a doubt if Iran was even close to having a nuke. Huh? Huge contradiction. Ryan should have hit him with that because it would exploded a bomb in his face.

    Ryan left a lot on the table in my opinion. BUT he was constantly interrupted incessantly by Biden and the moderator. At one point they were both hammering at the same time. The debate was a joke and I had to take a Xanax before my heart exploded.

    • Sober_Thinking

      I’m with you… I made it to the 50-minute mark and had to take a break for 10 minutes before finishing it.

      Biden looked really angry in the last 15-20 minutes of the debate.

      Ryan was steam-rolled by the other two.

    • I think Ryan showed true class and the juxtaposition with the Jerk won the day…

  • John3_3

    I think Ed Rollins said it best. He said that “Biden was like the loud, obnoxious drunk guy at the bar that thinks he knows everything”. I think that explains Biden’s actions last night to a “T”.

  • TJinNJ

    Rove, Norquist, et al. should be held accountable for trying to lose the Senate by demonizing Todd Akin. Same with RNC head Preibus who has CUT FUNDING to him and Michell Bachmann. This is a clear indication of their hate for conservatism.
    Seems demonic-rats aren’t the only ones “fundamentally transforming” this country. RINOs just do it “quietly” since their counterpart’s goals are being met. Just wished Ryan didn’t follow Romney/RINO mantra of supporting Syrian (al-qaeda) Rebels. Haven’t we learned anything from Iraq?

    • aposematic

      It is irrefutable that the lesser of two evils is still evil but with our present state of evil even a RINO is a giant leap in the right direction (pun intended). Give individual freedom a chance — Vote R&R.

      • TJinNJ

        Completely agree but we can’t forget the entirety of the problem, not fix, but expect the desired restoration.

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    BozoJoe is Romney’s best secret weapon. Just keep talking, Joe.

  • info


    The ONE Word Missing From The Debate

    Last night’s Vice Presidential Debate will probably be remembered most for Vice President Biden’s smarmy attitude and off putting,maniacal grin.

    Paul Ryan came off as competent and polite while Biden’s japery (look it up Democrats) was an attempt to compensate for the malaise of Obama’s somnambulist act in the first debate.

    Sad to say neither candidate dared to utter the word “immigration” or even “illegal immigration’ in the context of all their talk about unemployment.

    How can anyone allow a single illegal alien to steal jobs,recieve benefits for themselves and their children and lower wages for Americans when the nation is suffering under such massive unemployment?

    I believe it was Washington Times writer Sam Francis who said there is “The Evil Party (democrats) and the Stupid Party (Republicans)”

    The GOP has a golden opportunity to crush Obama with his open borders/Administrative Amnesty policy. A policy opposed by over 75% of American voters.

    Why the silence GOP?

    • Wisewoman2

      I agree with you. However lets hope it is a strategic move until after the election.

  • Pyrran

    Anyone who expects the truth to come out of Biden’s flapping gums should have their head examined. He just says anything that pops into his empty cranium, as evidenced by his “gaff a week” comments in the last four years.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      But he says he means what he says! Perhaps they ought to play that after his comment about the middle class being buried for the last four years and put it in an ad.

  • Sober_Thinking

    It will be interesting to see all the lies that are revealed as people study the B.S. Biden spewed last night.

  • IT IS NOT FUNNY _ lying, interrupting, lying, interrupting and lying again!!!
    Too bad Ryan wasn’t watching his grimaces – he might have said: I IT NOT FUNNY when you ruin our country and cover it with lies”…
    What an oaf Biden is.

  • Sandra123456

    I guess the VP debate showed that Biden is the Obama Court Jester or Idiot.

    How sad.

  • aposematic

    Surprized–a D lying about his/her record…not! Lies are all the D’s ever have to run on.

  • toongoon

    The United States is the village who wishes they were missing an idiot.

  • PhillyCon

    I saw a headline on Fox this morning:

    “Biden’s Mom and Dad Taught him alot, but not Manners.”

  • iaintlyin

    “I mean what I say”. Good God, if team Romney can’t make 100 ads with that line……But the first one they could make is comparing what he said at the debate about this issue and compare it to his actual voting record and LABEL HIM A LIAR, WITH THE PROOF

  • StrangernFiction

    “I’ve known Joe Biden a very long time, he’s a very nice man.” — Brit Hume

    If Hume really believes this he is a pitiful judge of character.

    • hermsmd

      Greta said the same thing later on her show. I was floored. If Uncle Joe is one of those politicians who would ‘give the shirt off his back to help a person’ as Greta said as a character reference (or Brit, not sure) then they are peddling a naive caricature of a politician to the public. Who doesn’t know a politician who wouldn’t do the same, or not steal candy from a baby, or pander like pathetic yes man.

      Rush is right. That town can be a tad incestuous.

      • PhillyCon

        My thought exactly. They still want their invites to cocktail parties.

    • PhillyCon

      But is ever Romney, Ryan, Bush, or any other conservative (take your pick) described as a nice person?

      Would you ever see Chris Matthews, and that gang ever say, “Oh, I know Romney he is nice.”


    • mder4thegov

      Brit Hume has become an embarrassment, plain and simple.

  • mder4thegov

    I remember distinctly–after the Palin/Biden ’08 debate, everyone from Rove to Krauthammer, saying that although Biden lied fourteen times–it only matters if you call the person on it–right then and there.
    I find it remarkable Paul Ryan didn’t have the V.P.’s voting record on the wars–at his fingertips, and if he did, how do you let him get away with such a blatant lie.

    • UnCL3

      good point…I couldn’t understand Ryan being sooo timid as to not call him out, firmly, on all the BS Biden spewed…weak performance on Ryan’s part.

  • kong1967

    I don’t think it will haunt him. The fact checkers tilt left and tilt the facts themselves. They already claimed that Ryan lied when he said that “we don’t paint Assad as a reformer”. The fact checkers said no one on Obama’s administration did. They’re wrong. Hillary did.

    Fact checkers are just a bunch of people putting their own spin on things. They can’t be trusted, either.

    • UnCL3

      anyone with a lick of sense (and manners) would look at Biden and say “what a moron, what a rude d1ckhead”…that will be what people “in the middle” will remember

      • kong1967

        I think you’re right.

  • Laurel

    That’s Joe being Joe…don’t forget he likes to plagiarize as well. And yeah this isn’t politically correct but I’m sick of hearing about Biden’s wife and daughter that dies in a car wreck……40YEARS AGO! I think that cow has been milked dry.

    • biasforbothsides

      I think he got what Ryan said about Mitt feeling for a guy who lost his wife in a car accident. so he totally sympathize as he had that happen to him. only someone who has lost a loved one, in his case several loved ones in one day can understand what Ryan was saying about Mitt. I don’t think you ever get over it. even if it was a 100 years. I believe he is who he is today because of the loss and will always try his best for all. as I think all the canidates are.

  • dk_in_tn

    Biden proved without a doubt that he isn’t fit for the office he holds. Ditto for Obama.

  • Biden’s task was obviously to come up with a performance that would be so outlandishly awful that it would take the focus off of the Empty Chair in the first debate. No one was sure he was really up to it, but Joe managed to pull it off.

  • nice work karl, did you see the rest of the debate?

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Glad Rove pointed out a Biden falsehood here.

  • Wisewoman2

    You must be on meds. Biden told at least 4 ballfaced lies. Hannity ticked them off on his program on Friday night. Go there to find the list if you are so sure he only told one little lie. People who think like you are why the country has gone to h*ll.

    • biasforbothsides

      It is not people who think like me that this country is where its at. it is because we continuelly fight with each other and never want or try to work as a whole and a united nation that we are suppose to be. We should be working together to see what is really going on with each and every President and get more involved to make sure things get done for the better of our people no matter who is in office. we just get caught up on who is a republican and who is a demacrat. instead of when the President is in office making sure things get done for the better of all.

  • biasforbothsides

    OK so I can see that this is just a republican site because I seen both parties pull some big ones especially Mitt and all I read is bashing on the Demacrats. Probably why I will vote for the Democrats. and no I am not a democrat or Republican.

    • UnCL3

      you’re just stupid then? the country is going to hell because of this regime, and you want more of that…a$$douche…and you’re from #occupy where?

    • UnCL3

      and don’t give us that “i’m an independent voter” bullsh1t…we aren’t buying it…go back to HuffPo

      • biasforbothsides

        Again since I have love for all I wont respond to the insult. But I will say this. I loved McCain… sorry you think otherwise. that is the problem with our country now. we just consistantly disrespect each other if we aren’t in agreement with the other. But for me they are both two people to be respected to want to take on the huge resposibility of running a country. So my love and respect to both. PERIOD!

        • AlabamaPatriot2

          What is the problem with our county now, Ms. McCain lover? I’m itching to hear this rejoinder.

          You’re new to this, aren’t you?

          • biasforbothsides

            Yes I am new to this site. 🙂 here is what I said “we just consistantly disrespect each other if we aren’t in agreement with the other” I see that to be true even in my family. So it is nothing new. Just something that needs to be transformed.

            • AlabamaPatriot2

              We’ve been disagreeing with each other for 236 years or more. Suddenly, it’s an issue with moderates like you because “we can’t all just get along.”

              Have you been watching for the last four years? Are you cognizant of whats going on around you?

              And the Maddows, Mahers, Olbermanns et al respect me?

  • poljunkie

    Biden implied he didnt vote for it. That was my point.

  • Incorrect…read the transcript… “And, by the way, they talk about this Great Recession if it fell out of the sky, like, “Oh, my goodness, where did it come from?” It came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card, to at the same time put a prescription drug benefit on the credit card, a trillion-dollar tax cut for the very wealthy. I was there. I voted against them. I said, no, we can’t afford that.”…he was saying he voted against the prescription drug and trillion dollar tax cut..Ryan didn’t call him on it because he knew what Biden meant…care to retract:-)

  • msverde1

    Yep! Nothing new here!