“Kill Rush Limbaugh” video on YouTube

You’d think this would be something YouTube would take down, but apparently advocating the death of Rush Limbaugh isn’t against their policies:

I would suggest you all go to this video on YouTube and report it.

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  • Very sad indeed!

  • 12grace

    Whoever is responsible for this video is guilty of a hate crime…and I’m sure if this threat were lodged at one of obama’s Communist minnions instead of a Conservative, the punishment would be swift.

    • kong1967

      He would already be in Gitmo.

    • While the music is something of a hate crime against my ears, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t qualify as a hate crime in any sense of the term.

  • Joe

    I’ll report it

    It is death threat – arrest them

    I wonder if they will vote ?

    • kong1967

      Not from jail, lol.

    • homerlh

      Likely several times and in several places.

  • Velvet

    I can’t listen to all of that garbage, advil just isn’t strong enough but we must report this hate speech and hope it gets removed.

    • kong1967

      It’s not hate speech when it comes from the left. Remember the “Kill Bush” signs? Not a damn thing was done about it. Oh, but say you don’t like Obama’s policies and they call you a racist and say you’re using hate speech.

      The left is out of control…..way way way way out of control.

      • Velvet

        Oh you are so right… erm I mean, correct. Silly me, I forgot to unplug my brain and use the Commie-Lib app in its place. ;{

  • Asian_chic

    This is so sick! I pray to God that the people who are fighting for our freedoms, whether they are elected officials or ordinary citizens, stay safe.

    • Garym

      Luckily, Rush never goes anywhere without his bodyguard. Joseph Stalin, Rush calls him.

      • aPLWBinAK

        have you ever seen a picture of Snerdly? he’s gigantic!

  • Ahh the libral culture of death strikes again…If something bothers you just kill it. From unborn babies to the elderly and everyone in between.

  • Joe

    OK – You have to hit the dislike button on the vid

    Then a drop down will appear and you can select a reason

    • Promotes terrorism.

    • kong1967

      29 likes, 1589 dislikes.

      I hit the dropdown box and there really wasn’t a proper reason. Political is what I was looking for….I mean, inciting violence over politics. I just clicked on one and explained in my dialogue box that the hate speech was political so ignore the drop down box, lol.

  • Miss Fluke got her 15 min of fame and this video want the same thing.Simply lack of taste.Miss Fluke should thank Rush Limbaugh

  • DCGere

    Ah the “tolerant” libs show their tru colors. Sick people.

  • Dax

    Last I checked the video had 14 likes and 1014 dislikes.

    • kong1967

      29 and 1589 now.

  • Matthew Rio Perez

    re tweet it

  • Matthew Rio Perez

    re tweet it

  • poljunkie

    I lasted 44 seconds.

    I am a music lover but that just stunk- and the message was even worse.

  • odin147

    lost cause…wonder what would happen if rush limbaugh was replaced with the one

    • KenInMontana

      They can play the part of the “unfriendlies”. I’m still young enough for a little CQB.

  • Sinsonta

    Went to You Tube and reported as dangerous!

  • Gloria

    Disgusting leftist!

  • c4pfan


  • With all the talk of “oh, gee, we must report this”, who actually DID report/flag this video? I did.

    • c4pfan

      sinota did.

    • I did.

    • I did too.

    • Gloria

      I did!

    • p m

      Yep – me too.
      Noting it was uploaded last February 2011.
      Their community rules are for “protected groups”. WTH?
      We’re all protected aren’t we? Guess not. Course not..

  • There are no longer any consequences. Obama’s DOJ not only won’t prosecute voter intimidation, but is itself guilty of arming gangs.

    There is no longer any shame. Our culture now takes pride in all the debauchery and vulgarity it can imagine.

    If you side with the Communist/Atheist/Homosexual agenda, you get a free pass.

  • PFFV

    No news here as far as the national media is concerned, they agree with the radicals that want to stifle free speech, for conservatives only of course. The left can say and do anything, all justified in their minds. The Cult of Hypocrisy is upon us! It’s the Liberal Socialist Thugs and their National Media vs. the Conservative Truth Tellers and our blogosphere. The truth will set you free Libs, if you allow it into your tiny brains.

  • Nukeman60

    Oh, but these are ‘just musicians’. They are expressing their creative skills. Just like Maher is ‘just a comedian’. My aZZ. To me they are ‘just pieces of trash’.

  • c4pfan

    Scoop, did you hear about the idiots in Los Angeles that passed a ‘resolution’ against saying anything racist or anti woman on the radio?

    Also, what is up with Ann Coulter attacking Michelle Malkin?

    • Asian_chic

      Michelle gave it back to her BIG time! I have to look for her tweet. It was awesome!

    • Asian_chic

      Michelle Malkin ‏ @michellemalkin Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
      Just so we’re clear: @AnnCoulter stands w/misogynist creep @billmaher. I stand w/conservative women he’s slimed under guise of “comedy.”

  • Freedom of speech for me, but not for thee. Sure, call someone a slut to show an absurdity is punishable by threats- but ah, whatever… this is sickening.

  • “You’d think this would be something YouTube would take down, but apparently advocating the death of Rush Limbaugh isn’t against their policies:”

    I’m pretty sure this has more to do with many of the Senior Google Management now being in serious legal jeopardy. They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar circumventing their own rules in an effort to help a gangster become the country’s biggest steroid seller.

    The Obama Justice Dept. now owns Google management.

    Eric Holder has no shame. Expect more of this type of behavior.

  • Sober_Thinking


    All Rush does is speak the truth and care about this country.

    What a sad and twisted thing this is…

  • marketcomp

    You know what is even more interesting is that when something tragic happens, specifically in the case of Congresswomen Giffords, its almost always a leftwing crazey who does the deed. And now Louis Farrakan is also insiting violence even making some references about Obama a few months ago. These leftist are some of the most vile in America and would bet in history, because every lunatic who has either shot or attempted murder on a President of public offical from John Wilkes Booth and attempt on Abraham Lincoln, the Unibomber, Henkly, and attempts on Gerald Fords life were all left-wing and subscribe to a socialist ideology. So who knows where this may led! Rush already had a scare earlier this month and I know that he will take care to protect him and his family. I hope the FBI gets involve to handle this and prevent the release of the song.

  • sybilll

    It got posted over at Democratic Underground. http://www.democraticunderground.com/101717917
    They have a jury system to decide if posts are too offensive or violate their terms of service. Guess what the jury decided…..go ahead, guess.

  • msverde1

    Even for this hard rocker, I could not permit myself to endure the entire rendering of such a treacherous, salacious attack on one of life’s true standard bearers for truth and liberty. When you consider the source of this vile representation of incivility, irresponsibility, and irrationality (yes, pardon the alliteration), it is not very difficult to treat this for what it is: Loads of BS.

  • Heavy Metal rocks…

    – YouTube should keep it up… as an example of hate speech that is protected by the “freedom of speech” 1st Amendment.

    – YouTube should also keep up islamic death to the kafir videos… as a constant reminder of hate speech against freedom and those who will NOT submit, which is what Islam means, to becoming a submitter, which is what Muslim means.

    – YouTube should also keep up truth telling against islamic hate speech even if the islamic haters think that telling the truth about Islam is hate speech.

    Where is the line to be drawn if BOTH sides are restricted from YouTube?

    1 example – Ann Barnhardt – Part 1 of a lecture 09-21-2011 –

    “Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil”
    >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCfbYkXtHuA&list=UUHMJsns2MeqLv6m7S30AgVw&index=5&feature=plcp


    • Hey, this song as terrible, but heavy metal ain’t all bad!

  • 911Infidel

    Dhimrhoids and socialist bet-wetters talk more sh_t. What really pisses off the Good Humor man is that they. like their jihadist bretheren can say whatever they want to, and get away with it. What’s a matter diaper babies, you don’t like the message that Obama is usurping religious liberty and that Ms Fluck is a “slut”? Hmmm… I’ll be glad to quit my job and walk point for Limbaugh any day…and I don’t like the guy…I’d do it, just to be there on the outside chance that some dumb libstick decides to pull a Sirhan Sirhan.

    • NJK

      Bill Ayers the usurper’s good friend dedicated his book to Sirhan Sirhan.

      • 911Infidel

        Yeah, I know that. Ayers should have been a natural political ally of RFK. Its not surprising that a domestic terrorist cretin like Ayers would align himself with an equal cretin like Sirhan Sirhan who committed the first jihadi terrorist act on US soil. Just another piece of evidence that the left and the jihadist swine are in sympatico with one another.

  • sjmom

    Reported it.

    Is hate all the Left knows???????????

    • Yes. But I know that was a rhetorical question 😉

      • sjmom

        I do think it is amazing how much hatred there is in the Left. How do you live with that much hatred? I really don’t know but now I understand why the Lord tells us to love because hatred affects the mind.

        • I often wonder the same thing. I mean everyone gets angry over things, but this and so much else we’ve been hearing lately is extremely hateful. I can’t imagine hating the way some on the left do. It’s sad really.

  • Coralchristie

    Hate speech!!!! Time for Mr Obama, Reid, Ms Pelosi & Wasserman-Shultz to react with outrage. Oops … he’s a conservative so we won’t hear from them.

  • NoToTyrants

    More examples of the leftists’ commitment to:

    New Tone™

    These are all terms they employ to shut Conservatives up, and then promptly ignore when applied to vile despicable behavior from people on their side of the political spectrum. For people they agree with, they will invoke “free speech” rights, or say he/she is a comedian, so vileness is acceptable for them.

    The double standard is glaringly transparent, but that is not what gets me angry. What infuriates me is the number of docile lemmings on the right that not only go along with it, but often perpetuate it.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Ah yes , the tolerant left… I often wonder why they even use the term “Liberal” any more…

    They are anything but, except when it comes to other peoples money..

  • Its not even good metal…..

  • NJK

    Why can’t we secede from the union. I loathe these people. I’m sick of their abuse and bullying, and I don’t even want to live in the same country with these people anymore. Remember the phony speech on civility that the African usurper gave after he orchestrated the shooting in AZ? Yes, I believe he orchestrated that, just as he did Fast and Furious and Sandra Fluke.

  • Gregory Williams

    WOW even “skin head metal” like artists want the guy gone. Your really slipping in popularity if skin heads wanna kill you, look out Rush now you have to worry about metal heads punk rockers and women everywhere.

    Betcha wish you had a do over.

    • K-Bob

      I love the fact that there’s women everywhere. I bet Rush does, too.

  • wodiej

    You Tube has many many hate videos of Gov. Sarah Palin and how much outcry was there about that? Her staunch supporters have been furious but little comment from others. Lots of crude, nasty things said about her and her kids but no one opted to boycott HBO or the entertainers saying them. But if it’s Rush Limbaugh, oh boy, it’s a huge issue. Gov. Palin never called anyone vulgar, foul names like Limbaugh did. All she has ever been is gracious, classy and polite even about people who have been utterly evil against her. So excuse me for not feeling sorry for talk show host Limbaugh. You reap what you sow. When he speaks into his “golden microphone” he should make sure that what he is saying is indeed golden and not reminiscent of liberal trash talking.

    • Stop masturbating, it clogs your brainwaves. Limbaugh didn’t say anything out of the bounds of today’s norms. He was making a rhetorical point about a hard-left wing activist. He made a good point and showed the absurdity of her argurment. She is now considered something of a joke, wanting everyone else to pay for her recreationsl sex, when she could easily pay $9 / month at Target, close to where she goes to school, which costs $50,000 / yr for tuition. What a joke.

      Go Rush Go!

  • rls77

    … and the music sucks

  • Sandra123456

    Are we trying to inspire another Gabby Giffords type shooting? Let’s hear those of you on the Left denounce this as hate speech…3,2,1,…waiting…..

  • virginiagentleman1

    There may still be a few people who don’t know what side of the political coin they are on. But really, it’s so easy to know! If you are a hater, spew filth and vitriol, and believe that you are the highest form of life, then you are on the left or wrong side!
    On the other hand, if you believe in the Creator, if your inclanation is to love rather then hate, if the Constitution is the supreme law of the land in your eyes, you are on the right.
    See how easy it is?! HATERS DESTROY! LOVERS CREATE! ( and creating is so much fun!)

  • kong1967

    Isn’t this type of thing considered a death threat? Or even instigating violence? I can’t remember what you call it when someone rallies the public to commit violence against someone using the airwaves or the internet.

    Anyway, I consider this either a death threat or instigating violence. The maker of it should go to jail. He won’t, of course, because he’s a liberal.

  • maxntulsa

    youtube = google = obama

  • unclesamnephew

    pure demonic! even the music is from the depths of hell.

  • ClydeHady

    I believe n free speech, because this definitely was not worth a dime.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    “I would suggest you all go to this video on YouTube and report it. ”



      what exactly is conservative? allowing you to sensor, but not others?

      • Conservative_Hippie

        It’s not conservative or liberal to incite violence by explicitly demanding the death of someone. This youtube video is not an issue of politics nor is it an issue of sensorship. This video is bordering on an act of criminal intent and therefore is in violation of youtube’s guidelines. So if you have a problem with youtube’s guidelines maybe you should write a complaint.

  • KenInMontana

    36 likes and 1823 dislikes, numerous complaints of which I am one.


    Hello ?! This does not advocate killing or anything other than asking people to think about the hatred and politics – it is a song_ NOT A THREAT… Exaggerators as usual- and that my friends is why the “Right” will never be RIGHT. Go adopt a dog, feed the homeless take your grandma out to dinner- Stop turning things into what they are NOT ! Whatever your spiritual beliefs (if any) Atheists to Buddhists to Christians and all in between- Hate is not a part of any of it. There is something much more productive to be doing – HATERS on either side are wrong, and the only thing significant you can actually get out of that song is a freaking headache(if it doesn’t induce vomit first). And you talk about Obama and commies? Jackass- you want to censor! Get a grip!

    • K-Bob

      Evidently equal treatment under the rules isn’t part of your list of concerns. Only the left gets to hate with impunity. Anyone else daring to point out the problem with that is subjected to more hate and bizarre accusations.


        Really? There is something called freedom of speech- we are all (left or right) privy to in the USA. What treatment do you speak of? There is nothing about left or right to discuss. And if you wish to call others “lefts” I assume you must be “right” and I cannot fathom why or how any intelligent person would categorize their self into one or the other- we all are quite diverse and it is is clearly silly to have to choose from only two “teams.” Our political system is a fraud on both sides and we are so close to being a third world nation it’s not funny, I would think that people might find things in common rather than divide with insults and exhibiting lack of control personal control. I am personally not comfortable with capitalism- does that make me a “commie” (even that term is ridiculous) or a socialist? NO. It means that i prefer to consider mankind over my own personal pocket book… Does that make me left? Does that make me wrong? Could you please stop preaching left or right – it is truly fundamentally simple minded, dumbing down everyone and encouraging out of control egos and total lack of civility.


          By the by, Rush Limbaugh is a shameful human breeding hatred and lying and is the ultimate embarrassment to all Americans.

          • K-Bob

            Do you even bother to read what you write?

  • Mary_Linda

    The No. 1 on their list shows the problem these morons have.
    They have NO trust in God! They are the fools of our nation.

  • How can a musical group completely devoid of talent gain some attention for itself? Hmmmm… thinking…. thinking… Hey! I have an idea!

    • Here is the funny thing straw dude! Detente don’t care about attention as they broke up in 2010!!! Nobody outside of a few right wing nut jobs cares about it!! This song had 454 plays three days ago and has been on youtube since it came out 2010! Hannity throws a fit it about on his right wing show and Bam over 50,000 views in 48 hrs! So who is gaining attention from it!!????