Kirsten Powers slams Media Matters: They are not a legitimate organization or media watchdog group

Responding to Media Matters attacking NPR this week for their investigative piece called Unfit for Work: The startling rise of disability in America, Kirsten Powers calls them out saying they are not a legitimate organization and they don’t exist to be a media watchdog group either.


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  • JeffWRidge

    Powers is spot on here. Media Matters is nothing more than an attack dog bred and trained by the left/Democrat Party to destroy FNC, or anyone else who dares to oppose the far-left’s agenda.

  • Liberals at Media Matters are the first ones to cry out that censorship is bad, yet they are the first ones to try and shut down the few media organizations that don’t agree with them, like FOX News. They are SUCH hypocrites it’s disgusting.

  • 57thunderbird

    Kirsten is as close to reasonable as a liberal will ever be.She is correct in this instance.

    • toongoon

      She’s had some pretty good things to say in the last few months. At least what I’ve heard from the posts Scoop puts up. Her brain was a little bit too tight in her skull until Megyn Kelly slapped her upside the head over the Trayvon Martin shooting.

      • NYGino

        toongoon 57thunderbird Never thought she was a true liberal, she has some feminine qualities.

        • toongoon

          Yeah…..that’s what different about her….she’s like a…a woman. 🙂

        • NYGino

          ….and probably heterosexual.  Man, if that gets out her goose is cooked with the left.

  • Rshill7

    Nevertheless, even though they are as partisan as partisan gets, they’re still a tax exempt organization…controlled by George Soros.

    • libertifirst

      Rshill7 Be careful, our government is getting more and more geared toward prosecuting “pre-crime”.

      • NYGino

        libertifirst Rshill7 “Minority Report”

        • white531

          NYGino libertifirst Rshill7 Its closer than you think.

    • OneThinDime

      Rshill7 As is Obama’s OFA.  Guess it’s okay because he controls the IRS

  • louisiana_mom

    Don’t worry, Kirsten, NPR is not a legitimate news organization either…  So, really, we have two arms of the Progressive Propaganda sparring between themselves.  One is supported by donations the other is supported by tax dollars…

    • Valin

      Compared to Media Mutters…..they are.

      • RobHorine

        Valin louisiana_mom Many high school papers have higher journalistic standards than Media Matters.

        • Valin

          RobHorine Valin louisiana_mom  
          Or grade school for that matter.

  • Booker

    Media Mutters… hard at work again. It’s amazing how the founder, used to be a conservative. Maybe he wasn’t a conservative at all. Shame. They’ve become the arm of the Obama administration.

    • libertifirst

      Booker Don’t you mean a “tentacle” of the Obama administration?

  • RobHorine

    I sense that one day, Kristen will have a crisis of faith and turn full conservative.   Unlike many liberals, she’s smart and can carry a discussion without (most times) falling into liberal talking points.   I feel it’s a matter of time when Kristen leaves liberalism behind.  And that will be a happy day.

    • Booker

      RobHorine She’s a liberal, not a leftist. I think that’s the difference. Trust me, she has her bad days.

  • NYGino

    Poor Kristen, she will not be receiving a Ramadam card from the  White House this year.

    • YoJoe

      Where have you been hiding? 
      Maybe I was!

      • NYGino

        YoJoe NYGino   Joe is that you?  Bronx-North Carolina Joe?  Didn’t recognize you with your spiffy new handle.  Missed ya.  I pretty much took a break from news and world turmoil for 3-4 weeks and when I came back everything has changed (the new format)  and lots of new faces.  
        Hope you’ve been well my friend.

  • libertifirst

    Media Mattes might be a legitimate organization legally speaking, but not ethically. We need to be careful about the terminology that we use.

    • sybilll

      libertifirst They are a non-profit “non-partisan” 501(c)3, to which I say……bullsh!t.  And WE do not need to parse our language when those disgusting ghouls are discussed.  Perhaps you forgot the cloak for your eyeore.

      • libertifirst

        sybilll libertifirst You are right. If they are a 501(c)3 organization. There are other non-profit status’ that would allow them to be partisan. 501(c) 3 is what the churches sign onto, which does not allow them free speech. It is an illegal status to begin with, because a natural right cannot even be signed away. You can legally sign an agreement to limit free speech between private parties, but government cannot make deals limiting free speech.

        Therefor, no matter what, they would not be a legitimate organization, but neither would churches who have the same status.

  • edsmanedup

    Scoop.., why was my comment not posted… this is not very user friendly…don’t worry I still love you…be very afraid…

    • libertifirst

      edsmanedup Sometimes I will hit the reply button when I think a post got lost, but it actually closes the window when your cursor goes outside the box. Your message is often still there, if you hit the “reply” button again. 
      If it was a new post and not a reply, I don’t know.

  • froggy19510
    • froggy19510  She’s just figured out that riding the fence like McCain does is the best way to get attention in the media.

      • froggy19510

        He_Has_Failed @froggy19510 Good point.

  • white531

    I was working on a property today, so I had time to listen to the radio.  For some reason, I chose NPR.  I do that once in awhile.  You should try it.  It gives you a perspective you don’t get by constantly visiting only Conservative sites.
    It is actually entertaining, provided you have a warped sense of humor.  But it is something you have to adjust to gradually.  Because when you listen to the commentators, and their oh, so smooth voice of invincibility, and power and control, and all knowing, total understanding of what Americans face,  you at first want to just puke.
    Most Conservatives don’t invade the enemy’s camp very often.  I would tell you clearly, that is a mistake.  The first rule of Military combat is to know your enemy.  While we may not be involved in military combat with Liberals, we are for sure at war with them.  I believe it would serve us well, to invade their camp regularly, just as they do ours.  I have no problem doing so.
    Most of those who visit this site are intelligent Conservatives.  The fire of Freedom burns bright in their hearts.  Having said that, we remain the underdogs.  We are the ones the media makes fun of.  We are the ones they paint as crazy, because we still think the Constitution is the ulimate document to guide our path.
    Make no mistake, our position on the future of this country, is the correct one.  Don’t ever deviate from that.  But learn to fight the enemy, using his own tactics.  The Liberals and Progressives play dirty.  I am not against playing dirty too.
    Conservatives need to step up their game.

    • sybilll

      white531 NPR is nothing more than a free sleeping pill to me, but I agree with you. Andrew had it right about exposing the left’s radicalism.  I try doing my part by trolling DU nightly and tweeting their idiocy.

    • vorlath

      white531 I’m an ex-liberal. I used to listen to Air America. I was listening to them when John Kerry lost the election. The disbelief and dejection was quite intense. I used to hate Rush. I listened to the Daily Show every day. I’ve on occasion listened since, but it’s still the same script. Hate and demonize the opposite side.

      You talk about upping the game. Conservatives should do a better effort to explain history. Kids today have no idea that Republicans gave women the right to vote TWICE because Dems took it away. That Republicans gave blacks the right to vote. That Republicans ended slavery. That all major civil rights acts were passed by Republicans. None by Democrats. On and on. Most Dems think that the KKK is a Republican organization. Go on and you’ll know that this is a fact (that Dems incorrectly believe the previous statement). Anyhow, the list goes on.

      You want to turn young people off of the Democratic party, tell them of their party’s past. They’ll never vote for it again.  Well, once they stop denying the truth, which may take some time. But right now, no one is even trying.

      • white531

        vorlath white531 Enjoyed your post.  No disagreement here.

      • BlogenGeezer

        vorlath white531 NPR. UN under Boutros Butrous-Ghalil, (EGYPT) set up Kangura Newspaper and RTLM, Public Radio-TV in Rwanda… for the Hutu majority controlled govt. As quickly as it was controlled by the HUTU regime, it began diligently, cunningly working to rid Rwanda of prosperous Tutsi’s,  who had previously coexisted with Hutus for millenia. Tutsis were known as ‘Tall Trees’ due to stature and lighter skin. Hutu govt ordered 531,000 machetes from China and began the Rwandan ‘Genocide’ targeting primarily Tutsi females for rape, torture, sexual mutilation and slaughter. Over 1 million unarmed minority Tutsis were slaughtered, countless trapped in their churches, while UN backed off it’s restrained presence. Only well Armed, expat Tutsis returning in force, halted the Mass Tutsi Genocide with enforced order. NPR is powerful in the hands of a Hatred obsessed agenda. Btw UN today, under guise of Ending Violence by ‘Small Arms Treaty’, is attempting to disarm Tutsis of their Protective firearms… For the Machetes of Hutus to resume… ‘business’?

  • Matt2Matt

    This story is precisely the problem of the right.  It’s not enough that we know MM is a Marxist front group, “we” must find a Leftist who is on the right’s payroll, yet wouldn’t vote anything but Left if her life depended on it, to confirm it for us.  It’s the Frank Luntz, Mike Murphy, Roger Ailes method of operation, and it’s a bomb.  The Left must be crushed, there is no plan B.

    • Valin

      Bring on the Show Trials!!!

  • Godisright

    I’m suprised. She has really been a dipstick on the Sean Hannity Show lately. Well, maybe there is hope – Jesus died for her too !

  • The wheels on the NObama bus go round and round… Round and round… Grind and GRIND!!!
    Look out Kirsten…  Is that the big NObama Express red bus I see coming down the road for you?
    NObama throws his enemies under the bus… Under the bus Under the bus… 
    And the media don’t say squat!

  • pmyers1934

    Kirsten has taken Obama and the Dems on before when she thinks they are wrong, several times actually. She does not mince words.