Kirsten Powers: The media seems to be taking their orders from the Obama administration

Kirsten Powers on Fox News earlier today blasting the media for their lack of curiosity in this Benghazi story, saying they should be embarrassed that Univision was the first to ask the president about the security situation on 9/11:

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  • hbnolikeee

    Kirsten apparently you haven’t read your daily Pravda lately and must have missed your Koolaide.

    • Pravda… aka The New York Times

      • hbnolikeee


  • T Pixidust

    Taking odds on how long it takes for Kirsten Powers to flip conservative.
    Of all the lefties, she’s the most open-minded.

    • Hannity asked her the same thing, she told him not to hold his breath:)

    • Jaels_Song

      And, Pat Caddell.

    • BlueGood

      Let’s hope..she’s a very articulate Lady and clearly has a conscience, we Conservatives will welcome her like any other person who finally realizes that integrity really does matter!

    • Conservative_Hippie


    • tvlgds

      Agree. She’s usually very reasonable and doesn’t toe the party line as much as most.

    • Joengima

      I’ve always said this about Powers and even Caddell; they maybe liberals, but they aren’t blinded by ideology.


    • I think she’s starting to see the light, or should I say the Right.

    • And too nice looking to remain a liberal.

    • JoJo58

      She used to date Anthony Weiner, so I won’t hold my breath either….but I have to admit I was surprised that she didn’t parrot the daily talking points. Does this mean that there is hope?

    • Even if it is fleeting, it is a little refreshing.

  • Rshill7

    I think Kirsten is growing weary of her party and their accomplices. She’s one of the few liberals I can stand/stomach.

    • Goldni007

      She’s married to some big time doctor. I’ll bet she’s learned the true life horrors of what’s to come with Obamakare.

      • Rshill7

        Hmmm, I didn’t know that. Thanks Goldni007 🙂

        • I think she was also engaged to Anthony Weiner.

          • cathmom

            No she just dated him a couple times.

  • 911Infidel

    We already know that. And Holder is coordinating with Media Matters. There is no new revelation here. Kirsten should stop by Right Scoop once in a while and get up to our speed on all things political.

  • Kirsten sounds very reasonable only because this issue is close to her heart (her husband’s family being Coptic Christians). If she married a refugee from a socialist country, she would’ve been a die hard constitutional conservative. Some people need to live it to understand the issues, some have common sense.

  • FreeManWalking

    Admitting there is a problem is the 1st Step.

    Come on Kirsten, turn Right and start with baby steps.

    • Rshill7

      Yep, I was going to say that she might be a recovering liberal/progressive. Most liberal women have something about them which is ugly and/or soulless. Not her. She’s different.

      Do you know what I mean about that diehard liberal nothing behind the eyes thing? It’s almost universal with them…for me anyway.

      • white531

        A truly honest person with a belief in their own conscience, instead of what people tell them, is going to arrive at the same conclusion that I believe Kirsten Powers arrived at.

        Such a person, confronted daily with all the dishonest reporting, and all the fabricated lies by the Obama camp, has to reach a point when they finally say, “Enough!” Can you blame her?

        Even among all these fellow Americans who are willing to give this country away to Communism, there remains a single fiber in their being, that desires Freedom. They were born with it.

        Once in awhile, it gives a little jolt to their existence. A small feeling of guilt. All we have to do is wake up that energy that exists in every true American.

        Ronald Reagan did that, and everyone in America, save Michelle Obama, was proud of America for eight wonderful years.

        I don’t know about you, but I want that feeling back again. I think we are close to achieving that, once again.

        We are also very close to becoming a Communist nation. Thought I better mention that.

        Pretty tough place we find ourselves in right now, don’t you think?
        In former times, I would ask that you pray for this nation, but even that is now not politically correct.

        I think I’m going to pray anyway. It’s worth a shot.

        • Rshill7

          Me too. Well said. It’s not only worth a shot, it might be our only shot. Pray with both barrels white531. I’m right there with ya’ 🙂

          • white531

            Rshill7, I knew that before I made the post. 🙂

            • Where two or more are gathered…

              • BlueGood

                OMG…that is the second time today I’ve seen that thought…A dear Friend from Oklahoma sent me that very quote in an email today….


              • white531

                You guys are great. It is such a pleasure to be here with you.

        • 2besusie

          And I’ll be proud to add an Amen to your prayer!

      • Goldni007

        Dude I said the same thing about Stephanie Cutter. She’s got good looks. She’s obviously a master spinmaster. but there’s something missing behind that pretty smile. Looking in her eyes I see and empty stare. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something just not there.

        • Rshill7


          • white531

            Life experience is underrated, in my opinion. 🙂

          • Goldni007

            Dang. Yep.

          • las1

            You crack me up…. I’m still snickering….

        • white531

          Gold, don’t take this a criticism of your comment, but what does good looks have to do with the news?

          I don’t care how the news is presented to me. Could be an almost naked girl, could be the hunchback of Notre Dame. I don’t really care. I just want the news. I want to know what happened today.

          I’m concerned about the failure of our economy, Bernanke printing Disney Dollars, Americans being killed in our Embassies, The Muslim Brotherhood taking over the world, an idiot for a President. These are just a few of the things that worry me on a daily basis.

          Sorry for the rant. I don’t mean this against you. I just mean it in a general way.

          We are losing our country. It is a sad thing, at least to me. Whether we win or lose this battle against Communism, I won’t be around to enjoy either outcome, but my children and grandchildren will.

          Can you blame me for worrying about the future they will live, because of our negligence?

          • Goldni007

            Did I harp on about her good looks? Point was, she (in today’s hyper-media info-wars pop culture) seems to have the complete package. Looks…check. Smarts…check. Slick talker…check. Quick rebuttal…check. Yet there’s something not there. There’s a coldness behind that posed smile. There’s an aloofness behind her trained (seemingly forced) smile.

            Maybe I’m the only one who sees those things. But over the years my nose knows things. And with policos it’s caused my BS meter to peg a ‘plenty o times’.

            • white531

              You’re totally cool, Gold. On target, too. I get it.

            • sDee

              You are not alone. Some may call it sincerity or speaking from the heart. When it comes to these propagandists, I can sense if they are believe in core principles of our Republic or not. If they speak with moral conviction or not.

              With but a handful of exceptions, America’s politcal class have sold their souls. You can spot it. If you look hard you can sometimes spot their remorse as well.

            • Stephanie Cutter is a shallow shell of a human that misrepresents that truth and appears to exhibit no integrity–every time chatter leaves her lips it starts out as a falsehood and ends as one.

          • sDee

            For that matter why do we even need talking heads to present the news to us, let alone the other talking heads that then sit around and pontificate about their spin on what that “news” really means??

        • WordsFailMe

          If she were muslim ronyon, I’d call it taqqiya. I don’t know how the racists and the Democrats refer to LYING to hopeful and gullible conservatives in support of their Party.

      • FreeManWalking

        Kind of like looking into a horse’s eye, only darker and evil. It also seems they are very seldom happy and in good spirits and she shes to be at least in a good mood and have a positive outlook.

        I enjoy reading your wit and wisdom Rshill

        Don’t know if I like this new format or not…

      • The first person that came to mind with this description was Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

  • Nukeman60

    Welcome to reality, Kirsten. I’ve been screaming this line for 5 years now, as have many others as well. Obviously, you were never one of those who got the White House talking points before. Or, better yet, you used to get them, but they took you off their mailer list when you started talking more truthfully.

    When a liberal finally sees the light, it is somewhat painful for them in the beginning, as seen by her pained look at the end. It gets better, sweetie, the more you open your eyes.

    • rich wojcik

      StephanoCopulos once said: “I just got it from DNC…………”
      Case closed.

  • PovrlaChasse

    There was no increased security anywhere for 9/11 and the reason is simple.

    The fact is that both Obama and Hillary do not consider 9/11 to be a ‘big deal’. And, their misguided thinking leads them to believe that everyone feels the same way. They do not ‘get’ or understand the feelings of pride and victory on the side of the Muslim world, nor do they get the feelings of tragedy and grief on the part of Americans.

    The entire Obama administration thought, “Hey, what’s the big deal? Its just another day to me.” They are oblivious.

    The Obama administration is the most out-of-touch administration America and the world have ever faced. They live in some outer-space fantasy land and are simply not part of reality or the real world.

  • kong1967

    I’m tellin’ ya, she’s becoming more and more aware of what’s really going on. I remember when she first came on Fox I saw moments when she about cried because she couldn’t compete with the arguments (talking points) the Democrat party was putting out. I think she figured if she was going to survive in a multi-view environment she was going to have to use her own views and not spend all her time trying to defend the left like the single-view networks do.

    Conservative in the making.

    • toongoon

      The truth is a better argument. I think she found out that she a terrible liar,

      • kong1967

        Lol, maybe so. She is still Democrat but she’s not off the deep end.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      She is going to have a Susana Martinez moment “I’ll be damned Im a republican”.

      • kong1967

        Lol, that might be pushing it. Anything’s possible, though.

  • MerlePearl

    Unfortunately, Kirsten is only on Fox, and that disqualifies her from being a serious journalist to MSM and libs. Still, for one liberal like her to be brave enough to go against the “narrative” is an encouragement to those of us who know what a disgrace Obama truly is.

  • rich wojcik

    “Media seems”????
    Media seem, Medium seems – a little lesson of latin, dear daughter, don’t ignite laughter.
    Urinalists in our MSM reprint “news” from WH……..
    Shame on them!

    • toongoon

      Urinalists-I love it!

  • white531

    Scoop, a little off topic here, but I need to say this, at least for myself, if not everyone here.

    When I come home every day and take a shower and dress for the evening and check in with TRS, the news stories that I find on screen, are enough to keep a person busy for several days. I don’t know where you get them, I am simply glad that you do.

    You don’t just compete with the Lamestream media, you have simply replaced them, at least in our household. Because you deliver the news and the stories that they won’t cover. Breitbart does the same, albeit in a different way. Michelle Malkin too, as long as I am listing sites that make a difference.

    But The Right Scoop seemingly came out of nowhere, and is now dominating the landscape. Works for me. You do your job and you do it well. Hope you are enjoying the experience. God Bless.

    • Thanks! I really appreciate that 🙂

    • wodiej

      I agree…RS is on the ball.

    • VannaVanVelkenbacher

      Yes, TRS is my new favorite! And the comments section is easy to read.

      • white531

        Welcome to The Right Scoop, Vanna.

    • cherylmcr

      The best…so appreciated!!!

      • white531

        Its good to have you here, cheryl.

    • A compliment like that is never OT, for sure. You speak, very eloquently, for many of us.

    • I agree. Add Weasel Zippers and Legal Insurrection to your list to look at.

    • poljunkie

      I agree! RScoop has been my favorite site since this day! Remember? 🙂

  • I am beginning to like her

    • StandProudNow

      Well, OK. You are a bigger person than I. 😉

      I’m beginning to dislike her less. (But I’m open for continued improvement)

      • sDee

        I am with you. After these last four years I am more convinced thatn convinced it is simply in the genes.

        It is not so damn hard to figure Kristen! Do you want to fight for your liberty, or do you want spend the rest of your career sucking hind teet on the government sow

  • Linky1

    She seems to be getting it now. It seems that the Embassy bombings and coverup from that has made her see the light.

    • Well remember back in June Kristen also did not like Obama’s War on Women meme either. She did not like Obama thinking women cannot decide for themselves and she did not like the cheap shots at Anne Romney either. So she has not been one of the far left loons. But the foreign policy issue worries her because like us she knows when America looks weak the world is a much worse place! As well, it is truly embarrassing to have tried to blame the ME on fire over a video that many have not seen and has been around since JULY!!!

      • conwis

        As I recall, she also did not like the MSM slamming of Sarah Palin 4 years ago, even though she did not agree with most of her political opinions.

  • white531

    Kirsten Powers is waking up to reality, and its a wonderful thing to see. Let’s hope she is the first of many in the broadcast arena.

  • kirsten’s been on a roll lately

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    She is on hannity right now.

  • StandProudNow

    Wow. What the heck has happened to Kirsten???
    I’m stunned. A liberal who looks at things with a somewhat unbiased view???


  • proudhispanicconservative

    I am telling you kirsten is not looking like a corporate wife, I am glad that she is calling it fairly. Unlike the idiot Juan Williams (why he wasnt fired after his remarks against Ann Romney has me scratching my head)

    • 3boojums

      even if you don’t have color TV, you can tell that Juan is not white. that’s reason he’s not been fired

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Sad but true.

  • gunsmithkat

    Another liberal mugged by reality. It’s good to see her coming around.

  • ConnieConservative

    Kirsten still has a soul. She hasn’t completely given up on rational thinking.
    I often disagree with her liberal thinking, but overall she seems a reasonable
    person. Hope she does come over to our side.

  • Powers is giving mixed signals…….she is hedging her bets!! She is not confident in Obama but she does not want to appear to have been converted to the Red Side!! But she has been very critical of Obama since day one over the Benghazi incident and his ME failure and lack of responsibility. You can say this she maybe to the left on domestic issues but she is very worried about America and I applaud her honesty. She seems in the mold like a Lieberman or more traditional Democrat not the far left loons that run the Marxist Party.

    Good job Kristen and that is character under fire!

  • Way to point out the obvious there girlie.

    • sDee

      Or has Homer would say….

      • lol. sDee, if you were on facebook, you’d see that I say that A LOT. Funny though, that I used to have to explain what it meant a lot of the time too 😉

        • sDee

          gd’evenin ABC. Did you see this video yet? Sorry if you have 🙂 I am posting it around the www today as much as I can.

          It blows a hole in most of our modern recorded history of islam, the dark ages and the “golden ages”.

          6 years ago I would have scoffed, but after watching it have have to agree – the facts seem to match the theory

          Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret

          • Yes, actually I did see it from your link earlier. Thank you for posting that sDee, I’d not seen that one before. It’s good and deserves to be watched on a massive scale. It’s been posted on facebook too 😉

            Have a Blessed day tomorrow my friend!

  • Joe

    It seems like the “peoples” are getting the picture >>>>>

    Mistrust Of The Media Hits Record High

  • T Pixidust

    Just spent the last 14 minutes watching the infamous Mohammed film. It’s really, really lame.
    I could swear I spotted David Axlerod playing one of the background extras.

  • sDee

    Kabuki Theater. She will go backstage and change into an elephant costume.

  • detectivedick

    Beware Kristen, you mentioned the Daily {hourly talking points)eMail from the Axelrod/Podesta/Jarrett MOB. I suggest that you turn off your GPS devices, remember the Drones……haha.

  • tvlgds

    I swear hell must be freezing over- I find myself agreeing with her as often as not.

  • deTocqueville1

    God Bless Kirsten. An honest and inquiring Dem. Must be that she’s another Alaskan girl. She may be in a different camp next go round. A much more interesting one than the two current camps

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    I always liked this young lady, well before she was a married woman. She must have married a conservative. While I seldom agreed with her stated views, I sensed a strong and even handed character. Kudos Kirsten. You appear to have substance.

  • opinionatedhermit

    If you want to see how the world works, you only need one eye.

    If you want some perspective on it, you need two.

    As a conservative, one could do a lot worse than listen to Kirsten Powers. Even when we don’t agree with her.

    She laid out the issues the Obama administration is looking at as good here, if not better, than most Conservative opinion makers have.

    +1 Ms. Powers.

    • white531

      i agree.

  • sjmom

    If Kirsten is questioning the media I wonder how many other Democrats are as well. I believe there have to still be some who find the administration’s lies as abhorrent as we do and I pray this will influence their vote in November.

  • cudaforever

    Kirsten is also an Alaskan like Sarah and I noticed Sarah has actually been re-tweeting some of her tweets. I think it’s time for Powers to break with the Loser Libs and just come on over to our side 🙂

  • JoeMontana16

    I’ve always thought she was a reasonable liberal. I don’t like their views but as long as they are reasonable I’ll be good. Thanks for having intellectual honesty.

  • wodiej

    Liberal or not. KP obviously values character and integrity and shows it here that the media nor O’s administration have it. Kudos.

  • Philo Beddoe

    She knows the end is coming to the obama administration and she is positioning herself as a so called “moderate” democrat. Just another phony partisian

  • GiantM

    Seems like Kirsten Powers is on her way to conversion to conservatism. I don’t think she is positioning. I’ve seen her many times over the year and it appears to me the vial is being lifted before her.

    We’ll see….

  • Boris_Badenoff

    I think it was the ass whoopin Megan put on her about 9 months back..

    Made her realize talking points won’t get you by all the time..

    • toongoon

      I thought so too but Megan seems to have her own conflicts with the truth periodically.

      • WordsFailMe


  • I’m surprised Kirsten went off like this. There was no need to listen to an alternate view after that tirade. Good for her for being honest about the mainstream media.

  • Kirsten has a hard time. She wants so badly to be a good Democrat liberal, but they keep giving her reasons not to be.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      And don’t think we don’t see where your head is at Mary…lol

  • toongoon

    You’ll notice that when Kirsten speaks the truth she has a glow about her, compared to when she had follow talking points. Almost as if her soul is returning to her.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      okok.. lol Yes Kristen is hot stuff (imo) so quit tryin to be all deep and s#!t and just admit you got the hots for her…lol

      Obviously many of us here at TRS have a thing for her.. I freely admit I think she is hot .. Her name even … oh never mind..

      • toongoon

        I only has eyes for Olive Oyl.

        Oh, what is this? A house of ill repukes? Ooh, who’d bring me infant to this den of immoraliky? Don’t touch nothin’. You might get a venerable disease.

    • WordsFailMe

      Toon: The last time I allowed myself to get comfortable when the enemy appeared to be calming down was TET, the Chinese, New Year’s holdiday, 1967, near the city of Hue, VietNam

      Never ever think that the war could be winding down when the only change you see is the enemy send peace signals or retiring from the battlefield.

      The only man or woman on the face of this planet you can trust is the one who has exactly as much, or more, to lose than you do.

      Powder dry, eyes open, head on a swivel…

      • toongoon

        Oh no. I hope you don’t think I was taken in by her cute smile and sweet voice?
        au contraire.
        I have seen how Kirsten and other libs act for far too long to think that she is changed. There is glow about unvarnished truth though, even from a lib.

      • toongoon

        By the way Words, thanks for the reality check. 😉

        Your experience is much greater than mine.

        • WordsFailMe

          Toon: I’m not getting on you, you are just someone I trust so I speak frankly. I treasure your participation and your hoonest assesment.

          The world is not going to return to the way it was before July 4, 2008.

          Truth is the lie and lies are now the Truth.

          As the election approaches, so does the end of life as we have known it. You have know some discomfort, some uneasy feeling about the way government is going over the last two score months but there are instances of hope and even delight that seem to wipe away the fear and doubt, if only for a day or two. Then the uneasiness returns.

          Trust the uneasiness because that is our future. My wife just said to me, “Everyone wants to read Nostradamus and believe in him but the real prophecies are in the Bible. There will be wars and rumors of wars and….” etc.

          I said I don’t think there is as much Bible prophecy one must accept as there are observations of society and the nature of men the Bible authors recorded in their own times and neither society nor man’s nature has changed.

          • toongoon

            I am going through battles of ideology in my own extended family right now, I know I can’t trust many whom I normally and naturally would be able to trust. That leaves the Lord and my Christian immediate family as my source of strength.

            I feel the anger and intolerance of my American enemies breathing down my neck, I know it’s only a matter of time before they lunge. I am steadfast in my faith in Christ, knowing that the world belongs to Him and I am only here to offer myself as He sees fit to use me.

            So as of now I give encouragement to those who are depressed, humor to those who are afraid, and compassion to those who are angry, and truth to those who can not see.

            I appreciate your friendship, yours have always been comforting words in any situation. I hope this family we have here will last a long time.

  • Rocco11

    Golly Gee, ya think Kristen?

  • Ford Prefect

    Seems to be? Kirsten is finding the middle of the road difficult.

  • poljunkie

    Kirsten seems to be waking up to reality lately.

  • deeme

    I think the Muslim World and the fact that this could be U.S. will be enough to scare any Right minded person into having second thoughts..They did not act rational and the fact that the whole MSM made an act of war about Romney is unbelievable at best..then to find out that the first time Obama has ever been asked a hard question besides on Letter men was on Univision pretty much paints an obvious picture of how our media has been totally not present and in the tank for Obama..

  • Arrrggghhh

    I, for one, would love to see a network that plays it down the middle. The closest I’ve come to news that actually does seem relatively “fair and balanced” is The WSJ This Morning radio program. Absent a truly balanced network, I’m darn glad that Fox news and especially conservative talk radio exists for no other reason than they are the only places that will air anything that reflects poorly on the regime (e.g. Fast & Furious, the Bengazi fiasco, the $16T national debt, etc.).

    • poljunkie

      I’d like Fox to go back to where they were 4 years ago. AND CNN, wouldnt it be awesome for them to go back to the way they were in the 80’s? Just news- less bias and slant.

    • WordsFailMe

      Often, when I* watch FOX News, I feel like a market segment these people are selling to. I no longer feel any sincerity as I did when I firt started watching the No Spin Zone and the other old guys.

      I believe FOX has just found a conservative format, just “right” enough to barely sustain the interest of conservatives in maintaining their subsciption for one more month, but not enough conservatism to bring any heat from the ruling liberals and progressives–Soros–

      I almost believe that FOX News is specifically managed to lull moderate, non-active conservatives into a confortable nap. They keep us just hopeful enough that we do not go into the streets.

      FOX will turn us all into lab rats and, when we wake up, take up arms and show ourselves, the cage door wil have already been locked.

      • Arrrggghhh

        By definition, a commercially successful media concern must live in the realm of the establishment. If they were to bash corporate America too much, they would end up with crappy sponsors like food insurance and reusable canning lids. That’s why, in the end, it’s really up to the people.

  • Hacker5988

    Kristen is getting conservative. Must sense something and starting the path to cross over to the R party much like Dick Morris. I hope she is more right about things than Morris ??

    • poljunkie

      Isnt that the truth about Dick Morris? As a prognosticator

      he isnt very accurate.

      • Jay

        Morris was a big factor in Clinton’s election, I wouldn’t discount him too easily.

  • DebbyX

    Why does the site look different? I am not too happy with the change in style. Anybody else feel this way?

    • poljunkie

      Yes. I like the old format better as well Debbie.

      • DebbyX

        Whew, I thought it was just me. I wrote you a comment again ’cause I knew you’d answer. Thanks 🙂

        • poljunkie

          I liked the old way. But then Im like that.

          Nothing much going on. Virgina G’man is ok.
          Sarah Palin did an interview and people didnt like her hair. HA!
          Joe Biden made a gaffe that was “R” rated, leaning towards X.
          Ann Romneys plane made an emergency landing and the left were happy about it.

          • Is_Sense_Common

            just another day in the neighborhood, right? Thanks for the updates on VG1. He’s been in my prayers!

          • DebbyX

            Thanks……………have a lovely Sunday!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I think it’s a Disqus thing. Mine looked weird earlier but now it’s back to good.

      change is baaaad hahahaha

  • louisiana_mom

    If Kirsten, who is a Progressive inside the Washington bubble is starting to see the bias maybe there is hope that many Americans are also waking up to the fact that the MSM has become nothing more than a Progressive Propaganda Machine!

  • UnCL3

    re-education camp for you, hon…the black mariah will be there shortly…bring warm clothes

  • I notice a Sherrod Brown ad on you web-sight. Claims his opponent is a liar. The ad doesn’t go well with the Power’s article, gentlemen.

  • I saw this interview and Kirstens comments. I must give her credit for her comments. Normally she is willing to carry Obama’s water and sides with the left. But for a change she was right on target. Its nice to see some of the left commentators still have a soul.

    • MsMaryC

      I agree! She usually just spouts off the DNC talking points. And I’ve seen her, twice now, livid and angry about what happened, and the lack of journalistic integrity by swallowing the administration’s lies. The first time I had to double check to make sure it was really Kirsten Powers saying this. I’m amazed and impressed. Now if the rest of the “water carriers” would wake up and speak the truth!

  • BigMamaTEA

    Welcome to the light my dear.

  • funkybarfly

    “Two demonstrable lies”? That’s being charitable.
    The air is that thick with lies whenever Obama or anybody from his thug-administration open their mouths it’s a wonder we can even see them.

  • BluePhxoenix

    Kirsten Powers you silly nitwit. It takes months and sometimes years to get all the facts. You can only report on what you know and Mitt Romney didn’t have all the facts. He choose to shot first and aim next. It’s on the secret 47%er tapes that he would exploit a foreign crisis to win the presidency. Epic failure.

    • Jay

      Well, that certainly clears things up. (src)

    • Then why did the Administration come out and Blame it on the Video right off the Bat instead of Waiting to get all the FACTS. Facts that now dont Bear out..

  • GEDouglas

    As tragic as the Libya attack was, God help us if something more serious happens while BO is CinC. Imagine if we had to depend on him for our defense against a larger scale attack…one on our own soil! Chaos.

  • Uh-oh..Kirsten will be getting a ‘come to Obama’ visit from some thug soon.

  • The Spanish language news organizations seem to be the only ones to contain reporters serious enough to actually ask the hard questions. Ramos at Telemundo, and now Univision. Maybe some Hispanic Americans are starting to figure out that to some Democrats they’re just another voting block that can be taken in with empty promises. Bush did more to try to fix Immigration than Obama has ever thought about. Maybe these smart Americans are starting to wake up to that fact, and realizing like Mia Love, that they actually are Republicans.