Koch brothers slam Obama for dishonest thuggery against them in new campaign ad

The other day the Obama campaign released an ad attacking the Koch brothers as “secretive oil billionaires bankrolling Republican campaigns”. The ad runs for almost 2 minutes, is filled with lies and deceptions and has almost 600,000 views.

Thankfully, the Koch brothers aren’t taking this lying down and have created a video debunking all the crap from Obama’s video and are hitting back at him for attacking private citizens simply engaged in their constitutional right to free speech. They write in the video description:

On May 2, the President and his campaign again attacked private citizens because of their exercise of their constitutional rights to speak out about issues of public policy. In their most recent attack video, the Obama campaign makes multiple false representations about Koch, our operations and our position on public policy issues.

This is not the first time the Obama campaign has chosen dishonesty and invective over principled discussion as many others have pointed out. We will not be intimidated or silenced by the President and his allies. It is essential that we exercise our constitutional right to speak out on reckless fiscal policies, irresponsible over-regulation, and the critical role of economic freedom and individual liberty in restoring the growth and vitality of our country.

We have posted the following rebuttal to expose the Obama campaign’s dishonesty.

Watch below:

(A hearty sombrero tip to SooperMexican for the video!)

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  • conservative58

    No, WE are going to call YOUR ‘BS’ when we see it! (Which is pretty much everywhere we look these days!)


      Knee deep.

      • kong1967

        Neck deep.

        • MLCBLOG

          Not over our heads yet, we hope and pray.

  • aPLWBinAK

    Awesome. I’m glad somebody has the resources to hit back at Obama’s lies. I clicked that over to youtube and sent it to several friends already.

  • WestGAFlash

    I LIKE IT! Mitt, you better grow a LARGE pair and soon, because it’s fixin’ to hit the fan.

  • DavidScottMasiwchuk

    Good for them.

  • 27Words

    The more you know about the Koch family, the more you respect them. Once I learned more about their history the more I see why they are attacked. They are good Americans, aspousing values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness w/o the heavy hand of the gov’t.. It’s no small wonder they are constantly villified.

    Once I learned they were involved in starting Cato.. I started to follow their work…. another great group.

  • lemonjello

    I’m not really seeing any real rebuttal to the substance of the Obama video (other than nitpicky details about what Koch Industries does or who created the misleading ad (which this video doesn’t even try to defend). It counters Cutter’s specific charges with unfalsifiable ideological platitudes that don’t necessarily conform with the stances taken. I think “dishonest thuggery” is more than a little over the top here.

    • PFFV

      I think “dishonest thuggery” is a huge understatement regarding The Marxist Liar in Chief and his Thug Administration. Do I smell an Occupier in our midst?

      • kong1967

        I smell something, but it smells more like dog sh*t.

    • kong1967

      What substance was there to the Obama video? It was full of accusations that weren’t true.

      They are secretive oil billionaires. Misleading.

      The video shows a smoke stack making us believe it is owned by Koch. It’s a lie.

      Obama wants you to be mad at them for tax breaks they don’t even want.

      Accused Koch of putting out an ad they had nothing to do with.

      Claimed they are against clean energy. Another lie, they lead in biofuels and they want government to stop manipulating the markets to help their buddies.

      Obama can make flat out lying accusations and you’re fine with that, but if Kock points at each accusation and says what the truth is it’s not good enough? Go back to OWS, because you sure don’t belong here.

    • Coralchristie

      I think that “dishonest thuggery” is the mode of operation for this administration and most especially the President and those in his inner circle. The charge that never before has an administration attacked private citizens is true. This administration has attacked private institutions and citizens who are high profile who do not agree with their policies. They use the power of the federal government against private citizens for any expression of first amendment rights!!!
      Your support for the administration means you’re brainless, brain-dead or as corrupt as they are.
      I support the Koch brothers and applaud their choice to respond to the baseless charges and lies of a corrupt administration.

  • freenca

    Obama doesn’t like “secretive” people ? He would know what secretive is, first hand, spending millions to cover his own past, now wouldn’t he!

    • kong1967

      Well, he said he has the most open, transparent and ethical administration in history. You don’t believe him? Lol.

  • NJK

    Who’s destroying the country, the African impostor sitting in the White House pretending to be President of the United States, or the Koch Brothers?

    Who started his career in the home of a terrorist, William Ayers, the African impostor or the Koch Brothers? Who’s cousin had his thugs set fires to churches in Kenya when he lost his election there, the Koch Brothers or the African impostor? Who sold assault weapons to drug cartels that murdered over 300 people, that monster in the White House, calling himself President of The United States or the Koch Brothers?

    Obama, I’ll be glad when Karma catches up with you. It will, and we are going to humiliate you when it does.

    • Linky1

      I want to be driving that karma bus……with a full load of passengers. ALL ABOARD!

      • NYGino

        Linky1, The bus is jam packed full, we’re starting to find room on the top. Think we’re gonna need a bigger bus.

        • Linky1

          There’s free enterprise for ya….hire another bus-you drive that one, Gino.

          • NYGino

            Call me Ralph Kramden.

            • Linky1

              I can do that Gino, but I promise not to call you Shirley. 🙂

    • kong1967

      It’s amazing how Obama villifies people that make our lives better, more efficient, and more productive and the moronic leftist voters agree with him. Let them move to a stranded island without the innovators and producers and let’s see how long it takes for them to come crawling back to kiss the Koch brothers’ arses.

  • You know what, even if Koch Brothers were a part of “big oil” or whatever, who would give a rats behind? They are private citizens who happen to employ a lot of people in a crappy economy. It doesn’t surprise me that dear leader would have his minions make ads attacking such people because they hate billionaires who love capitalism, they hate everything people like Koch stands for, creating, innovating, employing.
    Now, what should dear leader do now? Maybe make another ad about a secretive billionaire who purposely works to destroy whole countries… a billionaire who has his hands into all sorts of interesting things with direct ties to America’s politicians, media, and ‘education’ ? Nahhhh.

    • PFFV

      Spot on ABIC! 🙂 O-blah-blah won’t be happy until every last American (except him of course) is on the Government Teat to feed their families. Obama is one evil racist P.O.S.

    • badbadlibs

      Good catch, American! Oh that the Romney campaign would make a counter ad featuring that disgusting soros and what his filthy hands are doing….

  • Amy

    My hubby works for a company owned by those evil Koch brothers (sarcasm…) – they pay him quite nicely for all his hard work!!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      OOOH! So you’re part of the problem too? Well, we’ll be sure Barry & the boys take care of that! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of food stamps & health care to go around!

      • Amy

        🙂 The shop my hubby drives for is actually union (he isn’t…) and he has gotten into some very interesting conversations with them. LOL

        To make things even more interesting, he posted a Sportsmen for Walker sign in the back window of his pick up. So far, no vandalism, but he finds garbage in the bed of the truck all the time. Such civility!

        • Nukeman60

          Your hubby is a non-union worker for a union business? Oh, oh. Looks like Obama will be showcasing an ad about your hubby.

          I look forward to seeing the truck. 🙂

        • MLCBLOG

          omg Are you serious? someone is holding out and working when not in the union like his whole shop?! what balls!! (‘scuze me).

          • Amy

            It’s actually more like two companies owned by the same corp. The drivers work for the non-union side and haul the product for the union shop. The drivers get a real, up close view of how ineffecient the union is when they are sitting on their rumps waiting for the product because no one wanted to work overtime. The drivers on the other hand regularly work a 65-70 hour, 6 day week. Their paychecks are bigger and the benefits are better.

            But, shhhhh…. don’t tell that to the unions. They think they are the one’s raking in the dough sticking it to the owners…

  • Amy

    Ugh… listening to Bob Beckle on The Five bluster on about those evil, evil Koch brothers. Then in the next breath call Richard Trumpka a decent nice human being.

    Liberalism is truly a disease of the brain…

    • Sober_Thinking

      Bob’s not dealing with a straight deck. He may be portrayed as a lovable rascal… but he’s a boob, just as much as anyone on the left.

      • badbadlibs

        “Boob” is too nice of a word for anyone, including that vile beckle. I have no respect or cut any slack anymore for the left, they are destroying the greatest nation on earth. There is nothing loveable about him or any democrat roaming/slithering/sliming thru the earth. Just saying…. 😉

        • Sober_Thinking

          Eh… when you’re right you’re right. I agree…

  • Linky1

    HAH! Obama has a lot of nerve talking about “secretive oil billionaires” when his campaign and his political life has been bankrolled by none other than Spooky dude himself-George Soros.

    Let’s see the Koch Brothers take it to the Occupier-in-Chief and show him what free enterprise, capitalism and free speech are all about. Of course, Democrats are against that.

  • I don’t care what the Koch brothers do or how much money they have. I’m just glad they are throwing it back at Obama.

  • Sober_Thinking

    You can take the pResident out of Chicago but you can’t take the Chicago out of the pResident.

    He is a no good, lying, corrupt politician… and NOTHING more. He hates America and anyone who reveals the truth or stands up to his lies and deceit. Man child.

    Good for you Koch brothers. May God bless and keep you!

  • sjmom

    This should run on every TV station in the US.

  • wodiej

    We’re going to call their BS? An Obama ad always has to have some vulgar, obscenity in it. The ad is for intelligent people and sadly there are too many Americans who are either not intelligent or just too lazy and disinterested to know what is going on.

    • badbadlibs

      You just summed up how someone like BO and biden are holding the hightest offices in the world….

  • What the Koch brothers should have said that Obama and his minions keep throwing around a lot of manure in fond hopes that green things will grow. Now matter what they do, conservatives will win this election. How do I know this? Because nobody wants to give Jimmy Carter a third term in office. Two (one for Carter and one for Obama) is more than enough. And the American people know it.

  • If only more billionaires were like the Koch Brothers…..

  • stage9

    This is a template for EXACTLY how, not just businesses but churches, schools and other organizations that find themselves in the cross hairs of radicals, should respond.

    expose, express, expunge.

    expose the lie.
    express the flaws in the lie through the use of popular media campaigns.
    expunge the lie.

  • Free speech rights includes telling all americans that renewable energy is much cheaper than polluting fossil Koch energy

    • Rshill7

      Really? Name some Windy. After billions of our money has been flushed chasing it, where is it? I am anxious to barbecue you with this, thereby releasing copious amounts of carbon. Name some.

      Ahem…mi, mi, mi…

      “Who’s peekin’ out from under a stairway
      Calling a name that’s lighter than air
      Who’s bending down to give me a rainbow
      Everyone knows it’s Windy”

      OK, now name some.

      P.S. Shouldn’t there be a Jr, Sr, III, IV, V, or Esquire after your name?

      • NYGino

        anthology notice.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      And free speech allows me to remind you that it’s also much less effective.

      • As we say in Dutch, anything that is free must be better than when you have to pay for it.
        Free energy from a wind turbine is always more cost effective than ever rising fossil prices.

        Sensible Americans do understand that, given that the US now is the second country measured in wind power, after China

        • Nukeman60

          As we say in English, just exactly what makes you think it’s free? For every ‘free’ breeze that’s blowing through a wind turbine, there is a massive subsidy from my paycheck that’s keeping it turning. Not exactly free, but keep blowing in the breeze, you might get wind of it soon enough.

    • Nukeman60

      Cool, Obama can’t even hire his trolls in the USA. He has to import them from der Nederlands.

  • PFFV

    The sad truth is that the lemmings (Obots) believe Obama’s lies. Punish the Makers (productive) and give to the Takers (unproductive) is Obama’s message. The goal is to divide American’s in every way imaginable by race, class, religion and any other possible means to win re-election this November. If Obama were white he would have been impeached already for multiple crimes against the citizens of United States of America. He sure as he11 isn’t preserving, protecting or defending the Constitution of the U.S.A. TRAITOR!

  • ThomasGWilliams

    Poor misunderstood Fascist Koch Brothers, how sad they do not like being confronted with truth to counter the lies they tell.

    The Koch’s should be in jail for what they have done and are still doing to this great nation that the Kochs want to destroy from within.

    • publius1969

      you want to talk about jail, buddy? start w obama, then go to holder, then salazar, then pelosi,et al. then jail the whole mess of corruptocrats stealing from the American people, who coincedentally have ties to this administration

    • Linky1

      Poor, misuderstood POTUS, when he is confronted with the lie that has been his presidency, he resorts to the only tools he has at his disposa – lpersonal attacks on a family that provides jobs to Americans.

    • Rshill7

      Wow, hard core fool here folks. Terminal Thomas? Fascism is a leftwing thing you mentally/historically-challenged jackolantern. Relight your cranial candle. “Forward” is the name of the socialist paper Mussolini was the editor of. Hitler used the political phrase including forward a lot too to motivate his murderers. The word has a long socialistic, communistic career. By the way, communism is the ultimate goal of socialism.

      Mussolini’s magazine was called “L’Avanti” or simply “Avante”. it’s Italian. If you’ve never heard of Mussolini, he was the Italian leader who was shot and hung upside down with his mistress in italy…WWII era. He wass quoted as saying, “I am a socialist, through and through.” he was also a vehement atheist.

      Much like O’, Mussolini’s Dad was also a socialist his entire life. If you are attempting to say that fascism is a right-wing thing, you’re acting like a blithering, know-nothing idiot. Is that purposeful or natural for you?

      Try blogging at a headstart website or a special needs speakeasy.

      • Brother, you’re on a roll! I wish I could do dat! 😀

        • Rshill7

          Au contraire…I’ve theen it thithter! Go forth and do that voodoo, that you do…so well 🙂

      • Nukeman60

        Man, I like your reply and I didn’t even get to see the ‘Guest’ comment. Nice going.

        • Rshill7

          Ahhh man…he called the Koch brothers fascists for one. I keyed on that mostly.
          It was the perfect troll to assassinate.

          Oh well, somebody play Taps.

          • NYGino

            Rs, did you read him his rights first?

            • Rshill7

              Daddy don’t believe in dat.

              • NYGino


                • Rshill7

                  Criminals should post them in their living rooms :-I

                • NYGino

                  Right next to the ten Commandments.

                • Rshill7

                  You had me there till the end…sinner. Nite!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    How outrageous is it that a privately owned company in America must spend their money to produce an ad to protect themselves from false and misleading personal attacks from the POTUS!? These are mad times we’re living in – MAD I tell you!!

    How many tax dollars did Koch pay last year to the Federal Gov’t? How many “workers” (still hate that word) did Koch employ last year? How many health benefits did Koch pay off last year? How dare Barry & his gang attack a private company in this manner!

    • “How many tax dollars did Koch pay last year to the Federal Gov’t…” Well, I imagine we can be sure that it was more than say, dear leader’s buddy Jeff Immelt from GE, or dear leader’s finance guy George Soros, or dear leader’s class warfare test case Warren “name a Bill after me” Buffett.

    • badbadlibs

      They must divert attention away from themselves. They can’t run on their pathetic record of harming all Americans, so they are attacking hard working people, who are living the American dream..btw, bo and his fellow thug democrats hate that dream.


    Beautifully done. Such class.

  • Tall, Dark and Handsome

    Excellent retort, needs to get more air time on prime time TV. Don’t think CNBC will run it though.

  • I have stated from the beginning that the leftists, aka statists are at the bottom of their barrel of tricks. They only have 4 options left to them, #lies, #pandering, #strawmen, and #demagoguery. They have NO FACTS to back up their ideology so they have to attack. The government has created a debt so large, that they use to buy their constituents, as a result made us all #debtslaves. Time to read history and understand the lies that leftists spread.

  • badbadlibs

    These people (the marxist party…er…democrat party) know no shame…None. They truly believe that their lies are beneficial, the ends do justify the means. Because they believe they will answer to No One in the end of age, they march on following their leader, the father of all lies.

  • PVG

    BO is looking smaller and smaller by the day.

  • Rightstuff1

    There are many very bright and extremely well read people who post on this site. To my almost certain knowledge no sittting President has ever targeted private citizens in this manner with the full panoply of government at their disposal and the ultimate bully-pulpit, the Presidency. Am I wrong? If there is one, will someone name him?

    Is this not the worst President in history? Forget the policies for a minute, as difficult as that might be, and just look at the levels he stoops to to target “enemies” private and public. He has disgraced the solemn office of the President.

    • gunpoint68

      Go back and look at what Obama’s mentor and fellow socialist in chief FDR did to Mellon. This pattern has been gamed before, back in the 30’s, when socialism, fascism, and communism was hailed by the American Left as the preferred political direction. Stalin was hailed as a visionary, statism was whole-heartedly embraced by the Left, and FDR and his fellow losers embarked joyously down the very same path that our current dear leader is fast and furiously mimicking. Read Amity Shlaes’ “The Forgotten Man” which chronicles all this clearly.

  • kong1967

    What? Obama is misleading the voters?

    In all honesty, I cannot think of one thing that he has been honest about. That’s the challenge. If you wrote down all his lies you would need a warehouse of paper, but only one post-it note for his truths…and it would probably be blank.

  • gunpoint68

    Go back and look at what Obama’s mentor and fellow socialist in chief FDR did to Mellon. This pattern has been gamed before, back in the 30’s, when socialism, fascism, and communism was hailed by the American Left as the preferred political direction. Stalin was hailed as a visionary, statism was whole-heartedly embraced by the Left, and FDR and his fellow losers embarked joyously down the very same path that our current dear leader is fast and furiously mimicking. Read Amity Shlaes’ “The Forgotten Man” which chronicles all this clearly.

  • Constance

    Great video response, and I am thrilled that the Koch Brothers aren’t sitting down and staying quiet. I can’t even listen to Obama speak anymore. I can’t stand the sight of his face.

  • I wonder if the Kochs’ would have a case against Cutter. Sure she is just repeating the Obama BS, but its her mouth moving and slander is slander, especially when it is so easily proven wrong. Just wondering!

  • 1654american

    Ms. Cutter is an attractive, blond-hair, blue-eye, woman being presented as Obama’s spokesperson. Isn’t that a deception that this Administration is employing since she is probably in the middle to upper income class and is white.

  • I find it interesting that while the criminal Soros organization which is composed of layers of of subunits all dedicated to the liberal cause gets no heat and one successful company owned and run by two conservative brothers exercising their rights gets nothing but nonstop flak and smear attacks. It’s incomprehensible that people could be so bloody ignorant as to believe all of the propaganda being directed at them. You would think sooner or later the light would come on. Dismal.