Krauthammer: Biden was disrespectful and hugely condescending, it undid the force of his arguments

Krauthammer says that if you read the transcript the debate would end in a tie. If you heard it on radio, Biden would win the debate. But if you saw it on TV, like most did, he says that Biden loses because he very disrespectful and condescending and that undid the force of his arguments:

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  • indthinker

    Could not agree more with Mr. Krauthammer. Biden was annoying from the very beginning and as it went on it was sheer rudeness. Have not done any fact checking but I’ll just bet Biden told a few doozies. Don’t think the debate swayed anyone’s vote.

  • piperlord

    I certainly don’t alway’s agree with Dr K.

    • Yeah, it’s a good thing you’re here to tell us that.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    In March 2012, President Obama met with Mr. Netanyahu in Washington.

    that is the only meeting i can find between barry and bibi, so where are the other supposed 11 visits at Joe?? you delusional liar

  • I think Biden tried to bully Ryan, but Ryan stood his ground calmly and threw it right back at Biden. So on balance, I thought it was a draw, although Ryan had more facts that made more sense. I don’t think this debate will have much of an effect on people, but I do think that it helped establish Ryan as a solid candidate in command of his facts, and that’s good enough to help Romney, who’s at the top of the ticket.

  • Spot on-

    I listened to the radio on the drive home and thought Ryan was getting tossed around, but when I saw it here, I thought Ryan’s behavior exuded the professional image. What will the media run with? That is the question.

  • Just as Obama couldn’t make eye contact with Romney because he was a nervous wreck at the facts and the truth, so it was tonite with Biden’s nervous giggling and audacious scoffing and laughing….that’s what insecure folks do, don’t ya know?

  • sjmom

    Just like Nixon did with Kennedy Biden lost by his demeanor. He may have pleased the base but my guess is he lost everyone else. Acted nasty and looked mean spirited.

    • BINGO!! that is what Luntz’s group said! Like Charles said….his argument was lost on his HORRIBLE BEHAVIOR…

      and to Stewie….the MSM cannot change what people saw in Biden’s behavior…that is why the Debate is good….the MSM cannot change what people saw. Look how hard they tried with Obama’s performance….my god the MSM has been trying to come up with every excuse and defense possible but PEOPLE SEE WITH THEIR OWN EYES then the MSM loses the narrative….

      • I wish that were true, but I get into discussion now and then, and some people (drones) only accept the media narrative. Even facts don’t matter to them, let alone a subjective situation like a debate. Drones need to have their reality CRUSHED before they can accept any alternative.

  • p m

    How could reading a transcript result in a tie? Biden and zero have NOTHING to run on except lies. I suppose if you believe their lies you might think it’s a tie, but if you look around at the ‘new normal’, you might decide differently.

    It was class versus crass, and I know which I thought won.

  • Dittos…

    Charles Krauthammer said,

    “If you read the transcript, I think it’s dead even.
    If you heard it on radio, Biden won.
    If you watched it on television, he lost.”

    In the poll I voted that the debate was a tie, ‘dead even.’

    Here on the Scoop poll I’m in the minority, but with Krauthammer I’m in good company, so the minority is ok, if the issue is the transcript vs. radio and tv.


    • Millions more saw it on TV Art and if you heard it and then read about Biden’s looks and behavior want to see it with your eyes….then the radio loses it effect!

      • I saw it live online…

        … and I thought it was a tie regarding the give and take back and forth.

        Biden lost it with his ‘Joker’ laugh, despite his seeming command of the ‘facts’ that he thought he was detailing.

        Ryan lost it with his ‘too nice’ deference and lack of oomph in responses.

        So, it’s a tie.


        • I disagree with you….I do not think Ryan was too nice at all and disagree with your assessment about lack of ooomph…Biden’s behavior did not require Ryan to do what you think…..Biden derailed himself and your are wrong. You see it from the right and you wanted more gusto…but Ryan did not need to convince you or get your pumping your chest. Paul effectively showed class and he did talk about ideas I sure heard them and saw them and he le Biden be Biden which with a middle/independent and undecided did not come off well….even the liberals were tweeting about Biden’s weird behavior and horrible look….so no it was not a tie. To conservatives wanting blood yes it was a tie because Ryan was not tough enough…to undecideds he presented the perfect balanced alternative to an UNGLUED KOOK that offered nothing new!

          • Ok…

            To say ‘I disagree’ is one thing, but ‘you are wrong’ is another thing.

            An opinion is neither right or wrong.

            The facts are right or wrong.

            An opinion about the facts is neither right or wrong.

            So, I disagree with your opinion about the facts…

            …so, ok.


    • librtifirst

      I like PM’s point about the transcript.

      • The ‘transcript’…

        Putting text, visual and sound together…

        It’s a tie.


        • librtifirst

          I was under the impression that a transcript was just the written text.

          • p m

            The written word alone, versus the mise-en-scène, agree.

  • Biden was off his meds.

  • ChicksLoveRight

    CNBC and CNN registered voters show Ryan won the debate. Biden tried too hard. Just like Ryan said ” I know you are under lot of duress to make up the lost ground, but could you let me finish?” Now, Media of course will try to show it as a tie or a narrow Biden win, but whoever watched the debate on TV clearly got an idea that Ryan looked presidential and Biden looked Biden!

  • detectivedick

    Ryan was to polite, he should have said to the moderator “can you please ask the VP to control his interuption”. That is my opinion plus that moderator encouraged Joe to make speeches.

    • Excellent…

      Nanosecond rebuttals like that from Ryan would have been a tie breaker in Ryan’s favor.

      But, it’s over, and Tuesday’s comin’ with Romney.


  • Hannity just mentioned with the focus group….how many thought Biden was rude and condescending and they did not like his smirks and demeanor!! Shocking….Hannity mentioned just saw first poll after debate and Ryan was winning….

    Bombastic is not a winning formula!! Charles is right….That behavior of Biden’s is what everyone is talking about and that will reflect on Obama!! Calm and classy will always beat in your face and nasty!

  • agree, the only reason i think ryan won was biden was a jackass, other than that i thought it was pretty even

  • librtifirst

    I think that Krauthammer got it right on his assessment.

    • I agree….as well…but the lasting impression will be? Biden’s behavior….and that will work against him and Obama….just like this you see two people you listen and you think they both have good and bad points…then one is smirking, being rude and bombastic, the other classy, restrained, respectful and poised…..WHO DO YOU CHOOSE? and then in the woman’s frame of mind…Old Nut vs Handsome Classy Young Man…WHO DO YOU CHOOSE?

      • librtifirst

        So true. Ryan won.

  • BlueGood

    CNN POLL gives Ryan 20% WIN over “Mensa Joe Biden” Check Breitbart dot com……

    IMHO, that OLDE Wrinkly Liebral SKANK Moderator did better than Joe at running interference for “O’Bama bin Lyin”

    ROMNEY /RYAN will Surge nicely once again!

    Mothers, Fathers of Military Sons and Daughters & Navy Seals will sleep better tonight!…myself included……………………

    • Great Post Blue!! I saw the same…Hannity mentioned it as well….See people here fail to realize who Ryan was trying to appeal to….this was by design….LET BIDEN BE BIDEN!! and they did…people picked it up…hence the Victory by Ryan over Biden at CNN….Ryan accomplished what he needed….Let Biden get arrogant, bombastic, condescending and rude….WHO DOES THAT TURN OFF….WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Honorable Men….Undecideds will not break for a Psycho!

  • Nonsense. Biden had no arguments, only words.

  • 911Infidel

    “A snap CNBC poll finds that Ryan won 56% to 39% for Biden. Brit Hume, Joe Trippi (the Democrat operative), Greta Van Susteren and Chris Wallace all panned Biden’s demeanor. A woman on CNN’s focus group called Biden a “buffoon” and the CNN meter during the debate pretty consistently showed a higher line for Ryan than for Biden. If the image of Biden as rude takes hold, then over the coming days he will end up farther from his goal of helping his ticket recover from a bad week.” – Bryan Preston again – PJMedia

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Ok here is how I saw it… Biden lost for many reasons but I would guess that’s perspective.. The reason he lost is because he continued the lie on Benghazi – that alone is a fraud perpetrated on the American people over and over even when the facts proved otherwise thus the voters will see that as a provable fraud perpetrated -that equals loss for Biden…

  • odin147

    Union thugs would be proud of Biden, American won’t be.

  • RestlessLegs

    In Luntz’s focus group, not a single undecided voter said tonight’s debate made them decide. However, I think the image of a condescending and rude Biden will stick in the backs of their minds. Ryan definitely won the prize for “Adult in the Room.” Think of what the lady in the CNN group said: Biden acted like a “buffoon.” Down the road, it certainly doesn’t give undecided voters the feeling that the Obama team is ready for prime time.

    • detectivedick

      Unfortunately the Obama team is in prime time right now, just work overtime getting people to vote for R/R

  • chatterbox365

    Biden acted like an old man yelling at his soup. No doubt he turned off a lot of people and no one is going to care about his points…they are just going to remember him for being a disrespectful a$$hole. I’m glad there is only one debate with this moron.

    Ryan = Gentleman = Class Act!

  • wodiej

    Years of studies prove that voters do not like the negative attacks or rude behavior. Biden went right along w the dem playbook of being untruthful and nasty.

  • TJinNJ

    Krauthammer said both sides arguments were “even”? How is lying even? Come’on Chuck..

    Also, anybody find it strange Martha used most of the time to talk about foreign policy? Talk about softballs for Biden…

  • Sober_Thinking

    To me, this is about the most fair and even-handed review yet of this debate.

    I don’t want those stinking liars up for air for even a moment… but Biden awkwardly gave them a moment of air with his bullying debate. Ryan was a bit too reserved and composed in the face of such glaring B.S. – and once again, the Obama regime gets away with calling R & R liars… when it’s actually Obama and company who lies repeatedly.

    Last night was sort of a let down for me… I hope the rats don’t get any sort of bump after this trainwreck.

    • DebbyX

      I was a bit disappointed also. It was great to see Ryan remain so cool and collected, but a couple of times I was shouting at the television. My heart was pounding and I had to leave the room to regain MY composure.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Me too… I made it 50 minutes, then had to take a break. I then watched the last 30 minutes.

        The moderator didn’t help Ryan at all but helped Biden a lot.

        My wife and daughter were watching the debate with me… but my constant screaming at how Ryan should have answered things caused them to leave. I have similar feelings of anxiety for tomorrow’s debate. Ugh.

  • rsox1

    Joe Biden behaved like an utter fool last night. He looked like they needed to wheel him out on a stretcher. There was only one adult at that table last night, and it was Paul Ryan.

  • proverb 29:9

  • playsalieri

    When a wise man has a controversy with a foolish man,
    The foolish man either rages or laughs. Proverbs 29:9 NASB

  • Biden: The Facial “JESTER” only made a fool of himself, all that was missing was
    the hat

  • Charles is always right on point.