Krauthammer: EPA administrator’s ‘crucify’ remarks a perfect choice of words

Like most of us, Krauthammer isn’t buying the apology made by Armendariz over his ‘crucify’ remarks or Carney’s spin on it today. He says it wasn’t a poor choice of words, but rather a perfect choice of words and it accurately depicts how the EPA has treated the oil and gas industry:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    I heard Charles say this on FNC. Nice commentary.

    He’s spot on. Assuming we turn this thing around in November, idiots like Armendariz will be among the first casualties. This bum had no business being hired in the first place.

    Loons like this will contribute to Dear Ruler’s downfall.

    • sDee

      He no more than the people he surrounds himself with.

  • drphibes

    We need to turn back EPA tyranny. This recent Supreme Court is a good start, but not enough:

  • Joe

    WHEN WILL IT STOP??? – My head hurts – again!

    I am happy to admit that I don’t watch any LSM news shows

    Is any of this Obama nonsense being aired on the LSM?

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Oh, good grief, no. None of this gets aired in the mainstream. None.

  • He’s right. Poor choice of words, but fits in with the dear leader and his mini dictators.

  • destroyer_of_moonbats

    i hate obummer voters.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Worse yet, when they’re your siblings, who refuse to discuss politics. Is it truly a family if we’re only allowed small talk even as we and our children are being stripped of all hope for the future? They won’t debate, because their position is indefensible.

      • kong1967

        My daughter is one that won’t talk politics. But, she’s not Democrat….or Republican. She has not matured enough to realize that politics effect her every day and she doesn’t know it.

        • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

          Exactly! Got one of those too. Graduated college confused about politics and without enough life’s experience to sort it all out, so they retreat from it all.

          I just insert issues into our conversations that are relevant to her (gas prices, jobs…) and encourage her to “Scoop”!

          • kong1967

            I try, but if I even mention Obama my daughter asks “you’re talking politics again?!”….basically telling me to shut up. She’ll eventually grow into it naturally, which is when people realize they’ve been lied to about liberalism their whole lives (from the media, teachers and the left selling it as a good thing).

      • Rshill7

        We’ve all heard the old saying, “don’t talk about religion or poitics”. If we all followed that, we would soon not have the choice to talk about religion or politics.

        I know what you mean though. With some folks, it invariably leads to an unpleasant argument. I enjoy many likeminded friends and relatives who are conservative. We have no end of funmaking. We make fun of O, Joe, and all the money they blow. Of course that last subject is an ouchie.

        Going to the gas station is an ouchie too. Seeing what is “owed” to the IRS is an ouchie wouchie.

        Anyway, Reveille! Reveille! “The boogie woogie bugle boy from company B…”
        “Gi grits and GI gravy, she I wish I’d joined the Navy…”

        “There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow…”

        Good morning everyone!

        Zip it Rs!

        No! 🙂

  • PVG

    Preach it Dr. K!

  • GEDouglas

    EPA’s actions are not only tyrannical…there has got to be something criminal in falsely accusing a business of infractions leading to huge fines and ultimate failure that is worthy of jail time. And the first to do the perp walk should be this Armendariz character.

  • PFFV

    The Doctor is spot on as usual. The war is just beginning against the liars on the left.

    • kong1967

      Well, hopefully we can pull the plug on their ability to do anything at all in November. I want to see our Senate leader table every bill the liberals put on the table. I want to see us cram every last conservative bill without liberal input through the houses and getting signed into law. Those jerks always talk about reaching across the aisle when Republicans have the power, but they don’t do a single thing to reach out to Republicans. Let them sit on their thumbs and cry for a while. I’m sick of them.

  • Kordane

    Mysticism sacrificed man to god, Collectivism sacrificed man to the state/society, Altruism sacrificed man to other men…. and now Environmentalism sacrificed man to nature.

    Fundamentally, it is this evil creed of human sacrifice that must be rejected and denounced.

    Listen –

  • EchoMike

    QUESTION (especially for the supporters of the “inevitable one”):
    What’s Romney’s plan for reigning in the power of the EPA?

  • 12grace

    Krauthammer tells the truth and the left hates that….

    EPA yet another communist branch of the American Reich under the obama regime.

  • Coralchristie

    On only one point do I disagree with Krauthammer. I don’t believe that the Obama government believes that wind, solar, etc will supplant oil, gas, and coal. I think that they know it won’t but that they must have something that constitutes a “reasonable” justification for their policies and regulations. Their goal is the subjection of the American people to their elite power structure and the destruction of Constitutional freedoms.

  • Rshill7

    What this powermad nut said about crucifying companies was about as stealthy as a Ninja dressed in cellophane. Dookiehead. yep, dookiehead. Clap me in irons! I need to be drawn and quartered.

    Just remember to use high quality charcoal pencils and real silver quarters 🙂

  • EPA is more proof of the telltale communist administration of Obama. Demonize, demonize, demonize. Tear people apart 24/7. A deplorable administration, we don’t deserve this.

  • It’s going to be a tough battle, but the people will prevail in removing these loons.

  • Islam_Sucks

    When will these oil companies wise up? Conoco/Phillips, Chesapeake, Shell, Exxon WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

    These people don’t like you. Return the favor!

    Get a list of employees at the EPA and…….

    DON’T SELL THEM GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tell them their business isn’t welcomed and they should go somewhere else.

    let these bureaucrats heat their houses and drive their cars on the Unicorn Farts their trying to force on the rest of us.

  • NYGino

    He’s sorry his words became public, sorry he got caught, might be looking at the underside of a bus soon, but he’s not sorry about the meaning of what he said.

  • This is what an ever growning central government is like. It is pure tyranny. You either do it their way or you really will be crucified. Just ask anyone who has ever had to deal with anybody at a Federal agency, such as the IRS. This is what the Tea Parties are fighting against and this is why the size of government has to come down, and fast. Before more of these types of crucificions take place.

  • sal52

    You have to know, when obama says ‘all the above’ he means above ground. obama always is deceptive.

  • Gibson guitar, Boeing, the oil/coal/gas industry, car dealerships whose owners contributed to Republicans. The list of people, businesses and entire industries under attack by the mistake in the White House grows daily

  • I find it curious that all of these highly educated, “brilliantA”