Krauthammer: If our mission is to get out, why are our brave soldiers dying in Afghanistan?

Krauthammer says that our mission in Afghanistan can’t be to leave behind a government that can maintain itself, otherwise Obama wouldn’t have canceled the surge before the election and he would have listened to his commanders and sent enough troops to control both the East and the South. No, he says our mission is to get out of Afghanistan which is evidenced by the fact that Obama never talks about it. In fact, Krauthammer says there has never been a war in our history that a president has spoken less about than Obama has about Afghanistan.

So he asks, if our mission is to get out then why are our brave soldiers dying there?

Watch the full clip below:

I left the ending on just for you guys. Typical lib-reaction, to blame Romney than to buck up and hold the current president accountable. Ugh, Juan Williams makes me sick.

Dear Juan, ROMNEY LOST and he wasn’t the president for the last four years you idiot. Stop redirecting blame and focus on Obama for a change!

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    …may the G-D of Abraham Bless Petty Officer 28 year old ,’Nicholas Chek’, NAVY SEAL of SEAL TEAM 6 and accept his soul into the GRACE of other fallen ANGELS who fight for our LIBERTY .”

    God Bless America

  • Charles is so right. I’ve never in my life seen a president speak, discuss, or even mention so little about a WAR that we’re actively engaged in. Think about that. When George W. Bush was commanding the war in Iraq, hardly a day went by without a critical article in The New York Times or on the mainstream networks cricifying Bush for fighting that war. But today you hardly hear a word about Afghanistan from anybody, let alone the White House or the mainstream media. Bring everybody home. Afghanistan was always a waste of time after the first two years of fighting there. We should have crushed them with everything we had in two years and taught them a lesson they would never forget. Instead, we got “nation building” and an endless war that will still be lost in the end. We should have left 8 years ago with the threat that if they ever attacked us again we would totally destroy their country and everybody in it. The trick is, you have to make them understand that you really MEAN it.

    • freenca

      At times it does seem that BO leaves our young people, within the new roe rules, out there as targets for our enemies to aim at. Shame on him for doing so. I pray daily for all of them have been put in harms way, seemingly intentionally. This pResident has much to answer for!!

    • poptoy1949

      Could not have said it better myself…..Absolutely perfect.

    • white531


  • deeme

    America’s strategy is no longer to win but to help others lose..which makes me think no one is looking out for our military..they are just sending them willy nilly here and there ,without enough back up to make it anything short of a disaster..God help our brave soldiers..

  • BarbaCat

    I’m getting so irritated when I watch FOX anymore. It seems like they put Juan Williams in every panel of discussion now. Is it just me still bouncing emotionally since the election, or is Juan getting worse and worse with his stupid lib trash talk? I can hardly want to watch a panel discussion if he’s in it.

    The Hammer remains profoundly nail head accurate as ever.

  • Medaton

    “Juan Williams makes me sick.”

    I quit watching FOX because of all the LIBS they now have… Shep, Bob, Juan, ect.

    • keninil

      How partisan can Williams get? What an @$$ !!

  • Nukeman60

    Ahhh, so that’s the new narrative. Bush is too far in the past. Obama can’t possibly be at fault for anything (it would be racist to think that), so Romney is the new scapegoat.

    I hope we don’t hear that it is Romney’s fault for the next four years. I’m afraid I would be advocating revolution if that were the case (dang, I hear the rotors of the black ops helicopters even now). Can we at least lay blame where blame is due? Someone had control of these last four years of dismal economic failure. It wasn’t Bush and it wasn’t Romney. Let’s just call hin President Someone. Would that make it less racist?

    And, yes, I agree with Krauthammer. Our boys are dying for nothing, not the safety of our country, not the safety of our people, but for some vague, idiotic reason that no one even understands anymore.

    Let’s get them out now – before one more valiant life is thrown away. Let Karzai have his can of worms. He certainly deserves it.

    • sarahsupporter

      “Can we at least lay blame where blame is due?”

      In Obama’s Amerika? No.

  • What the heck does the RNC and Romney have to do with this???

    • badbadlibs

      Good question! But, liberal lunatic, brainwashed, stupid, pea brained people like juan-a-brain-but-can’t-find-one, must blame anyone else in order to live with themselves.
      The idiot, juanny has learned the lesson well; no matter the occurrence, republicans are to blame and democrats are saints.

    • freenca

      They don’t! They haven’t been in charge, but the Dim-a## progressives have!

    • white531

      The answer is nothing, but Juan Williams is just like most Liberals. They have been taught to use distraction, to steer the conversation in a different direction, thereby muddling the conservative viewpoint.

  • anneinarkansas

    Obama has no feelings for our men and women in uniform…he has abandoned them…for what? His place in history may not be what he is hoping for…the man who destroyed his country our of pure arrogance.

  • poljunkie

    NOTE TO JUAN WILLIAMS ROMNEY IS NOT AND WASNT PRESIDENT…Unfortunately the majority in our country voted for Obama—much to my chagrin, and disbelief.

    I guess he is too embarrassed to blame President Bush like Obama still does so he thought he would try out Romney.

  • poptoy1949

    Why does Fox News have Juan Williams in the first place? To appear to be fair and balanced? Yes you might say……but is Juan Williams fair and balanced? Oh but hell NO he is not. I am just as sick of him as you are……….I find it an insult to have him on the same panel with Mr. Krauthammer.

    • badbadlibs

      What gets me is seeing how much of a ingrate juan is. It was conservatives that saved his sorry behind, and it was democrat liberals who kicked him to the curb!
      That is as brainwashed as one human being can be.

      • crosshr

        Juan is never that bright to catch that badlibs, remember, libs are a disease of retardation. also not to forget hie head is tightly stuck clamped into O’s armpit

        • badbadlibs

          “head is tightly stuck clamped into O’s armpit”
          That can’t be a pleasant place to reside! 😉

          • crosshr

            lol, never know, you right, juan likes it in there

  • Krauthammer’s great at hammering their nonsense.
    Obama doesn’t want to get out of Afghanistan. He’s a hypocrite and a liar.
    We may as well get out now. We don’t want to win and have been there long enough, and it’s not been conquered before.
    Listen, these people are not going to accept Democracy. They’ve been taught for thousands of years through the Koran to be hostile to Westerners.
    I think, IMO the reason Bush thought they’d embrace Democracy was related to Bush’s multicultural instinct. The same one that thought having illegal aliens in the country was a good thing.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Time for Juan to shut the heck up!

    Time for Obama to fess up! Liar.

  • crosshr

    why not cut the war and bring home our young heros that are not dead or wounded in this foolish never intend to win war. That’s a cut I’d support. Use the military budget funding this war for their research and other projects here at home

    • white531

      The sooner we leave, the better. Leaving Afghanistan will be just like removing your hand from a pool of water. A few ripples, and then nothing. As if your hand was never there. The pool of water will have no memory of it. Same for Afghanistan.

      We should do our nation building at home. This country could use it right now.

  • russ williams

    Excuse me Juan … Romney isn’t the President. He can’t influence foreign policy. Why can’t you freaking liberals own anything, without demonizing someone else. I get so tired of this dodging responsibility and political grandstanding. Juan … you’re an idiot.

  • Actually, Juan Williams is the perfect Fox News token liberal. If you’re going to slant your editorial section of the news, then you bring in the really bright guys to represent your POV and the not so bright to represent the other side.

    • kong1967

      Lol, are there any bright people to represent the other side that won’t spew out the same nonsensical garbage?

  • kong1967

    Juan Williams, get your head out of Obama’s a$$ and find out what fresh air smells like.

  • stage9


    With these liberal jackasses it’s always someone else’s fault!

  • bobemakk

    Juan Williams should be banned from the network. Afghan soldiers that we train are turning on our own soldiers and killing them. Wake up Juan, Charles K. is right.

  • white531

    I just realized something this morning as I watched that clip.

    There are three people who cause an immediate rise in my blood pressure, the minute they begin to speak. Obama, Holder, and Juan Williams. The man simply disgusts me.

  • Sunnny1

    As a parent of a military child, I long to know the answer to this quesion. It seems that undert this dispot the goal of the military is diversity. Diversity in the military means distruction from within. The goal of desstroying our society has been met, now go after our military. Equip them to win, give them real leaders or bring them home.

  • DebbyX

    Juanita wants to go back and refer to the Republican convention at this point! He’ useless! He’s such a hack. I can’t take it, somebody save me.

    • crosshr

      “Juanita !” lol, what am I gonna do you for now, I mean do for you DebbyX ? j/k

  • mder4thegov

    Charles you’re a little late to the party–on this one.

    Sarah Palin said the exact same thing–almost a year ago. Oh, that’s right, she’s an idiot.

  • Note; to Dr. K. He Wasn’t a Solder He Was a Navy Seal!