Krauthammer: If our mission is to get out, why are our brave soldiers dying in Afghanistan?

Krauthammer says that our mission in Afghanistan can’t be to leave behind a government that can maintain itself, otherwise Obama wouldn’t have canceled the surge before the election and he would have listened to his commanders and sent enough troops to control both the East and the South. No, he says our mission is to get out of Afghanistan which is evidenced by the fact that Obama never talks about it. In fact, Krauthammer says there has never been a war in our history that a president has spoken less about than Obama has about Afghanistan.

So he asks, if our mission is to get out then why are our brave soldiers dying there?

Watch the full clip below:

I left the ending on just for you guys. Typical lib-reaction, to blame Romney than to buck up and hold the current president accountable. Ugh, Juan Williams makes me sick.

Dear Juan, ROMNEY LOST and he wasn’t the president for the last four years you idiot. Stop redirecting blame and focus on Obama for a change!

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