Krauthammer: Obama is playing the debt limit like a real demagogue

Sadly, Krauthammer is right. This is our future:

If we keep spending like this we’re going to have a president in a few years who’s gonna stand up and say that we are unable to pay Social Security or the military or benefits. And not because of a self-imposed crisis on the debt ceiling, but because we will be out of money. And that’s what the Republicans are trying to avert. The president is playing this like a real demagogue in pretending like we do not have a debt issue. We do. That’s what’s hanging above us and that’s what will destroy our credit rating in the end. Not a crisis that we create and get around as we have in the past, but a real one of a country that cannot pay its debts anymore which is where we’re headed.

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  • Philo Beddoe

    We really have to begin to wonder what does obama have in mind with all this power grab going on.

    Many POTUS’ have had this “power” but never really went the way obama has.

    Pushing economic failure, more control over the population, totally ignoring the laws of the Constitution.

    His actions are beginning to look like there are some major, sinister driven motives going on.

    • M_J_S

      History teaches us that few tyrants live fruitful lives.

      • bobemakk

        Satan/Obama will get what he deserves.

    • WhiteGuy2

      Bingo! this is all going according to plan. Not Obama’s plan, he’s just not smart enough to orchestrate this.

      • anneinarkansas

        George Soros comes to mind. I have seen a lot of those progressives from the Center for American Progress…doesn’t he own that bunch?

    • Joengima

      Even though he won the November Elections, we have to be reminded he won it barely.

      Who here at Rightscoop can say they weren’t expecting this? And because of this, that is why he won.

      Romney lost because people couldn’t trust him.

      This election was successfully portrayed as A Choice Between 2 Evils, and the American People decided to “stick to the Devil you know.”

      That why he won. We knew what we were getting with Obama, and couldn’t trust Romney enough to defeat him.

      I would also add, FDR had this kind of power, same with Woodrow Wilson.

      We will overcome. We will survive this, however it’ll be a lot harder than we can imagine, only because the other side is well organized and funded.

      Obama’s goal is to destroy the Republican party so he can get the 17 Seats he needs in the House of Representatives to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House again.

  • Stehekin912

    Why do we have to keep fighting this same fight and arguing this same point over and over and over again? (Rhetorical question). The Left is trying to wear us down and make us give up the fight for fiscal sanity, and for our freedoms.


    …demagogue : a political leader (DEAR LEADER PART II Mao Obama) who tries to get support by making false claims (LIES to many to list) and promises (OBAMACARE) and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason (NEW GUN RESTRICTIONS :the elimination of the right to bear arms to defend ourselves from a TYRANNICAL DICTATOR).(period)

  • Either we stop it on our own terms, or math and economics will stop it. We voted in 2012 against math and economics.

    I suggest learning how to grow your own vegetables, inside if you have to.

  • bjohnson55

    And if any Republican votes to increase the debt ceiling they will own it right along with Obama.

  • Joe

    I like Charles – BUT

    Like I said last evening

    ALL talk – NO action

    I would like to see a concerted effort

    on the part of ALL “The Heads” to start

    IMPEACHMENT proceedings.

    • sjmom

      I think the only people who can start impeachment proceedings is the House of Representatives.

      • Joe


        Starts in the House

        Rattles the cage

        Then Harry Reid votes it down in the Senate


        At least all the corruption and crimes will be uncovered and

        slow down ZERO from doing more damage

        plus I’ll stop talking about it and SCOOP will be relieved

    • He’s paid to talk.

    • JerrymB

      Yes, how weary we all have grown listening to talking heads every day doing nothing but “talking.” I don’t know of a single thing that has been done to slow down the Obama bulldozer from destroying every aspect of anything American or Christian in this country. Always unbelievable amounts of talk, but not a shred of action.

  • sjmom

    Charles is correct and if the Democrats keep spending it will happen sooner rather than later. As I have said more than once our country’s destruction was Obama’s plan from the beginning.

    • aposematic

      Hmmmm…. Reality is House controlled by the R’s has the purse strings. That means they can tighten or loosen spending. Its why in the past the Speaker of the House was the most powerful person in Government. What I really do not understand and maybe some Constitutional/Legislative Guru can explain: How legally can any new money be spent without a Budget? How can continuing resolutions impose new spending–illogical. If they are not spending more, i.e., new spending, why do they need to increase the debt ceiling. But really, how can new larger amounts of money be spent without a Budget authorizing the increased spending? Seems to me every $ increase in spending since Sept. of 2010 is illegal spending….

  • Raising the debt limit is like you just went to your boss and said, “Boss I went shopping and bought all this stuff I can’t afford. I need you to give me a raise so I can pay for what I’ve bought. But don’t expect me to stop going out and buying more and more stuff.”

    • aposematic

      Except its the boss asking the employees to take pay cuts to support an even greater lavish lifestyle for himself. And…if you say no way, he will withhold your healthcare.

  • 12grace

    UPDATE: ‘Obama’s Impeachable Offenses’ by Michael Connelly, J.D.

    • aposematic

      Thanks, good read.

      • PVG


  • Grumpa37

    Could House conservatives manage arrest of the pResident on grounds of “inherent contempt of Congress,” and hold him through sanity hearings? From Caligula to B Hussein, many narcissists have found their way to suicide by way of a final, fatal phase of megalomania. Barry sounds like a man well into this last phase. If we can, we should — I write this in all sincerity — we should help him out of power which will otherwise kill him and shake our nation like a level nine earthquake.

  • StrangernFiction

    Well he is a real demagogue, so it’s not that surprising.

  • white531

    All of the politics surrounding this is just drama. It’s laughable. At this point, we might as well be reading a play by Shakespeare.

    Here is the cold, hard reality. This nation is bankrupt. The government spends more money each month than they take in. We are shorter each month by about 25%. That shortage has to be borrowed. At interest. We are paying about 35 billion dollars a month, just to service the interest on the debt we owe. THIRTY FIVE BILLION A MONTH, just to pay the interest!

    And Obama wants to raise the debt ceiling, yet again. Do any of you ever get the feeling that Obama doesn’t really care what happens to this country?

    • 1endtimes2020

      I believe Obama does care what happens to the country, and it’s to destroy the economy. Also to render the military ineffective, and disarm the people, totally, eventually, and leave the country open to take over by muslims. There are over 10 million muslims in the country. 70,000 are being let in as we speak, from Saudi Arabia, Bin Laden’s homeland. The Trojan Horse is working very well, and there are many, many ‘horses’. We sure are in for a big surprise from the traitor and deceiver in the White House. A president that has the Muslim brotherhood over for a feast-dinner, while having let Netanyahu of Israel wait by himself, on a separate occasion, while Obama has dinner with his family, and sees Netanyahy an hour after his appointed time is—a muslim, and not a Christian,. as he claims. Obama has never said anything about the burning of all churches in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the murder of thousands of Christians in those countries, the crucifixion of christians in Egypt last month. Some Christian, he is, huh?
      In the meantime, muslims can have their own television prograns here, when a person cannot even wear a cross in their countries.
      Where are the Republicans in all of this? They get on television and never say anything in protest. You have to watch the 700 Club to get the real news. CNN and their hiring of non christians and only secular hosts won’t give the whole news if their lives depended on it. Al Jazeera will tell us more about Christian persecution.
      It makes me sick to my stomach at the irresponsibility of those in communications and in authority, how they brainwash and indoctrinate the American public—starting with our children.
      Just horrible. Our security isn’t being discussed. Only the perpetuating of abortions, samesex marriage and adoptions rights, and pornography, including with children, gun control, illegal and legal drugs that kill thousands every year, starting with promoting carcinogenic smoke from marijuana that brings on lung cancer worse than regular cigarettes. On and on where good is considered bad and bad considered good and ‘normal’ Even a new tv show starting called “the new normal’ you can guess what that show will promote.

      God is in control, and He must be allowing the devil to do his thing to wake us up. Christ predicted these times and said we should not be filled with anxiety, but be joyful, for ‘your redemption is near;.
      No wonder I find such a good feeling of peace when I pray.

  • In short, we WILL be just like Greece before the end of this president’s term in 2016. Then you will see some serious social unrest, just like in Greece. Don’t think it can happen here? All you need to do is look at the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles to see how bad it can get. Those stupid “99%” freeloading protesters nearly brought New York City to its knees. Could you imagine if those riots and protests had several thousand people in them? We could easily start seeing the breakdown of our society as people go unpaid, welfare checks stop coming, food stamps are ended, public housing is stopped, Obamacare runs out of money, and Medicaid runs dry, to name just a few programs that can go bust, just like Social Security is doing right now. America is just proving right now with Obama that it is totally comfortable having European style taxes, debt, chronically high unemployment, and low economic growth. Americans will also have to learn to live with the social unrest that’s going to go with all of that.

    • aposematic

      We are heading there and worse…

    • 1endtimes2020

      The Book of Revelation is unfolding before our eyes. Next on the list is a cashless society, and a single I.D. number for every person on earth. Then, when you don’t agree with your government master, your number is removed from the computer data file, and you cannot buy and sell anything until you re-apply to comply. Chips are being produced in Florida as we speak, to be injected into people. The mark of the beast, as the Book of Revelation calls it.
      With all the unsustaining debt, you can understand why the Bible says the economies will fall—gold, silver and emeralds will be worthless. You can’t eat gold, but you can use food to barter with someone else who has a different food. This was actually done, in America, in the 1930.s depression. In fact, doctors had potatoes coming out of their ears. People became very close neighbors.
      The bright lights and the bouncing music, will end, and we will be out of electricity, and in the dark, and be brought back to the stone age.
      Then—only then—people will turn to God, but won’t want to give up their sins. It’s in the book, don’t you know.
      There’s never been a better time to turn to prayer.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Ah, the ringing bell of truth.

    This is all so avoidable.

    • PVG

      Elections have consequences!

  • white531

    It is difficult for me to comment here sometimes. Everything of any importance, has been said here twenty times, and yet we still have people making comments that indicate they haven’t read any of the previous posts

    Most of the discussions on Scoop are active in their content. Current events. What is happening right now. They all have a background. That’s why its called, a thread.

    • Constance

      Sometimes, people just want to voice their own opinions and get things off their chests, even if it’s been stated twenty times previously. It may be a thread, but it’s also a place to post our thoughts – whether at the precise right time or not in the thread.

  • BS61

    Too little and much to lat Krauhammer!

  • Rocco11

    Memo to Chuck: There’s a communist in the White House.

    • 1endtimes2020

      FINALLY, someone else has said it. A communist and a muslim. When you keep the Prime Minister of Israel waiting for over an hour after his appointed time, and have a feast dinner for the muslim brotherhood in the White House, you have to know what we have as President. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be A DUCK.!!!! Wish it was election time so we could go duck hunting at the voting polls.

  • americalsgt

    I really don’t want to see it happen for the sake of my children and grandchildren, but as for me I would like to see how they (the White House) spin a major credit rating downgrade. It seems that this issue is getting more traction every day,and to hear how our favorite Carney barker will spin the US getting a 2 pt downgrade on the heels of another increase in our debt limit without any offsetting spending reforms will be interesting to say the least.

  • mikeinidaho

    All part of the Cloward and Piven plan to overwhelm and collapse the economy. Then Obama will declare martial law and suspend elections while disarming citizens and arresting dissenters. This is no joke and Cloward and Piven are real people who have advocated communism in the US for many years. Obama is their student and is trying to implement their plan.
    Lock and load, folks, the second American Revolution is coming soon!

  • bobemakk

    Krauthammer is right, but on one point I disagree. Stuart Varney, an economist and journalist on Fox said that with all the trillions coming into this country in taxes, no one will lose their paychecks, starting from the military and SS recipients. Impeach Obama NOW!

  • What I see of this is that if oBummer tries to institute ML is that He doesn’t understand the history or resolve of the American People. If a revolt happens it will be against him and his cronnies in government. This I pray!