Krauthammer: Obama’s been in office 4 years and he’s running on Clinton’s economy. It’s embarrassing!

Krauthammer says that Obama running on Clinton’s economy from over a decade ago is embarrassing, and it’s admission that Obama’s got nothing he can run on:

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  • SpikeT

    I hope revenge gets the best of Willie while he is delivering his keynote and he swipes at Barack.

    • Slick Willie sabotaging the Obama campaign at the convention? Hmmm. That would be delightful…but it’s not going to happen. Obama’s tamers will be on hand to make sure Clinton doesn’t go wild and turn on the ring leader.

    • Sinsonta

      PLEASE don’t get your hope to high, they are both dabbling in the same mud!

  • FreeManWalking

    Sounds like the K-man is saying 0b0 strategy in to Blame Bush and Claim Clinton?

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Obama’s reelection attempt “Pathetic”

    • p m

      Can’t wait for the Romney side to spend all that money bashing Zero once they’re allowed to – oh, that’s next week! Good.

  • 911Infidel

    Obama is running on nothing. All he can do is divert and attack, cause that’s all he’s got. If he tried running on his own record, he’d be crushed in the polls.Slick Willie isn’t going to do anything for the Kenyan. Slick Willie wants to position his worst half for a run in 2016. Revenge is a dish best served cold as the Russians say. The Clintonistas will do their utmost to trash Obama in order to elevate their Satanic whore to rock-star status at the expense of the Chicago liar. I see a big-time split in the Dhimirhoid party in this regard.

  • johnos2112

    Iran folks! Iran. It is coming!

  • Goldni007

    Day gone put y’all back in chains..

    • Cindy09

      Dope and chains.

  • well said

  • badbadlibs

    Wish we could “pretend” bo never came to America.

  • Joe

    Zero is a total embarrassment to this Country

    Please do not let your guard down –

    We must get him and all his corruption OUT of the WH

    The only goal we should have is to get him out

    Then we can work on refining what this Country is doing

    THE CLOCK >>>

  • Philo Beddoe

    obama is turning into the political version of “the candyman can”.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    I agree with charles. how pathetic the dems are they have to bring out the impeached perjurer to campaign for the socialist.

    • You forgot “woman beater” and “rapist” too.

  • Bingo Charles…the problem is people know CLINTON is not the President and know well this is no Clinton Economy!! It is funny Bill loves the adulation as well all know because it makes OBAMA look so small. Obama there is a saying YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE!! Bill is there for Bill…I am sure the GOP and MITT will run ads the night of Clinton’s address of him praising Romney on National TV and Comments from Bill back in 2008 about Obama’s Campaign against him and Hillary!! It will be funny!

    But in the end it makes Obama look so pathetic. See here is Bill telling you I am best capable to bring back jobs….YEAH tell that to the 15 percent unemployed and 23 million without jobs and the lost income! The irony…they think Bill will help with Blue Dog Dems…GET REAL!! They know Obama is no Clinton and those coal miners in Ohio and Penn that Obama’s EPA closed the plants will not give one rear….Bill you are from the late 90s…this is 2012 and a total different economic reality!

    Of course we know Bill is so good with records…HEY LIKE HIS CRIMINAL RECORD and WAR ON WOMEN???

  • p m

    I guess emabarassing is one word you could use to describe Zero’s campaign. I prefer different words, like
    Lousy internal polls.
    More lies.

    That’s the mild version. And while we’re at it, it wasn’t Clinton’s economy, it was NEWT’S.

    • A bit of history El Presidente and the Dems seem to want to overlook. Of course, according if the rewrites they are doing to White House historical records are taking place, it might be possible to scribble out the real facts and replace them with their own “facts”.

  • white531

    In a country full of intelligent, politically engaged individuals, Krauthammer’s comments would not be necessary. Unfortunately, that is not the case at the moment.

  • Charles stated it very succinctly in the correct truthful perspective. In other words, Obama’s attitude and political strategy is not only a failure, but which in reality terms, is absolutely absurd, let alone insane. Thank goodness for the reality of facts, logic, and common sense, aka the truth.

    Very good Charles.

  • sjmom

    What else can Obama do? Run on his own record???????? Ha,Ha,Ha……… way, so he has to go back to Clinton.

    • And Clinton’s record really was no bed of roses until the Repubs took Congress back in ’94.

  • stevenbiot

    The pervert cut capitol gains?

    • Well, Newt was running Congress for some of Clinton’s fabulous economy years.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Right on Charles… Tell it like it is..

    Obama is a freakin joke.. A total embarrassment on the world stage..

    No wonder we have Russian subs in the Gulf of Mexico..

    But we all know that after the election the Messiah will have more flexibility…

    Back in Home Sweet Home Chicago…

  • Bill is suuc king wind as paying his dues to Obama for when Hillary runs in 2016 against Romney/Ryan.

  • kamiller42

    That shirt and tie, fascinating.

  • That must be why Obama wants BJ to speak at his second immaculation.

    And like Mark Levin points out:

    Akin made a stupid comment about women, and the left keeps hammering it, like a child playing with a new whistle; Clinton raped and molested women before and during his presidency.

    Where is the outrage from women on the left now that BJ is going to speak at Obama’s re-coronation?

    Under a burka?

    • It’s okay if Democrats do it. They are not held up to the same standards as the Republicans.

      • Boris_Badenoff

        Just read this article, it is very to the point on this subject. The paragraphs on Ted Kennedy are as disgusting as it gets, yet ol’ Teddy was the Democraps Lion of the Senate… That’s the kind of person they like… What does that tell you about them…
        He makes me want to puke.. He is burning in hell as we speak no doubt.

        JFK obviously wasn’t much better..

        • Don’t get me started on Chappaquiddick Ted. The Kennedys were no stellar examples of restraint when it came to their relationships with women. However, if Jack and Bobby would have been alive when Ted did what he did politically, they both would have been b-i-itch slapping him on a regular basis. I don’t revel in his death, but I’m glad a Repub (even though he is a RINO) filled his Senate seat.

          • Boris_Badenoff

            It is such a disgusting piece of history, Yet there he was , sitting in the Senate for 40 years, when he should have done some time in prison, for some kind of vehicular manslaughter..

            That’s how liberals roll..

            They say they figure MaryJo was alive for up to an hour….

            Teddy went scot Free just because his last name was Kennedy..

            • The good thing about it is that Chappaquiddick Ted is not in the same place as Mary Jo. Poetic justice there.

  • Well, the Clinton economy didn’t really get going until Newt Gingrich, Tom DeLay, Dick Armey, and the rest of the Republicans became the majority party in Congress in ’94. Remember the Contract with America? The Repubs forced Clinton to move to the center of the political spectrum. Clinton had to pass laws that he wouldn’t have if Congress wouldn’t have been under the control of the Repubs. If what happened in 1994 never took place, this country would have been fundamentally transformed into Clinton’s utopian image of what he thought America should be. Obama comparing his economy to the Clinton economy is a very big stretch and if he wants to run his hydra-like campaign in that direction, people who are not Obamatons will not be fooled, as they have not been fooled by the rest of his campaign to date.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      Now Chris, don’t be muddying the waters! They’re working really hard to rewrite history & those pesky facts certainly don’t line up with the narrative.

      Clinton = good
      Any Other Dimocrat = not so good
      Republican = evil, greedy, racist, bigot, sexist, neanderthal.

      Try to keep up. :~)

      • LOL! Points taken. Thank you! 🙂

  • Is_Sense_Common

    They are pretty sure that Barry & the gang are going down in November. All this Clinton-worship is planting the false seed that Hillary will come in & save the day in 2016. Bill’s not stumping for Barry – he’s stumping for Hillary 2016.

    Yes, the Dimocrats really do begin campaigning that early & state lies as if they were facts and eventually, people’s memories change to fit the narrative that’s being spoken.

    • NYGino

      ISC, good analysis. Let’s listen very carefully to the perverts speech at the DEM convention. I’m sure there will be ‘unintended jabs’ at Obama spoken in a way that, at first will not be apparent but, on reflection, will be harmful to the impostor.

      As things unfold (as they already are starting to) the Criminally Negligent Press will slowly but surely turn towards Clinton and away from Obama.

      Those in the MSM who have roots in the Clinton campaign, George Stephanopoulos comes quickly to mind, will drop Obama and run after Clinton as fast as a fire hydrant running after a dog in a Texas drought.

    • Ha! If ObamaCare is still around and Hillary becomes President (heaven forbid), she will probably move to rename it “HillaryCare” (not really). After all, it was her idea in the first place, right? It takes a village y’all!


    …Mao Obama LOSES .”

  • Sober_Thinking

    Spot on… they got nothing.

  • Don

    Slick Willie has the charisma of a trailer park Romeo with the libido of a sex starved alley cat. Not sure how he will do against this gang of lying Chicago thugs, but the control of what was once the democratic party is at stake. Even the Clintons have to know these anti-American attacks are moving too fast to even fool the majority of American voters. Should be interesting though.

  • detectivedick

    There is only one pleasant memory of Clinton (the impeached one) 99 cent gasoline, 77 cents in Jersey. I will not take up anymore white space post vetting BJ’s cause and effect which lead to today’s extreme Progressive movement.

  • Instead of running on his record, NObama is running from his record. Mind you, with a record like that, who wouldn’t? Even Clinton cant’ save him… Not that he wants to. Clinton is in this game because his wife still harbors ambitions of her own. Clinton’s economy was really Newt’s economy. So NObama trying to hold up Clinton’s economy falls apart under even the slightest bit of scrutiny. Instead of going from Hero to Zero… NOBama is going from Zero to Zero. Never AGAIN

    The November election – The end of an ERROR! Time for some R&R – Restoration and Regeneration, Romney and Ryan!

    • detectivedick

      Like the R&R

    • I like it: …running from his record.

  • Gmama

    They are running against Bush/Akin not Romney/Ryan. I guess they feel like they have a chance against two guys who aren’t running for President/VP.

    • Let them! They’re sealing their own doom as they continue to blame Bush and concentrate on Akin’s irresponsible comment.

  • SKL53

    Is Obama going to run on Slick Willie’s ‘pergury charges’ as well? Gee, it is difficult to determine which one of these guys is better at lying…the race is neck and neck!

  • Mike Myers

    Krauthammer looks at Obama and says “Ya got nothing”. And as usual, Krauthammer is correct.

  • NYGino

    The Great Destroyer took his chips and went all in in 2008. He played his hand and lost. He is out of stake money. He is out of the game.

  • AlexInCT

    As if this will ever be pointed out by the DNC propagandists masquerading their clap trap as news. Watch how we suddenly get all the idiocy of the Bush years – the faux concerns about out of control government, excessive spending, all the evil wars, abuses of power, the banal moralizing, and the reporters willing to make up stories to score points – from the left again as soon as their anointed savior is shown the door in the next election.

  • How many times is Clinton going to lend his record out? I’m sure Hillary will dust it off in 2016 but good luck getting it past Newt.

  • I hope that the “surprise” that Trump is talking about bringing to the RNConvention is Bill Clinton. That would be great for Clinton to come out and endorse Romney; or if Clinton vomits while endorsing Obama- or starts laughing hysterically when he says “Obama is the man for the job…Oh, HAHAHAHAHAHA….” from Clinton @ the DNC. That would be great. “Obama knows foreign Polic….choke… HAHAHAHAHAHA, Oh HAHAHA…” That would be perfect. Come through for us 1 time Clinton.

  • richard40

    Krauthammer is right. A successful president does not brag about what his predecessor did over 12 yrs ago, he brags about what he did over the last 4 yrs. Constantly bringing in Clinton will only show how pathetic Obama is compared to the relatively better Clinton. It makes Clinton look good, but does nothing for Obama. I think it is a mark of desperation that Obama is bringing in Clinton. It is evidence that Obama and others in the dem leadership today are now so toxic that nobody will beleive a thing they say anymore, and will only beleive Clinton. I’m thinking of how ludicrous it would look if Reagan, running for his 2nd term, brought in Gerald Ford as his main speaker, and the featured speaker in all his advertising, to justify why Reagan needed another term.

  • Siam

    Remember when Obama turned his news conference over to Clinton so that he would not be late for his wife’s Christmas party?
    At lease Clinton had something to say that had substance. Even if Obama wants us to believe that he is “a better speech writer than his speech writers” he never has anything to say.
    I am no Clinton lover but I suspect WJC has been pained to see Obama destroying the Democrat party.

  • m9A


  • Sinsonta

    Both Mr & Mrs Clinton have no shame. To go along with a guy like Obummer who is looking forward to destroy the USA is despicable.