Krauthammer on Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal: Any Republican who buys this is a fool

Earlier today Obama’s big fiscal cliff proposal was for Republicans to cave on tax increases for the ‘rich’ and for Obama and the Democrats to offer nothing in return. No really, that was it. Obama says they’ll wait until next year to do entitlements.

And to that, Krauthammer says that if any Republican buys this offer they are a fool, and that if Republicans give it up now in return for nothing Obama wins big.


I say that even if Republicans give up tax increases for a deal on entitlements, even a good deal, Obama still wins. The Tea Party would arise as third party to cast out these spineless RINOs and we’d split every election for the next generation. For Republicans to cave on taxes would be checkmate for Obama.

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  • Sheya

    Can we get Krauthammer to Speaker of the House for a couple of weeks?

    • Um no, because he’d find a way to cave on immigration during those two weeks.

      • UnCL3


    • johngalt30

      And he’s Canadian.

      • WinMissouri

        Born in NYC raised in Montreal, he is an American


    …tell your DEAR LEADER Mao Obama PART II ,
    to take his TAX INCREASES to the ‘RICH’,
    and stick to them where the SUN DOES NOT SHINE .”(period)

  • marketcomp

    For the last two days Krauthammer has been spot on! Tell the Marxist-n-Chief to go***, well, you fill in the blank and think of what Clint Eastwood said during the empty chair.

  • conservativenews

    Let’s go over this so called fiscal cliff and wreck Obama’s second term. The libs are going to suffer more, that gives me enormous joy.

    • I agree. Thelma and Louise baby!

    • aposematic

      The R’s want the same thing the D’s want–more power to steal the American people’s wealth. How/why do you think we are where we are? They will give Obuma everything he wants in a propaganda infused “compromise” of grand deception.

      • 2yves

        Of course they do. How many of them voted yes on the Obamacare bill and are still in office to this day? Why haven’t we been able to boot them all out in 2010 and 2012? The republicans only embraced the tea party as long as it made gains in power for them in the house then quickly dismissed the tea party at the convention. All they care about is their own jobs.

    • SheerPolitics

      Here is the choice:
      Republicans cave: Obama does a victory lap and touts how with his leadership he forced the evil republicans vote his way. Any promise of spending reform goes the way of the unicorn.

      Republicans don’t cave: Obama and the press tells everyone that the tax hikes are because the evil republicans care more about their billionaire friends than the rest of the country.

      There is no-win for the GOP. I don’t want them to cave either, but you should know there is no way to achieve victory. The economy is going off Niagara falls and republicans will be blamed. They don’t have he backbone to fight back…which is why I think they capitulate and then try to claim they didn’t.

  • sjmom

    I’ve had it with the fiscal cliff discussion and more and more it is reminding me of the stimulus hype in 2008 which turned out to be a huge mistake.

    Unless the Republicans reach deep within and find some courage they will cave as some already have done. This is why they have NOT been able to win elections. They have thrown away their principles, turned their backs on the base and have cowered at the feet of the libs and the press.

    RS, I will disagree in this; a third party just might be what we need now because the GOP is useless and not winning anyway. They have left us nowhere to go but on our own.

    • stage9

      Yep, they don’t want solutions because they have all the answers.

      • They seem to agree with the democrats in the end. Their little speeches don’t hold water anymore.

    • Or you boot out the incumbents in the primaries. Also get more participatory at the local level which affects who gets picked as chairman.

      • colliemum

        And the time to start this involvement is now – not a few months before the 2014 elections, and certainly not during the primaries for 2016.

    • Kelsonus

      That’s why the GOP needs to be taken over
      Use the existing framework…

      • sjmom

        Do you have a plan for this?

  • Jim Botts

    Anyone seen the latest generic congressional ballot poll from Rasmussen?

    Democrats lead generic Republicans by 5 (45-40).

    I wonder why? Immigration, taxes……. Every GOP leader in congress has gone full RINO since the election.

    Rather than ask themselves why 3 million Republicans stayed home on election day, rather than ask themselves why 80 million people didn’t even bother to vote, what do they do? Run left as fast as they can to steal democrat votes.

    GOP is doomed, and that might not be bad thing. They can’t stand conservatives anyway, except on election day when they want our votes.

    The bad news, by the time a new party rises and is competitive the country will be full blown communist with the federal government making up more than 70% of the overall economy.

    • stage9

      We’re on the upward slope of a very BIG LIE….it’s when we crest the hill and descend the other side when the lie will be realized and liberals heads will roll. We’re in the apathetic honeymoon stage and all is well — the calm before the storm; but give it time. When folks start realizing that their false messiah lied to them and sold them up the river, and the Republicans aren’t there to take the fall, then all hell will break lose and Obama will be lucky if his legacy isn’t remembered without people spitting on the ground first.

      • I hope you are right but somehow I doubt it. if they haven’t pulled their heads out the sand by now I’m not sure they will. There are a lot of factors taking place. dumber Americans, corrupt media, lack of religion, but mostly a weak population that will never admit that they screwed up royally.

    • ApplePie101

      The good news is that it only takes a few fiercely motivated people to stop a juggernaut, e.g. Andrew Breitbart, James O’Keefe, Michele Bachmann, Louis Gohmert, you, me…

  • If you stupid republicans just do this for me for Christmas, I promise I will wait till New Years to before I tax the hell out of rich that make above 25000.

  • stage9

    The only way to turn the tide is a media blitz….and no I don’t mean Conservative or news media. I mean a blitz involving tv air time that lays everything out in simple terms for the whole world to see. Much like Netanyahu did at the UN with the bomb graphic, the GOP has to do the same in regard to the economy. You have to get the public on your side. You have to expose the economic incompetencies of the liberal plan. You have to bring it to the American people in a way they can understand it and in terms familiar to them.

    The left will retaliate, yes, but you have to put your money where your mouth is at some point or you won’t have any left.

    • If Peter Schiff had won his senate run, he would be a good sounding board for the republicans, but I have pretty much given up on the republicans, so it doesn’t really matter much. They don’t let anyone tell the truth on TV anyway.

  • DR. k is right

  • He is right on this one. Pray the Republicans find a spine.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Does anyone seriously believe that Boehner and the invertebrates in the GOP WON’T cave?

    The Freshman Class of 2010 and a few others (Jim DeMint, Michele Bachman, etc.) will have to leave and join up with a Constitution Party (formed by the Tea Party and perhaps Libertarians)… because that will have been neutered. Boehner and the boys are already diminshing them in any way they can. To even put any tax raises on the table is pathetic and dishonorable.

    • Some of us have been working on getting Michelle and a few others looking into The Constitutional Freedom Party. I agree, they need to leave and join something else.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Keep up the good work… she’s a keeper! 🙂

        • I’d love her!! Hopefully some of us will find a way to get her attention. 🙂 We’re trying.

          • 2yves

            Are you guys contacting Allen West?

            • I’ve been tweeting and leaving messages for him. So far nothing yet, but others are trying as well. Also doing the same with Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Trey Gowdy and others.

  • deeme

    About that cliff he wants more money to blow out his you know what…so actually we will be going over the cliff faster if you give him more…

  • FutureOnePercent

    I say let’s go over! Maybe the people want a taste of socialism.

  • Krauthammer is right. The Republicans can simply say to the Democrats, “Look, you guys are into this ‘fairness’ thing, so we’ll all go over the fiscal cliff together and we’ll all have some skin in the game.” If the Democrats are serious about making a deal (which they are not), then they would have just as much incentive NOT going over the cliff. But Obama would rather wreck the economy than give up his ideology, which is to bring total socialism here to the United States. So he won’t care one bit if we go sailing off of the fiscal cliff. In fact, Obama would probably welcome it. After the economy collapses again, he’ll make an argument that the public needs more benefits, more unemployment, more of just about everything. There is absolutely no incentive here for Obama to cut a deal. None at all, and the Republicans had better understand that fast.

  • Constance

    A part of me is all a-twitter with the thought of actually going right over that fiscal cliff. Just standing back, and letting it go. I’d like to witness the fallout and see what honestly happens, not what people think will happen. I think it’s time for a little crash in this country, and it should be the crash driven by Obama, with no republican fingerprints on the steering wheel. Make it all theirs, baby. Stand back, hands in the air, smile, and wish them well driving over the cliff.

  • trouble06

    Don’t cha know Boehner and Co. are racking their brains trying to figure out a way to cave while trying to look virtuous. He might as well just do it WE know he’s gonna.

  • pmb88

    Im starting to think for them to just go over the fiscal cliff. If the dems dont want a deal then dont deal.

    • Leroy_Whitby

      We have real enemies in Islam, and real competitors in Russia and China. And no, Russia and China are NOT enemies and don’t need to be! But Islam wants to end our freedoms as Christians and free men. They wish to impose Sharia on us. They still follow a false, universal ideology that requires conquest (jihad) and requires lies if they advance Islam (taquia).

      Nonetheless, automatic spending cuts for the military are not that important, since the socialists have gone so firmly into control. The fact of the automatic cuts and how they fall PROVE how in control they are. They will not use our military to the good, or in opposition to our true enemies and if need be our competitors. As an example, Obama’s administration announced that a core mission of NASA is to help Islam understand the glory of it’s science and scientific history. So it matters little how the cuts happen, or where. We are more likely to face a civilizational collapse due to extreme debt than war in the immediate future.

  • deTocqueville1

    Good for Dr. K but it is unlikely to produce the needed spines.

  • StrangernFiction

    If it kills the GOP I’m for it.

  • detectivedick

    The LIAR has a record and a style:
    “put a Stimulus Bill on my desk and I will sign it” 2009
    “put a Healthcare Bill on my desk and I will sign it” 2010
    Obama has no Plan only Revenge for those who work….the “cliff” is all about fear, income confiscation and REVENGE.
    Just remember the cocky Obama after the election when he got a pen out of his pocket and said he was ready to sign a Bill.
    There should be two folders on the table…one inside with the word NO, and the other should be Obama’s spending reductions and cut!
    When is the State of the Union Speech?

  • kloyd0306

    If the “Rs” cave, they lose.

    If the “Rs” do nothing they lose.

    What have the “Rs” got to lose? Nothing!

    No deal and let’s see how Bammy’s inherited first term REALLY works out….

  • Maxsteele

    I will bet anyone here any amount they wish that a group of Republicans large enough to give a majority in the house cave on taxing the rich. The PR machine, polls and MSM are pushing this big time and they are all centrists who are still brainwashed into feeling they need that “undecided” vote.
    There definitely needs to be a REAL conservative party in the USA now. A 3rd party is the only solution even if that means the democrats win the next couple of elections because there really is no other viable option. It is either socialists party or socialist-lite party right now.

  • johnos2112

    Levin says if you Obama are that interested in Middle Class tax cuts then CUT them for all tax brackets under 250K. Not Bush tax cuts but real tax cuts! Then keep the tax cuts for those OVER 250K the same. Levin suggests by doing this those who say they are for middle class tax cuts are really full of it!

    • I heard that one too johnos2112. Only problem is, dear leader’s a marxist and there is no such thing as a middle class in communism. :-/

      • johnos2112

        I understand but if the left favors middle class tax cuts, not Bush tax cuts, then put it on them.  Use their words against them.

    • 2yves

      Obama won’t need to do that because he knows that after Jan 1, 2013, the media will be calling the middle class tax cuts ‘the Obama tax cuts’. And the credit downgrade, higher unemployment, high gas and food prices, and Obamacare taxes will be the fault of the evil rich corporations, insurance companies, and republicans. What is sad about the whole thing is that the majority of people will lap it up.

      • johnos2112

        When people see less money in their checks that is when reality will hit.  When republicans believe in true conservative values and fight back DAILY then and only then will things change.  Stop apologizing for wealth, traditional marriage, christianity, liberty and attack liberalism.

  • keninil

    Now is the the time for Boehner to shut down the govt. — nobody is going to be going to the natl parks and monuments in Dec-Mar.

  • I don’t think people realize that the Democrats are playing the long game here. The Dems remember than when they got Bush 41 to go back on his “No New Taxes” pledge, Conservatives either stayed home or voted for Perot in 1992. They are hoping that if they can get Republicans to cave and agree to tax hikes, the same thing will happen in the 2014 mid-terms and they will regain control of the House and get a filibuster-proof Senate. It’s all about getting power back for these treasonous weasels.

  • UnCL3

    He is absolutely right…Reps are damned (DAYummed!) if they do, and (less so) damned if they don’t. Funny thing is if they oppose, the STUPID ELECTORATE will be thinking (they can do that?) that whatever mess we get into, it’ll be the Reps’ fault. They’ve really out-manuevered Boner & co.

  • Charm4sure

    The Republicans could win this if they would stand up for conservatism, by standing up to the dems and the MSM, countering the MSM and dems demonization of them, be able to sell their conservative strategy to the public and clearly point out the flaws and disaster that the dems strategy will bring. They seem much more inclined to surrender. If they surrender that tells us very clearly that they don’t want to do their job and we need to fire them. We should be contacting them and letting them know they either learn how to do their job or they are out.

    • 2yves

      Where have you been the last 4 years?

  • colliemum

    Of course the Republicans should refuse any deal – but they’re too much enamoured with their ‘power’ as congress critters, so they will cave.
    After all, the elections are over and the stupid people love them, right, else they wouldn’t have voted for them …

    The one point I find utterly fascinating is that none of the Republicans, none of the dems, not Obama and sadly none of the true conservatives seem to understand is that it doesn’t matter one bit if taxes are raised or not: that is an internal matter for the USA. However, the economic leaders around the world, above all the Rating Agencies and the banks know that it is too late for a sticking plaster in the form of raised taxes.

    They want to see a reduction in debts and deficits, or at least a valid plan as to achieving this. If that is not forthcoming, the next downgrading will be forthcoming – and the world will not wait patiently for the Inauguration and all that. They’ll get cracking on Jan 2nd 2013.

    Looks as if the vast majority of congress critters are economic fools – with the POS being the biggest fool of them all.

    • WordsFailMe

      Hunker down, lay in supplies, find people you can trust…

  • WordsFailMe

    Obama’s Balkanization of these United States has had startling success in the short run and the Republicans have proved themselves so pathetically weak and unmanly that, at last, they have doomed themselves. TO me, a sixties Democrat, this is the best news in decades!

    DOOM1–If they give into the Demo vermin now, they are doomed with white America.

    DOOM2-If they allow the “fiscal cliff,” they are doomed with black America.

    Now let’s get back to rebuilding our country. Wouldn’t be the first time brothers had settled their differences with bayonets.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    No clear, easy victory is possible here. Obama is a destroyer. The American people saw that demonstrated with inflation, unemployment, credit downgrades, international humiliations, increased health insurance costs, business bankruptcies, lowered income per family, inability of college students to get job. The list can go on and on. Yet the propaganda of the main stream media and academia, coupled with traditional party loyalty and overall ignorance and apathy worked together to re-elect Obama where he clearly ‘should’ have been repudiated.

    The GOP establishment forced a weak, wealthy candidate on us in order to maximize their consulting/media placement income. Karl Rove made an estimated 45 million off of this election. None of his candidates won. While on FOX on election night he held out hope where there logically was none, so that he wouldn’t be caught on camera in weakness — that would hurt his future fundraising and income.

    We have sold our nation for the fees to the party consultants and the assured jobs of the “trustee Republicans” . . . those that are allowed to keep their jobs without media or serious Democratic attack (but only for so long as it’s convenient for those in control . . . the socialists).

    It is pitiful. We may have reached that tipping point where there are no good options. But we must fight because we may NOT have reached it . . . and if we have, win or lose we might as well fight.

  • Yazz55

    Obama should send Boehner to Greece for a week or three so he can learn firsthand how its done.

  • Rocco11

    Morsi and Obama are interchangeable at this point…

  • mikeinidaho

    Thank you Charles! It would be Ronald Reagan / Tip O’neill all over again! And guess who lost? The Republicans, of course. They believed the Dems when they said they’d lower spending “later” if the Repubs agreed to tax increases “now”. A similar agreement now would produce the same result…in spades. The Republicans selling out and going “Democrat Lite” spells the end of the party and the end of the Republic.

    • kong1967

      …and Republicans amazingly get duped into these deals repeatedly. The debt ceiling increase was a bait and switch. I am starting to believe they do it on purpose. They wanted the debt ceiling increase but couldn’t admit it to us, so they covered themselves with a bogus excuse….(we will get the spending cuts later so the deal is good). I think many Republicans WANT to increase taxes but know they will get their rear ends kicked by their constituents. So, they cover themselves with a bogus excuse. We will get the reforms NEXT year, after we give them the farm.


  • aposematic

    The R’s keep screaming no third party, no third party because the R’s want to keep their liberal control over the GOP. A Conservative third party would force the R’s to compromise (i.e: fold like cheap suits), something the R’s have repeatedly demonstrated they are very good at, with the Conservatives, who’s vote is presently taken for granted, to have any chance of ever winning another election. The Conservatives should start a Third Party now to prepare for future elections.

    • kong1967

      I’ve always been against third parties because they only act as spoilers, and I wanted to try to eat the Republican party alive with Tea Party candidates. I haven’t gotten away from that yet, but I am very close to totally giving up on the Republican party and starting to look for a third party.

      I can vote for a turd over and over hoping that it will smell better, but in the end it’s still a turd. The Republican party is a joke, especially with Boehner as leader.

    • SheerPolitics

      No, a third party would mean democrats would win everything in the foreseeable future. What we need to do is take back the GOP. Hold primaries in the southern states, not just the northeast. I guarantee if states in the south got a say earlier on, there’d be more conservatives running for the presidency because they’d stand a chance. Right now it’s rigged toward liberal candidates. Why should tiny Delaware tell us who our candidate should be?

  • bjohnson55

    I will never vote Republican again if they cave on this. How many times are we going to be expected to believe the serial liar in the WH? I am done with this…

  • RocklinConservative

    The GOP takes us for granted. SPLIT! We’d pull in the Reagan democrats because of principal.

    • SheerPolitics

      Don’t split–take over. Most of these RINOS are former democrats who never converted to the conservative message as Reagan did. If we split to a third party all we do is give the democrats the elections for the foreseeable future. You don’t see THEIR party splitting out even though there are differences. Party activists just shoved it to the left. We need to quit dropping out and shove the GOP back to the right. There’s a reason there’s so many who call themselves independent–they can’t relate to either party. If we stick to a conservative message and LEAD, we will gain followers. Right now, both parties are to the left of center–the republicans nationally have become democrat-lite. I’m also sick and tired of the liberal northeast getting to choose our nominee. By the time many in the south get a say, the nominee is virtually picked by default because the others have had to drop out! That needs to stop.

  • kong1967

    Give the tax hikes now and the Dems will talk about entitlement reforms next year? Why does it always fall in place like this? Dems are always demanding something now but the trade-off for it is set aside to be decided in the future. Republicans always fall for this crap, or else they just use it as an excuse to cave. They know the Democrats will not follow through with the deal, and they never do.

    This is what the Dems did with the debt ceiling increase. Obama got his increase in exchange for spending cuts to be determined by a panel. As soon as it went to the panel, Dems totally ignored the deal they had already agreed on and demanded tax hikes instead.

    If Republicans do this they will be shooting all of us in the foot.

  • bobemakk

    I wrote this to the RNC
    What is going on with the republicans? Why are they caving in to Obama and reaching across the board to reach an agreement with him on his new “doubling down” tax proposals. A good friend of mine heard one of his parishioners at church talking to a polling rep that he had seen the same African American woman vote at least 6 or 7 times. We know who she voted for? This is only one isolated incident.

    The RINO’s must grow a spine and demand a full fledged investigation into the election results and the Electoral College should be abolished. What is going on in this country, what happened to the true conservatives? There are very few left and this disturbs me that we have a liar in the White House who won the election by fraud. He continually lied to the politically uneducated and they believed him because they want their entitlement programs to continue. WAKE UP GOP!!! Is the fair and balanced media wasting their time? The lamestream media ruined the election. Please reply.

  • JoeMontana16

    I say give the Democrats and Obama what they want. Have your tax hikes with no spending cuts. What needs to be done by Republicans is explain to the American people that when the economy tanks and you’re out of jobs we will say I told you so. Give the Democrats what they want and let them burn when their plan explodes in Americas face. We can always cut the taxes back after the Democrats are tarred and feathered right out of Washington.

    Republicans are morons. When I here Reid, Pelosi and Obama say cutting taxes and cutting spending has never worked and that the math doesn’t add up will they just use Reagan as an example??? I mean what kind of dumbass doesn’t stress their strong points that are marked in history? Why do you let Democrats call you racist and you NEVER happen to mention that it was Republicans that freed the slaves? Who sicked the dogs on blacks? ON and on and on and on and on…….

    Let the fools have their disaster that they were to uneducated to see. When you hold a cat by its tail you learn something you wouldn’t have learned any other way. Experience your ridiculous philosophies and get your just desserts. Piss off. 🙂

  • anneinarkansas

    Bumpy ride the next four years…hope we still have liberty when the nightmare ends, if it does.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Charles will be trumpeting the “most electable”, when the time comes for Jeb and Rubio. Fox O’Reilly will come up with similar garbage like his claim that Sarah wasn’t very nice to Romney. Rasmussen will refuse to poll any third party favorably. The GOPe will come up with another list of suckers to split the vote. They will be heralded as tremendous bench strength, and half will be on the FOX payroll as “contributors”. They play the same tapes over and over. I am heartened that some of you are starting to test the water with a toe or two. The path becomes clear when we face the fact that the GOPe and Dems are one in the same. Ms. Palin nailed it at Indianola last Labor Day weekend. The crony political class of permanent politicians is the enemy of the people’s Republic. They will fight to the death to protect their feathered beds. When the people muster that same resolve, they will win. Until then, following the norm is akin to joining one of the “death panels” that Governor Palin so aptly named.

  • this isnt about tax increases for the “rich” its about how many jobs will be lost when you increase taxes on people making 250,000, people have this confusion between Romney wealth and successful small business wealth. Lets go ahead and give them the tax increases they want but only on people making more than a million per year. Those folks are in a much safer position to absorb the hit and are not in a spot where a few thousand dollars will matter to their hiring decisions.

  • Conservatives are on the downhill slide. IF they go along with Obama it will be them that are blamed when things go wrong cause the cry baby liberals will claim the conservatives had some way of knowing we’d go over that cliff anyway. And then if the conservatives don’t go along with Obama and we still go over that cliff, conservatives will still get the blame. The uneducated (for the most part) liberals only know how to blame and scheme to make it look like its the other guys fault when things go wrong. They can talk a good game when they promise riches for everybody in order to get elected but once in office they don’t have a clue as to how to run this country. They hand out entitlements like it is recyclable water and we’ll never run out. If their constituents ever stop putting their hands out and think about it they will realize they will always be poor as long as they are on the dole. And their so called leaders will still be in Washington getting richer and richer and more powerful by the minute. The question still remains…How many of you are better off now than you were four years ago? The only people who are better off are the ones that work hard for their money, and of course the ones that just wanted a black President ( a dubious honor at best).

  • Luis de la mora

    Ok, we have a proposal for revenue from democrats. What is the proposal from republicans?