Krauthammer: Romney’s a little late giving his foreign policy speech

On Hannity tonight Krauthammer weighed in on why Romney won the last debate and how he should prepare and what he should expect going forward into the next debate.

With regard to Romney’s big foreign policy speech coming up on Monday, Krauthammer said that he should have given it when there was much more focus on Benghazi and the Middle East. It also takes the focus off of the economy and he said that is where Romney was winning big this week. However, he doesn’t think it’ll be a huge negative if Romney pivots back to the economy quickly.

Watch below:

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    It might be a great time to give a Foreign Policy schooling to Obama, especially since the Congressional hearings on Libya start next week.

    • bobemakk

      Don’t give him any education, get rid of him and elect Romney.

  • I disagree with the good doctor. At the time that Benghazi was getting started, that fantastically huge failure in Obama foreign policy was sucking all the air out of the media.

    Also, I believe Romney knows what he’s doing and is building up to a setup for Round 2 with Mr. Empty Chair.

    Further, don’t forget that Round 2 is not only a town hall-style debate, but is open to both foreign and domestic issues.

    • And it is going to be a real barn-burner since I think more people will watch after Obama got crushed.

    • smmy33

      Obama campaign just released their September numbers raised over 181 million, almost a record….

      WTF do republicans, conservatives not give money, they want Romney to win , they know that a Obama second term will cement America decline…

      But the welfare takers and liberals are more willing to put their money to get Obama elected…what wrong with conservatives in America how is Romney going to win, when Obama has the media propagandizing for him, more money then Romney and republicans and the incumbacy he doesn’t pay to fly all over the country , security for rallies, free media, and the ability to all the other dirty tricks, unemployment numbers, telling defense contractors to not tell their workers about their job loses.

      Shit would you people open your wallets… Because when your taxed to shiz to pay for Obamacare and all the massive spending and debt in Obama second term with higher gas. And food and worst healthcare… They maybe you might wonder why you didn’t volunteer or donate to elect Republicans.

      • Psyphurr Lock

        With no accountability on his campaign donations it leads one to wonder if all the “green energy” money doled out by the DoE is now making its way back into his coffers for the election. If we can unearth that the game is over for all of them.

  • sjmom

    I disagree with Charles because Benghazi gate is not over.Just hesrd Sean Hannity say there’s an email from the State Dept which refused a DCe to help Stevens and the others. I think Romney’s speech will be timely.

  • Romney did a damn good foreign policy speech at the Clinton initiative, get with it special K

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      Yes! That speech was excellent. Romney should call it his “Fair Tr’Aid” program.

  • rsox1

    I don’t understand the criticism on the timing. The economy will remain the number 1 issue, and Mitt’s speech won’t change that. Plus, the vp debate, as well as the last two presidential ones, will also touch on foreign policy, so it makes sense for Romney to put down markers now on those issues, so to speak.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    One of the things I would be ready is for the 47% video that Obama is going to bring up, if Obama goes for that, this is what I would say, well I already stated that it was not well spoken, but talking about videos there is a video of you speaking at a black ministers conference where you used race to divide americans against each other, to accuse the Bush Administration of racism and I think it is very unfortunate Mr President could you explain that?

    • Orangeone

      And toss in the Katrina vote that O’Bambi was part of that denied New Orleans what they needed as a set up to blame Bush!

      • cathmom

        Well don’t forget “you didn’t build that” … this should give Romney plenty of material during the next 2 debates.

    • las1

      Very good point… fire this one off to Team Romney stat.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Please see my response below to you (diqus was having problems the other day).

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Biden says about letting tax cuts expire…all that money going to the very wealthy. But it’s actually all that money staying with the very wealthy… it’s not the government’s money, Mr. Vice President.

    Romney likely will remind the short-memoried American people of the awful failure of Obama on foreign policy and it being a while after events, hopefully the media won’t say he spoke rashly to quickly without being fully abreast of the facts!

    • Orangeone

      O/T but just heard an ad from American…??? that talks about $10 trillion in debt 4 years ago compared to $16 Trillion today and then asked if we could afford $22 trillion in debt in 2016. Boom! Best time during 10:00 news.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Romney said how he would have answered it, had it come up in the first debate in this interview- check this out:

  • detectivedick

    Let’s see Foreign Policy or Foreign blunders;
    -Arab Spring
    -Brazil oil deal
    -Reset with Russia…”more flexability after the election”
    -Missle defense and standing up the Pol’s yes these pol’s and Poland
    -Boweling to the Chinese and Saudi’s and so forth
    -START during the Lame Duck session
    -Technology spying from the Chinese
    -Mexican drug problem along with Fast and Furious
    -Global Financial meltdown
    -The Muslim Brotherhood
    -Israel snubbing
    -The failed AfPak war
    -Drone attacks
    -Canadian Pipeline now going to China
    -Haiti….what ever happened there?
    -Hugo…need I say more
    -All of Africa
    -Pirates, not the one’s from Pittsburg
    -Expanding Navy of China, Russia, Iran
    -Reduction of our Missle strike force
    -North Korea…the new child Leader
    -The loss of Bases in Iraq
    -CIA and State Department blunders
    Basically the USA under the stellar leadership of Obama and Clinton has NO Foreign Policy other than a slow retreat, however Osman is dead anbd GM is alive!

    • PhillyCon

      Great list. I wonder what would happen if you posted this on the Lefty blogs. The meltdown would be unreal.

  • JDOlson

    I remember the first time I saw CK on FOX’s 2008 election coverage. He was in a remote “window” not on the panel and he was the last to comment. He had on this dark suit and it looked like he was in a coffin. I thought “Who exhumed George Hamilton? I didn’t even know he died!” He always looks as serious as a heart attack, so when he cracks jokes it takes you a moment to digest. Funny man!

    That said, I disagree with the Doctor. If Mitt did a major speech on FP before the debate, the LSM would have tagged him the same way they did on his Libya remarks. Now he’s got people’s attention as a serious and competent man and they are ready to listen.

    • MSM urinalists conspire how to knock down WHATEVER Romney says (it got recorded)

      • JDOlson

        Interesting, Rich. I’ve gotta look for that–do you have a link?

  • Disagree with K. Foreign policy debate is in 3 weeks, this is the perfect time

  • Yazz55

    After the last debate, I really don’t think that Mr Romney needs advice from any media source as to how to prepare to debate the obamessiah. He seems to have it under control.

  • las1

    FACTS are stubborn things.

    CK has it somewhat right there, but I’m not terribly concerned about the difference between the 1st debate setting and the Town hall setting. Because in the Town hall setting there will be big gaps between Obama’s MSM Human Shields. And a lot of FACTUAL truth can get through.

    Romney has truth… and truth with a live audience is highly riveting. And Romney knows the truth. Zero, on the other hand, has difficulty recalling his talking points with out his teleprompter. And Obama’s tired old leftist cliches… the kind of cliches that left Obama defenseless, frustrated and outraged, like a four-year old in the sand box, will sound just as feeble when stacked up against truth this time around as well.

    Obama won’t be “bubble-boy” like he has been these last four years. He’ll have to leave his bubble wrap out in the parking lot.

    • Betsey_Ross

      When ‘truth’ speaks people listen. Truth is instantly recognizable and fascinating.

      Hence the New Yorker mag cover for Oct. 15.

      • las1

        Romney debating an empty podium.

        Ouch… that’s gotta hurt.

    • after thunderous applause from leftist audiences, suddenly the truth had slapped FuBar Ack very, very hard. Very hard.
      Very, very hard.
      He was speechless…his both grey cells had frozen. That’s the real life. “Real” truth.

  • colliemum

    I do emphatically not agree with Krauthammer, that Romney should’ve given his foreign policy speech earlier.
    The information which has been trickling out of the State Dept, about the abysmal failure to provide security, was simply not there even a week ago.
    So this will work very well for Romney, and he can go on the deceit of the Obama administration, perhaps even use the fake jobless numbers as an aside.

    • las1

      Good point… the Bengazi story writes itself as we speak. Gives Romney a chance to get his ducks in order.

  • Dear Krauth:
    the speechless oaf may have any help he can get, (taxpayers’) money is no object – he may hire 1,000 best brains to create arguments against Mr. Romney, so let our future President keep some ammo for later on… 🙂

  • I agree with Romney. From what I can tell, this scandal in Libya is only getting worse for the administration, not better. People are not forgetting about losing the first American ambassador since 1979, they are not forgetting that we suffered a terrible terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11, and people are not forgetting that Israel is being sold out so that Iran can get a nuclear weapon. These are important topics to a lot of Americans. Are they as important as the economy? Probably not, but if you’re president, you’re going to have to deal with foreign policy as well as the economy. This is Romney’s chance to hit Obama before the next debate. And don’t kid yourselves, Obama is going to come out fighting in the next debate and NOT let Romney get in as many blows as he did in the last debate. Therefore, Romney needs to land some punches before he even goes into the next debate. I think it’s smart and it certainly can’t hurt.

  • BostonBruin

    Disagree with CK on this one. Based on his debate performance, Romney seems to have the momentum on his side now. If he hits a home-run with his foreign policy speech on Monday and Ryan mops the floor with Biden on Thursday, then R&R can build on their momentum to the point where Team Obama may not be able to turn this election around – since they would only have 3 weeks left before November 6.

    Don’t forget that early voting is in full swing right now, so R&R need to strike when the iron is hot.

    • Paul C.

      I tend to agree with CK on the foreign Policy speech, when Libya was unfolding was the right time.

      R&R 2012

      • poljunkie

        Anytime is the right time as long as he hits a homerun. In our view he needs to keep it short and sweet, but throw in just enough detail to keep the pundits satisfied.

  • sDee
    • Nukeman60

      And while the Elephant and Donkey are doing that, the Conservatives are going to take over the political scene. It’s a new age.

    • Wow! If that is not an accurate pic, not sure what is….

  • mder4thegov

    Charles, it was during a “town hall” when Obama famously said (which the corrupt, liberal media dutifully ignored) “a kid who has asthma–goes to the emergency room, and can’t get a breathalyzer, I mean inhalator, not breathalyzer”. The point is, he’s NOT good in this format either, as the video proves.
    Note: by the way, the smartest president in history of mankind, was wrong on both tries–it’s an inhaler a kid who suffers from asthma needs, not a breathalyzer or inhalator.
    And Sarah Palin’s the idiot.

    • 1. Breathalyzer is the only gizmo for the mouths community organizer knows.
      2. MSM urinalists conspire how to knock down WHATEVER Romney says (it got recorded)
      3. do we still have 57 states? MSM, do we?

  • I love Krauthammer, however, I think sometimes he’s has too much of the Beltway jaded mentality on reading the public.

    I really do believe it’s time for some new and fresh Conservative Media Analysts!

  • Nukeman60

    Obama is not focusing on Romney right now. He’s intently watching Venezuela to see how Chavez pulls out the election Sunday. He approves of the way Chavez removed term limits (and wants to duplicate that if he could) and he’s curious on how Chavez handles the upsurge for his opponent, so that Obama can use the same tactic in November, no matter what support Romney garners.

    • B-Funk

      I would be surprised if Chavez loses. In these countries, it’s so easy to make the opposition ‘disappear’.

      • Nukeman60

        I agree. I just think Obama is watching it closely, to garner some valuable tips on how to be a good little dictator. We know there will be massive fraud in both Venezuela and here in November.

    • Maybe it would be better to do it after the election and not during. Would make a stronger statement wouldn’t it? Then again, not sure how one goes about the dictatorial thing, been fighting for the Constitution too long to see that happen 🙂

  • deeme

    You know who is late giving their foreign policy speech,, The President of the United States..

    • Ribbey

      Howdy Deeme!

      • deeme

        ribbey I’m so glad ggg is witness to what happens to me over at DC it’s never happened anywhere but Ann’s my comments either get flagged or disappear or both..well yesterday it happened to both of Us at the big bird story..someone is after me over there or after me talking to anyone from Anns..and I felt bad they got GG too…it also happened to my comment at Michelles at HE…maybe they don’t have a very good filter system..but once my comment is gone it’s hard to get that whole thought back…we were just talking about how Big Bird seemed more important to the Prez then Chris Stevens, our embassies and our military..Michelles story was about the same thing..

        • Ribbey

          Yeah, situation at Disqus is SNAFU! not even sure if this one will get through, I posted you 3 times this morning, just testing the waters. Have contacted them and let them know there’s a problem so….we’ll see. I don’t really think it’s intentional on disqus’s part, I think it’s Soros or the trolls screwing things up, but that’s just my opinion.

          I am sooo ashamed of this president we have on so many levels, can’t wait to get this all behind us! It’s a nightmare!
          On a lighter note….ain’t this weather beautiful?!?! Elvis is running around all frisky like a young buck! lol!

          • deeme

            I’m almost certains it’s not diqus it’s some trolls over at dc and he..and yes I love fall not too cold, not too hot..glad Elvis is doing well…before it’s all said and done he will have better healthcare then all of us…lol…

            • Ribbey

              The hubby’s company has recieved a letter, saying that their employee’s health coverage policies will be going up in price by 16% percent. My best friend since childhood who had her neck broken in car accident when we were in Junior High School, who has had the same doctor and medical insurance providers for 30 yrs is now having trouble getting a doctor to see her when she needs regular check-ups and medical needs. She is a retired computer programmer from Shell Oil Company. She is very worried.

              • deeme

                Sorry Ribs I had to leave that is a bad deal it sounds like her and I are in similar situations no one wants to cover me either..I lost mine the beginning of last year and I am one of many, first time in 30 years for me small business wants to be in the healthcare business..and no doctors want to mess with it’s going to be a big mess that eventually turns to single payer but that is their make the fine cheaper then the insurance…They know exactly what they are doing , you said you heard cops were being trained for riots well of course..can you imagine if he gets four more years and everything he wants..guns gone…pensions and special deals for public borders…I know so many people at their breaking point..they never have seen a takeover like this before..with no regard to the rules and proper steps or We The People..the healthcare takeover would of never been voted on so they snuck it in..who is for it..people who came here the wrong way and had nothing to begin with..I heard a person tell me nurses are being trained for end of life treatments..what is that something like Shiavo got..???

  • Susitna

    First of all I love Mr. Krauthammer and I definitely think that he is a brilliant man, but sometimes I wish he would stop being brilliant for one a certain period of time, better say until the elections are over. Why? Because Mr. Romney doesn’t need at the moment any kind of negative comments, especially on TV. Mr. Krauthammer could personally call Mr. Romney and give him some advice.
    Second I am tired of hearing that Obama connects with people while Romey doesn’t. I think that Obama connects thanks to MSM, because as we have seen, as soon as Romney was given the opportunity to present himself to a broader audience, he sure was connecting with everyone. We have to stop saying that Obama is a great speaker, a great debater and that he wonderfully connects with people in town hall meetings and that therefore he has an advantage. This is just not true! He dosn’t speak, but react, he doesn’t debate but command and the people in the town hall meetings were allways his payed Union members or followers that of course connect because they want to hear certain slogans against the rich. Obama can actually say the most stupid thing or obvious lie and the audience will just do its job and applaud.
    In contrast to this show-man we have a gentleman now that is articulate and honest, respectful and kind. So if we don’t connect with the GOP candidate it is not Romney’s fault, but ours. We are just used to watch a monkey jumping in and of of Air Force One and up and down from the podium.
    So please conservative people stop addressing this „connecting“ issue and start adapting to the fact that in the future we will have an intelligent, good and America loving man talking to us. The Hollywood show will be over and the time of darkness as well. The words will mean what they are suppose to mean and we will work for a brighter future.

    And regarding that Romney’s foreign policy speech is too late, that is also not true. When he made just a few comments after the assassination of the 4 Americans in Lybia the MSM was all over him critizicing that he was trying to get som policital gain out of this tragedy. So imagine what a speech would have provoked! I think that the timing is just perfect before the next Presidential Debate, as it will be fresh in people’s mind.

    • p m

      Well said, susitna – I think exactly the same. The foreign policy speech timing is good and will keep Libya where it belongs – at the forefront. If it also highlights the funding Egypt has and will receive if zero gets his way, all the better.

    • PVG

      Totally agree with you! Romney is a smart ADULT who knows from where he gets his strength. So far, Romney’s timing has been spot on and after his “clinic” on Wed. night, the man knows what he’s doing.

  • don’t be sour Krauth – spend more time on commenting the idiocies of FuBar Ack Hussein O.


    …Romney has the TRUTH and GOD ‘S GRACE on his side which is all he needs to DEFEAT Mao Obama !”

    DONATE to : Romney / Ryan 2012

  • But in schooling Obama, Mr. Romney will have to go slow. Apparently neither Obama, Jay, Biden nor Hillary know what foreign policy is.

  • Jay

    Why is everyone repeating Algore’s “altitude” mistake? It’s elevation. I love Krauthammer, he’s so brilliant he can put the most complex issues into language anyone can understand. He missed one thing, though: The libtards will pack the townhall debate with 0 supporters.