Krauthammer slams Obama camp ‘outrage’ over birther joke: “Most absurd example of fake umbrage”

Krauthammer says that Romney’s birther joke wasn’t an ‘unforced error’ as many in the media are calling it, including Charles Lane who sat on the panel tonight. He said it wasn’t an error at all, that it was just a joke. He then slammed the fake outrage from the Obama campaign over this birther joke, calling it the “most absurd example of fake umbrage in the history of fake umbrage”.

Watch below:

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  • badbadlibs

    November is so far away…..
    I don’t know how much of those vile pukes (bo supporters) I will be able to take for that length of time.

    • Nukeman60

      I’ll take the big one and his 10 closest friends. You take the next couple. 🙂

      • badbadlibs


      • I will bring the video cam and be sure to give it to TRS 😀

  • Nukeman60

    Instead of being ‘outraged’ at any type of so-called birther issue, perhaps the left should look inward at themselves and ask why they are such ‘un-birthers’, as they deny upwards of 1 million babies each year from ever having a birth certificate at all.

    Obama himself should be happy that he has, at the very least, 3 or 4 birth certificates floating out there, as it is. The rest of us only get one.

    • badbadlibs

      Hear, hear! Well said.

    • Sinsonta


    • Conservative_Hippie

      Excellent point Nuke! Bravo!

  • NanNJ

    Fake umbrage goes hand and hand with a faux life.

  • Amen Charles Krauthamer!!

  • poljunkie

    Every day I drive by my polling place and think, NOVEMBER cant come soon enough.

    • Nukeman60

      Did you notice any illegals camped out there? 🙂

      • poljunkie

        HA. No sir.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Will there be “honest” people working there? Are you concerned about shenanigans going on? I hope the polling places don’t have unions workers as volunteers – I don’t trust them.

      • poljunkie

        Well, during the primary they wouldnt let my mom vote. She goes to another polling location about 2 miles away. They said she had notified them to remove her. NOT. THE. CASE. We were angry about that.
        For the most part, the place is staffed with white hair retiree’s. We aren’t allowed to discuss politics or parties when inside. A woman in a town about 45 miles north of us was turned away because she was wearing a tea party shirt and didnt have a sweatshirt to cover it up. She had to go home and change.

        • actionsspeaklouder

          Sounds like discrimination to me, re: the tea party shirt incident. I thought this was a free country. I wonder what would have happened if the woman had stood up to them and told them that she has a right to vote no matter what she is wearing and if they keep her from voting, she’ll file a lawsuit for discrimination against them. Conservatives need to stand their ground. Your mom could have asked them to “prove it”. Show her a copy of the notification card they supposedly received from her with a signature on it for her to verify. I can’t believe the out and out corruption that some cities put up with. It’s criminal. Anyway, good luck to you – I enjoy your posts. Good head on your shoulders – IMO!

          • poljunkie

            Thank you for the compliment actionspeak!

            If we had been with my mom our response would have been different than hers, that’s for sure. For the General Election, we are going to drive her to her polling place just to make sure there isnt another “issue”.

          • poljunkie

            I was mistaken, they DID allow the woman to vote. I looked it up, and they WARNED her that the next time they wouldn’t allow it.

            A Flagstaff woman was told she would not be allowed to vote if she wears her Tea Party shirt to the polls.

            And when Diane Wickberg called the Coconino County Recorder and the Secretary of State’s office to complain, staffers in both offices assured her that the prohibition is correct — because, she was told, the Tea Party “clearly has an agenda” and because it endorses conservative candidates.

            Clint Bolick, an attorney , fired off a letter to the County Recorder and the Arizona Secretary of State today, warning that Wickberg’s First Amendment rights were violated.

            Arizona law makes it a misdemeanor to “knowingly electioneer” within 75 feet of a polling station.But, Bolick said, using that law to exclude “tea party” T-shirts is clearly unconstitutional.“Unless you enforce the statute as it appears to be written — i.e., to forbid knowing and overt electioneering, and only such conduct — you will find yourselves in the situation of determining on a case-by-case basis how ‘political’ an individual’s apparel is,” Bolick wrote.“In their treatment of Ms. Wickberg, and with the apparent sanction of the Secretary of State’s office, Coconino County officials have begun down the path of subjectivity and discrimination, which are hopelessly inconsistent with the First Amendment.”
            As Bolick’s letter explains, Wickberg is a member of the tea party.

            She was wearing a T-shirt with the words “Flagstaff Tea Party — Reclaiming Our Constitution.” The shirt also had an emblem proclaiming “We the People.”

            “Upon arriving at the polling place,” Bolick writes, “Ms. Wickberg was approached by two poll workers, who told her she needed to get a jacket to cover her T-shirt because voters are not allowed to wear ‘political things’ inside the polling place. Ms. Wickbert did not have a jacket.” Because no other voters were present, she was permitted to vote — but she was “warned that she would not be allowed to do so in the future if she wore her tea party shirt.”

            • actionsspeaklouder

              The Tea Party has surely shaken things up. And, fortunately, they aren’t going away! The “liberal/progressive” infiltration is awfully deep. When I see people talking about the “enemy within” – it brings it all into focus. There is definitely an enemy within that must be cut out like a cancer. No one else can have an “agenda” but the liberals. Also, they want to silence the citizens’ Freedom of Speech but Freedom of the Press to say whatever they want, whether it’s true or not is perfectly ok. The hypocrisy and double standard of the left glares like a beacon of light in a tunnel. Keep up the good fight pj. Protecting and standing up for our freedoms is essential. Glad you’re helping your mom. That you are doing that actually says alot about all of you – but especially her!

  • daisybud

    Thank you Charles for speaking the truth. The other 2 chicken butts on the panel just had to hand the liberals a few crumbs.

  • jdbaird

    Romney already said in an interview that he believes Obama is a citizen so it was obviously a joke. I looked for a link to the interview but I couldn’t find it.

    • Yes, you are correct. From “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” from the April 11, 2011 Mitt Romney interview. Here we go:

      If you do not want to watch the whole video, fast forward to about 7:06 and watch to about 8:26 or so.

      • jdbaird

        Yeah there you go…thanks.

        • Glad I could offer an assist!

  • cheezwhizz

    Hey Hussein,
    heat…….out ….

    • crosshr

      true dat cheez!

  • 911Infidel

    How come the Obaminites won’t address the fact that a) Obama has presented multiple BC’s and b) they are all multi-layered documents. None of them are flat files…meaning they are all fake.

    I bet Romney doesn’t have a multi-layered BC.

  • Bravo, Charles! When Tapper pressed Carney on 8-16 about Obama’s mention (3 times in one day) of Romney’s dog on the car, Carney said “It was a JOKE…….. I think a little levity is a lot different than ridiculous charges…….” Today, we have another example of the Obama administration’s hypocrisy.

  • bayway48

    Charles is “the dude” and a true patriot. He is one class act. Mr. Krauthammer, I am glad you are on our side on the topic of umbrage.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Personally I thought Romney’s birth certificate joke was funny and well-timed. If obama hasn’t spent so much money, time and effort to keep his “birth certificate” from being seen, then no one would care. But when a person goes to such lengths to keep so many aspects of his life a secret, then that person has to deal with the doubts and questions from the public.

    • freenca

      He who has nothing to hide, hides nothing. Paraphrase of BO’s own speech. And yet BO spends millions on hiding all of his true history and background materials from the voting public. AHA! The joke was well put, and apropos IMO!

      • Yes. If there isn’t anything to hide in his records, he would not be spending a load of cash keeping them sealed. Interesting link:

        Of course, this has already been dismissed as a “right-wing looney” myth.

        • freenca

          Thanks for the link Chris. Wouldn’t it be swell if the Romney PACS would use BO’s Own words in some of their ads and play them on the lamesream media over and over. It might get them enough criticism that they would no longer be able to ignore these issues and would have to face up to their own ineptitude.

          • You’re most welcome. It would be nice, but Romney is not going to go there. The knee-jerk reactionaries on the left pounced on him already after he joked about not having to show his birth certificate. Think of what they’d do if he decided to go down the road of trying to prove that Prez O is an Indonesian citizen.

            • freenca

              You’re right of course, Romney’s got better sense than that.
              If the tables were reversed though, the Dims would speak of nothing else. Anything but the economy. 🙂

  • BINGO!! I mean thin skin is in!! When liberals spew hate or make fun of a conservative MSNBLOONEYC has no problem and brings out the POM POMS….when Mitt makes a joke in a softball manner…ALL HECK BREAKS loose in fruit of the loom!! Good Grief…I love it…Mitt just sent the left to the loon moon!! Go Mitt!! Expose the frauds they are….can any woman ever picture any of these whimpy men defending them in their hour of need?

  • We need to say they’re “otherizing” Romney by talking about the Cayman Islands, Mexico, Swiss bank accounts, not “knowing him”, and their lies that he outsourced. We should say they’re trying to make Romney into “the other”. I’d laugh at them.

  • I like Charles once again defining and just call it what is it “FAKE UMBRAGE”!! Go over the MSNBLOONEYC and they are in meltdown mode!

  • The big problem I have with Krauthammer’s remarks is that he still subliminaly infered that the birth certificate presented by obama was a real document….


    …President HUSSEIN Obama is the JOKE .” (period)

  • Howzah123

    When liberals come shrieking at me like harpies screaming racism at any perceived slight of their cult leader messiah Obama I just tune it out as useless noise.

    We are witnessing the largest cult ever exposed by the New Media. I can only imagine what our country would be like right now if these MSM liberal activists pretending to be journalists still had a monopoly on the information being fed to the public. It’s surreal.

    • 20Chitowndemrevenuestream12

      you are so right,,,,,,,,haven’t watched the msm or read newspapers for years …and i’m so better off for it

  • what I find stupid is that when Romney makes a joke, oh no, he’s being terrible, but when Obama jokes about dogs on roof, oh, he’s being light hearted. come on.. one standard will do just fine, thank you.

  • sjmom

    I agree with Charles. Times must be desperate on the left.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Excellent… and he’s right. They’re just snapping like a rabid dog at anything that even remotely sounds controversial… what a pathetic, slime-ridden smear machine this sitting President’s campaign (and the faux media) have become. This is sickening.

  • crosshr

    very simple, Romney did never mentioned Obama’s name when he proudly announced his birth place with a birth certificate to prove. Both he and his wife Ann. It was a joke but undeniably full of facts. For those that get so belly up with fake outrage making sure Obama’s water can’t get spilled, JUST PROVE HE WAS BORN HERE !

  • p m

    Honestly, I wish just once the pundits around the table would laugh out loud and ridicule these phoney ‘outraged feelings’.
    Just like Alinsky tells the dems to do. If only for the satisfaction of giving them a dose of their own medicine. To think we have 74 more days of this nonsense.

  • $30736095

    LOL! Non-story of the non-stories…

  • I knew the lefties and the MSM would pounce on this one right away. You see, they can’t take a joke or detect what a joke even is. I knew it was a joke and poking fun at the whole birther deal. Now I’m sure El Presidente’s acolytes are manufacturing spin on this non-issue to use for Our Esteemed Leader’s campaign. Oh yes, their feigned outrage is absolutely gut-wrenchingly pathetic.

  • dcnj

    Ahh yes, the Democratic machine in action….pure spin. always.

  • The birthers are happy. Charles can say it is a non-story because of wishful thinking, but deep down he knows it was a best an ill-advised and imprudent comment.

  • Here is a simple question: Why would anyone spend between $2 to $4 million dollars to keep his college records, admission application, etc hidden?

  • Suzyqpie

    Pres 0bama’s college records must be horrible. Otherwise how would one substantiate the time, money, and effort to conceal them. Six months after 0bama leaves office all of the concealment will end. Someone with the keys will see the dollars signs and will start the flood of tell-all books.

  • Actually, I thought the joke was kind of funny. Just shows you to what lengths the desperate Democrats are willing to go to in manufacturing an issue for the campaign. They’ll do just about anything rather than talk about Obama’s record. I’m sure they’re going to keep talking about Romney’s dog. Romney should just reply to that by saying, “Well, Mr. President, at least I didn’t EAT my dog!” Or, better yet, you could say, “A reporter asked Obama the other day how he liked dogs. And Obama replied, ‘Well done.'” Lots of ways to make fun of the Democrats these days.

  • The truth always gets the biggest reactions from those hiding it – deep down the Libs aren’t really sure about Obamas past that’s why they go ballistic when even a hint comes their way. I love seeing them squirm. They know what is coming and they are running scared.

  • Yazz55

    Two words that get the democrats all bent out of shape


    …Like somebody’s got something to hide and they just don’t want anyone, anywhere askin’ about it.

  • dk_in_tn

    Charles is right. Obama mentioned his BC at the press conference earlier this week.