Krauthammer slams Politico columnist Roger Simon who claims Romney welfare ad is a “dog whistle”

Politico columnist Roger Simon claims that Romney’s welfare ad is a “dog whistle” because he believes the ad is suggesting that a black president is now saying “minorities don’t have to work for their welfare checks, they just get it in the mail for sitting around watching TV.”

But Krauthammer hits right back saying “anytime an real issue is brought up here, all of a sudden it’s a silent dog whistle than only liberals hear” and goes on to suggest that if Obama where white like Bill Clinton and had done this, there’d be the same attacks from the right. He continues to explain why the ad is accurate, that indeed Obama did gut welfare.

Watch below:

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  • Joe

    Now the FUN really begins


    Ha- Ha- Ha- Ha -Ha


    • did you mean to post that here or in the romney/ryan thread?

      • Joe

        Here because the democRATS are starting already

    • Great drawing, this drawing with it’s symbols are easily self explanatory, Obama, black boots, yellow socks, brown pants:

      Boots: on the necks of Americans.
      Yellow Socks: Yellow streak Obamas backside.
      Brown pants: to match his browns shirts.
      The Kick: Obama November Election.

      by the way the kicker is, The American Tea Party Movement.

      excellent thanks Joe!!! and Mr Krauthammer!!! both are right on!

  • By “dog whistle” I suppose they mean some secret coded message that only conservatives can hear. Yet, it’s the leftists that are always hearing it. They got a race whistle psychosis disorder.

    The leftists themselves are blowing the “dog whistle,” because otherwise it would never occur to me to think of these things in terms of race.

    • Yes, like when NBC Olympics coverage did a segment on Gabby Douglas, then went to a commercial for “Animal Hospital” in which the monkey does a Rings routine. The shrieks of the perpetually outraged caused NBC to issue an apology. Most normal people didn’t have “Black=Monkey” as their first thought.

      The Left cannot win in an honest debate. They have to tell everyone what OUR position is, so that they can easily demolish it. It’s the Argumentam ad Stramentam fallacy, and we need to make them stop. Krauthammer nailed it down by saying we’re acting exactly the way we would if John Kerry had been elected POTUS and pursued the same policy.

  • Nice! This is the debate in America in 2 minutes.

    Conservatives are trying to save America and liberals are hearing dog whistles.

  • Mark Smith

    This was brilliance on Krauthammer’s part. To answer the smear right there. Roger Simon is in Obama’s back pocket and is snarky, condescending, and rude to Mitt Romney and the Republicans. (typical Simon column: “Hey, white rich boys, shouldn’t you be ahead now?!?”) But criticise black Jesus: “I hear dog whistles! I hear dog whistles!”

  • johnos2112

    A room full of zits and Charles popped them all!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    very nice charles !

  • Yazz55

    The ones doing the whistling are the uber liberal democrats-dingy harry, astroturf nancy etc…those who are still running the plantation. They’re whistling to their pets, those who no longer have to work for their welfare checks…to go out on election day to vote early and often.

  • brazen_infidel

    If I were Charles, I’d have added, “If that was a dog whistle, you’re the dog.”

    But on second thought, that would have been an insult to dogs everywhere.

  • Joe

    OH SNAP !!

    Shamu Greene is back on FOX –


  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama DID gut welfare… the guys who wrote the legislation and were there all agree.

    The question is, why did he do it? To get more votes from the deadbeats? Payback for legislation he never liked? He was groomed to do it?

    Can’t wait to see this vampire exposed to daylight.

  • odin147

    I admire Krauthammer for having the patience to listen to the drivel that comes out of a liberal.

  • Joe

    Candy Growley is overdosing on candy about Ryan –

    Krauthammer will be one busy little boy analyzing these lunatics

    No wonder CNN is in the toilet

  • toongoon

    Maybe if they would stop acting like angry dogs they would stop answering to dog whistles.

    • warpmine

      Dogs live in the moment and soi do liberals which is why their policies always fail never having to look for the consequences of their actions. We’ve discussed this before time and again and the creation of welfare itself forced the breakup of families then we had essentially fatherless children never knowing right from wrong. Did the same thing to prayer in school. They forced God out of school to be replaced by liberal claptrap which was good for claiming that the teachers were gods and when the students realized just false that premise was, the students ran right over them and discipline waned.

      Next up we had a free for all for unemployment benefits. DemonRats flet bad for their victims saying it was unfair to force people to take work that was beneath them educationally and so more time was added until we have what we have now people on the dole for up to 99 weeks half of them working under the table collecting benefits with no incentive to engage in work until they run out. With people encouraged to buy on credit instead of saving, we have a entire culture that is penniless. Their little egg of savings is wiped out, they’re forced to go onto the government plantation for handouts.

      The demonRats pushed for environmental regulation for industry until it began to leave our shores in droves and then act surprised that low skilled work dried up.

      With every failed policy a liberal/progressive puts forth an equally devastating consequence results. On and on it goes until the country is broke and the people are left either starving or voting for survival on government checks.

      • toongoon

        Well said.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I am always reminded of something someone said “speak softly and carry a big stick”, no words have embodied a person better. Krauthammer I feel for you for having to listen to the lies the liberals throw at you.

  • toongoon

    Dog whistles!! Just because you drool and scratch fleas doesn’t mean you can hear dog whistles!!
    Liberals just have to be the center of attention.

  • aquaviva

    It wasn’t a dog whistle he heard it was the squeek of his wheelchair.

    Diabetes has rotted away what was left of his mind.

  • badbadlibs

    As far as I can tell, all liberals are represented by simon; either they have inbred or they all take the same smug, holier then thou, we love minorities more then then the right lessons.

    • toongoon

      badbad, did you get my disqus message the other day?

      • badbadlibs

        Yes I got your message, dear Toon…I don’t have FB but thanks so much! 🙂

        • toongoon


  • I’m sick to death of the term ‘dog whistle’. Retire it already and get a new argument progressives because like everything you haven’t beaten it to death.

  • Laodicean36
  • detectivedick

    Give the dogs a break, after all it is the dog days of summer. I must be tone deaf because I don’t hear the whistle but I do hear the Progressive bark that goes on and on and on about the rich, the middleclass, a women right to choose… hear it until you just want to get an electric bark collar. Gee. what a great idea for DWS….
    Charles, thanks for continuing to pound away at the truth but remember Simon worked for the Baltimore Sun.

  • BS61

    I’m pretty sure as a former Dem I used to love him! So glad that I woke up!!

    • Welcome to the Dark Side! Bhuuuaaaahhh!!! 🙂 So, what work you up?

  • Typo in your article. Should be “that only liberals hear” (you have “than only…”)

  • Man I’m so sick of these dog whistles that only the libs can hear. So sick of being called a racist no matter what we say. “Shut up, you’re a racist and you are not allowed to talk.”

  • Jay

    Dog whistle = We have no facts, therefore it is just because we say so. Gutting welfare is a message to the layabout check recipients, vote for me and I’ll take care of you.

    BTW, I saw some of the “99%” protesting in Elgin, IL yesterday and I gave them the international sign of fertility as I drove by. I’m a little ashamed today to have sunk to their level.

  • Great link, Joe the picture is self explanatory.

    excellent thanks Joe!!!

    • By the look of it, Disqus threw your post in out of order. An all too common occurrence. But if you are referring to the picture linked by Joe near the end of this thread. I agree 100% 🙂

      • Thanks
        I appreciate the information of the out of place position of my response to Joe, it was to Joe. Never had this happen before.
        I thought RS was having problems with their site. But just in case, I cleaned, defraged, an removed cookies, then came back to RS, the problem seemed fixed.
        I was responding to Joe an his link to that super drawing, when I saw the picture it seemed to fall right on obamas shoulder, or rearend.

        I edited my post just in case, why it’s a short sentence the second time. if you haven’t already you can scroll up to RS response to Joe and we’re in there.
        Just had to have fun with it!

        have a great day

        • It’s just a timing problem Disqus has when traffic gets heavy, or if your network is slow. They lose the handle, and just stick your comment at the top of the pile.

          The good news is, they rarely lose all the effort you put into typing.

          • thanks K-Bob, it’s fine if they have issues on their systems from time to time.
            My idea is nothings perfect, we can prove that by the factories are still applying the eraser to the pencil. LOL.

            something you may find interesting, Youtube: John Moore 7.25.2012, the date they are refering to is this coming Friday, 8.17.12. .

  , for science and videos.

            God Bless

            • Whoo, that site is really “out there.” I guess I’m glad some folks love a mystery. Interesting graphics.

              • K-bob, I agree it is out their, and after studying this topic for at least 5 years from many different sources, I’m not sure it’s just scientific theroy. I admit their is a lot of bogus info on the web and disifering fact from fiction isn’t easy, not at all, some of the science is hard to follow, it takes hours and some times months of study to sort out a glimpse of truth. My rule has always been confirm and verify.
                I’ve seen the time and effort donniegillson and peedeeoildisaster, has put into locating and reporting their amazing findings. He and others are spending lots of time using many different civilian and government systems to verify their observations. I haven’t be able to find a more indepth study on the subject, more and more information is coming out every month, and has only increased the past 2 years to beyond possibility.
                I hope and pray the subject is only a mystery that never amounts to anything more. Only time will tell.

                There has been so many incredible things happening since Jan 2011 that is to amazing to be coincidence.
                Since the 2011 chile earthquake, and, japans fukushima nuclear disaster, and the object(s) over jerusalm march 2011, our world has made incredible changes never seen by moderm science.

                I always appreciate and respect the Christians, who are driven to work long and hard to bring facts to fellow Christians that confirm scripture.
                I hope everyone will take time to do their own research. it’s absolutly fasinating, and spiritually uplifting.

                I’d like to stay in good standing with scoop and frineds on this site so I’ll move away from the subject of nibiru and truly wish everyone the very best.


  • Charles is definitely In Charge of that bunch of morons. They have just been schooled!

  • Every time a leftists says, “dog whistle,” they are in fact whistling for the dogs to all howl “Raaaaacism!” at the same time. Then they get another handout.