Krauthammer slams Romney: If he can’t convince voters economy is Obama’s fault he doesn’t deserve to win

This is the toughest I’ve seen Krauthammer on Romney yet, criticizing him for not being ideological enough and not bringing home the argument that this economy is the fault of Obama and not the fault of everything Obama blames it on. Krauthammer says that if Romney can’t make this argument that he doesn’t deserve to win the presidency:

(h/t: Mediaite)

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  • 911Infidel

    Better Romney than Obama Kraut-boy.

    • I think you missed his point or you didn’t watch the video.

      • 911Infidel

        Nah. I don’t pay any attention to anything Kraut boy says on any topic.

        • Yeah, it shows.

          • 911Infidel

            Right back at ya.

            • Rightstuff1

              Well, Krauthammer made a very serious and I think important point 911Infidel. The economy is the “thing” Romney is running on. That’s his claim to presidency. If all he can do is make at best pedestrian comments when the economic news is so dismal then we are going to be in big trouble.

              Newt said several months ago that Romney needed to do better than just say that Obama is a nice, well meaning guy who is just out of his depth. Well guess what? That is true now more than ever. Romney needs to grow a pair. If Romney thinks he will coast to victory he is out of his mind and team Romney had better shake this thing up or we are staring at an election defeat in November.

              Frankly, whether Krauthammer says it or Newt says it or I say it it doesn’t make a difference if Romney DOESN’T say it.

              • 911Infidel

                Never was a big fan of either Romney nor Mondale’s old speech writer. Fact is Romney is going to do what Romney wants and the party has decided that they don’t want a Tea Party guy/gal as President. However the party has been doing a good job of late stomping on Obama on every one of his mistakes and missteps. The Romney campaign is all over the web with anti-MaoBama adds. And from what I’m seeing in swing-state polls Obama is not doing very well. He’s ripe for the pick’ns.

                So while the party has dissed the Tea Partiers in the POTUS nomination process, I still believe that people will vote according to their personal bottom lines.

                Romney still has time to make his case to the American people. He’ll never make it with me as I’m forced to hold my nose to vote for his sorry a$$. But given the choice between him., MaoBama and not voting at all, I’ll be pulling the Romney lever in November.

              • CalCoolidge

                Kraut is just making the points I made in December. Romney is no conservative, just a pol who has been for and against everything at one point or another because all is about is winning elections and “being” President, and who’s campaign is based on whatever pose he is taking not what he stands for, because he doesn’t stand for anything – and that his record is too far left to make a contrast with Obama. And most that ‘I know the economy because I had a job once in the private sector’ – is a pathetic substitute for policy.

    • JRD1

      You boy’s game plan is a loser. McLame 2.0

      Been there, done that, DUH!

      We are sick of spineless Ivy League frat boys. Get this loser over the finish line yourself.

      • 911Infidel

        He ain’t my boy there sparky. I came out way back at the beginning of this process when they announced the “Team B” lineup; back when I was loudly advocating for “Team A”. Get off your high horse and pay attention.

  • laserDliquidator

    You guys picked a loser. We have SO MUCH dirt on Mitt Romney it will even shock the conscience and boggle the mind of the Koch brothers.

    We gave you Sankaty Bermuda & facts about his lying he left Bain 1999.

    Now, we give you Sankaty & Bankruptcy fees – Illegal double dipping.

    • 911Infidel

      Which pales in comparison to the Kenyan liar with his associations with domestic terrorists, Rezko, covering up for Holder, Fraudulent SS number &Selective Service number, CRT, Jeremiah Wright, Fast & Furious, and the rest of his Choom Brigade.
      If his were a Republican administration, he would already have been impeached.

      Begone Troll, you got nothing.

      • None of which anyone could remember past “Outrage of the Week”.

        • 911Infidel

          I remember. So do the regulars that come in here. Hannity, Levin, Plante, Ingraham, Sussman, also remember. And all the aforementioned like to remind the rubes from time to time just to keep the record straight.

    • StrangernFiction

      And your guy is a sociopath. What’s your point?

    • Nukeman60

      Oh, no. You’ve discovered that Romney gave another haircut in High School. And he wasn’t even a Union member. Well, there goes the election. 🙁

  • Krauthammer is correct. No bones about it. I don’t want to Romney become Christie but he does need to get tougher. America is looking for a warrior. If the economy was in good shape European problems and tsunami’s in Japan, etc. wouldn’t make a difference. In actuality we could be a bulwark for a troubles world.

    I also don’t think Obama is a nice guy. Sorry I just don’t. I think he is an arrogant ego maniac who has a snot fit if you don’t agree with him so he will proceed to put you in your place by first denigrating you.

    • StrangernFiction

      I also don’t think Obama is a nice guy.

      I think you’re on safe ground here.

      • I get tired of people saying he is a nice guy. REAL tired!

      • Serial liars are not nice guys.

        • PVG

          This guy is gonna finish last anyway!

    • XXIIFan

      He is a nice guy to those who agree with him and the crowds of useful itiots he is constantly preaching to. I have never seen a president mock those who oppose him the way Mr. Obama does.

      • PVG

        Mock? It’s contempt!

      • librtifirst

        It seems to me that he has mocked the people who supported him with his policies and broken promises. The slightly higher brain functioning democrats are rejecting him, so all that is left is the brain dead liberals.

        • XXIIFan

          Unfortunately he still has the support of half the decided voters in the country. The undecided are the ones who will win or lose this election.

          • librtifirst

            I don’t believe the polls. I estimate that maybe one third of the voting public is still supporting him, in reality. Election fraud will keep it close until the end, then we will get who the establishment wants via electronic means.

            The polls have to cover for the fraud. Otherwise it would be too obvious. If people buy into another close election, then there is no hope of recovering from this shutdown of America.

            • XXIIFan

              I hope that only a third are supporting him. I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking….but maybe you’re right. With the DOJ and the dems. screaming about voter supression in the states that are trying to clean up the voter rolls and require ID, it seemsthat they have voter fraud in the backs of their minds. Hopefully they won’t be able to round up enough illegals and dead folks to swing this thing the wrong way.

              • librtifirst

                From what I have seen, the voting and vote counting machines are programmed from one central location. There is a card sent out to all of the districts that is inserted into the machines. This card is then removed and sent out to be tallied in secret somewhere.

                Programmers have testified before state legislators that they were asked to create a program that would cause the count to go a certain way. Others have proven it through the use of algorithms.

                Stalin said “I don’t care who votes, I only care about who counts the votes”.

                Electronic elections are Stalin’s wet dream. The establishment likes them too. That is why they have been in a hurry to convert all of the districts to machine voting and counting. No more paper trail. No more proof.

                The caucus’ are the last places that fraud can be exposed publicly. There has been no shortage of that this year.

    • Those who think Romney needs to get tougher don’t listen to him. Just because idiots say he isn’t tough, doesn’t mean a thing. I’ve been following Mitt Romney for years and I can tell you that if you listen to what he actually says, there is no way you can say he isn’t tough. Just because he doesn’t pepper his language and rant and rave, doesn’t mean he isn’t tough.

      • librtifirst

        “Tough” is relative. When the stakes are this high, “tough” is not saying that he is a nice guy. That either makes the person saying it a liar, or ignorant. If a candidate actually wants to change the path that government is taking us down, then tough is something that is needed, and Romney ain’t it.

    • steprock

      And I don’t like the argument of a person being a nice guy. Hitler was a nice guy, for crying out loud! Great family man. Who gives a rip???

      I’ll take a hard-nosed SOB any day of the week. One of the many things I liked about Gingrich. Another imperfect candidate, but he didn’t try to play nice with Obama. He called him a socialist and he showed real vision talking about putting a permanent base on the moon.

      What do they do? Crucify him. How DARE he have big goals! How dare he??

    • JRD1

      Etch-a-sketch isn’t a nice guy either. He is also an arrogant ego maniac who has a snot fit if you don’t agree with him. He also happens to be a spineless, gutless wonder. At least the communist has a pair! You have to give him that much!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Romney is unable to get traction because he’s the WRONG person for the job. Great job GOP! I see you’ve picked another winner – just like in 2008. Great job! Way to contrast a quality candidate against an obvious idiot (Obama). Do you really WANT to win?

    The sad thing is that even an eggshell should be able to beat the monster Obama. Romney played is safe during the GOP primaries and then resorted to dirty, Democratic tactics to finish off the last of his competition. Now he needs to stand up and show us what he really stands for… no more pussy-footing around. Romney wanted our vote… he knows he has it by default… but he’s not making it ANY easier for the pathetic fence-sitters to pick him.

    Grow a pair Mitt… at least try to act like you’re going to help this country and that you really are the better man for the job. Tell us what you stand for and what exactly you are going to do to fix things. Nice guys finish last… wave the flag and lead the charge… do SOMETHING to energize Americans.

    This slow row to the finish line is demoralizing.

    • StrangernFiction

      The problem is not that Mitt is a nice guy, the problem is he’s a statist.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Yeah, sadly, you’re right.

    • Romney is still playing it safe and Krauthammer is right when he said he won’t win that way.

      Obama and Romney didn’t have a message for America on July 4, but Newt did. Realeased it on Twitter.

      Romney is a guaranteed loser against Obama. I’ve said this all along. He used money and lies to destroy his opponents and now we’re in the situation where Romney thinks Obama is a nice guy but in over his head.

      Northeast Statist’s are losers for the GOP.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Good post. 🙂

  • toongoon

    Brokered convention. It’s McCain all over again, Romney has a spiked collar but still no bite

  • librtifirst

    If Romney want to energize conservatives and pull in independents, then he has to turn in to a Ron Paul that likes war.

    • Don’t worry, Romney hired all the same neocons that got us into Iraq so we’ll be invading Iran on day 1. Nice to know we’ll be wasting another large fortune (at least another $1T) and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people to satisfy the blood lust of our oil oligarchs and the insane Republican base.

      • Do you honestly still think the “war for oil” thing still works?

        • Keep your head in the sand all you want about the oil motive. You don’t see us invading non-oil-rich nations right?

          There’s no reason to do anything about Iran. It’s bad enough that we gave them Iraq by taking out Saddam. The best things we could do to Iran is ignore them and wait. The country is on the precipice of a liberal revolution and we’re squashing it by revving up all this hostility.

          • “The country is on the precipice of a liberal revolution and we’re squashing it by revving up all this hostility.”

            That ship has sailed, friend. Obama didn’t even bother to wave goodbye.

            • It hasn’t sailed at all. The discontent is still there and as their economy worsens it’s going to crank up the pressure on their government.

              • toongoon

                …and ole’ Bari is there to worsen the economy and push that discontentment, divide by race, class, gender, religion, and immigration status. discontentment, anger, and helplessness creates pressure on the government to do something about it.

                The democrats and obama want to be there when we scream for action. The democrats want to void the constitution and rewrite it so that it gives it the power to the state instead of the people.

                The state is not ever a good protector of it’s people unless it is forced to be by laws. That is the genius of Constitution, and has kept the American people safe for over two hundred years.

                At every opportunity the liberals and marxists have verbally attacked the constitution, they are calling anyone trying to defend it enemies of the state. The Tea Party main goal is the preservation of the document and they are called vile names by liberals.

                If our leadership would follow the constitution there would be little argument. Obama throws unconstitutional dictates out at will. He denigrates congress instead of working with it as he is required to.

                Like I said before, if you surrender your rights guaranteed by the constitution you end up losing your rights. You might think that obama is an intelligent, compassionate leader and it would be ok to give him control of your rights, that’s fine, we disagree, but the one after him I can guarantee will beat you down.

                • I was talking about Iran meathead. But since you opened the can of worms, why is it that the Republican Congress hasn’t passed 1 job-creating bill since they took over in 2011? Why have they taken more time off and passed less legislation than any house that anyone can remember? Maybe because they have no interest in the economy improving?

                  No one did more damage to the Constitution than GWB and no one hates the Constitution more than the Tea Party. They love it except for all the parts they don’t like which happens to be virtually the whole damn thing. If they spent some time reading it instead of waving it in everyone’s face I would have some more respect for them.

                  If you want Obama to follow the Constitution it’ll take the Congress to hold him to it and they have no interest in doing so. Hell, he’s just following all the precedents that GWB and the Republicans created between 2001 and 2006. Were you just as upset as we were 10 years ago? My guess is no.

                • Nukeman60

                  why is it that the Republican Congress hasn’t passed 1 job-creating bill since they took over in 2011‘ – glenn

                  They have passed several, but the bills never make it to the Senate. Harry Reid tables everything coming from the Republicans before the Senate can even vote. When he’s gone (November should take away his majority and then he can sit back like Pelosi does now), the Senate will be able to go to work again.

                  BTW, since you mentioned 2001-2006. Did you notice that everything started to go to ‘hell in a handbasket’ in 2006. Hmmm, I wonder why?

          • librtifirst

            The Iran issue is about taking out the independent Arab countries. Giving their oil to global corporate interests is just a side note.

          • Like you really care. Have you stopped driving and using electricity? I doubt it. You don’t give a crap about oil for anything other than to parrot some stupid lefty BS.

            • Our economy is a prisoner to oil and one guy changing his habits isn’t going to make a difference. The only way to make a substantative change is to make a stand on the national level and Obama, like Carter, has made the investments to move us in the right direction. We haven’t had a national energy policy for over 30 years. We need to commit to solar and other sources of energy now.

              • Rshill7

                OMG. You are…I won’t actually say it due to the comment policy, but if I did, it would sound something like this, and would be in italics:

                Dear Fictional Character;

                You actually said this: “…like Carter, has made the investments to move us in the right direction.”

                May I please let that stand alone as the single dumbest thing, anyone has ever said in public? Ok, I will. Can we talk about the returns from those investments now please? How far in the negative are we talking so far? Losses to the tune of hundreds of billions? Uh huh…at least.

                Perhaps if you say this same exact thing within the echo chambers of Obama’s colon, it would garner a better response from his intestinal bacteria. Out in the non-colon-dwelling word though, it rivals the theory of stupidivity, only not nearly as intellectually honest.

                Good golly Glenn. You need brain surgery.

                That’s what I would say, if there were no comment policy. As it is, If Scoop finds it offensive, it won’t hurt my little Rs feelings if he removes it 🙂


                • Is it so hard to believe Carter did something right? Are you so brainwashed that you can’t accept it? Were you even alive when Carter was president?

                  Carter’s policies caused our national consumption of oil go down by 40%. Then in came Reagan, out went the solar panels and we haven’t had an energy policy since.


                • lanahi

                  Yeah, I was alive when Carter was president. What solar panels?

                • Carter wasn’t liberal, he was a businessman. I thought you guys loved businessmen. Then again, all the businessmen presidents we’ve ever had were lousy presidents:
                  G W Bush and Harding to name a couple.

                  The oil spike was caused by OPEC, not Carter.

                  Name a liberal president. The last one may have been Eisenhower and he wasn’t that liberal.

                • librtifirst

                  I hope you aren’t thinking that solar and wind will ever be viable energy replacement options. They could be, if we quit using power. Well, we could turn on the lights, at least on the west coast where we have dams.

                  We will never get to the point that oil is not available to destroy our world. The end will come before then. The chances are that most of us won’t be around anymore, so the earth can have much less human intervention.

                  Personally, I believe that God will restore the earth after we destroy it. He who can create it, can restore it. So I say “lets take it down faster, so that we can get to the good part”.

                  All you have to look forward to is suffering and death. Your human governments will make sure of it.

                • Actually Germany has already converted 20% of their power to solar. Texas has converted 20% of their power to wind. Not only is it doable, it’s doable now. Hell, China is investing heavily in wind and solar. Doesn’t that tell you something?

                  I disagree about oil. I think we’ve seen peak oil and it’s all downhill from here. Only people who prepare for life without oil will survive. It’ll be much more expensive to retool after we run out than doing so over a long period of time.

                  God isn’t going to do a damn thing. He doesn’t care any more about earth than we do.

                • librtifirst

                  You may be right about peak oil. That is probably why we are fighting wars to control the resources. A totalitarian global ruling class will need the oil, and control of it, to subjugate the populations of the world.

                • librtifirst

                  Look, I would almost rather see Obama stay in, but for different reasons. The primary reason is that he will do the same damage that Romney will, but the “conservatives” won’t take it for as long from Obama. Obama will wake many more people up to the plans for global government rule. When the system crashes, the rebellion will be much bigger with Obama in office. Romney will lull many back to sleep.

                • Rshill7

                  There’s no truth here to excuse sir. Carter started the Dept of Education didn’t he? How many kids have experienced severe educational neglect since then? Have you seen Waiting for Superman? Take a peek at it.

                  Yes, my teen years were quite enjoyable, not because of Carter, but in spite of him. I am very thankful that I made it through public High School before the dept of ed had enough time to ruin public schools completely. I home schooled my own kids because of it and teacher unions.

                  Carter was a not a leader. Just like Obama is not a leader. They are both, blind ideologues without pragmatic wisdom. Democrats do have a special penchant for ruining things though. I mean ruining them good, like melanoma does to a beautiful human being. Democrats have put in place tens of trillions of worth of spending, way out into the future. They have hogtied it. Now that huge porker is turning, rotisserie style, waiting to be dumped on my kids plates.

                  There was nothing good about Carter except perhaps for those earning 18% on their bank CD’s. Those paying 18% for car and home loans, not so much.

                  Guess what other wonderful economy-ruining thing Carter started. “The Community Reinvestment Act.” Ever heard of that one? That’s where millions of people who couldn’t afford to buy a house, bought one anyway, because Gov. pressured bank and mortgage companies to loan money to non-creditworthy individuals. Clinton pressed his foot down on the accelerator, kicking that fiasco into high gear.

                  Democrats are parasites Glenn. I can’t think of anything more ignorant or bereft of wisdom, than being one. They have placed our nation in giant fetters it may never overcome. Now they are lurching, sprinting even, towards socialism, whose ultimate goal is always communism.

                  Democrats scream at “rich folks” for not paying their fair share, when in reality, they consistently pay both their share, possibly your share, and everyone else’s share. They berate success while applauding failure. I’d rather be dead than be a democrat Glenn. There is no redeeming value or virtue in the democrat party. None. I hate everything they do and everything they stand for. They are no more than monsters and pigs in my opinion.

                  They are living yesterday, avoiding today, and destroying tomorrow. Now run along and wallow with ’em. You’re stinking up the place.

                • Finally, someone else who knows about the Community Reinvestment Act! At least we both know that was a major contributor to the recession. It wasn’t Bush’s fault, though Obama has been whining that every problem is because of “the previous administration.”

                • librtifirst

                  Every administration and congress chooses to continue the failed policies of the past, so I just see Obama as the current destroyer in chief. You see, when democrats do really bad things, republicans complain, but don’t really do much about it. When republicans do really bad things, democrats complain, then keep them going and add to them. The switch back and forth is just to keep us occupied, and thinking that the next guy will do something different. It doesn’t happen. Never has in my lifetime.

                  Therefor, I will repeat what Fox news recently said to the DNC chairwoman. “doing the same thing, expecting a different result”……………………

                • I’m not a Carter fan, I just said he did something right in regards to energy policy. I’ll ignore the rest of your screed since there are too many inaccuracies and nonsense to waste time on. I suggest that you read this article though since it puts the idea that Fannie and Freddie, and the community investment act were responsible for the economic crisis.


              • Sure. Like fish are held prisoner to water.

                • Right, we consume it because we need it to live right? We aren’t constrained by it at all even though it effects every commodity we buy. And even though the world is running out of oil and the world is heating up, there’s no need to invest in other technologies because oil is life. Right? RIGHT???

                • The world is running out of easily obtainable, cheap oil. In several hundred years at the earliest. Ooo, scary!

                  Fortunately oil is only the richest hydrocarbon feedstock. We can make do with others indefinitely. Especially when we expand into the solar system in say, three or four hundred years (if we go by the leftist schedule). But do go on with your breathless alarmism. It’s good for the lungs.

                • No, the timetable for running out of oil is not in hundreds of years. The consumption is increasing drastically at the same time that production is decreasing. The estimate is somewhere in the next 10 or 15 years we’re going to hit the wall.

                  Many countries are switching already. Germany, not the sunniest place on the planet, already derives 20% of their power from solar. It’s funny to hear guys like you talk because you have no clue what other countries are doing as no one else is making progress, as if they are as foolish as us. Even China is investing in solar and wind.

                • China is all too happy to sell crappy wind turbines to gullible westerners. And we have enough “easy to reach” oil to last for hundreds of years. Your talking points are from the seventies there, I’m afraid.

                  After the shale oils and sands are completely gone, in about 200 years (assuming current consumption trends), we will still have more natural gas and methanes and coal-based hydrocarbons to keep us going for another century or two. It will just cost more to deal with it. But having four hundred years to take care of the problem should provide enough time, as long as the idiot progressives who want to keep us all in caves don’t keep stopping real progress out into the solar system.

              • Nukeman60

                …one guy changing his habits isn’t going to make a difference. – glenn

                That’s what Al Gore said, just before he bought his $9 million beach front property. After that, he went out and said the oceans were going to rise 20 feet, if we didn’t stop breathing that CO2. Hmmm…

                • I don’t care what Al Gore said. I care what the scientists say and 99% plus every major scientific organization say that the planet is heating up and that it’s nearing the point where it’ll be irreversible soon. I can give you a laundry list of the signs that our planet is under stress but you and all the other troglodytes won’t get it anyway.

                • Nukeman60

                  The point was, brainiac, that if he really believed that crap, he wouldn’t buy the beach house (and of course you don’t care what he says when he’s proven wrong. It’s the liberal way).

                  If 99% believe it then I must be part of the 1%, along with a boatload of scientists who have signed a petition claiming the falsehood of AGW. One wonders if you believe the Dinosaurs used SUVs to melt the glaciers – that were covering Northern United States. There’s a huge difference between global warming and Anthropogenic Global Warming. Learn it.

                  Manmade global warming is localized only and needs to be controlled as such. Check in on LA on a weekend and see if it isn’t better than during the week. The smog seems to miraculously go away. But that doesn’t affect the Earth as a whole.



                  As an example, an increase in CO2 is a lagging indicator. In other words, temperature increases cause CO2 increases, not the other way around.

                  As another example, the Sun’s temperature is a dominating factor in the Solar System. As the average temperature of the earth has risen 0.7 degrees C, the same scenario has occurred on Mars (0.7 degrees C increase). I guess we need to get those rovers off Mars before it’s too late for the planet.

                  As a third example, the Marianas trench has more hydrocarbon vents spewing away than all of the vehicle exhausts in the world. So how do you cap those along with all the volcanoes around the world.

                  I could go on.

                  A consensus of politicians and UN trumped-up reports don’t constitute what true scientists have actually found. (btw, they have proven the climate models used by these hacks were false. There’s a little saying us scientists like to use: GIGO – garbage in, garbage out).

                  Lastly, but not least of all, what the UN wants to do (much like the Kyoto Protocol dictated) is to limit the carbon output of industrialized nations of the West while letting the 3rd world and non-Western countires (read – China) go unfettered. So explain to me how this helps mother nature as I’m sure you would agree pollution has no national boundries.

                  It’s just us troglodytes driving our humvees. I’m sure you have already gotten rid of your vehicle and stopped using electricity, too (very nasty output of dreaded coal-fired plants).

                • If it’s all AGW, what accounts for the huge spike we have had in the last 20 years? The fact is that the fossil fuel industry has been very aggressive in their disinformation campaign. Funny, it’s just like the campaign the cigarette industry ran when they were being accused of causing cancer. They even use the same lawyers. Whatever though, the truth will be known and more people are awake now. It’s just a matter of time before this issue moves to the top. Check out this site for corrections of your denialism.


                • Nukeman60

                  I have three questions for you. One, did you even read my post? Two, did you wish to refute any of my points or not? And three, do you even know what AGW stands for? Because from your first sentence, it appears you don’t have a clue.

                  I read your link and, other than addressing the petition (which your article didn’t refute was true), there was nothing addressing my points. Do some further research, as you will find the IPCC, the UN as a whole, and the Climate change fearmongers are stumbling more and more every day.

                  As to cigarette smoke, there is a huge difference between putting a carcinogen in ones lungs and putting CO2 in the atmosphere. Obviously, an individual is affected by what’s in his lungs and there is no comparison or even correlation to Climate change.

                  I’ve had fun. Thanks for the good time, but I need to go talk to some people about the Higgs Boson now and I don’t feel like wasting my valuable time trying to show you some sunlight (ohh, that’ll raise the temperature). Anyway, I’m not about to respond anymore, so it’s not necessary to reply to me.

                • librtifirst

                  I agree that we have some real problems with the planet. When you puncture a hole in the ocean floor and let many billions of gallons flow out, then use millions of gallons of toxic chemicals to hide the oil sub surface, you will do some damage. Obama really screwed that one up. At least he was able to shut down American energy production in the process.

                  Your biggest concern should be what the bible says will happen. You see 2/3 of the ocean will one day die and turn red. (plankton die off) There will be massive earthquakes and natural disasters. The majority of the world’s population will die. We will have nuclear war that may very well help this out. It will be difficult to find uncontaminated water. Genetically modified food will continue to destroy our health, and the environment. Splicing bug genes into plants to make them create their own pesticide is not a good idea. Nor is changing the genetic structure of plants in such a way as to keep them from putting off fertile seed. (suicide gene) Ignoring the cross pollination of these genes from one species to another.

                  You see, this is the man made global problem that we face, not the sun heating up the earth. Hundreds of prophesies have come true, and we are watching many more come to fruition now.

                  Governments won’t save us, they will bring it on.

                • Obama didn’t screw up in the BP oil disaster. The regulating agency is hopelessly captured by big oil. And he didn’t shut down production. He only shut down the deep water rigs and only for a short time. Nonetheless, no one has gone to jail even though several people were murdered on that rig. And the damage to the gulf is inestimable.

                  Please don’t quote the bible to me. This is a man-made problem and it’s going to take man to solve it. There’s nothing cosmic or divine happening here. If you need to believe in that stuff, maybe you ought to consider that god wants you to save the planet not just sit idly by.

                • librtifirst

                  God isn’t going to destroy the planet, people will. Of course we can stop it, but it would take a whole lot of people paying attention to the right things. First of all, the country, and the world, needs to turn off their TV. Then they need to learn how to think critically and for themselves. They need to learn a bit about human nature, which can be observed through science as well as my “spiritual guide” bible.

                  Human behavior and the patterns that persist are easily categorized and analyzed. History repeats itself over and over, and humanity acts and reacts the same way that it did thousands of years ago.

                  Through scientific reasoning, there is no reasonable conclusion to the problems of humanity that do not include the inevitable corruption factor of power in the hands of a few people. We can ignore that at our own demise. When we take an objective look at the progression of the modern era, we must realize who holds the power, and what they are doing with it.

                  Obama has been instrumental in shutting down energy production. Not just in oil, but coal as well. He has also been trying to get dams destroyed. The stimulus that was supposed to be spent on alternative energy went to companies that either went bankrupt, or moved to China. Of course China is investing in alternative energy, they have our money to do it.

                  I live in Oregon where a natural gas pipeline was built to the coast line. It was supposed to be for the people of the state, and this country. We paid for it. When it was finished, it was announced that the gas was going to be shipped to China.

                  I grew up in timber country. The timber capital of the world, to be precise. Agenda 21 and Clinton using executive orders shut down the industry.

                  Farmers and ranchers all around me are being shut down by the federal government, while big Ag gets away with murder. The USDA came to my door just a couple of weeks ago to document what was in my garden and what animals I had on my property.

                  If you don’t want to believe these things, or recognize the consequences of them, then you will go down with the rest of the sheep who decided to trust the federal government.

                  If you are working for these people, you had better realize that one day you will be on their list. One day you will receive a forced vaccine with a live disease. One day, you will get cancer from their GMOs, their BPA, their fluoride, their aspartame, etc. When you are dying while waiting for a doctors appointment, you should try to remember that others told you this would happen.

                  When you have no food in the house, and the grocery stores have been looted, you should not look to blame republicans or democrats, but yourself for ignoring the obvious and helping them to kill you off.

                  You are going to die from their technological scientific eugenics program, because your mind will not accept that evil people rule the world, and do what it takes to protect yourself. You will be waiting for government to save you, and nobody will come to your rescue.

                  You are helping them kill me off, by supporting a president who raids healthy food producers to protect their corporate buddies, and follow a UN agenda that is designed to reduce populations severely.

                  Have fun with that, because I will not be involved, nor help them to kill me. I will have my own food grown on my own property. If they take my property, then I will go somewhere else and survive, because I have the internal fortitude and the mental ability to be independent.

                  Those who are weak in mind, will perish by this system of death, because they were fooled into believing that man will solve these problems by supporting politicians that are actively seeking their death.

                  You should just quit everything that you are doing and open your mind to alternative thinking. Don’t reject any information based on your previous bias’. Study the other side of the equation. Go out and research all of these things. Look at the big picture, and get out of the box of death that they have you indoctrinated in to.

              • lanahi

                Oh, yeah, like the many energy alternative sites that have gone bankrupt shortly after receiving federal funding?

                • It was roughly 1% of the investment. Are you saying we shouldn’t invest in new technologies because some of them might not work out?

                • librtifirst

                  Free markets reject what doesn’t work, and succeed at developing sustainable industries. If you want oil out of the way, then get rid of the criminals in government. The head criminal right now is Obama. The next in line is Romney.

          • Talking points past their sell-by date? Having trouble making friends? Tired of rooting around in garbage cans behind the DNC looking for an argument that will help drag the SCOAMF across the finish line in November?

            Well, you’ve come to the right place. my friend. We have information that never grows stale, and has never been found in error. We have proven economic policies that actually DO protect the environment and help the poor, without killing prosperity and jobs for the middle class.

            Yes, it can be tough divesting yourself of the debris field surrounding the Embarrassment-In-Chief and his misery-inducing policies, but losing all that baggage will make you a better provider for your family, and a better human being. Take the first step and read some US history today. Find our why Frederick Douglass was a Republican, and Martin Luther King Junior, too. Find out why Democrats have been responsible for keeping the inner cites poor and civil rights slow to take hold.

            Yes, and also take the first steps toward personal responsibility and liberty, so your children can grow up in a world better than the one we live in today. Step in the voting booth and vote NO on re-electing Obama this November.

            Do it, for the children.

            • nibblesyble


              • PVG


            • librtifirst

              Are you using reverse psychology? 🙂 Do it for the children? lol

              • It’s the only psychology I know! I use it on myself all the time.

                “You don’t really want that beer.”

                So I end up with beer. Funny how that works.

            • Ha ha ha. So sure in yourself are you? When I see some real wisdom and fact based discussion out of the likes of you I’ll take you more seriously. All I see is Fox-disseminated talking points.

              At some point you are going to have to come to grips with the treason that the Republicans have committed. Not just now but over the last 50 years. I blame the Dems for being pussies and not exposing them for what they have done.

              • They always go for the desperation move to throw Fox news up like a talisman. Then the vulgarities.

                Proof you aren’t thinking “seriously,” so I’m not worried about your opinion of me.

          • You forget that oil rich countries are the ones that can make the most money for themselves and use it against their neighbours. So you’ve put the cart before the horse I’m afraid.

          • lanahi

            I didn’t know Afghanistan was an oil rich country. That one is Obama’s war. And we arn’t being allowed to win there, just be nice to the enemy while we get our kids shot in the back.

            • librtifirst

              I believe that we are just securing the territory. Afghanistan has a lot of lithium, and is critical to a Russian pipeline making it down to the gulf. Opium production has increased ten fold since we went there as well. We are no longer fighting terrorists, just locals who want their country back. I will admit that these locals are Muslim extremists, but since we funded and helped create the Taliban, we are not completely without fault in this situation, as it aided them in establishing a stronghold on the people as well.

            • Before 9/11 Bush was negotiating with the Taliban to run an oil pipeline through their country. Does it make sense now?

      • librtifirst

        People don’t want to believe it, but I believe that Obama will do it as well. They are both puppets. I tend to think that there will be some national emergency that will cause it to happen before the election. Obama is not as good of a Globalist as Clinton was. He most likely will not quietly pass the baton on to his republican friends.

        I believe that Romney is the one who the fraud will favor in the election. It is better to keep the conservatives calmed down with a republican right now, than to keep Obama in and further inflame the situation.

        I have noticed that even conservatives are willing to give Obama kudos when it comes to any success militarily. If there is an “event” in the US, Obama could pull off a victory. The election fraud is designed to keep the election close, and slightly favor one candidate. If one candidate can get enough “actual” votes, the fraud becomes too obvious.

        Obama will need a dirty bomb to go off in the US to stay in office. A war with Iran will ensue after that.

        • Given that Obama is up in virtually every poll in the swing states, I don’t think anything like that will be necessary. Romney is the worst possible candidate for these times. He represents everything that’s wrong with America.

          I don’t doubt that there will be many fraudsters trying to help Mitt out. Whether it’s rigging Diebold machines, disposing of ballots, or denying people the right to vote, there’s only so much cheating will overcome when the candidate is such a complete tool.

          • librtifirst

            I don’t give the polls any legitimacy either. The fraudsters don’t care what party is in power, just who will follow orders the best, and who will serve to further the false left/right paradigm to keep the illusion of ideological party lines going. I believe that the banksters control most of it, and that they will want a white republican in when the currency collapses. I don’t see the Fed note lasting much longer than the Euro.

            • I don’t see it exactly the same as you. Yes there’s a false left/right pardigm but there are people who are legitimately on our side and none of them have an R next to their name on the ballot. That’s just a fact. No doubt that corporations have outsized influence on Congress.

              The currency isn’t going to collapse unless we default on our debt and that’s highly unlikely. Despite the Republican fear mongering we have less debt than many other times in our history and we have way less debt than Japan has right now if you compare debt to GDP ratio.

              The Euro is going down because they have a centralized currency without a centralized government. The ECB has made every wrong step along the way and the breakup of the Euro is almost certain due to their stupidity.

              • librtifirst

                I fully agree that there are people in the house and senate that are on our side. The establishment keeps the power in the hands of a few, and no agenda goes forward that doesn’t meet their criteria.

                We don’t have to default on the debt for hyper inflation to happen. Our only financial salavation is the world reserve status, and many countries are abandoning it with bi-lateral trade agreements. We now have the global government, IMF, CFR, etc calling for an end to the dollar as the world reserve, and we have Russia, China, India, and others pulling out. The Fed was created to allow government to usurp the people to fund many things including the military industrial complex. This funding has led to many wars of domination throughout the last century, which have served to put control and resources into the hands of a few.

                We don’t have free markets anymore. We don’t have a sovereign currency either. The Fed controls the economy through money creation and interest manipulation. There is no industrial base to fall back on. Eighty percent of the stock market is inflated value, which our entire retirement system is dependent on.

                The Fed system funds the banking system at ridiculously low interest rates for the purpose of keeping debt spending going. All money is created through debt, and has no real value.

                If you look at the power politicians and where there funding comes from, it is abundantly clear that the banks elect them. It is also abundantly clear that the politicians give them what they need to continue by legitimizing their existence through taxpayer debt and bailouts.

                We will never default on the debt, because the central bank will continue to pay our bills until its value is zero. Other countries are pulling out because they don’t want to hold dollars that are losing value, and they don’t want to get caught holding worthless paper in the end. This is why gold is so high, and will go much higher. It is also why other countries are buying up gold, and even trading in it.

                Sixteen trillion is a drop in the bucket. We could simply print it off and pay of the debt today. If we don’t create a sovereign currency, we will go down with the Fed. That sixteen trillion is nothing compared to what the Fed has doled out to foreign entities, and it does not represent the whole problem. Not by far. There are hundreds of trillions in derivatives that can never be paid. Everything is leveraged so far out that it is impossible to correct without just wiping it out and starting over.

                For every dollar that is credited in a local bank, nine dollars can be created through debt. A bank can take my $1000 deposit and loan out, or invest, up to $9000. This is literally money creation. It happens through credit swaps and mortgage fraud, which was made legal in 1999 by getting rid of Glass-Stegal. Hence the hundreds of trillions.

                The whole thing is a house of cards.

                • I don’t think the problem is the Fed necessarily, although they’ve only been interested in half of their job (managing inflation) and not at all in the other half (putting people to work). You can thank Greenspan for that. His feeling was that the economy was better when workers were more desperate.

                  The reason we have been debasing our currency is to try to fix our trade deficit by stimulating more exports, but there’s only so long you can do that before your trade partners start screaming. Better to focus on fixing our trade policy by ending free trade, putting up trade barriers as every other country has, and bringing manufacturing home. If we don’t insist on this soon our corporate oligarchy is going to own the world.

                  You are exactly right that the CDOs and CDSs are a huge house of cards that will crash us again if they aren’t unwound responsibly. Dodd/Frank goes a long way to regulating those instruments but the Republicans have blocked implementation of the Volker rule and defunded the regulatory arm of the CFTC. There’s no hope of a fix while they are in charge of the budget.

                  The banks own Washington and you just need to look at the current campaign donations to see who they are backing this time around. Hint: it isn’t Obama.

                • librtifirst

                  Ok. So you are talking about foreign free trade. It doesn’t exist either. They call the treaties “free trade agreements”, but it is a load of crap. Why would we protect our jobs, industries, and ultimately our currency and sovereignty, by protecting our borders and trade? The goal is to shut down the US and bring in global governance.

                  Its the same goal as in the rest of the world, including the middle east. We are not taking out these countries so that they can be independent democratized countries that uses their own resources for the good of their country. Nor are they shutting down our industries and energy production to make us more independent and sovereign.

                  We won’t have a country to improve if either one of these candidates gets in.

                • So you admit “the banks own Washington” but you think more Washington regulations written by the banks (such as Dodd-Frank) will keep the banks honest?

                  Your policies of ending free trade and putting up trade barriers are isolationist.

                  You should also face the fact that the Fed is a private banking cartel, lending the government money created out of thin air at interest. This results in a steady transfer of wealth from working, saving and retired Americans to the very rich.

                • Dodd/Frank wasn’t written by the banks but it sure was watered down by them. You can thank the likes of Scott Brown for taking any teeth out of the law. There’s no other way to control the banks other than regulation. Should we just let them do what they want? That’s worked out great for us eh?

                  Putting up trade barriers isn’t isolationist, it’s protectionist. I agree in having trade, just not at our expense.

                  I have no love for the Fed and I think some major reform is in order, but they fulfill an important function and if done properly they could be a positive force on the economy. Greenspan was a disaster, there’s no getting around it.

                  I don’t buy the Ron Paul argument that we need to end the fed and go back to gold. If you think about it, what’s going on in Europe mirrors the kind of straight jacket we would be in if we had gold anchored currency.

                • This is an excellent post that I hope everyone here reads very carefully.

              • lanahi

                Far less debt than many other times in our history? Oh, please. We’ve sold ourselves to the Chinese.

                • librtifirst

                  Not to mention shipping our natural resources such as natural gas, and even fresh water over to them. Who could forget Clinton bringing them up from 1950s military technology to current US technology.

                  Our government is systematically selling us out, and shutting us down. It is that simple.

                • It’s our government at the behest of corporate oligarchs. The Chamber of Commerce has been key to funneling money from China into the hands of Republican candidates. Can there be any surprise when Republicans across the board have so many nice things to say about China?

                • librtifirst

                  You are stuck in the left/right paradigm, man. They all do it.

      • 911Infidel

        Neocon? What is your definition of a neocon?

        • c4pfan

          Well, I say Obama!

          • 911Infidel

            Nope. Not even close.

            • c4pfan

              Why not? People sure love labeling people that for the heck of it.

              • 911Infidel

                Because words have meaning and lend context to a sentence. I know exactly what Mr Glenn meant when he used that term. And I’m betting he hasn’t a clue as to what its real meaning is.

        • librtifirst

          Somewhere along the line, classic liberals became communists, and conservatives who joined their ranks were called neoconservatives. At least that is what I got out of it. Basically, espoused conservatives who support the continuance of the FDR era.

          • 911Infidel

            Nope. Not even close. I’m still waiting for Mr Glenn to show his intellectual acumen by properly defining the word for us. But I’m not holding my breath. Cause I’m fairly certain he’s just another anti-semite.

            • librtifirst

              Before its all over, you must let me know what your take on it is.

              • 911Infidel

                Oh, most assuredly I will.

          • Why would anyone in the right mind want to continue the FDR era?

            • librtifirst

              Exactly. Yet both parties have continued and expanded it.

        • The guys he picked are Robert Kagan and Dan Senor who have ties to the neocon movement from way back. If you want a definition go to Wikipedia

          • 911Infidel

            My, my, its an easy question Mr Glenn. I don’t care what wiki says, I want to hear your definition. But your answer gives me great confidence that you don’t know what the eff you’re talking about.

            • Neoconservatives are former liberals who became disillusioned with the left because the left embraced anti-war policies in the 60s and 70s while they preferred interventionist policies, especially interventionist wars like Vietnam, Iraq and soon to be Iran.

              • 911Infidel

                Epic Fail there Mr Glenn. The latin prefix “Neo” means New. Con is short for conservative. That part you got right. The movement was started by Conservative Dems in the late 60’s who came to the correct conclusion that the Demacratic party had abandoned their values. That was the time when the Dem party was already talking about pro-abortionist policies among other things. Yeah and they didn’t care much for hippies throwing crap on returning soldiers either.

                That New Conservative movement latched on to the Reagan coalition and eventually changed parties.

                Ergo correct useage of the term neocon is New Conservative. It has nothing to do with the Larochite/Paulette/Buchannon world view.

                It is however used to hide an anti-semitic world view.

                • Ha ha ha. What a sanctimonious response. I took 8 years of latin so please don’t “teach” me latin terms.

                  You can say they were always conservative but they were part of the liberal coalition … until they weren’t. And being anti-commie they were heavily into sticking our collective noses where it didn’t belong. Yeah, they had other grievances but doesn’t any group when their main focus isn’t heeded?

                  “That New Conservative movement latched on to the Reagan coalition and eventually changed parties.” That’s right, because despite all evidence to the contrary Reagan was hyping the Russian threat and the neocons had a policygasm.

                  There’s some anti-semitic world view that what hides? The very word neocon is anti-semitic? What do you mean by that?

                • 911Infidel

                  Speaking of sanctimonious, I had that very same impression of you. And you’re still wrong. All that Latin training should have bought you a clue. Apparently that’s just not the case. Now if one had lived through that era and followed the New Conservative movement you might actually have a clue, unlike you who have nothing of the sort.

                  Sticking our noses where it don’t belong? You mean like killing terrorists and standing up to the Soviets?

                  We won the Cold War. Protected Western Europe from the Soviets. Were responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall that freed Eastern Europe. Defended an entire Continent twice, and now are engaged in a war against a suicidal imperialist philosophy not unlike Japanese militarism.

                  Gee, if that bothers you, that’s just tough.

                  And using the term neocon as you and other trolls are wont to do, betrays you. I stand by my words, Anti-semite.

                • We stood up to the Soviets who were teetering into collapse long before Reagan was elected. Everyone in the intelligence community knew it. And I might add that we weren’t killing terrorists then, we were arming them. Ronnie did a bang up job of that too, arming Saddam, the jihadis in Afghanistan and Pinochet in Chile. Spare me your nonsense about Reagan. He was one of the worst presidents ever, right near Hoover and Harding.

                • 911Infidel

                  Speaking of nonsense you seem to be the jack of all trades in that regard. Ain’t you got a Klan meeting to go to there Jew hater?

                • librtifirst

                  Are you talking about blue republicans? The ones that I have talked to, and who admit it, say that the socialist systems are good, but they support individual rights. Seems like a contradiction to me.

                  It appears that you are talking about pro-American democrats who defected from the new liberals and some became republicans. (i.e. the new conservatives)

                  What happened to the old conservatives? Are we talking Ron Paul here? Libertarians, constitutionalists?

                • 911Infidel

                  You’re confused. I was talking about conservative Dems like myself and many others going back to FDR, who realized that the Dem party had decided to turn left late in the 60’s. There was no alternative in the Dem party. However, many of us stuck it out hoping that the party would not change its platform. Prior to Carter, the Dem party platform and Repubik party platforms were pretty much the same.

                  Once the Dem party made its move to the left, most of us conservatives decided to switch parties. The election of RR brought that movement into the Reagan coalition and by the beginning of his second term the vast majority of us changed parties.

                  I wouldn’t necessarily call the majority of us “New Conservatives.” In reality all of us conservatives, were brought up conservative. So the moniker of “New Conservative” was just a rallying cry for conservatives fed up with leftist Dems…like the hippie movement and the leftist profs in the school systems that had been exerting more and more influence on the society at large.

                  The denigrating of the traditional societal mores, was also a big deal. This gave rise to the Moral Majority late in the 70’s.

                  These same conservatives were pro-military, Constitutionalist, anti-Marxist, pro-life, and pro-Capitalist. They were a mixture of staunch Catholics, born-again types and secularists. But they were all Pro-American patriots.

      • badbadlibs

        obama and his lying murdeous ilk, that’s you too, have KILLED MORE INNOCENT people then any of these wars. Try 50 MILLION DEAD BABIES, own up to that massacre then you might be able to open your pie hole. democrats are blood thirsty barbarians….no wonder you worry more about a jihadist getting killed, you people are insane.

  • pmb88

    i think that the panel is right. Romney’s key issue is the economy. If he can’t convince the voters that it is obama’s fault for the state of the economy then I think Romney will lose. We can keep saying ABO but how much of it can we take from Romney for that to stick.

    • Cindy09

      I think it has to go beyond the rhetoric that the economy is bad. Everybody knows that. What Romney needs to do is delve in into the issue ie What’s his plan for the economy? Where does he REALLY stand on healthcare repeal or reform? He seems to be sending mixed messages. He needs to stand for something and stick to his position! Also he’s got to fire Eric Fehrnstrom! That was inexcusable that they were handed Obamatax on a platter but opted to blow the opportunity to make their case!!

  • Romney, along with Republican leadership, Boehner and McConnell must not be listening to Mark Levin, if they did they’d have some really good ammo to use against Obama on the economy.

  • butterflybesos9

    I don’t know who these republicans are running against but it sure isn’t President Obama! The size of government is LESS not more than when he took over from Bush. President Obama has NOT GROWN THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT. That is a ridiculous falsehood aka LIE that conservatives keep repeating. There is also LESS regulation not more. Cons are constantly crying about Dodd Frank well what the hell do you suppose we do with the banks? Nothing? Has everyone forgotten the entire globes finances were completely screwed up by those thieves? This is why I can’t take conservatism seriously. It doesn’t even try to keep up with reality and current events they just literally make s*** up everyday and repeat BS talking points to each other and think they’re smart

    • odin147

      You contradicted ur self like most liberals do it is genetic don’t blame urself

    • “There is also LESS regulation not more. Cons are constantly crying about Dodd Frank well what the hell do you suppose we do with the banks? Nothing? ”

      Do you even realize that those two assertions contradict themselves? Your whole screed reveals that you have no idea what you are talking about.

      Government spending as a share of GDP has rarely been higher in the history of this country, but of course that does not mean that Obama has “grown government” right? 150-plus new bureaucracies are created with Obamacare and the IRS has been on a “hiring spree” after the law was ruled constitutional, but none of that matters I guess.

      Just close your eyes, cover your ears, and shout “My ideological opponents are all stupid liars” over and over again until November. I’ll see you at the ballot box sweetheart.

      • Say whatever you want but the fact is that the number of public employees is down 700K from when Obama took office. Most of those job losses happened in red states where the governors have done as much as possible to ruin the economy. If not for those job losses the unemployment rate would be under 7%. Again, say all you want about nebulous hiring sprees. The fact remains that the number of public employees is way down from 2008.

        • “Just close your eyes, cover your ears, and shout “My ideological opponents are all stupid liars” over and over again until November. I’ll see you at the ballot box sweetheart.”

          Thank you 🙂 Which states have the best economic numbers? Point me out one “blue state” that is doing better than Texas or North Dakota. Point me out any single “blue state” that is doing better than the national average with unemployment, deficits, or cost of living than “red states”. Please.

          Nobody gives a damn about the plight of government employees by the way. You say 700K government workers lost their jobs, I say “It’s a good start”. There is more to government than “Teachers, Firefighters and Police”. Those just happen to be the traditionally sympathetic classes that every politician turn to as the first victim of even modest budget reforms and/or cuts. It’s a song we have all heard for so long that it is tuned out like elevator music.

          • toongoon

            I’m in Illinois. Governor Quinn is doing a bang up job trying not to be like Wisconsin. The SOB is killing us!

          • You can’t count North Dakota because they are in a very unique situation. They are in the midst of an oil boom. Not every state can drill for oil. Texas on the other hand has very lackluster numbers when you actually look closely, and their budget situation is every bit a dicey as California. Texas also has the lowest high school graduation rate and the highest percentage of people without health insurance of any state. Is that the model for success? And if you want to talk about the success of red states, let’s not forget red state darlings Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama: a thriving metropolis of productivity. I think Massachusetts compares rather well to any red state you can give me.

            How about poverty? You would think the way you talk that red states would be engines of opportunity and blue states poverty riven hell holes. It’s the exact opposite. If you look at any chart, I would give you one but the links are too long, you would see all the areas of dense poverty are in the southern red states.

            If you want to talk about cost of living, there’s a reason that it’s expensive to live in blue states. It’s great to live there!!!! If you think NY, MA, CA are horrible places to live it may be because you can’t AFFORD to live there. Lots of jobs, low poverty, great schools… that’s bad?

            It’s funny that you say no one cares about government employees. Contrary to what Rush Limbaugh says, public sector jobs are real jobs that stimulate the economy. Funny that you love Texas but many of their new jobs are in the public sector.


            One of these days we blue-staters are going to stop giving the red states so much welfare to help them out. They are just a drain on the blue states.


        • librtifirst

          I would call all contracted workers “government employees”. There may be less people with career bureaucratic positions, but there are many who work for corporations who are funded by government. They are also “government workers”.

          Legally, we all are. Nobody has a business unless they meet every stringent regulation that is handed down. Nobody does business unless they pay all the fees and taxes. Government regulates all business activity right down to where and when. Just ask doctors. They don’t do anything that isn’t approved or dictated by government. Now they are told that they have to accept a certain amount of pay for a certain amount of service.

          If government regulates it, then it isn’t a free market. If it is not a free market job, then it is a government job.

          As long as people believe that we live in a free country, they will never know how to return to prosperity.

          • There can never be a truly free market because a free market is anarchy and/or corrupt oligarchy and/or a corrupt failed state run by warlords. If you get the government completely out of the way you end up with Somalia. There has never been and can never be a state that can survive a true libertarian vision.

            • librtifirst

              You don’t know what a libertarian is, if you think that. Libertarians are simply “small” government people. Nobody is saying get rid of government.

              Libertarians simply believe in having individual rights that allow a person to provide for themselves without government intervention when they are harming nobody. They believe that federal power should be limited, and states should have authority to experiment and compete with other states.

              You know, what the founders wanted.

              • Libertarians believe that you need government small so bullies can bully the populace and they can’t do anything about it. Ultimately the only one who is free is the biggest bully.

                The founders did not believe that at all. They believed in the common good and the general welfare, not the individual. Yes they believed in individual liberty, but the health of society and country was most important.

                • librtifirst

                  So that is why the republicans insisted on the bill of rights, because they did not believe in individual liberties. That is why the constitution is a “negative rights” document according to Barak Obama, because it gives government so much power to control everything we do and are.

                  If you think that you can give a few men this much power, and good things will come of it, then you have not a clue about the true nature of man. If you did have a clue, you would only want this kind of power to be in the hands of a few if you thought that you could control it. Otherwise, you would be asking for your own demise.

                  The federal government has the legal right to protect our borders, regulate trade between the states and with foreign entities, and run the courts. The union was created for the purpose of protecting our borders and our individual rights. The three coequal branches of government were supposed to be independent of each other, and act in such a way as to nullify the power of any one branch to become tyrannical.

                  I hope that you are now happy with there being no separation between the three branches of government, because the political non-partisan establishment now has the same goals in all three. We are witnessing the very decline of our society that so many other nations have fallen from, and some of the founders knew would happen if the people failed to follow the documents that they created.

                  It is too bad that you think that a government such as ours can solve our problems. The framework that you describe is nothing less than socialism that will lead to authoritarianism. Socialism always ends in a failed state, same as communism.

                  Human nature rejects control over our lives. When people no longer have anything to lose, things will get bad. If you are waiting for government to house and feed you, you may just find yourself in a real bad place, just like New Orleans after Catrina.

                  They will take your ability to defend yourself. They will take your resources to give to others. They are destroying your wealth right now, and you are in denial. There will be no justice for those who are not in control.

                  They will decide who lives and who dies, so I expect that you have a way to live, or will accept your death as being for the “health” of society.

                • Our problem isn’t government overreach or government in general, it’s corporate control. That’s what the original Tea Party was about, rebelling against the control of the East India company. To think that limiting our government is going to solve our present-day East India problem is foolish and naive. You think we should destroy the one check against the oligarchs that are taking over our country? It’s an insane idea.

                  I agree that our current government is broken but it isn’t inherent in the structure nor is it something that can’t be fixed. It’s only going to get fixed when the people demand it. The problem is that one side is so propagandized they are actually fighting on the side of the oligarchs. There’s much to overcome. It won’t be easy and we’ll probably never see the fruits of our labor. We need champions for the people in government and right now there are very few in Congress. The Congress hasn’t been this corrupt for 90 years, coincidentally the last time we had a depression.

                • librtifirst

                  The oligarchs, as you put it, are the banking elite, and the corporations who are funded by them, who literally elect our politicians and sit in regulatory positions of control under the puppet presidents. We have gone beyond just a corporate crony government, our government is literally a corporation. This was done back in the thirties when we declared bankruptcy and a state of emergency.

                  We have been in a corporate state of emergency ever since. Our constitutional rights have been subverted through this process, and every president since then has signed executive orders continuing the state of emergency. Obama recently declared it in two separate executive orders.

                  The only way to fix anything is to get a real president who is willing to risk everything to go against the banks, and their minions, such as the CIA. This would require a huge revolutionary movement of many millions of people across the US to risk everything in order to get the establishment out of office.

                  The establishment will use every resource at their disposal. They will have the police state come down hard on political dissidents. They will shoot people in the street if they have to. Just this year they had people arrested who were following GOP rules at district electoral meetings. One man who was duly elected as the new Chair was beaten and arrested to stop him from getting any power in the GOP.

                  Kennedy went against the establishment. He signed executive order 11110 just before he died. He was beginning the process of pulling out of the war, as well.

                  This is no joke, and it is not just conspiracy theory either. We have a government who is systematically shutting down the country, while raping it of its wealth and giving it to the bankers. Not to mention doing what it can to kill us off.

                  I watched this today. If you want to get a clue as to what our government is doing, watch the whole thing.

                  Nobody will be safe from this government until we see revolution. We won’t, because we are too ignorant to even recognize the problem. Hold on to your a** because you only have a few short years at best, and probably less.

        • Nukeman60

          First of all, there are 143 million people in the workforce. If we put your 700k back to work, that would only reduce the unemployment rate by less than 1/2 percent. An 8.2% unemployment rate (actually 15%, U6) minus 0.49% does not get you under 7%, even using a liberal calculator (U3 would be 7.7% and the real unemployment, U6 would be 14.51%).

          • librtifirst

            700K going back to work should be sufficient for an economic recovery……………………………… the Sacramento area.

          • What I meant was a normal pattern of hiring in government which would be an additional 700K rather than a reduction of 700K. And by normal I mean especially during Republican regimes since despite their rhetoric they hire far more public sector employees on average than Democrats have over the last 30+ years.

            • Nukeman60

              What you said was:

              If not for those job losses [ie, 700k] the unemployment rate would be under 7%

              That’s what I responded to. Your latest post doesn’t even make sense. Also, don’t forget the 800k+ illegals that Obama entered into the unemployment ranks with his ‘job permits’.

              • crosshr

                beware nuke, you may be interacting with Debbie-was-a-man, I smell the sound of some lefts around here @ TRS up deep in Obamas arse !

                • Nukeman60

                  Oh yeah, I know. It’s fun to debate them sometimes and then other times it’s just amazing what they say out loud. What I have noticed, though, is that they often accuse the right of doing just what they themselves are doing. Sometimes it’s blatant propaganda (ie, Alinsky rules) and other times I think it’s just subconscious (much like Debbie Whatshername Smutz) and can’t be helped.

        • So how are things on your planet, anyway? You know, on our planet, they passed this thing called the Affordable-who-cares-what-the-heck-it’s-called-Act that blows government up to something almost impossible to calculate. It was in all the papers.

          But on your planet, they have less government. We should all move there.

          • If it’s such a big employer of people then it would be very easy on your planet to show the figures of how many people were employed to do that work. Of course, then you couldn’t rely on lazy talking points so let’s just drop it.

            • Yes, it is very easy to show those figures on our planet. All you have to do is look at all the shiny, new government agencies and task forces, and especially the vast enlargement of the IRS, all due to the PPACA. Which is a matter of public record here. But then you’d have to visit to find these things out.

              Of course, then you’d be forced to come to grips with reality.

      • butterflybesos9

        Even bloomberg admits this… I know it’s a hard concept to follow but just because Dodd Frank was enacted doesn’t mean that covered everything. Under Obama there has been LESS regulation enacted than under previous administrations

        • KenInMontana

          According to the URL for the story you’re trying to link to, Obama wrote 5 fewer rules than previous administration. If the “previous administration” is supposed to be the Bush administration then it is far worse for your guy than you’re saying as Bush was in office for 8 years. So what the story is actually stating is that Obama wrote just 5 regulations fewer in a span of a little over 3 years, than the Bush administration wrote in 8. If your claims could be verified, seeing as you linked to a story that does not exist. So not only are your claims a failure, since Bush isn’t running and his record doesn’t have anything to do with the presumptive GOP nominee, escalating the scale of your failure to EPIC proportions.

      • librtifirst

        We need to let the banks fail, then allow free markets to cover the need using a real sovereign currency. As long as you justify using the Fed Res, nothing else you advocate for will matter.

        • We can’t let the banks fail all at once. That would plunge the world economy off the cliff. We need to drastically reign in their practices and unwind all those dangerous CDOs and CDSs.

          • librtifirst

            We need to bring back the US dollar, and let the Fed go down on its own. There is no avoiding the pain, just a shorter recovery with real money.

    • toongoon

      Fewer people working in private business and more government employees, more people on food stamps and disability, secretive unelected czars working behind the scenes in this administration, an army of new IRS agents to collect the “obamatax penalties” from citizens, two thousand pages of a health care bill nobody read and needed to be bought and manipulated by the president to get it passed, now 13,000 pages of new regulations have been written and will be determined by government bureaucrats whether any poor people will even get care and you are saying that the government is smaller than with G W Bush.

      What kind of drugs are you on? Obama koolaid?

      • That’s completely untrue. There are 4 million more private sector jobs under Obama and 700K fewer public jobs. You feeling that it’s that way doesn’t make it true. Look at the facts.

        • toongoon

          Completely untrue? Or just the part obama had nothing to do with?

          • Obama had a great deal to do with turning a 700K a month job loss disaster into moderate growth. If he went for a bigger stimulus we would be out of danger.

            And the Republican governors who fired all those public sector employees have more to do with where we are today since without firing all those teachers, police and fire fighters we would be under 7% unemployment.

            • toongoon

              You reach pretty far into your bags of tricks there friend. A bigger stimulus to pay off more of his donors would have taken even my great great grand childrens income.
              Keynesian economics strangles people, especially when it is used by people who are only adept at community agitating.

              Governor Walker fired no public sector employees, he only took away some of the unions ability to bargain with itself over taxpayers money and he has even lower some taxes while bringing his state back in to the black after his predecessor raided every fund he could get his hands and kept raising taxes at every opportunity.

              Obama is not the sweet, lovable, cute, genius you think he is, get your head out of where it doesn’t belong. Your kool aid has too much sugar.

              • The stimulus was mostly tax cuts which are less stimulative than something like bridge repairs. Call it a giveaway all you want but it changed the trajectory of the economy.

                Governor Walker borrowed the money he used to balance the budget. Funny that he never mentions that. I guess heaping debt on the children of the state is OK as long as it provides butt covering for Walker’s failed policies.

                Walker didn’t fire a bunch of people but revenue and job numbers are both down. Just wait until he starts selling off public property to his sugar daddies. I’m sure Wisconsin citizens will be pleased.

                I am not an Obama supporter but the reality is that Romney is a potential disaster. I would rather not have Bush 2.0. It’s time to officially end the Reagan Revolution and move in another direction. Obama has a chance to get us out of the doldrums that we have been in since 2001, and the generally negative direction that we have experienced since 1980.

                • toongoon

                  The stimulus was money pulled from the butts of the American people, it was borrowed, the debt ceiling was raised and it will have to paid back. How can you call them “taxCuts”? Obama used a lot of that money to pay back his donors, that money went into “green Energy” which continues to go bankrupt, and in some cases he knew they would go bankrupt. None of that money had to be paid back. I’ll betcha those those same people donated to Obama again this campaign season.

                  Still, I prefer a governor who will take on the thievery of public sector unions. Is there a problem with Governor borrowing money to get the state moving again? You seem to be all in favor of obama borrowing obscene amounts of money from hostile nations like China.

                  Heaping debt on the children of the state of Wisconsin somehow seems trivial to obama heaping debt on the grandchildren of the nation.

                  I’m not a big Romney supporter either but if he is the one we are going to have to go against obama, so be it. It’ll have to be him.

                  Obama is lazy, he has no ambition for being president, he wants to be dictator. He wants to sit on the golf course, tell everybody what to do and be worshiped. He has lied and blamed each of his own shortcomings on someone or something else, he will not admit to even the smallest mistake. If, when, you have your dictator, when he has taken the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution and replaced them with his whims of what America looks like and when you have nowhere to air your grievance maybe you’ll look back and say “what the hell happened” but strangely, I have a feeling you will be able to blame someone or something else then too.

                • WordsFailMe

                  Well said, my friend!

                • Here’s the breakdown of what was in the stimulus:

                  ~$300B in tax cuts
                  ~$300B in aid to the states, mostly for keep workers employed
                  ~$200B in projects

                  It was hardly stimulative enough since the deregulatory regime of the prior years blew an $8T hole in the economy. Most economists thought that a stimulus of $1.2T would be the minimum needed to get things going again. Obama thought incorrectly that he could go back to Congress asking for more stimulus money, a big mistake, and therefore we were stuck with an inadequate stimulus. You can complain about the money all you want but it was necessary to stop the bleeding. Are you as outraged about what led to this disaster? Before you say Fannie and Freddie you ought to read this.


                  The idea that they were responsible for the crash has been debunked long ago.

                  The point about Wisconsin was that it was a con. He borrowed the money and then declared a surplus and then lied his ass off and you and the other mouth-breathers that like him bought it hook, line and sinker. Are you all that stupid?

                  So you are concerned about China holding our debt? Are you concerned about them owning a huge trade surplus where they use the dollars to buy up our assets? Republicans aren’t. How about one of the billionaires financing Romney and other Republicans having direct ties to China and their version of the mob, the Triad? Would that concern you?


                  Your hyperventilation about Obama is fact-free as always. Do you know he has taken 1/3 of the vacation than GWB at the same point in their presidencies? Or do you not want to know because it doesn’t fit your Faux News narrative. As much as I have some misgivings about Obama, I know with all certainty that Romney will be the biggest disaster since Herbert Hoover.

                • toongoon

                  We are not going to convince each other by giving each other partisan links. Both the republicans and the democrats have played economic poker with our country.

                  I am concerned about the loss of our constitution, I have already expressed that, I will add that the obama’s health care bill will void the constitution and replace it’s “negative rights” as he calls them with, I guess, positive rights. Do you know what negative rights are? It’s what obama says the government can not do on your behalf. That can be read as what the government can do to the people without them being able to redress them in a court of law, the government can do what they want. Do you see that as a good thing? It’s not, it turns us back to where we were pre- revolutionary war. We have survived two hundred years while communist ideas have crept in stealing our rights away bit by bit, climaxing into where we are now.

                  Yes, we are in a world of financial trouble, republican caused and democrat caused. If you think the democrats have the magic key and they are going to fix all of the ails that are troubling us now you are sadly mistaken. If you think they can they will be able to solve them if they can just minimize and shut the republicans up you are delusional. Problems are solved by debate and compromise. If one person, or several like minded people come up with answers undebated they are restricted only by their imagination of how they can destroy an otherwise working nation. Human’s have a primal instinct to be powerful and they keep that power by intimidation and punishment. Obama has these instincts, he wears them on his sleeve.

                  In world affairs, Obama has been friendly and bowed to enemies, insulted allies. He is allowing Iran to build nuclear plants while reducing our own. He has taken out the leaders of Egypt and Libya and replaced them with the muslim brotherhood, Syria is set to be changed over now too. The muslim brotherhood, if you are not aware is a bloodthirsty gang of killers and ideological whackos. They have sworn to kill every Jew and then move on to America, where there is fresh blood to spill. He already allows muslims into the country and encourages the building of mosques larger than is needed in their communities, the funding for these mosques has been traced to the muslim brotherhood. We don’t need to give each other links on these stories, they speak for thenselves, any link is just spin.

                  Look, I don’t need anyone to tell me obama has the right plan, the news and “facts” you get are as partisan as what I get. You are not going to convince me that he is a good president, or that Carter ever was, I have my own eyes and ears, I know what they did. I don’t get why people see one aspect of president and think he’s good in every aspect. I don’t trust anyone in politics, some seem good, but they are just as susceptible to corruption as any other. When I see a republican or a democrat caught in corruption I call him out and and if his crime is bad enough I want him gone. That is not true with democrats, they build a wall and protect him from questioning or trial and they tell us they are not corrupt. I call bullshit on that. Take off those rose colored glasses and look around, you might find that obama’s not all that.

            • Nukeman60

              Can you explain to me just exactly how a stimulus creates a job? No, really. Tell me. A stimulus is a finite amount of money, usually lasting no more than 6 months (btw, if you check, they never spent the entire stimulus of Obama, so how is it they needed more?).

              A job, on the other hand is a lifetime. After the stimulus runs out, what pays for that job? Another stimulus? Ahhh, I get it – yearly stimuli. That’ll do the trick.

              In reality, stimuli are no more than a dump of cash to partisan hacks. Cronyism at its finest. Go back and look at where all the stimulus money went, if you go back and research at all. It appears you haven’t done much of that so far.

              • That’s not how it works. I saw one Republican liken it to having one guy dig a ditch and the other fill it. It’s not.

                Can you admit that if a big company like GM goes down, it’s not just those that work at GM suffer, it’s also the subcontractors, the local shops that supply services to workers and all the parts suppliers that suffer as well. It’s the same concept with stimulus. The money doesn’t just go in a hole somewhere. It also gets passed around the local community where that job is created, even if it is a 6-month or yearly job. That extra cash causes more hiring locally and the cycle continues. Without that investment the opposite happens.

                Many of those projects funded by the stimulus went to red states so your idea that it went only to Democratic cronies is inaccurate. Of course the Republican governors were against it until the money started going elsewhere. Despite their demagoguery they couldn’t wait to get photographed in front of the projects that the stimulus provided.

                • Nukeman60

                  First of all, you didn’t answer the question, but I didn’t think you would.

                  Secondly, GM should have initially gone through bankrupcy. That doesn’t mean they disappear. They merely get reorganized to operate better. That’s called chapter 11 bankrupcy (which Romney wanted to do). The administration tries to make people think it’s chapter 7 bankrupcy and it’s not. After the stimulus (to keep them going , as you said), they still went through the same process that chapter 11 addresses (with reorganizations, shut downs, and layoffs), but the initial money (before the reorganization) went to pay off the Union leaders and give them more control. Also, Ford refused the bailout money and did just as well as GM. Chrysler, on the other hand (the other auto bailout) became a foreign company, thanks to Obama’s handling.

                  Hiring occurs when there is profit in a company. Giving them a set amount of money does not create profit processes and most certainly does not eliminate the initial problem of how they got so bad. If you were spending $2000 over your monthly budget and I, as your kind neighbor, came over and gave you $1000, you would feel good and some of the burden would be lifted from your debt. But it wouldn’t set you straight and next month you would be right back where you were before my gift. A wasted $1000 on my part.

                  As to Democratic cronies, all states have public sector unions that are the main cause of the states being in dire straits. States like Wisconsin are doing better when they reign in that Union monster. Most of the money to states went there. Nothing was resolved, as the unions all still want a bigger and bigger piece of the shrinking pie.

                  As to Republican governors not taking it, they were against giving it and once it passed, all states were required to pay for it. Why would it make sense for Republicans to pay in while only Democrats took out. Many of them said they would refuse the stimulus if it wasn’t taken from them. Or do you think stimulus money is just magically created out of thin air.

                  Stimuli never work. You take money from the taxpayer to give to whomever and then claim that it’s so it will go back to the taxpayer. It’s a circle jerk and a scam at the highest level.

                  If you think it gets passed around to help everybody, then you must have 12 credit cards, each of which are used to pay the one created before it as they max out. Credit card A max’s, get card B then pay off A with B. Then get card C to pay off card B. Then use card A to pay off card C. Madoff had a system much like that. It worked for him for a while, too.

            • Moderate growth of less than 2% doesn’t even keep up with inflation. The growth doesn’t take into account massive swaths of the economy doing poorly (Household measurements) or sectors such as housing that A) Never recovered, and B) are in a tailspin.

              • The housing sector is struggling and Obama is getting bad advice on how to fix it. There’s a bunch of good advice out there but it would involve the banks taking a haircut on their investments. You know THAT’s not happening, especially not in an election year.

        • sybilll

          We don’t have to prove a false negative. YOU show US from the BLS where Obama has created 4 million jobs. Notice that he says “28 straight months of job creation”? Yeah, about that, it’s because he picked Dec 2009 as his starting point. You people are gullible beyond words.

          • And you are blaming Obama for the depression he was handed which clearly started under the watch and policies of the man who shall not be named, Voldemort Bush.

            • Rshill7

              Reagan was also handed a pile of pulsating pus by Carter. Compare and contrast what each did with it.

              Ahem…mi, mi, mi…Once I was swimmin’ cross Turtle Creek, man them snappers all around my feet…sho was hard swimmin’ cross that creek…dingaling.

              • What Reagan was given had no semblance to what Obama faced when he entered office. And let’s not forget that Reagan borrowed $3T on the country credit card, more than every previous president combined.

            • Frank and Dodd had nothing to do with it? You do realize that the collapse of Lehmann Brothers was directly a result of their math-disabled policies of giving homes to people who couldn’t pay for them, right?. This banking collapse is still happening, and is why the Euro collapse is continuing. Look up “debt contagion” and learn something.

              Keynesian economics is nothing more than a short-term papering over of structural problems that must be fixed to allow commerce to work. We passed the window for that papering-over long before Obama’s second Great Recession started. He had a chance to fix it, and chose to set fire to it instead. Typical SCOAMF move.

              • Nukeman60

                Keynesian economics is nothing more than a short-term papering over of structural problems that must be fixed to allow commerce to work‘ – K-Bob

                Whoa, whoa, whoa. You’re using words that no true liberal could understand. Bring it down to their ‘public educational’ level :

                “Keynesian economics sucks. Bigtime.”

                • And the other economists still have no clue about the crisis, how it happened, or how to get us out of it. Eventually they will get it when they listen to the Keynesians who have been right about the depth, cause and trajectory of the crisis all along.

                • Nukeman60

                  We know exactly how it happened. Just talk to Frank or Dodd, or any of the idiots that created the scenario where people can get Ninja loans (No Income, No Job, or Assets) whereby they buy houses that they cannot afford to own or pay for at any time. That’s what caused the housing bubble. Banks tried to protect themselves from what Congress (Democratic Congress, btw) forced them to do.

                  If you want to know how to get out of it, compare how reagan came out of his recession compared to how Obama attempted to come out of his. Obama’s looks more like Japan, who created a decade long recession from their idiocy.


                  Then compare Obama with the last ten recoveries:


              • False and false. Read this to dispel the false Fannie and Freddie meme.


                The Euro is crumbling from the same housing bubble. They had their own and the bankers are using this as an opportunity to screw the whole continent for their mistake. Note that the country that is rising from the ashes because they told the banks to f*** off is Iceland. The problem in Europe is a regional currency without a regional government. We have ample evidence now that it doesn’t work.

                You have no idea what Keynesian economics is so you had better keep to your talking points.

                • Now you are a mind reader. How does that work, exactly? Do you have to make odd grunting noises and roll your eyes around? Just wondering.

                  Your problem here with this supposed “dispelling” is the same problem leftists always have: math. You can try and try all you want, but giving loans to people who can’t pay them back will always generate the same negative weight on your balance sheet.

                  That’s another problem leftists have. They don’t believe in balance sheets. It’s all spending to them. And I didn’t mention “Fannie and Freddie.” The idiotic law they passed affected all mortgage lenders (you know, those “private” institutions the red-herring attempt in your article tries to blame), which only made it worse than if it HAD been confined to just those two quasi-governmental, make-elite-Democrats-rich institutions. If it had been JUST those two, then Lehmann Brothers might well have survived.

                  Europe has more problems than a housing bubble. Look up LIBOR for some nice bedtime reading. The big banks are in trouble, for the same old reason: the unintended consequences of governments telling them who to lend money to. No surprise they turn to shady means to try and stay afloat. This is nothing more than a preview of what the Insurance companies will be forced into if Obamacare isn’t repealed ab initio.

            • librtifirst

              I will admit that Obama inherited the whole ball of wax, which has been in the works for many decades. I will als “admit” that Obama has broken every promise that he made while campaigning, and has continued the failed policies created over many decades. He has added to them with a laundry list of epic proportion.

              Are you happy with the continuation of the Patriot Act? Are you happy with the NDAA? Are you happy to have a government run health care system that will ultimately shut down quality medical care, and make sure that medical technologies will be stifled? Are you glad that the drug and insurance industry now has a total monopoly because of the new law and the fact that they run the FDA and the USDA? Are you glad that Obama has continued the wars and added to them? Will you be glad when the US is hit with a dirty bomb that will get us into a war with Iran and possibly Russia? Will you be glad when a gallon of milk costs $20?

              Nah. You won’t be glad, but you won’t see Obama as having anything to do with it.

              • Obama hasn’t gone back on every issue he ran on. In fact he has kept a ton of his promises. But I agree he has been very disappointing on the security state.
                Then again, in a down economy with so much money and jobs invested in the security state it’s not a great idea to tear apart the one industry hiring. Of course, they present a huge danger to our wellbeing.

                On the other things, yeah we have monopolies that are corrupting our whole country. The action to fix this has to come from Congress and us. We have the Sherman Anti-Trust Act that Reagan stopped enforcing. But Obama can’t put it back into play unless we demand it. Of course, Fox and the Republicans will be 100% against breaking the monopolies up because the Nixon operative that runs Fox News helped set all this into motion. Don’t think for a second that Obama can do this on his own. He can’t.

                • librtifirst

                  All we have to do to get rid of the monopolies is get government out of funding them, and protecting them with regulation and law. Free markets would destroy these monopolies. Nobody can do business cheaper than a small company that has an even playing ground.

                  Obama railed against the Patriot act and indefinite detention. He went back on that immediately. Obama said “no lobbyists in my administration”, then broke records. He said “get out of the middle east”, then started new wars and followed orders from the UN while ignoring congressional authority. He was against bailing out corporations and banks. (no need to mention the record)

                  Here is a short list via video.

      • butterflybesos9

        there are less government workers currently working than when Bush was in office. This is an easily verified fact that anybody who gave a damn about the truth can look up. Obama didn’t “grow” government. Also the new IRS agents being hired to collect “Obamatax penalties” is another lie that is easily disproven. You probably have a paid subscription to Glenn Beck’s website… and most poor people get no healthcare at all so they’d be happy to get some rather than none. I don’t drink koolaid I prefer Fanta…

    • librtifirst

      Apparently you lack a massive amount of correct information that would be needed to come to any reasonable conclusion on the subjects that you assert into this conversation.

      I don’t have time to educate you, and you won’t listen anyway.

      • I concur with your diagnosis, Doctor. Without extreme intervention, this patient is beyond our help. Too bad we are constrained by the Affordable Patient Care and Destroy Our Children’s Future Act. We’ll have to put him on the “Care Pathway.”

    • Don

      The Czech Prime Minister said, “The United States may survive 4 years of Obama, but can they survive the fools that elected him”. Your opinion is not only a complete lie, it borders on insanity.

      • butterflybesos9

        and the reason anybody would give two s**ts about Czech’s Prime Minister would be??

    • williamm

      You are correct. Obama was able to keep unemployment under 8% since they passed the stimulus bill and he has only failed to do that for 41 consecutive months. Not bad for someone whose only job was as a community organizer that helped force banks to give home loans to people that wouldn’t be able to pay them back. I also want to congratulate Obama for closing GITMO as he promised. I know he will keep his promises for the next 4 years as he did the past 3 1/2 years.

      At least Obama did cut the deficit in half as he promised in this video.

      Job well done Obama.

      Also he did keep his promise on transparency. It’s easy to see through him to understand his real agenda is to fundamentally transform this country into a socialist country.

      I do agree that there are fewer government jobs than before. The economy is so bad that more and more cities that have been forced to go bankrupt.

      That’s OK though. Obama wants more people on food stamps, something he has been very successful doing. In fact that is one of his greatest achievements, something liberals must be proud of.

      I understand you hate for conservatives to repeat the truth about Obama, but get used to it.

      • toongoon

        Hear, hear!

      • butterflybesos9

        You’re insane. If the GOP led states weren’t so happy to shed gov jobs like teachers firefighters etc the unemployment rate WOULD be under 8%. Too bad conservatives are so anti american they’d sabotage the country for their own selfish gain. As far as closing gitmo Obama would be able to but congress removed the funding preventing that from happening. It’s a shame your unbridled hatred keeps you from seeing the truth. None of the things you said had anything to do with the lies Stephen Hayes and Charles Krauthammer spewed on the fact free fauxnews channel

        • williamm

          Wow, a liberal/socialist calling me insane really hurt my feelings. I’m devastated and may never recover from your comment. Oh woe is me. My life is over.
          OK I’m over it now. Life goes on.

          Where do you fools think the money will come from to pay for all these jobs. Your dear Messiah has increased our national debt in 3 1/2 years more than Bush did in 8 and I was very unhappy with him. Something you Liberals can’t comprehend is you can’t keep spending other people’s money. You can be on here trying to spin your crap all you want, but only another liberal is stupid enough to buy it.
          As to congress removing the funding to get out of GITMO, you losers had control of the house and senate for 2 years so try peddling that elsewhere. Maybe on a blog where you will fit in better like SpongeBob Squarepants.

          • butterflybesos9

            so you’re going to vote for a guy who’s budget adds on even MORE debt and explodes the deficit to a bigger degree and that doesn’t factor in the fact he and his neocon buddies will be ass deep in Iran as soon as they can. As far as gitmo and congress goes And you might want to look up how filibusters work and how the republicans have historically abused it to the nations detriment…. But you keep on believing it’s Obama.

            • williamm

              I’d probably vote for even you if it would keep Obama from 4 more years. How can you defend his record ? The senate was filibuster proof long enough to pass the healthcare bill so quit trying to make excuses for Obama. Speaking of filibustering, there were at least 15 bills stalled in the senate around the !st of November 2011 and I doubt if any of them have been acted upon.

              I’ve had enough fun with you but it’s time to move on. Have a great night.

    • c4pfan

      He has too grown Gov! It’s called Obamacare and now Student Loans, etc are taken over by the Gov too!

      • butterflybesos9

        You do realize that Obamacare does use private insurance companies…. and the changes in how student loans are handled saves the US taxpayer over 60 billion dollars. Only folks mad about this are the banks and cons who hate everything Obama.

    • Nukeman60

      Wow. I don’t get to see dancing Unicorns very often. I had to land my flying pig just to get a closer look. Come here, little feller…

  • Romney is perfectly willing to fight, I just think that he is conserving his ammo. We constantly see a frustrated media and a frustrated Obama campaign (they are comparing him to Nixon now, saying he is “secretive”) trying to pin Romney down with specific proposals at the exact moment in every campaign when the news is slow and nobody is paying attention. The middle of the summer. It’s the best month of the year to be doing anything besides worry about politics.

    Once we get past Labor day, Romney will “turn it to 11”. He’s by no means a stupid man. I didn’t vote for him, but I am very confident that he is on a very specific time table as far as the Media is concerned. He knows not to tilt his hand to these people, he got elected in my state, Massachusetts, after all. How surprised were we all by Romney’s “rapid response” team after he basically became the unofficial nominee? I know I was very pleasantly surprised.

    Do not be discouraged, this time of the year has always been known as “the silly season”. Both candidates (Romney much more effectively than Obama the Amateur) want to keep their powder dry until the majority of voters usually start paying attention, after Labor day.

    Obama has never had a serious, difficult election. He ran unopposed for every election until he faced Clinton (which quickly turned into a joke of a Primary after the media fell in love with Obama) and McCain. Romney is no McCain.

    I won’t be nervous until mid-September.

    • p m

      Thanks for the reminder – sure hope you are right.

    • librtifirst

      There is plenty to be nervous about now, and if we wait until September, it will be too late. The convention is prior to that.

    • crosshr

      …a good start half the battle, just saying. Romney don’t have tomorrow, do all he can for today. Obama is not an obonent you get in the ring with for a box match. He comes in for a knock out.Best defense on match is offense.Tyson only got whipped with counter bunch.Romney have to put out his enemy today with all he’s got,or pick up his marbles and go home

  • odin147

    I disagree with the pundits Romney does not have to do anything folks have already tuned the one out this election is over. You will see lot of polls suggesting otherwise, you will see lot of pundits making this a race, none of it is true, it is about ratings for them

    • So true, and Obama is well ahead. Romney is going to need all that SuperPac money because he’s got a bunch of ground to make up and a garbage plan to try to sell.

      • Rshill7

        If failure is the goal, yes, Romney has much too make up for to reach O’.

        • Romney has plenty of failure already. Just look at his Massachusetts record if you want to scare the crap out of yourself.

    • c4pfan

      The problem is that Mitt is a flip flopper like Obama. He panders and has no core, like Obama. That’s an issue.

  • johnos2112

    We got after Romney for not going after Obama earlier in the campaign and he eventually did. I sure hope the trend continues which it will. It is very easy what to point out. Flaten the tax code, cut corporate taxes, reduce regulation, etc.

    • librtifirst

      Romney needs to get ideological. Romney needs to pound on the bowing to Muslims. Romney needs to assert that Obama is a criminal for what he did in Libya. Romney needs to take advantage of the Eric Holder situation and constantly link Obama to it. Romney needs to mention sheriff Opaeo. Romney needs to talk about Obama’s communist background. Romney needs to talk about Obama taking orders from the UN, and call it “treason”. Romney need to talk about Obama’s USDA SWAT teaming small food co-ops and farmers. He needs to categorically go over every Obama campaign speech and list every lie that Obama told.

      Romney won’t do this, because the election will be controlled and decided electronically, and Romney will continue the Obama/Bush agenda.

      • That’s some crazy horses***.

        You know what Romney needs to do? Talk about his alternative. The Ryan plan is garbage and if that’s what he’s going to try to sell to us I’m not interested. If he’s going to continue outsourcing I’m not interested. If he’s continuing free trade I’m not interested. If he’s going to invade Iran as his neocon advisers want, I’m not interested and neither are most of the American people.

        • librtifirst

          I actually agree with much of that. If you hinge much of anything that you think upon continuing something that is non-existent, you will continue to miss the big picture as well.

          There is no free trade in the US.

          • There’s no free trade anywhere but we’re the only country that doesn’t protect it’s labor or it’s businesses from predatory state-run companies, unfair labor practices, or our own multinationals.

            • librtifirst

              Global government is about open borders. Our rulers will once again be 3000 miles away, but this time they have industry and technology.

              It ain’t going to be perdy.

              • I think many people are deluded into thinking NATO is the thing we should worry about when in fact NATO is the most impotent body around. Instead the concern is ruthless multinational corporations and their henchmen. And yes they have technology, a crack private army, and propaganda galore.

                • librtifirst

                  NATO is murdering many people around the world. They are doing the direct bidding of the global government. The US military will be handed over to them when our system collapses, and we go under international law. The new World Armed Forces will be funded by the new world reserve controlled by the IMF.

        • librtifirst

          Here is a list of things that “must” be done to keep our country:

          Create a sovereign currency and phase out the Fed.

          Bring our troops home and put them on the borders.

          Shut down most federal regulatory agencies.

          Repeal the sixteenth amendment.

          Get out of the UN.

          Cancel all treaties with foreign entities and organizations.

          Allow free trade within the US, and let technology and new industries emerge. (based on free trade)

          Get back to creating our own energy.

          Make it illegal for corporations to support political campaigns.

          Split up the President and the Vice President, and make them both separate elected offices.

          Make US senators appointed by the states, rather than having them directly elected.

          Affirm states rights as taking legal precedent over the federal government, except where the feds have real constitutional jurisdiction.

          Return the National Guard to the states and local control. (militias that serve and protect the people from county to county)

          In other words “roll back over one hundred and fifty years of federal power grabbing”.

          • I disagree with much of what you say.

            We need regulation to make sure our drugs and food are safe, our water is safe and to monitor our corporations to make sure they are acting legally. The fact that they have been captured by industry is no reason to get rid of them. It’s a call to fix them.

            We already have free trade within the US. The issue is what to do outside. We need to go back to the principles of Hamilton and the founders regarding trade i.e. protectionism.

            We don’t need to create more of our own energy. Did you know our #1 export is gasoline? True story. We need to focus more on solar and wind and less on fossil fuels.

            I totally do not buy having senators appointed as they used to be. There was a reason why they switched to elections, because the senate was usually stocked with corrupt politicians hand-selected by the local oil/steal/coal magnate.

            Federal power-grabbing is an issue but not in the ways you say. The real issue is corporate control and I want to make it harder, not easier, for corporations to control our government.

            • librtifirst

              Watch this movie, and I think that you will be forced to change your tune on free trade in the US. This is not just one isolated regulatory agency, it is how government operates.

  • sjmom

    So now everyone is complaining about what myself and others have been saying for months. There is still time to get another nominee but nobody will have the chutzpah or the humility to admit their mistake so we are stuck for another 4 years. Thanks GOP

    • Freempg

      I’m hoping and praying for a revolt by the delegates in Tampa.

      • p m

        Careful guys, I got flamed 3 days ago for observing Romney could be doing more than vacationing right now – just like 0zero is. Re the fires, heat and power problems. Mentioned Fehrnstrom too and how he deep-sixed the PPACA Tax gift. Hoped Sarah could still be in play. A few Romneybots were offended and I was told by another regular poster to stifle my dream of a Sarah convention win. What – no dreams allowed in USA, land of dreams??!
        Like both your comments, thanks.

  • Don

    Romney just needs to relax and get ready for after the conventions. The racial hatred and unmitigated class warfare is going to be relentless from the polls and mainstream media as the election nears. It is all the liberals have and is all they have ever had. Without hatred, liberals could not exist. Obama is going down. Why do you think he’s begging for money on every street corner?

  • Jim Botts

    Isn’t it amazing? All of these beltway GOP elites told us over and over again, Romney is the only one who could win. Conservatives said Romney was weak, didn’t under stand conservatism.

    And here we are, 4 months away and the same beltway GOP hacks are all over Romney……for…..wait for it……..being WEAK.

    Krauthammer says Romney should be more ideological? Really? Aren’t conservatives supposed to moderate to appeal to independent voters? That’s the excuse the beltway hacks always use to get their guy nominated.


    • StrangernFiction

      My sentiments exactly. It really is something to behold.

      • Jim Botts

        I’m beginning to believe that many of these so-called “conservative” commentators are really just indirectly paid hacks by the liberal DC establishment. Oh, there is no contract, no money exchanges hands, etc. But, here is how the scheme works.

        These guys are tolerated in DC. They get access to exclusive events, get the prestige of being a columnist in some major beltway oriented news organizations. In exchange, their job is to undermine subtly the conservative movement. Make sure that the second coming of Reagan never happens. In return, they get to exist in DC. Are they popular there, not really, but they do get a piece of the pie.

        John Zigler warned in a column in American Thinker several months ago that some conservative commentators wouldn’t mind an Obama second term. It’s good for business. I don’t pay much attention to Zigler typically, but I’m beginning to wander if he is right.

        Where was this Krauthammer critique during the primaries when we could have nominated a Pawlenty, Cain, or a Perry? During the primary, these beltway hacks told us that Romney had been fully vetted, that there would be no surprises. They told us he was the only guy who would have mass appeal. Romney was the only one who could win.

        And now, NOW, they tell us he isn’t up to the job!

        See, they have successfully thwarted another conservative insurgency, and not they get their DC contract renewed.

  • Gtrjag

    We all remember the vicious, slanderous attacks from Mitt Romney against Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and even Newt Gingrich (who I really can’t stand but the attacks were still over the top). Romney is just like every other big government Republican in that he attacks members of his own party with more vigor than he attacks the left. Maybe it’s because he has more in common with the leftist than he does with the more conservative members of his own party.

  • Joe

    We need a man who can take a punch and get back up and give two punches back

    ——We need a fighter

    ———–We need a podium banger

    —————–We need a leader

    ————————-We need a man to look up to

    ——————————-We need a motivator (like Bill Whittle)

    ————————————–We need a gunslinger

    Romney better step it up and start shooting Obama in the feet to make him dance

    Obama has a horrible record at best – All the RNC ads are good

    BUT the messenger MUST have a good delivery or the message will be wasted

    The campaign staffers are idiots if this is the best they have

    Obama is a street fighter – Romney better cover his crotch with one hand and swing with the other or he will be in pain

    • WestGAFlash

      I think the Marine Corp has a saying: If you find yourself in a fair fight, there’s something wrong with your tactics. Mitt, not my first choice, but I’ll support him none the less, better become a street brawler, and soon. I know he tends to be very cerebral, and with his pedigree and background, it probably fits him. But if he wants to be President of this country in 2012, he and his advisors better get tough. Now.

    • GreenBeretWay

      He needs to borrow some Brass Balls from Allen West.
      Screw bringing a knife to the fight.Bring the big guns.

  • Romney needs to grow a spine . No doubt.

  • Freempg

    Krauthammer says that if Romney can’t make this argument that he doesn’t deserve to win the presidency

    Note to Dr. Krauthammer: Mitt Romney doesn’t deserve to win the presidency? How about this: Mitt Romney does not deserve to win the Republican nomination. Don’t forget, delegates in Tampa still have a say in whether this train wreck happens.

  • wodiej

    could care less what these overpaid pundits have to say. I’ll wait until after the convention to see what the next move should be.

  • c4pfan

    Just tell Romney to pretend Obama is a Republican!

  • detectivedick

    In my opinion, everything Romney has said or done in the campaign has been copied by LIAR Obama down to the sign at the podium. Romney needs a coach to become “real” Romney needs rent a crowd with signs and applause around him. Romney needs to talk about the cost of doing nothing about Obamacare….how much money the “middleclass” will have confiscated in new taxes. Romney needs to connect to radical dots now inside the gate and call the enemy of freedom what it is a “domestic enemy” . Romney we want to outsource the Marxist/Progressive/Liberal/Treasury Raiding Chicago gang of thugs and thieves.
    Mitt you may be no Don Larson but you can be Reggie (Mr. October). BTW, do you need Sarah, Beck and Savage on your smart phone?

  • When should be bring up Romney’s tax returns? He’s only given us one (2010) and an estimate for 2011. Where’s the rest?

    • c4pfan

      When Obama tells the truth about his past.

    • Rshill7

      There you go. Don’t defend…attack! It’s too tough defending abject failure isn’t it?

      Obama has failed by every measurable matrix known to man, hasn’t he? I know, he personally killed Obama, right? What else?

      • No, he’s done quite well considering the opposition he has faced. Let me ask you something. Do you think it’s good for a party to meet on the day the president is sworn in and vow to oppose anything and everything he does? If in order to make a president a one-term president you needed to actively undermine the country? That’s one of the revelations about Republicans in the book Do Not Ask What Good We Do.

        • Rshill7

          You’re a serious, professional sycophant huh? Zero wisdom. No doubt you can find a book or an article to rationalize any number of the most idiotic of things, lies, theories or events. They cause you to believe the most dubious things.

          You should start or join a club called, the willingly ignorant, fools on parades, or obfuscators are us. You could dress like a drum major and lead ’em all into intellectual purgatory, while singing, “we’ve got trouble, right here in river city.”

          My condolences to your offspring, and my condemnation to your mentors.

  • KarlRogue


  • KarlRogue

    Romney is executing his Cast No Shadow strategy to a fare-thee-well.
    They will write about this campaign for decades to come!

  • Kordane

    Charles failed to realise that when you elect a moderate, you get a moderate defence of capitalism and a moderate offense of statism, as opposed to the extremes which would have required someone with actual extreme views, which Charles has long denounced as unelectable.

    Basically, Charles wants his cake and to eat it too.

  • c4pfan

    Here’s a link to the thread from Mark Levin talking about Obama vs Reagan and how Gov getting out of the way is the best way to grow the economy!

  • sybilll

    I don’t know who the hell some of the people in here are that hijacked this thread, but I can’t possibly say it as well as Andrew did, but “if you are not with us, you are on the other side”:
    Some of you chumps have not been paying close enough attention to the Tea Party. Good. Mitt is not our first choice, but mark my word, we are going to kick that Marxist out of his boots in November. Out.Of.His.Boots.

    • badbadlibs

      Breitbart at a young age suddenly dies of a so called “heart attack” while walking late at night, alone. His coroner dies of poisioing the day the report was due to be released and everyone just quietly accepts this?
      I will never understand how Breitbarts and his coroner’s murderes were able to get away with it.
      Breitbart is being betrayed, imo.

      • Nukeman60

        Live in Chicago for a while and you will understand how it’s done.

      • nibblesyble

        crap, I didn’y know about the coroner..I got chills.

        • Nukeman60

          Not only was Breitbart’s death a little suspicious (the witness said his skin color was a ‘bright red’, when heart attack victims usually have a blue color) and his coroner died of suspected poisoning (hours before autopsy reports were to be released), but the witness disappeared as well (it’s not sure at this time whether he’s in hiding or what). It gets curiouser and curiouser.

          At the CPAC three weeks before his death, Breitbart claimed to have video of Obama and Ayers planning revolution. Later, it was claimed that the Derrick Bell video was what he was talking about (however, it was said that the Bell video was only part of what he had).

          I suspect that the ‘[email protected]’ video will be released just prior to the election and then we can watch the fireworks erupt.

          • nibblesyble

            Thanks Nuke for clarifying…my chills have multiplied. God Save us.

            • Nukeman60

              Sorry to bring a downer to the table, but the bright spot will be that video release just before the election. Wait for it, Breitbart is still watching over us. 🙂

              • nibblesyble

                I look forward to it….

              • nibblesyble

                I was thinkiing about this on and off last night and into this day, and I recall something; remember when I was sulking(my word) about how I wished I hadn’t gotten so deeply into this process, and that it would have been better not to know the difference between a Newt and a Mitt? If you don’t, I understand it was a few months back. You chided me in only the way you can Nuke, you more or less told me it would be a sort of cowardice to stick my head in the sand, and that by knowing…… things can begin to change around me because I would be sharing what I know. This fits as well, my first reaction was I wished I didn’t know about this, but later I became galvanized and started to tell what I knew on other sites, to family and friends. It may not change what happened, but it should not be swept under the rug, and it gives people an idea just who is on the other side and why our side should prevail. My many thanks Nuke for that and for not allowing me to be ‘comfortable’ in my knowledge.

                • Nukeman60

                  “The truth, along with God’s grace, will set us free.”

                  Kudos to you. Seeking the truth is never an easy path, whatever that truth might be.

          • badbadlibs

            There is no way on God’s green earth do I think that man died of a heart attack. What I don’t get is why are those who surrounded him being so quiet? If this had happened to another voice on the right, Breitbart would have pursued it to the end. He was fearless, why aren’t those who surrounded him the same? Who exactly is keeping breitbart dot com running and as if he never existed!?!?! (okay, I’m aware you don’t have the answers, just venting here 😉
            Whoever did this has to be of the utmost powerful and fearful! Someone has put the fear of hell into those who knew Breitbart.

            • Nukeman60

              I feel your frustration and pain. It’s very difficult. Conspiracy theories can be easily dismissed, as people say he had a pre-existing heart condition, therefore it’s probably ‘natural causes’. But if I were sinister and insidious, I would use that and make whatever I did look like a ‘natural’ heart attack. There are ways.

              There are those that have not given up on this, just like there are those that haven’t given up on Obama’s eligibility. It’s interesting to note that those who took over for Breitbart do not believe Obama is ineligible, either. We will see.

              What brings things to my attention the most is how people dismiss the irregularities without a single question of why. It’s things like that which get me to investigating. Some people say concentrate on the election. Don’t bother with such things as this. I, for one, ran a Nuclear Power Plant control room for 20 years (with hundreds of systems and thousands of dials/switches/alarms). I can chew gum and walk at the same time. This is not so hard, so the investigations go on.

              • WordsFailMe

                You’re first clue is when it walks like a duck. How can we inculcate skepticism in the young?

                I remember wanting to stand up and cheer with the Chinese economy students laughed out loud at Tim Geithner’s pronouncements when he addressed an audience in China.

              • badbadlibs

                I totally agree why it’s so curious….where are the questions???? It’s like it never happened!
                No doubt you can chew gum and keep a nuccelar plant running smoothly at the same time….wow, very impressive.

                • Nukeman60

                  Just remember, I never said it wouldn’t blow up. I do glow in the dark, after all. Makes it so I don’t need a night light. 🙂

        • badbadlibs

          News to me too….how is this and why is this being kept so quiet…..

    • Nukeman60

      Bravo, sybilll. I’m with you. We’re just beginning to fight. As the song goes, “Hot town, summer in the city. Back of my neck gettin’ burnt and gritty.” Let’s roll.

      • sybilll

        Thanks Nuke. Bush’s spending pissed me off; Santelli said what I was thinking; the Tea Party gave me a voice; and Andrew’s message and his citizen journalists empowered me. I’m not going down without a fight.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    I like the Kraut. I’ve tempered on him a bit over the last year (I think he’s made some missteps), but lemme offer up some advice in case he’s reading: maybe Romney can’t make the case because he doesn’t believe it. By his own admission, Romney’s a Progressive; he’s as much about governmental experimentation as is Showbama. For that reason, he can’t MAKE the argument stick.

  • WordsFailMe

    When Romney goes on the offensive, he will not be able to let up. If he jumps in to early, he could blow the momentum.

    We’re at about round 4 in a 12 round, championship match and Obama’s still got wind, energy and knees. Let the black guy keep throwing smoke, puffing, dancing and showboating, landing nothing and easily, with little effort simply deflect the better jabs and stay just out of range for 3 or 4 more rounds.

    When it’ round 8 and Chicago’ “Scum Bag Express” see’s he hasn’t done any damage, then you simply stop backing up and and begin to counter punch. Everyone knows the the black guy in this fight is famous for his trash talk before the fight but basically, he’s a coward, a weakling, he hasn’t trained for this fight and he has no right hand.

    I think Romney’s strategy is right and his timing will be good. Remember how he took out Gingrich in Iowa and Gingrich never laid a single glove on him. I think Krauthammer’s all wet on this one.

    Krauthammer talks like he got something personal against the black guy. A fighter gets emotional about his opponent, he loses. Let’s wait till the end of July and see how the campaign donations stack up against each other.

    “Dance Barry, dance! But you’re a better bobber than a weaver.”

    • Rshill7


    • marketcomp

      W, I hope your right! I also believe that this is a strategy.

  • Krauthammer is starting to get on my nerves the same way Bill Kristol does.

  • kong1967

    I completely disagree. Yeah, Romney needs to lay out the facts and remind everyone, but what’s this about convincing people? Are you kidding me? If you can’t see that Obama is destroying this country already you’re a class A moron and you can’t be reached anyway.

    • KarlRogue

      to displace an incumbent President, you have to make an affirmative case for yourself. Obama sucks won’t be enough.

      Voters may very well agree with us that Obama sucks, but if they think Romney sucks, or is weird or whatever, a lot of them will just stay home.

      • kong1967

        Lol, I almost disagree with that because Obama is so bad that I’d almost be willing to allow Bill Clinton back into office. But, yeah, I agree with you.

        However, that’s not what Kraut said. He said Romney has to convince everyone that Obama sucks (the economy is Obama’s fault). If someone believes this is Romney’s fault for outsourcing jobs 10 years ago they are dumber than a box of rocks. Ok, maybe Romney needs to address this to account for the stupid people. I’d make a joke out of it and mock how stupid Obama’s accusation is. I just can’t believe people don’t laugh in Obama’s face. His finger pointing is ludicrous and his arguments are about as strong as a wet piece of toilet paper. How are people that stupid?

        • p m

          According to Alinksy, whose rules we should be using against the left, ridicule is the most powerful weapon.
          Laugh in 0zero’s face is right. Ridicule him back to the hell he came from.

          • kong1967

            Yeah, before he brings the rest of his hell to this country.

    • WordsFailMe

      There is no way to “convince” a liberal, we all know that. His appeal should be to reason and strength.

      • kong1967

        I find solace in these facts….

        I don’t know of any conservatives that will cross over and vote for Obama. I think most who claim they won’t vote for Romney will vote for him in the end because they know how important it is to get Obama out in order to kill the Marxist movement.

        I also know of a lot of Democrats who won’t vote for Obama because he completely misled them on where he was taking the country. Many of them might vote for Romney, but a great deal of them won’t bother to go vote.

        In short, we have the enthusiasm on our side and the difference could be so large that Romney could win huge. Polls are meaningless because they don’t (and can’t) factor in how many people will show up.

        • WordsFailMe

          Just let boy prince, the Alderman pimp, keep jabbering. Like a serial killer, he cannot stop. There is no satiety for his paranoia and desire for vengeance.

          Watching Obama will become like watching a snake being boiled alive.

          • kong1967

            I can’t wait to see his reaction to the public after he loses. Priceless.

            • WordsFailMe

              Count on Valerie “Little Alien” Jarret standing beside him LOL

              • kong1967

                She’ll throw him under the bus and start grooming her next commie bastard.

  • blena

    Hey Charles if anyone needs to be convinced that Obama wrecked the economy they will not vote for Romney period

  • deTocqueville1

    But Dr. K was wrong when he said there was the 2010 win without charismatic leadership. Two words: Sarah Palin!

    • NoMoreMeh

      Disqus while I am at TRS is not letting me click “Like” for your comment, so I am “Liking” this way.


    Krauthammer is ABSOLUTELY correct as far as I am concerned. Romney must get tougher on all the issues or we could be facing a disater in November.

  • nibblesyble

    I know this sounds like sour grapes..probably because it is, but where the heck was he when we were fighting NOT to have Romney as the nominee?? Now, he says Romney needs to figure it out lest he not deserve the White House! He nor anybody should have to school Romney on the basics..bad economy= Obama..nuff said.

  • marketcomp

    Well, this is exactly what we were afraid of, my friends. Romney not being ideological enough! Like so many have already said, Romney needs to think of Barack Obama as say Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich in how he blasted them constantly, negatively, in every primary State! Hell, just make-up lies and distort Barack Obama, like he did Newt Gingrich. Except in this case he wouldn’t have to lie because there is so much there he can have a field day with Barack Obama and his lies. Come On Romney, we are waiting for you to unleash on this lying SOB, Barack Obama! Come on, you can do it! If you need some ideas just take a look at RS everyday, we have plenty of ideas!

    • nibblesyble

      Amen..tell it!

  • Jean_A

    Romney can’t make the case because he did the same thing in MA. Hopefully for VP he will pick a governor that can make that case.

    Romney is so much like Obama on certain things that it is scary.

    • p m

      Remember how he left his successor to appoint judges to the Mass. bench vacancies? Good Lord…

  • KarlRogue

    John Boehner’s comments about Romney’s inability to make himself attractive to voters are hilarious, in a We’re Doomed sort of way.

  • I think Mr. Krauthammer must read the comments here at TheRightScoop. Didn’t a few of us say something similar recently? Yes, we did. I know I did.

    BUT, and here’s a big ‘but,’ a huge difference exists between me or someone else saying it here in the comments section of a great website, and some major “conservative” pundit saying it on your nation-wide cable teevee. It creates a wet-blanket effect that makes it harder for Romney to make his case. (This wet-blanket conservatism is something that the folks at NRO specialize in, especially Ramesh Ponnuru–an otherwise excellent conservative who just can’t help throwing bones to the other side.)

    We don’t need that. Not now.

    After November, sure. But this tendency for the Republican intelligentsia to pretend to aloof critique of their own man is nothing more than a play for attention for themselves, taking it directly from the candidate. It’s cheap-shot punditry, and we don’t need that.

    • WordsFailMe

      For Emphasis only– WET-BLANKET CONSERVATISM- Save it for late November

      • Heh.

        I used to send notes about this problem into NRO. Never heard from any of them.

        (I was respectful. But truthful.)

    • p m

      Totally agree about Ponnuru – not so sure he is even a conservative, sorry. He’s one of many reasons I don’t read NRO or take its editors seriously (even after getting suckered for another year of subscription last year…!)
      NRO trashed every primary candidate except Romney and used his scummy tactics to denigrate the rest of the field. Now Romney won’t use his conservative-damning antics aginst the only one who ever deserved them, 0zero.
      It would be nice to think he’s just waiting to get out the big guns after Labour Day – but why the wait? There’s enough material to keep his campaign going for at least a year. As long as he gets rid of etch-a-sketch Fehrnstrom. What a maroon.

      • Ponnuru is a real, hardcore pro-life advocate. I really can’t say where he stands on all the issues, but I know he has the respect of people like Mark Levin.

        But man, he’s always playing the “well, let’s be realists here, and take a look at how terrible we really are,” game.

        You know, my favorite songs of all time all have places I would live to fix in them. The best art ever painted has spots the painter couldn’t get just right. Batters don’t bat 1.000. So why focus only on the bad stuff?

        I’ll never understand Republicans.

  • Redford1974

    I admire and respect Dr K. But he’s way over the top on this issue. Nobody is watching politics right now other than us political junkies. Hell, half of the country can’t tell you the name of current VP. People vote with their wallets..and yes we all have less cash

    Romney defeats Obama..period.

    • socon

      Romney brown-nosing hack.

      • Redford1974

        You must drink blue koolaid.

        • socon

          You’re delusional, loser, and Romney looks like a bumbling fool. lol

          • KenInMontana

            Good bye trollkin.

            • nibblesyble


          • Redford1974

            You have to drink kool-aid to allow ‘pundits’ sway your opinion.

            Obama loses, you will have to work…..LOL I can’t wait

            • SOCALGIRL1

              if Obama wins you are to blame. Along with all the other clown-car Romney RINOs.
              Get a job.

            • SOCALGIRL1

              if Obama wins you are to blame. Along with all the other clown-car Romney RINOs.
              Get a job.

            • SOCALGIRL1

              if Obama wins you are to blame. Along with all the other clown-car Romney RINOs.
              Get a job.

  • carolinelouise

    SANTORUM FOLKS? Santorum would have been far better.. Santorum had courage and didn;t give a rats arse… Rick told it like it was and slammed obama all during the primary…… AND Rick Santorum had NO TIES TO ROMNEYCARE OR OBANACARE WHATSOEVER!

    Santorum had guts and he would have been all over Obama by now….. Rick was brave and went BOLD, just like Scott in Wisconcin is telling Romney to do.. Scott Waker told Romney—-GO BOLD!

  • lanahi

    Discus moved.

  • Jay

    Obama’s not a nice guy nor is he in over his head. He’s trying to overwhem the economy to bring about “fundamental change” which means a socialistic government. Romney needs to get this message across to the sheeple who have been brainwashed by O’s lapdog media. He’s been a success at everything else he’s done, let’s hope he doesn’t fork this up.

  • Charles, where were you during the primary debates? I know you were listening, and I couldn’t understand your preference for Romney back then. Oh yes, I could tell – you subtly dissed everybody else. You could have shown some enthusiasm for Newt or Rick Perry but no, you went for odorless, colorless, tasteless Mitt Romney. NOW you complain?

    I have the greatest respect for Charles Krauthammer’s opinions. I think he’s one of the smartest people around. I also respect Romney’s smarts, and I suppose I should view this as Charles’ giving Romney campaign pointers. But I just have to remind Charles: this is the man you wanted over all the rest.

  • If the only thing Romney has is platitudes for the people, that isn’t a winning strategy.

    People want to see someone who is a fighter (newt/West) that can STAND on ALL the issues.

    People need to start facing the fact that an open convention IS going to happen. Romney has too many issues that he’s been on the wrong side of, and don’t think that Obama is going to sit back and not put all of that on display. Healthcare, gay marriage, abortion and gun control to name a few. Romney has been for those issues while Governor.

    Also another thing that hasn’t been mentioned is Romney’s religion. It will be on full display mark my words. There is plenty to be found on Mitt Romney and it isn’t pretty.

  • Charles has a good point. Romney is not forceful enough just like McCain who lost because he wanted to be a gentleman. There is no room for that in this tumultuous election. Romney must get his message out more forcefully.

  • dierardo

    Krauthammer is right on target …
    For the life of me, an 80 yr old Bay Stater: ( = 1/3 the life of this great Republic:) this is my third time around with the Mittster ..I had to first
    suffer thru his style of nothing-burger public pronouncements: first, vs Conan the Barbarian Kennedy for senator ’94: then Jane (Not so Swift: ) for Governor in ’02.

    Then followed his MA vanguard of the liberty-destroying insanity of homosexual marriage and health-care social stat-ism; the ultimate replacements of liberty with licence.

    Now, the cadres of the,”New Left of Chicago’68″etc, after several decades of subverting national civic institutions, destroying the Black community sub- culture. education, mortgage markets and the rule of law, these cadres of the,”New Left of Chicago’68”, and Hil & Bill’s Woodstock etc, are fronting another smiling toothsome,”Joker” incubus from the academic swamps of K-PHD and Chicago’s hellish precincts. Amazing are the bio-waif similarities of, “Dad Deficiencies in both of these boy presidents.

    Only this B(arak) is going for the big Marxist enchilada with armies of appropriately ignorant street rabble,” Occupiers.”

    What’s scary is Romney’s apparent unwillingness or inability to see his campaign as a task of economic and freedom education: how to bury the rotting corpse of zombie Keynes via the crosshairs of Friedman, Hayek and Von Mises. And, on avoiding the inevitable totalitarianism of a collective,”Social Justice” and already visible oppressive regime.

    Certainly Mitt is capable of educating on the nature of the basic economic cycle: investment – means of production – distribution sales – P&L etc. so that profits can be seen for their vital role to perpetuate the life and jobs of the firm.

    BTW there is no ,”nice guy with bad ideas”, in Obama.

    In classic rabble rouser tradition, he daily spews a long litany of, “Evildoers” which by now has included all of America except himself and his equally corrupt Atty. General and his dog, Bo.

    With little likely remedy from the upcoming election, the people’s course of action should be to follow the thoughts of patriots Sowell, Williams West….and, “The Great One” to build grass roots support for an act of, “Constitutional Nullification”, led by our state governors.

    Perhaps thus we can restore to the nation of my childhood the nearly lost qualities of virtue, Integrity and prudence……


    • p m

      Well said, dierardo

    • WordsFailMe

      Sometime the best way to clean up a mess left by ignorant savages is to start with a wet mop.

      After the floor is dry, then bring on the electric polisher.

  • Aw shucks, guys. Romneys are on vaca in New Hampshire. Pawlenty says Romney is going to come out swinging, after vacation.

    Our country is on death’s doorstop – Mitt doesn’t seem to get it. WE ARE SCREWED !

  • meilin622

  • GreenBeretWay


  • GreenBeretWay


  • GreenBeretWay