Kristin Davis: A Serious Contender for NY Governor?

I say: Yes.

With libertarianism on the rise, Kristin Davis might be just the person to exemplify the strong political force in that movement. Maximum liberty is key in this election season. The growth of government, debt escalating everyday, and big brother watching our every move, has pushed people to explore a political party that takes liberty seriously. Conservatives are in the midst of a crux here: either the GOP comes over to our side, or people will explore other options outside the two party system like it or not.

A man who has resurrected libertarianism and talk of the constitution is Ron Paul. Glenn Beck has now popularized it with his new television show on Fox News and John Stossel smartly demonstrates the advantages of libertarianism in politics and our everyday lives.

But one segment of the libertarian movement is to legalize marijuana and prostitution. Just check and they will give you reason enough why their positions are right while conservatives can give you reasons why the aforementioned should not be legalized.

One person who is running on those two libertarian positions as well as cutting taxes, reduce spending, legalizing gay marriage, and making New York a prosperous state, is former Madame, Kristin Davis. She is famous for being a madame and setting up her clients with Eliot Spitzer and baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez.

She announced yesterday:

“I am the only candidate who is not part of the corrupt and dysfunctional system of New York State politics… My ideas may seem radical, but with a [huge] deficit we need radical solutions.”

Most of you will laugh, and ignore her as a senseless bimbo looking for attention. However, she is not as dumb as you think. She hired powerhouse political strategist Roger Stone, a man who is credited for revitalizing Richard Nixon’s image and getting him elected to the presidency, as well as helping the likes of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush win their presidencies. If you are seeking a man to help you run for a position in politics and win, Stone is your guy.

Last night, Davis appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to discuss her run for the governorship:

She can also be a spoiler for republican candidate Rick Lazio. With libertarianism on the rise, will Davis be a candidate to take seriously? What do you think?

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