Kristin Davis: A Serious Contender for NY Governor?

I say: Yes.

With libertarianism on the rise, Kristin Davis might be just the person to exemplify the strong political force in that movement. Maximum liberty is key in this election season. The growth of government, debt escalating everyday, and big brother watching our every move, has pushed people to explore a political party that takes liberty seriously. Conservatives are in the midst of a crux here: either the GOP comes over to our side, or people will explore other options outside the two party system like it or not.

A man who has resurrected libertarianism and talk of the constitution is Ron Paul. Glenn Beck has now popularized it with his new television show on Fox News and John Stossel smartly demonstrates the advantages of libertarianism in politics and our everyday lives.

But one segment of the libertarian movement is to legalize marijuana and prostitution. Just check and they will give you reason enough why their positions are right while conservatives can give you reasons why the aforementioned should not be legalized.

One person who is running on those two libertarian positions as well as cutting taxes, reduce spending, legalizing gay marriage, and making New York a prosperous state, is former Madame, Kristin Davis. She is famous for being a madame and setting up her clients with Eliot Spitzer and baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez.

She announced yesterday:

“I am the only candidate who is not part of the corrupt and dysfunctional system of New York State politics… My ideas may seem radical, but with a [huge] deficit we need radical solutions.”

Most of you will laugh, and ignore her as a senseless bimbo looking for attention. However, she is not as dumb as you think. She hired powerhouse political strategist Roger Stone, a man who is credited for revitalizing Richard Nixon’s image and getting him elected to the presidency, as well as helping the likes of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush win their presidencies. If you are seeking a man to help you run for a position in politics and win, Stone is your guy.

Last night, Davis appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to discuss her run for the governorship:

She can also be a spoiler for republican candidate Rick Lazio. With libertarianism on the rise, will Davis be a candidate to take seriously? What do you think?

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  • pambas

    This one made my week !!

    But why not ? California elected English deficient, steroid laden, drug taking Governator ? Why not a Madame for New York ?

    The thing that may get her elected is the conservative bashing because of her Madame job, who is completly clueless and Hannity was lost

    She is not dumb looking a la Palin or inconsequent a la Ron Paul and dodged the question about heroine pretty well … while RP would have got right in the trap

    But her tax marijuana/hookers thing is kind of damn akward, NY doesn't need more revenue, but LESS SPENDING

  • AmericanMomma

    this is sad how bad we want to get back to our founding roots, but are we desperate enough to choose a candidate with that kind of a past? What about character and morals? Is that the best we can find to fight for limited gov't and restoring honor back into our political system? I think it's an opportunist trying to say what Americans want to hear right now with everything going on.

  • Tyler

    Alright, guys. Hear this take from someone who scored 100% Libertarian…I'm FULL BLOWN on this as far. On other words, I FULLY AGREE with this woman on EVERYTHING she said.

    I've done EXTENSIVE research on BOTH marijuana AND prostitution. BOTH of these if they were legalized could raise revenue AND REDUCE CRIMES.

    There should be NO VICTIMLESS crimes in the books PERIOD…so I would go EVEN FURTHER than she did…as in psychedellics should be included in the legalized/taxed drugs.

    She DID say cut spending and I beleive that she MAY or MAY NOT do that as well.

    Now…do I believe that SHE should be the governor?


    After all that prop-up, I'll explain it to you in the SIMPLEST possible way WHY.

    She's a WHORE. Now, after saying that prostitution SHOULD BE LEGAL, WHY would THAT be my reason?

    SIMPLE. If she's WILLING to HAVE SEX WITH ANYONE for MONEY…then WHAT ELSE will she do for money? She may not have special interests RIGHT NOW, but I'm sure that can be changed REAL quickly for the RIGHT PRICE.

  • Tyler

    I don't know if I've ever heard Ron Paul talk about other drugs besides pot.

  • Tyler

    Heck…I'D run for office if I lived in New York. Thank God I DON'T though.

  • jackieadragna

    What is wrong with this lady what about her past? Why are you judging her like this. What about character and morals? What makes you think she has no morals and she has character, Please let is all get off our high horses what about the morals and character of the middle aged men who have been running this country in the ground? This lady owes no one and has not special interest except for the people she has no reason to lie and she has nothing to lose. How many politicians can say this lets be honest they are all corrupt if they weren't we would not be in the situation we are in. What ever happened to the sister hood. Do you know women still only make 70 cents to every dollar a man makes. Is this is the equal rights you want? There is nothing wrong with legalizing and regulating prostitution it would make it safe for the wives at home who have husbands who cheat. BY regulating it it will stop the spread of disease and lets be honest men are not going to stop it is the oldest profession and there will always be a demand as long as men have a libido. Also why is the prostitute the one being held responsible its time the men are held responsible for their actions and where are their morals they are the ones cheating.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to fix what the men running this states have broken.
    I think its time for someone new and different and how much worse could she do. Look at what is going on now.

    This is what we need. Let go of your purist views and open up your mind to someone who actually cares.

  • jackieadragna

    What about the men running the state now using your money to get laid? She has money she does not need any more. And if she did she knows how to make it instead of taking bribes like all the other politicians in office.

    So narrow minded what are all the men who go to visit her they too are whores. Bigger whores and cheats.

    I say legalize it all. Let people make thier own choices if they want to get high. The prescription drugs is what is klilling our children not the drugs on the street lets stop the drug companies they are the real drug dealers.

    Labels is this what is all about. It sounds like your intinmidated by the woman.

  • jackieadragna

    New York is one the best cities in the world. Just curious where are you from? Undera rock.

  • jackieadragna

    This guy interviewing her is not very bright and sounds like he is intimidated by her. I wonder if he would talk to a man like this. Who is he anyway?

  • pambas

    Hannity tried to be get on high horse and ended up being completly ridiculous, since the Madame wasn't impressed

    He is the jerk who sabotaged Ron Paul interviews just because He desagree with him, I'm glad He this time was reveled the weak baby he is trying to play the 1750 puritain

  • Tyler

    I figured SOMEBODY would take that the wrong way. I'm just not a fan of places where there are lots of people. I don't even go to parties unless I know MOST of the poeple there already. Places like New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, and just about any other huge city with a larger population than MY ENTIRE STATE packed into one small area…they're more like VACATION spots to ME. I'll go to New York on vacation, but there is too much crime for me to be willing to LIVE there.

  • Tyler

    Nah. Not me. Personally, I'd probably choose her OVER THE OTHERS. I just simply made the point of her being a whore because of the willing to do anything for the right price. Yes…the guys who came before her were too and I RESPECT that she's OPEN about it at least. It'd just be nice to find someone who has the same ideas, but ISN'T a whore. That's all.

  • Tyler

    Yeah. Morality is more of a PROBLEM amongst conservatives in TODAY'S era over all else. How many of these HIGH DEFICIT bills have THEY voted for solely because it was “the right thing to do?” I even LIKE Hannity too. He was at least FAIR with his questioning even though he doesn't agree with the prostitution thing. It was kind of funny to see someone put him in his place on that one though. “Um…uh…well…I don't agree with you.” HAHA!!

  • AmericanMomma

    Um, let me see, what’s wrong with this ladies’ past? She has no remorse for her actions? The fact that she had no shame in braking the law. Why is she not being prosecuted for solicitation? Why isn’t Elliot being fired and jailed for keeping her in business. Where’s the investigation to find the other men involved? I’m not excusing either party. She claims to be completely separate from the corrupt system of politicians. And by her own shameless admission she helped in that corruption by supplying her services and creating a business out of that corruption. Her reason? Without demand there would be no supply. What kind of excuse is that? How does that exempt her from the law. Doesn’t that sound familiar? If the senate and congress don’t pass cap and trade the EPA will. LET EPA do it then. Don’t take any part in it just because someone else is willing and going to do it anyways. And do you really think she had the special interest of the people in mind when she was helping those husbands cheat on their wives, politician or otherwise? She wants to make the industry legal in order to tax it. Why would a business person want more taxes for her bread and butter? Why didn’t one of the biggest tobacco companies stand in outrage to the new taxes and regulations of their industry? Because they had a seat at the table setting those regulations and it would knock out their competition, making it easier for them to make more money. Could that not be her “special interest?” Where are the American peoples’ interest in there? Other than of course the scumbags that would love to stop playing Russian roulette getting an STD with the prostitutes they sleep with. Keep it illegal and there is an incentive to not do it because they’re scared of the chance of getting STDs, or getting caught and going to jail. You need the consequences for bad choices and regulation would take that away because then it would be the business’s fault and they would be blamed for the person’s choice. And how does regulating the industry supposed to help me as a wife feel safer from my cheating husband? Dump the jerk!! I have a right to leave my husband for cheating. I also have the choice to be careful in whom I marry to make sure that he’s an honorable man and wouldn’t cheat on me, that we would work out our problems together like adults before it got to that point. And women scream equal rights but then complain to have things made easier for them because they’re women in the next breath. The military and Fire Dept are good examples. They have a whole separate set of physical requirements. For the Pt requirements Men have to run 2 miles in under 15min, women? 18.5 min. that doesn’t touch the pushups and sit ups, it’s the same for the Fireman requirements. Does that seem equal to you? Who do you want to be running to save your LIFE when in a life or death environment? I believe in equal rights but make it equal, don’t complain that it’s too hard to compete on a man’s level and then demand to make it equal by making women the exception. Isn’t letting go of our “purist views” and excusing scumbag politicians what got us into this mess in the first place? America needs much much better people to lead our nation back to what our Founding Fathers intended.

  • Tyler

    As someone who actually bought the services of a prostitute (legal in 3rd world countries and I'm NOT proud of it), I can say that they REQUIRE CONDOM USE, so your argument of STDs falls to the floor.

    You used tobacco companies to compare her “special interest.” You sort of lost me with THAT one. Pot's illegal, but that doesn't stop people from getting it anyway.

    In the case of prostitution, you're placing an unnecessary stigma on it. As far as husbands and wives…if one of you is gonna cheat on the other…it'll happen REGARDLESS of whether there's a legal brothel to purchase the sex at or whether you go to a bar and pick somebody up there.

    Keeping it illegal ISN'T HELPING ANYTHING.

    You say regulating won't help. Just think about what happens if a PROSTITUTE is BEATEN and/or RAPED…say a client insists on hitting it “raw dog” instead of condom use. That lady CAN'T go to the police because her prostitution is ILLEGAL. She ISN'T PROTECTED under the law. If her PIMP or MADAM decides to TAKE MORE from her…she can't go to the police against them because her prostitution is ILLEGAL.

    If prostitution is legalized and taxed, NOT ONLY would it raise revenue…it would PROTECT THE WORKING WOMEN. Oh…might I add that it would LOWER UNEMPLOYMENT since it's considered a REAL JOB now.

    Like I said…I think SHE'S not the ideal candidate, but her IDEAS are GREAT.

    I'd choose her before the rest JUST FOR THAT truthfully.