Larry King Live: Tea Party founder David Webb smacks down NAACP President Ben Jealous

Wow, this is awesome. David Webb points out the hypocrisy of the NAACP in a very effective manner:

I would add that just condemning it on TV or some easy venue like that isn’t enough. You want to condemn the Tea Party with a resolution? Then we need a resolution from the NAACP condemning the hateful violent racist rhetoric from the New Black Panthers.

Also, for your pleasure, another clip from Larry King Live where Ben Stein and Dana Loesh take on a couple of liberal losers who see racism everywhere:

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  • Robert

    I went to the NAACP website and some are slurring the President, but it’s not across-the-board racial slurs. Actually one is calling him the “long legged mack Daddy” I can’t remember the minister who cals him that, but I suppose they would say he is an “UncleTom”

  • Getting tired of typing this crap, anyways, i went to the naacp website and i saw no signs that were across-the-board rascist. What I saw were signs demeaning the President and or his policies. As a matter of fact one sign called President Obama the long legged mack daddy, which is a term that a minister uses of the Pres. and that minister is what they might call an Uncle Tom. So anyway to demean a pres is sorta childish no matter which pres you are talkin about. As far as the King one, I wanna know how much they pay to go and say stupid things and interrupt and be rude on his show, maybe i could get a gig there. Both sides were just springer type talking heads.

  • I liked the clips- It bugs me that they are using unsubstantiated claims of racism during the health care ordeal as their main argument. Media has already deemed them facts and now the history is re-written.

    Also, how could anyone argue about gun carrying people carrying every day, but then they should not carry to a rally. Some people are clueless about middle America.

    Side note- My Safari browser has been slowed to a crawl on this web site since earlier this week. Since yesterday it has been crashing as soon as I get to the site, but it seems to access fine from my other browsers. It works sometimes and sometimes not…..don't know if there are any changes that were made to the site, but I hope the issue gets cleared up.

  • mine is slow gettin on here also, I use Explorer 8. I just figgered it was server capacity.

  • I had doubled the posts on the front page from 10 to 20. I've backed it down again to 10. Let me know if that makes a difference.

  • I had doubled the posts on the front page from 10 to 20. I've backed it down again to 10. Let me know if that makes a difference.

  • Gateway Pundit has posted the exhange on Larry King between Dana Loesch and the others too. I commented that while I believed Dana made her case well, and stuck to facts, she made herself look hypocritical by interrupting after she'd just admonished another commentator for interrupting her.

  • Seems to be working- I'll check it out on my other computer later to see if it's better there too. The other computer is older and was having problems more often and I got a memory error on it.

    Thanks TRS

  • And I know they just updated Safari to 5, so it could solve a problem or create one.

  • I reported the glitch- I have updated it to 5 and neither 4 or 5 have been better than previous releases- both slowed things down, but 5 is marginally better than 4.

  • So sick and tired of them continuing to push the N word allegations from the Health Care debacle. No video has surfaced, and there is one way of reading what they say that would mean the N word was blurted out 225 times (15 times by 15 people in some accounts), if that was the case the video would have surfaced within a day and someone would have claimed their reward. I love how in the Larry King clip they conveniently leave out the fact that the man that was carrying a rifle at a rally was a black man, but then again they probably only watch the news that conveniently cropped the video to not show that fact. I applaud Mr Webb for pointing out the massive hypocrisy when it comes to Mr Shabbaz, it would have been nice if the video included the NAACP squirming out of that one.

  • rockman

    Unless I am missing something, isn't this like the pot calling the kettle black. The NAACP is in all reality, in my opinion as a Native American, about as racial as a group can get. They just don't seem to get it. In today's world it seems that the most racist ones are the ones calling someone racist. Again in my opinion, this whole scenerio is a good case in point.

    Personally, I think Rodney King was right when he said “Can't we all just get along”. If organizations like the NAACP, CAIR and all the others who seemingly have to resort to using race to make an issue would just grow up and start going about their daily business without resorting to name calling, again in my opinon, maybe we all could get the race thing behind us and really act like God's people. Everyone different but we are all the same and should act accordingly.

  • Josie

    Great show. I worry that there will be more agressive planted protesters at future rallies. We need to be smart and have a plan. Either all signs are brought by one approved group and predetermined what will be allowed or not allow any signs at all. Many still believe TP's are about race division. Of course they don't bother to look for themselves.

  • Totally frightening, the ugliness, vitriol and outright idiocy of these leftists is beyond belief

  • That all you got NAACP? Just looney tunes rhetoric? Get a life and stop hiding behind the boogey man that is not there. You are disabling your race!!

  • Absolutely no problem with the Mozilla Firefox browser. I had problems with Explorer 8 at a lot of sites. A friend turned me on to Firefox and I haven't had a problem anywhere since. I highly recommend it.

  • KimberlyAE

    I (heart) Dana Loesch, she's one of my favorite Mamma Grizzlies!

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  • If they are brought by one group then the media crushes the Tea Party on the claiming it isn't grassroot. A small group should look from the stands and through the crowds for any offensive signs. One thing I am very afraid of is people being planted with racist signs.

    On another note I am getting real sick of the race card being thrown around. I learned in my argument and debate class that race is thrown in when a person has no other legitimate points to argue.

  • Josie

    Yes Frank, I agree with your comments. That is why I think controlled signage needs to happen. A group looking through the crowd may or may not spot an unwanted poster and could be too late to spot before it gets picked up by the media. They don't show or report the good stuff only what they can pick to make us look bad. There are many rallies comming up in the next few months and getting close to elections and they are going to get dirty and ugly.

  • Frankmathews

    david webb is a joke he is the weak link of the tea party he looks overwhelmed on larry king live you can tell he is out of his leaque.