Latest update on Israel’s Pillar of Defense against Gaza

No ground operation has begun yet but the rocket fire from Gaza persists as Israel pounds Gaza destroying more of their military infrastructure. According to Fox News a rocket was fired from Hamas into the skies of Tel Aviv this morning but it was destroyed by the Iron Dome system which now has a rating of 85% success rate. Also, it ignores rockets headed into unpopulated areas.

Fortunately no more Israelis have been killed by these rockets however I believe some have been wounded.

Watch below:

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  • SpikeT

    I Pray the IRON DOME endures.

  • orthodoxyordeath

    Watching Bibi talk about Israel’s defense makes me jealous of a country with a real leader.

    • M_J_S

      Israel is going to f–ck them up!

      • white531

        We don’t like blatant profanity here, but your sentiment is correct.

      • Sorry M_J_S. I had to.

    • stage9

      You can’t be a punk when you’re nearest neighbors want to destroy you. Obama wouldn’t last a day.

      Check that, Obama would probably hand over the Jewish people to hamas without a fight.

      • orthodoxyordeath

        The Jewish people wouldn’t have re-elected Obama. He would have been impeached in his first term.

        • stage9

          yeah, really.

        • white531

          When you are surrounded by enemies, you get one chance to show you are a leader. Israel does not suffer idiots.

      • white531

        Even if one of them was his Mother.

    • Bibi might say:
      “if rockets don’t stop, do you, Palestinians, remember, say, Nagasaki?”
      Have you seen Mecca and Medina? Last chance today”.

      Those cowards only understand FORCE and POWER.

    • white531

      Oh, hell yes! I would be ecstatic with Benjamin Netanyahu as President of the United States.

    • badbadlibs

      I agree completely.

  • I would take Netanyahu over our recent crop of Republican candidates for president in a heartbeat.

  • Israel…. do me a favor and

    KICK THEIR @$$!!

  • 80s_kid_wants_rainbow_back

    Sucks to be Palestinian…you’re raised to hate and then your leaders get you killed. They’ve managed to murder three Israelis and in the process have gotten 45 of themselves killed in retaliation. Brilliant….

    • PovrlaChasse

      There are many cases in Lebannon and in Gaza where the terrorists themselves will massacre their own people for a photo op to blame on Israel, and the more women and children the better. They are all honored to be martyrs of Allah, therefore there is no crime.

      Sucks to be a Palestinian? Hell yeah it does. Not only will your leader ‘get you killed’, but they are just as likely to kill you themselves if it serves their purpose.

      • white531

        Because they have no respect for life. They will kill their own daughter, because she looked at a boy her own age.

        Here’s the edit: How sick is that.

      • 80s_kid_wants_rainbow_back

        Its disgusting and sad. I hope to high heaven this barbaric mentality along with sharia never takes over the US.

    • white531

      I believe the worst is yet to come. From the six day war, I seem to remember a long line of burned out Egyptian tanks.

  • Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

    • white531

      The people of Jerusalem have peace in their hearts. They just don’t have it in their lives.

      Regardless, they are closer to God than we are. May God bless them in this fight that is coming. Lives will be lost on both sides. That part is inevitable. Pray they win.

      I wish we could help them. I wish we had a President who wanted to help them. I wish a lot of things these days.

  • SKL53

    Israel will make CREAMED SOUP of ALL HAMAS…HEZBOLLAH…EL FATAH…IRAN…AND EGYPT MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only Obama has NOT come to Israel’s defense! Why because he is NOT a friend to the JEWISH NATION! He can go play GOLF!!!

    • white531

      You stole my thunder, SKL. I was just about to say the same thing. He will be there to help, just as soon as he finishes his next round of golf.

      • DCGere

        Obozo will only show up there if a photo-op is involved.

    • Suzyqpie

      A family member, who is a retired Army officer and veteran of Gulf War I, said that the problem with the Egyptian army is that it is full of Egyptians. I can see where that could present challenges.

  • sjmom

    Why would Israel trust a cease fire plan brokered by Egypt and Turkey? Neither country is on Israel’s side.

  • PicklePlants

    I don’t mean to be crass, but all of this Iron Dome action is helping to perfect the system, which may be needed some day here in the US, or in US bases on foreign soil.

  • Sandra123456

    Israel needs more space. Maybe they should invade and take over Egypt and expand their country.

  • Patriot077

    This article is by Reza Kahlili a former Iran Revolutionary Guard, and he indicates that Iran has furnished chemical and microbial weapons to Hezbollah. Also Quds forces are in Gaza and elsewhere to help Hamas … My apologies if someone else has posted previously. I haven’t been able to go through all the comments for the past couple days.

  • colliemum

    Two interesting and telling points on the British MSM reporting about Israel and Gaza:

    * on the ‘live blog’ by the BBC, there’s this:
    “Jon Donnison BBC News tweets: Large long range rocket just fired now from center of #Gaza in direction of Tel Aviv. Sirens now in Tel aviv”
    Link: (dunno if this’ll work outside the UK)
    This of course doesn’t get any mention, instead there’s continued reporting (if you can call it that) about the ‘humanitarian crisis’ in Gaza, and the stress etc – no word about what is going on in Israel.

    * here’s an interesting report in the DT, showing that at least one of the victims in Gaza was not killed by Israeli shelling, but by a malfunctioning Hamas rocket:

    Nowhere in the corrupt MSM are hacks/reporters following up on these news. It is all about the bad Israelis shelling the poor Hamasians.

    I am so sick of these shills.

  • Kordane

    Israel just needs to level the whole Gaza strip to dust. I don’t give a damn about civilian casualties. Those people elected Hamas, and for that they should pay the ultimate price.

  • colliemum

    Further to the story about the child in Gaza – not killed by the IDF:

    How can these ‘reporters’, these hacks, live with themselves, telling lie after lie after lie?