Laura Ingraham pushes back against NBC’s poor reporting

Another strong woman tells the truth on NBC! Laura Ingraham was interview by Matt Lauer and she started in immediately on the poor reporting that attempts to brand Sarah Palin and the Tea Parties as violent hate mongers. Lauer tries to play the “the angry rhetoric is on both sides” card, but Laura is quick to point out that the only time they report on this is when the right is being accused of inspiring violence. via

I guess I have two heros today. That reminds me, that with Beck off this week, you should listen to Laura Ingraham from 9am to 12 every day.

UPDATE: Corrected MSNBC to NBC. It’s all the same company, but for accuracy’s sake, thanks Monster.

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  • I had no idea that TODAY was on MSNBC.

  • I love the fact that you only ever comment when you want to make a correction 😉

    It's all the same company.

  • The downfall of the US should be laid at the feet of the treasonous and corrupt media.

    They have become pure evil in my option with their refusal to do their jobs. The way they have refused to defend the Constitution but instead have become a tool AGAINST THE PEOPLE simply needs to be held accountable.

    If there is ever a revolution the media should be the first ones in the Guillotine.