Laura Ingraham resorts to the stupidest strawman fallacy to defend TRUMP

I used to respect Laura Ingraham, I really did, but lately with her unbelievably cultish Trumpism, it’s hard to hold her in any esteem at all.

I’ll give you a very quick, very obvious example.

Here she is explaining how dumb the “Never Trump” movement is, and how a hypothetical proves it, because Erick Erickson says he wouldn’t vote for a Trump/Cruz ticket.

Watch below:

I mean seriously. I have to explain this?


Here’s what a strawman fallacy argument is – when you make up a fake argument and pretend it’s your opponent’s main argument in order to knock it down and make yourself look smart and right.

And that’s exactly what Ingraham does here. She pretends as if the only reason anyone could possibly be against Trump is that they want a “perfect candidate” and the only evidence she offers of that is her smug smirking condescension. The argument she’s ignoring because it’s a good one, is that we are against Trump because we actually believe in conservative principles and we’re not willing to sell out to a some cheeto-faced two-bit toupee’d con man totalitarian just to “win.” Because what does it matter to “win” if you have abandoned and betrayed all of your principles to do it? Apparently Ingraham is happy to do it with a glassy-eyed idiot’s smile.

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