Lawrence O’Donnell goes Nuts when interviewing Marc Thiessen

I’ve posted the entire interview here for your viewing pleasure, but you’ll see pretty quickly how vitriolic and biased O’Donnell gets when firing off questions at Thiessen. In fact, O’Donnell’s saving grace here is that Joe Scarborough went to commercial and reined him in. Otherwise it might have ended up like this.

Watch till the end though to see O’Donnell throw his character assassination lineup of questions at Thiessen. Seriously, I wonder if there is a question about hating GW Bush on the application to work at MSNBC.


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  • Tyler

    My thoughts on this are way to go, Marc. Way to keep composure, bro.

  • Jeff

    O’Donnell… grasping at straws, like others from the left when they can't use logic, reason, and statistics to defend their points.

    Thiessen was as solid as a rock!

  • Andrew K.

    Ugh its ridiculous to see lawrence personally attacking marc. It disgusts me that liberals like him always have to attack people personally. What does him growing up in a wealthier family have to dowith anything!? Lawrence's arguments the whole time were childish and hate filled. My dog could go on that show and produce a better argument than that.

  • Hmmm… how does the the priviledged son of a wealthy attorney, born in Boston, educated at Harvard, love the terrorists so much! O'Freako is a self-hating American, and is possibly the biggest bigot in America today.

  • Thank you Right Scoop for putting up all this great content!!

  • Tyler

    The ONLY thing I CAN'T and WILL NOT agree with the right folks on is THIS.

    I DO agree that we NEED to be TOUGHER on terrorists…but extending the Patriot Act and domestic wire tapping (which Obama did BEFORE the underwear bomber), building FEMA “emergency camps,” and allowing the NSA to monitor our internet searches?

    I think they can TOUGHEN UP…WITHOUT the extra power to INVADE PRIVACY.

    I will NEVER be able to agree with that nor should ANY American who loves their Constitutional freedoms.

    I'll quote Benjamin Franklin here, “Those who would give up liberty for security deserver neither.”

    I think that sums it up pretty well if you ask me. FEAR is NO way to live and the government SURE LOVES when these types of things happen because it's all an excuse to give themselves more power.

    I think Obama was SMARTER with this underwear bomber thing because it APPEARS to be a WEAKNESS.

    I am going to PREDICT this for you guys. Obama's administration will SUDDENLY “TOUGHEN UP” and start imposing ALL KINDS of stuff giving them WAY more power than ever before.

    This will be ALL in the name of “fighting terror.”

    I DO agree with Mark that we need to be tougher. The question is HOW and I don't believe we need to ALLOW GOVERNMENT INTRUSION just to do that.

    Sorry, guys. I know this doesn't really have much to do with the interview, but I get fired up when I see what's happening to us.

  • Wow. It was like the libs claim O'Reilly is except without all the ratings.

    So O’Donnell got to sit there for, what, five minutes and think about what he was going to say at the end and all he could come up with was ad hom attacks? You know you've lost the argument when that's all you can come up with after all of that time to think.

    Last, are those two really trying to say that President Bush should have come up with a “high level interrogation force” in the eight months that he had been president and somehow avoided 9/11, or are they saying that President Clinton dropped the ball by not having one in place already? And how, in any way, does the idea that the Bush administration wasn't ready for 9/11 have anything to do with what President Obama is doing now? Since Bush was “unprepared” then it's okay for Obama to be unprepared too? I simply don't understand that.

  • bigred9091

    I think this is a good example of a few things. Every administration, as far back as one wants to look, has had things happen to which the other party can point and say, “See, see, see.” : Reagan/bombing in Lebanon, Carter/Iran hostages (besides just being Carter, Nixon/I'm sure there was something, Kennedy/Bay of Pigs, etc… Most of what I'm seeing right now is just finger pointing, name calling, and little kids running around the playground pulling each other's pig tails and pushing each other down. I like what Marc Thiessen has to say. I really like that the illustration on his book cover could be the trailing wingtips, back end, and contrails of a B-52, a plane that can deliver a world of hurt and my second favorite plane of all time – right behind the SR-71. Why couldn't the title of his book be “Protecting The Country – What We Need To Do To Keep Our Citizens Safe”? He wouldn't have to change a thing in his book. Why can't we make the people who want to kill us the “other guys”? If something doesn't change, the people who want to kill us won't have to do anything. They'll just be able to walk in and pick up the pieces.

    @Tyler – I am right there with you. All of this stuff happening could be a set-up for a power grab. With more taxes, more government programs (expansion of welfare benefits, extension of unemployment benefits), more government control (healthcare, banks, car companies, corporations) and now “for the security of the country we're going to monitor your phone calls, email, written correspondence, and what you say in public – and to keep you safe from crime, we're going to put a camera on every corner.” Some of these things are already going. Newspeak is getting more prevalent. Can Big Brother (or something worse) be that far away?

  • Tyler

    I think Orson Well's 1984 novel should be TESTAMENT to REINCARNATION. I think MAYBE NOSTRADAMUS was reborn as Wells. I mean…WOW, dude. All you have to do is look at Great Britain right now and you'll see what will very likely become us sooner than we think if this isn't stopped in its tracks.

  • bigred9091

    Tyler, Chicago has had cameras on more that a few corners for a while. So far, there has always been a flashing blue light by a camera so everyone at least knew it was there. In the last few weeks the Mayor has begun talking about wanting a massive expansion of cameras in the city, but this time he wants them in secret locations. A few months ago (June 2009 maybe??) The Economist (can you believe it?) had a great article on all the cameras around the UK. There was a decidedly negative aspect to the article. If we were to stop and think about it, I think most people would be shocked at how much of our day to day lives are being recording now: parking lots and the interiors of retail stores, malls, schools, government buildings, and banks; streets and intersections (in addition to red-light cameras). It's already here. Now it is just a matter of how much worse it is going to get.

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