Leader of the Tunisian Islamist party: Islamists to eventually dominate Arab world

The Leader of the Tunisian Islamist and Muslim Brotherhood connected Ennhada party is predicting that before too long the Arab world will be dominated by Islamists, and he wants to form ‘coalitions’ with the secular movements to make that happen. But he’s definitely not interested in governing with secular groups, he just wants to use them to give Islamist the upper hand:

DAILY STAR – The leader of the Tunisian Islamist party that rose to power after the first Arab Spring uprising last year said this week that Islamist movements would eventually emerge triumphant throughout the Arab world after a difficult transition period.

Rached al-Ghannouchi, whose Ennahda party governs with two junior leftist partners, said secular groups should join forces with Islamists to manage the first phase after autocratic rulers were removed.

But in the end, Islam will be the “reference point”.

“The Arab world is going through a transition phase which needs coalitions to govern, which brings together Islamist and secular trends,” Ghannouchi said in an interview during a trip to London where he spoke at Chatham House.

“These coalitions will lead to eventual rapprochement between the Islamists and the secularists.”

However, he added Islamists would have the upper hand.

“There’s a true way that Islam represents the common ground for everyone … Eventually Islam becomes a reference point for everyone,” he said.

Ennahda is accused by liberals of sympathy with puritanical Salafis, concerns exacerbated by a video that surfaced last month in which Ghannouchi is heard discussing which parts of the state are now in Islamist hands and how Salafis should spread their influence further.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – a movement affiliated to Ennahda – is locked in conflict with secular forces who fear the new Islamist President Mohammed Mursi and his Brotherhood backers want to impose their vision on society.

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is also the strongest force in the opposition that hopes to take over in the country if President Bashar al-Assad is ousted by rebels in what has become a bloody civil war that has claimed some 40,000 lives.

The Brotherhood-linked groups, which include the Hamas group that rules the Palestinian Gaza Strip, are backed by Qatar and its influential television network Al Jazeera.

The Gulf Arab state has played a pivotal role in supporting protests and armed rebellions that have ousted rulers in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Yemen, who all cast themselves to one degree or another as protectors of Arab secularism.

Islamist movements say they will return Arab societies to more authentic values that were distorted by colonialism and excessive Western influence.

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  • Philo Beddoe

    Oh great.

    ANOTHER worthless slimeball just crawled out from under a middle eastern rock

  • Typical Islamist logic. Replace those nasty “autocratic rulers” with even more autocratic mullahs wielding Sharia Law like a knife. Yup, that sure is “progress.” These people make me ill. And they wonder why the rest of the world hates them.

    • bobemakk

      Blame it all on Obama, for his bowing down to these slimeballs. If he keeps on doing this, we will be dominated by Islamists as well. I recently drove through my old neighborhood in Queens, NY and on every other corner there is a mosque. Sickening.

  • It’s shaping up to be a very interesting year. Whether one believes in Bible prophecies or not, we all know where this is going. Personally I’m glad I believe in the Bible, so I can be assured of how it all ends.

    Come soon Lord Jesus.

    • Gtrjag

      Very true. If wasn’t for the word of God we would not have much to hope for.

    • It’s great knowing the end, isn’t it? The hard part is everything in between now and then that must happen. If the last generation started when Israel became a nation again, then we only have 20 or 30 years maximum. We are very close to having world government and a world currency. Russia and China are drawing lines in the sand.

      Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

      • I agree librtifriend. I pray for strength and courage for all of us as we wait for His return. It’s hard to see so much bad stuff, and it’s only going to get worse until Jesus makes things right. But He is our hope and we need to try and give the same hope to others.

        Have a Blessed day my friend!

  • Rocco11

    Obama’s Caliphate…

  • Yazz55

    Welcome to the arab spring.
    Inspired by the obamessiah apology tour.

  • sjmom

    What is so astounding in this is there are secularists who will agree with this ignoramus and then complain when they’re heads are about to be placed on the chopping block. It is no wonder Jesus compared people to sheep. Geeesh!!!!!!!!!!

    • colliemum

      Gonna jump in here:
      Jesus did not ‘compare’ people to sheep. The image of the Good Shepherd who looks after his flock is straight from the OT (which Jesus knew inside out), and depicts the King (the shepherd) who has the duty to look after his people, all of them (the sheep).
      As Jesus is King, so we are His people, His flock, His ‘sheep’, and He looks after us and cares for every single one, especially the one who goes astray. And like a good shepherd who defends his flock, He defends us even unto His death.

      It is only in our Western world view that we think this comparison is denigrating, because we think sheep are stupid (they are most definitely not!). That’s why so many atheists love using this image because they think we should be offended to be compared to sheep.

      So no, these secularists aren’t sheep. If you want to compare them to an animal, compare them to ants, who follow the chemical scent trail of their leaders without deviating from it, no matter what. Put an ant on the rim of a pot, and watch it crawling round and round and round, following its own scent trail. It’ll never just crawl down and get off that pot.

      Sorry – but the image of the sheep and their Kingly Shepherd is very beautiful, very ancient, full of meaning, and I try and explain this whenever this crops up.

      • MiketheMarine

        And why we, warriors, love the comparison to the sheep dog willing to die defending the flock. The comparison is accurate and beautiful, IMHO.

        Though, lets not forget that I, myself, prefer to be considered a wolf gone rogue. Rather than preying on the sheep I kill the predator wolves, hopefully, before a selfless sheep dog is forced to give his life in that fight.


    ..one comforting thought for all of us to ponder on with a cup of Christmas cheer during the Holiday Season is that we are protected from these ‘ISLAMO NAZIS SCUMBAGS’ with ‘DEAR LEADER Mao Obama PART II’ who I am sure will stand up and ‘BOW DOWN’ to these self appointed Tyrannical Dictators . Giving us comfort that they will leave us Christians and Jews alone to live in Harmony and Peace with our Muslim Brother(HOOD) .

    I THINK NOT the sooner we call a spade a spade the better ,

    ISLAM = EVIL = SLAVERY = ENEMY !” (exclamation point)

  • Sober_Thinking

    Oh how nice… all the Muslim scum of the Earth is uniting! Wow… after they develop their secret handshake and password to get into their clubhouse… I wonder who they will want to shake down and pick on? Hmmm… who will they bully? I wonder who that will be…

  • colliemum

    Sounds lovely, doesn’t it … until one realises that islam has two sects – sunni and shiite – who are killing each other incessantly, without any outside help.

    Give it a year of ‘muslim brotherhood’, and then watch them at each others’ throats. Iraq, Pakistan are good and current examples.

    • MiketheMarine

      Just imagine if everytime an American man proposed to a woman and she said “no”, he killed her for it. Wouldn’t that make this just a lovely world to live in?

      • colliemum


        Mind – I think the American woman would shoot him on the spot. If she was a real American woman that is, who packed heat.

        • MiketheMarine

          I agree with every word, my canine lovin’ lady.

  • 911Infidel

    Not so fast there sparky. Do you really think that the real Itah is going to give Satan free reign over the earth in perpetuity? Not likely. There’s so much left to be done yet. Like a little ol battle that we like to call Armededdon. where all you maniacs are crushed like a bug.

    Jesu said the meek will inherit the earth. Islam will only inherit the whirlwind. So, have a nice day Satan-boy…while you can…Spike the ball if you want to. But the game ain’t over yet by a long shot. Its only half-time…there slick.

  • If the US and UN have their way, they will for sure. We always leave oppressive regimes behind.