LEAKED DOCUMENTS: Russia told Syria to shoot down Turkish plane in June, kill pilots

Looks like Walid and Ted Shoebat were right, that Turkey is one of the countries aiding the rebels and Assad shot down the plane to investigate this ‘purported support’:

TIMES OF ISRAEL – Contrary to previous reports, the two pilots of a Turkish F-4 Phantom which was shot down by Syria in June were not killed in the crash, but were murdered by the Assad regime on Russian orders, according to a devastating series of alleged Syrian intelligence documents leaked to and published by Al-Arabiya on Saturday.

A file “sent from [President Bashar] Assad’s palace,” said the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya,” conveys and thus apparently approves a Russian suggestion to “eliminate” the pilots in the “natural way.”

Syria had claimed that the plane was downed by accident, and at one point asserted that it had believed the plane was Israeli — hence the need to down it.

The leaked paperwork purports to show that the pilots were captured by Syrian Air Force Intelligence forces after their plane was shot down “in coordination with the Russian naval base in Tartus” on June 22, according to a document sent directly from Assad’s office to that of Syrian Special Operations Unit head Brig. Hassan Abdel Rahman. …

According to the files, Assad’s government officially requested that the two men be investigated concerning Ankara’s purported support for the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the main force of anti-Assad rebels. In the documents, Assad warned that Turkey would face grave repercussions if it were to act aggressively against Damascus — not least by utilizing the Kurdistan’s Workers Party (PKK), mobilized with Syrian help.

A plan to transfer the two pilots to Lebanon, where they would be placed in the custody of Hezbollah, was reportedly also considered; however, the documents indicate that their fate was quickly sealed — with Russia’s helping hand.

According to Al-Arabiya: “A subsequently leaked file, also sent from the presidential palace and addressed to all heads of units of the Syrian foreign intelligence, reads: ‘Based on information and guidance from the Russian leadership comes a need to eliminate the two Turkish pilots detained by the Special Operations Unit in a natural way and their bodies need to be returned to the crash site in international waters.’”

The Russians, the leaks indicate, suggested that the Syrian government quickly issue a formal apology to its counterpart in Ankara for shooting down the plane — a recommendation the Assad regime followed.

The June 22 incident strained Turkish-Syrian relations amid heightened tension over Damascus’s use of violence against civilians in the now 19-month civil war.


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  • Casus Belli

  • RocklinConservative

    “The Russians, the leaks indicate, suggested that the Syrian government quickly issue a formal apology to its counterpart in Ankara …”

    So when the MB President of Egypt comes out 3 days after the embassy riots and condemns what happens, we are seriously suppose to believe anything that comes out their mouths???? They KNOW what they need to do and say to look innocent and sincere to us. Please people… DON’T believe anything they say except what their manifest tells us they believe and what they say to their own people when they think we aren’t listening.

    • your right on! an even more believable is we should take to heart what they say to their people when they know we are listening! They do not hide their intentions.
      only Obama does, ie Chris S.9.11.2012.

      Tea Part Patriot / Tea Express

  • Let all of the Muslim factions slaughter each other like they’ve been doing for centuries. It’s just fewer of them we’ll have to fight after Iran gets a nuclear weapon. The only thing that matters in Syria are the chemical weapons and keeping tabs on them. But, whoever “wins” in Syria, won’t make much of a difference to the United States. Either side will hate us. Either Assad (certainly no friend of the United States) will stay in power, or some radical Islamist salafists will take over, and they REALLY hate us. So I say let them kill each other. We only have to make sure the chemical weapons don’t leave Syria. And we should make that crystal clear to everyone involved in that mess.

  • 911Infidel

    There are two coalitions at odds here: The group that is fighting the FSA is led by Iran and Russia. The war against the FSA is being directed by those two governments.

    On the other side of the battlefield, we have the FSA, AQ, various foreign hajis, Turkey and Saudi in cooperation in one way form or another with the FSA.

    Not surprising that Putey’s bullyboyz would do a shoot-down. They didn’t have any problem with KAL 007 either. KGB, DRG, Putin? What’s the diff?

    If the FSA ever wins, and I were a Russian, I’d run real fast back to Putey’s Russia.

    There is no good outcome in this war. You got a ruthless dictator vs a ruthless Islamist dictatorship. Let them kill each other.

    Look for more reports like this. They will be published and shown in bits and pieces for the next month on Arabic TV.

    • kong1967

      “Let them kill each other.” — 911Infidel

      Sounds like a plan. (Sounds good to me).

      • 911Infidel


  • cheezwhizz

    I’m confused.
    The Turkish Cardigan ( who also funded and caused the anti-Israel flotilla) , who is phone buddies with Odiablo ,
    sent in his planes to violate Syrian airspace,
    and the Syrians shot them down.
    Now we are being told that Syria should not have done this because why exactly ?
    Because Putin is supporting Assad
    because Cardigan is Odiablo’s buddy ?

    • kong1967

      I know. As far as I’m concerned they had a right to shoot down the plane. We would have done the same.

      I don’t have any sympathy for the rebels being killed. Most of them aren’t even Syrian, and they’re worse than the brutality of Assad… and they are killing Christians. Assad protects Christians, rebels kill them.

    • Spartan4Palin

      I didn’t see your post before I wrote mine! Apparently we (along with everyone else here) understand foreign policy better than our illustrious leaders do?

  • jaybenson

    Alien life forms came to Earth and left faster than they came. Why? They realized how screwed up we are as a race and decided it would be easier to let us kill ourselves in a few decades than to try and eradicate us all themselves. They’re sitting back waiting for a flash of light in the sky after which they’ll come down, cleanse the atmosphere of the nuclear waste, and begin colonizing.

    Them there some smart aliens.

    • kong1967

      I used to work with a guy that really believes that aliens are walking amongst us, and not the illegal Mexican kind. Technology is too advanced for it to be done by us, he said. On break outside, he jumped up and said “did you see that?! Three streaks went across the sky and disappeared into nowhere!” He jumped up another time and walked towards an oncoming light. A few seconds later he walked back to the table and said “oh, it’s just a helicopter”.

      True story.

      • jaybenson

        You should ask him if he has ever had a “probing” experience. 🙂

        • kong1967

          Lol, I’m sure he has. I’m sure he was a little surprised when he realized that Obama’s hands were on his shoulders (from behind) at the time.

          He is a nutcase liberal. He is worse than most.

      • Jay

        I’ve seen UFO’s a number of times, even after I quit taking drugs. I’ve watched a few off those shows though and it seems like the best they can do is still “unidentified.”

        • kong1967

          I’ve seen UFO’s, too, but not once did I ever believe they were from outer space. Someone knows what they are….like our military. They are surely ours.

  • Can someone explain to me why we don’t give foreign aid to Mexico and Canada, those are our only two neighbors who we should worry about giving aid to and Eastern Europe. Lets get the fugg out of the Middle East, let them police themselves. Protect our home front from foreign attacks by strengthening those around us and using all that money for foreign aid to Egypt for missile defense systems all through our coasts.

    That essentially gives us energy independence since Mexico and Canada both have enough raw materials to help us and offer great shielding and backing for prevented attacks

    • because our politicians are retarded.

    • Maybe that is what Univision is hoping for, that, by doing the msm’s “job” for them, they can do their little bit to try to get Romney into the WH, in the hopes that he will try to help them realize their own economic development with a little help? Whatever their reasons, I hope that their exposé hit the web with an English version.

    • Jay

      Mexico and Canada benifit from being among our largest trading partners and our military strength. And while we get much of our raw material, especially oil, from them we have enough oil, gas and coal here to become independent if the environazis would just get out of the way.

  • Spartan4Palin

    I wonder how that ‘reset’ button policy will go over during the push back? Someone is gunna have to take a side here? Because Obama really likes Erdogan and bowing to the Saudi prince. Hillary really likes Russia. And Bill really likes Saudi money? Oh boy, I gotta go get the popcorn!

    • freenca

      Call ’em like ya see ’em Spartan!! I see it the same!

  • Spartan4Palin

    Oh and one more thing,,,,,,,hahahahahahaha it’s gunna be an interesting week for Oblamo. I can’t wait to see the Telemundo story tomorrow on their Fast and Furious investigation!

    One can only pray that God has decided He has seen enough of this and is intervening!

    • Jay

      0 could lose a lot of the Hispanic vote if the MMSM (Mexican Main Stream Media) turns against him.

  • Well if there’s any news outlet you can trust unquestioningly, especially good red-blooded American conservatives and former Bush Administration officials, it’s Al-Arabiya. They would never lie about Russians, would they?

  • freenca

    I live in an area that many Armenians settled into in the last century. Our government still won’t even recognize the Armenian holocaust ever happened 100 years ago. Why? I really didn’t know much about it until the last 30 years or so, and have since read up on it. It Was Real and Knowing some of the Escapees has changed my thinking And my LIFE! The Turks have YET to come to terms with it.

  • sjmom

    I doubt Turkey will let this slide. We could end up with a Middle East war that Israel sits out.

  • JoelDick

    In other news, Reese Witherspoon had a baby boy. Don’t forget to vote Obama…

    • Marky_D

      Lol, yep. Worth rushing out during the ad break of “I’m a celebrities brother in the jungle on ice” for that one!

  • Watchman74

    I’m amazed Turkey has been so quiet about it, if it were Israel that shot it down they would be outraged.

  • mathewsjw

    explains who bombed the Syrian Intelligence Chief in meeting with members of Assad’s cabinet…

  • Yazz55

    Hmmm…if we could get the Turks & Syrians into a war with each other….I don’t think I’d object. Seems like it would get the muslims worldwide all riled up in a sunni vs shiite showdown.

    And on a more personal perspective, as an American born Jewish guy now living in northern Israel, if they’re busy shootin’ at each other…they’re too busy to bother us. And I aint gonna complain ’bout that.

  • Yazz55

    This kind of has overtones of the cold war. Syria, a Russian client and Turkey who is a NATO member and alleged ally of the west. Turkey does fly US made aircraft. This could get interesting if it heats up. That in turn brings in Syria’s other main ally and checkbook, Iran. Maybe, (if we get lucky) this could turn into a sunni vs shiite showdown.

    • AlabamaPatriot2

      Wouldn’t it be great if the two sides just annihilated each other? What could go wrong?

  • Leading From Behind…

  • TJinNJ

    Obamaladen’s good buddy is Turkey’s Islamic ruler Erdogan…dots connected…which means both are helping al-Qaeda. Turkey has their own Islamist supremacist version called Gulen, whose leader lives in Pennsylvania and is spreading Islamic brainwashing via Charter schools right here in the USA. Check out RINO Gov Crispy Creme Christie and his backing of “charter schools” as well as Islamists…





    Does that mean Romney was right about Russia??? Yes. Let’s see the media report that

  • TJinNJ

    What Barry said in “Audacity of …
    “Of course, not all my conversations in immigrant communities follow this easy pattern. In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans, for example, have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. They have been reminded that the history of immigration in this country has a dark underbelly; they need specific assurances that their citizenship really means something, that America has learned the right lessons from the Japanese internments during World War II, and that I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    What he meant was…
    I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

    9/11’s Aftermath of Lethal Tolerance
    The President, Barack Hussein Obama, is the son of a Muslim father he venerates even though he deserted and divorced his mother. He became the step-son of another Muslim his mother married, spent four years growing up in Indonesia surrounded by Muslims, until he was returned to the United States to be raised by his grandparents. While growing up in Hawaii he was mentored by a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA and during his college years, a close friend was a Pakistani with whom he traveled to that nation.

    In “Audacity of Hope” he wrote, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    One wonders how long it will take for the vast body of evidence that a war is being waged by Muslims around the world against those they scorn as “unbelievers” and against whom Islam calls for “a holy war.”

    Recent reports from the Middle East indicate that, over the past five years, scores of Christians living in Egypt were murdered and that women and children are being abducted, tortured, raped, and forced to convert to Islam; 550 cases have been documented. The tiny Christian community in the Hamas-run Gaza strip is under siege. In Indonesia, Muslim protesters forced a church to shut down during Sunday worship. Name the nation, Iran, Lebanon, Kenya, Kuwait, Turkey, and what emerges is a consistent pattern, one that mirrors the way Islam was spread by terror and conquest since the seventh century.

    Post 9/11 is testimony to a suicidal tolerance that ignores the message left by the ruins of the Twin Towers, the attack on the Pentagon, and the deaths of more than 3,000 innocent people on the airlines and in those buildings who were deemed the enemies of Islam for no other reason than being Americans, for being “infidels.”

    It is a fearful prospect that a nuclear mushroom cloud could rise over Israel and, in all likelihood, over New York and other U.S. cities if we do not end this foolish “tolerance” that preys on an American value we hold dear and which may well doom more Americans.

    The official policy of two administrations has been to pretend that Islam is not the enemy. The Obama administration went so far as to tell NASA that its new mission was Muslim outreach. And Islam is reaching back, but not in gratitude for ridding Iraq of Saddam Hussein or protecting Afghanis against the Taliban. The hatred of America, of Christians, Jews, and all other faiths is costing lives every day.

    The lesson of 9/11 is that Islam cannot be tolerated.


  • Putin, former (?) KGB leader is another “piece loving” thug.
    Most international “incidents” are directed by him.

  • 1tootall

    I’m confused,… Was this before or after Hillary’s “reset”??? Or did she have the wrong button to push? There must be a misunderstanding here somewhere.

  • 12grace

    Turkey and Russia are countries that are prophesied to attack Israel in End Times.