Levin blasts Boehner’s Balanced Budget Amendment

Boehner has come up with a Balanced Budget Amendment that doesn’t cap federal spending as a percentage of GDP or require a supermajority to raise taxes, which means as spending rises, tax increases will be allowed to pay for it with a normal majority.

And for that reason Levin absolutely doesn’t support it:

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  • Boehner is a waste..he is part of the problem…

  • Anonymous

    I knew this was coming and was waiting to hear this…Boehner wasn’t available for comment, but was available for cocktails.

    • Anonymous

      It this point of incredible slush going on in DC, I think I will head to the bar too, maybe that is the way to deal with the coming reality

      • Anonymous

        You’re tellin’ me! This is why we HAVE. TO. HAVE. a conservative in the White House.

        Can you imagine Boehner, McConnell, and Romney together? At that point it would be time to start organizing revolts.

        • Anonymous

          would probably lead to a 2016 re-obama vote

          cry me a river johhny, if the job is too tough step down.

  • Dax

    Who wants to lose all their money to me betting that this is Boehner’s last rodeo?

    • I’ll take that bet— It’s foolish to think they accept the tea party as the new groupthink. They would like us to believe the battle is over (Tucker Carlson), but it is far from…..before they elections they would like to have us pretend that we’ve already won so we drop our guard. Don’t buy it.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone watched 60 Minutes last Sunday? Boehner was one of the US Congress members that dabbed into insider trading. He bought health care stocks just days before legislation that would create government health insurance was killed.


    • Anonymous

      …. And they all were in on creating laws to exempt THEMSELVES by any form of prosecution of insider trading . Only the peasant citizens will be prosecuted when charged with insider trading . Remember also , only us peasants are forced by law to purchase obamacare . The lovely lawmakers exempt themselves from that too . Talk about Tyranny . Sadly , it’s only going to get worse . Why ? Because we’re on to them …. they are afraid and will do anything to keep their power , even by creating a police state atmosphere .

  • Anonymous

    … $15 trillion reasons to CLEAN OUT CONGRESS , THE SENATE and most importantly the WHITE HOUSE COMMUNITY ORGANIZER and if not turn out the lights the party is OVER !”

    • Anonymous

      I so agree with Peter Schweizer: THROW THEM ALL OUT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Once again Levin is the great one. It would be perfectly fine with most of our congressional representatives to balance at 100% and 100% of GDP. And they’d be happy to be the purveyors of favors for all the peoples food housing clothing health care etc……… at their own behest, just like the monarchies of old did.

  • Only one candidate that really wants to cut spending and not just the projected base line, but you can’t mention his name around here or on Mark Levin’s show because SocialCons, NeoCons, RHINOs and too many Tea Partiers will go into conniption fits.

    He’s the candidate that actually predicted the mess we’re in unlike the rest who give lip service to “limited government.” He’ll actually CUT entire departments, put shackles on the Federal Reserve printing press and stop the $4 trillion black hole of overseas adventurism.

    BTW, he’s the one tied for 1st in the Iowa poll and in 2nd in New Hampshire, but he has no chance according to Limbaugh, Levin, O’Reilly, RedState etc so never mind.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah!! He’s so good that by the time he is elected or before he actually gets to swear (God forbids!), Iran will yell out “BLAST OFF!!” And we’d be gone in a twinkle of an eye!! I reserve that thought for the true Savior!!! I am not going anywhere before that great assembly rises!!

      • If you are so brainwashed by NeoCons that you actually believe that Iran, a 3rd world country that doesn’t even have enough gas for their people is going to build a bomb then commit national suicide, destroy millions of Persian families, and destroy their 5000 year history by stupidly attacking the US, you must be one of the last few people on the planet who think the Iraq War was a good idea. No wonder this country is bankrupt.

        • Anonymous

          As sad as it looks, the Bible’s book of Ezechiel 38 tells us that their will be a war against Israel. And as Israel’s ally, do you think we will be spared??!!

        • You seem to forget, or perhaps don’t understand Iranian leader’s version of the end times- which they are happy to try by any means to bring about. They care nothing for their people or anyone else. If you don’t believe they are ready to make nukes, then you are the brainwashed one my friend.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you, AmericanborninCanada! You summed that up perfectly!! It is difficult sometimes to understand how some can play pretend in order to avoid the elephant in the room!

          • Your argument is vacuous simply because the Iranians don’t need a nuclear weapon to kill hundreds of thousands of Israeli and American citizens. They could do that next week with a biological weapon. I’d ask you why they haven’t yet, but since you seem to base American foreign policy on Bible phrases, I’ll just look it up. Is it in Old Testament or New Testament?

            • Anonymous

              Not the Iranians in general, the regime!! They may have a biological weapon, given their close relationship with Russia. But by now, they do have nuclear capabilities! Starting a war has the premise of ushering the return of the 12th imam, that’s what Ahmadinejad believes in.

              Try the Old Testament, chapters 38 and 39 of Ezechiel are about to be accomplished!

  • Anonymous

    We got bonered when Boehner has elected speaker. We get it again,{and it hurts}, when republicans we had faith in turned Judas. We need to get away from this evil. A third party looks more & more inviting.

  • A balanced budget is about balancing the budget. It’s not about not raising taxes. If you don’t want anyone to raise taxes, they should simply not vote for raising taxes. Those are two different issues. You can still have a balanced budget even with tax increases.

    • Mike Lee

      The point is that a BBA, without a cap in spending, is irrelevant. Without a limit in spending, what difference does it make if it’s “balanced”? Plus, Washington fudges the numbers anyway. Levin is right. It’s a sham.

  • Anonymous

    With no cap and just balance, this is just a euphemism for HIGHER TAXES. Time to call our Reps – if they aren’t to busy listening to the OWS crowd. Just maddening.

  • While everyone has been counting the “public defications” at OWS, the GOP has been selling us down the river in DC. Get ready for some good old tax increases and phantom spending cuts.

    Rick Perry: Let’s have a part time Congress that only meets every other year for 6 months.

    Ya, I know it won’t happen anytime soon, but let’s get the debate going ASAP.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t the congress only meet once a year for a few weeks back in the day, which was a wednesday. Like when they first created congress? I believe that was the original intent, I could be wrong but I like the idea. The less congress is in session the less damage they can do.

      • The Congress was only intended to meet once a year and be a “citizen congress” with term limits and very little pay. being a public servant back then meant actually making a sacrifice for the good of your country and not the criminal orgy it is now.

  • I heard some of this on my way to Bible study tonight. It’s hard to drive sometimes when you’re shaking your head, laughing and crying all at once. I am so glad for Levin- he’s not afraid to speak his mind, and tell what’s what. Thanks again great one.


  • Anonymous

    Revenues are too high in America! We are being revenued dry of our earnings! Revenues hurt businesses and the economy! We have to revamp the revenue system to make it more fair.

  • bobemakk

    These politicians are all alike. Show me an honest politician and I’ll introduce you to the real Santa Claus. They try to pull the wool over our eyes. Bi-partisan support sometimes is good, but by raising taxes in a recession is taboo.