Levin blasts Colin Powell: You’re a partisan hack, get out of my party!

Levin slammed Colin Powell for ignoring the reality of this country and endorsing Barack Obama for a 2nd time.


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  • marketcomp

    I was wondering, when is Colin Powell going to switch to the democrat party?

    • Orangeone

      When we he ever not part of it?

    • sDee

      Never. The democrat party is for racial knuckle draggers like Sharpton and Jackson. Powell found far more power and privilege soothing the guilt of white republicans.

      • marketcomp

        Good point, sDee! He gets more attention in the Republican Party but in the democrat party, well, I guess he’s just another black face! What a hypocrite and sellout.

      • I think that’s why he was promoted too. If he was white he would’ve been Arlen Specter. If he were white he would’ve been McCain and we wouldn’t have had illusions he was on our side despite evidence to the contrary. And as a “Republican” he gets to be the media’s pet who parrots the left.
        I think most of us know the truth about him now. I’m hoping he doesn’t influence Republicans any more but the establishment thinks he’s credible even though he’s a mouthpiece of Obama. He needs to be honest and switch.

        • aposematic

          McCain has a 90% Republican voting record. I’m not defending McCain but questioning the other Republicans with lower scores and those groups doing the scoring. Still have questions as to why America is in such dire straights. The simple fact is the Republican Party is not Conservative…not even close!

          • E. Lee Zimmerman

            Uh … well, AS AN ARIZONAN, I say you might want to check McCain’s record a wee bit more closely. Also, I’d add that it isn’t always about how McCain “votes”; an awful lot of what he does is a bit unconscionable. But we agree on “the Republican Party is not Conservative” — it never has been, it never will be. The political class pulls Conservatism out of a drawer every four years in order to win votes, not elections.

            • Barry Goldwater and Reagan were exceptions to that.

      • searcher0

        only white liberals have guilt, i am a republican, i am a 3rd generation american so i do not have any guilt over what happened 150 or so years ago.

    • Winghunter
    • Spartan1975

      He is not even a RINO…I cannot understand that some people will vote because of race or party allegiance! It is all the more shocking that he is a military man that swore allegiance to the Constitution against DOMESTIC ENEMIES of the Country… How could he ignore the Benghazi murders when the president was watching live and denied help!!! I thought that AMERICAN came before any parties but this proves that there are people that do not see past their nose…

  • M_J_S

    Voting for Obama the first time is one thing. Seeing what he has done and continuing to support Obama means you are a certified jackass-no questions asked.

    It means that Powell has gone from being one who loves this country and fights for it, to one who now endorses the absolute hatred Obama has for our men and women in the military. Not to mention the policies that are destroying it.

    Powell, you ARE A DISGRACE to yourself and this country. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    • Candi Cane

      why is it that this country is so full of hate. I know this country was built on the back of African Americans during slavery, but it is a new day and age and white people are still so small minded that all you guys think that blacks are democrats and whites are republican it is like the union side vs the confederate side. White people always feel like they are better or intitled to something and it still shows by the way that black people still get denied jobs and other things based on their color even when it is illegal. How are we going to invade any other country and try to tell them what to do. We would not like if China came and invaded us and told us what to do with their army would we? We need to worry about why this country is so devided and work on our own democracy. People should be asshamed of themselves yes I said ASS because that is what you all should feel like when the main topic of our president is his COLOR, education, religion, or where he was born. How petty and sad. Clinton thrown out of office but Bush did not he got elected another term after admitting to lying about weapons and going for a country NOT RESPONSIBLE for 911. He just wanted to finish what his father started with Sadaam who had nothing to do with 911 nor did they have any weapons. Clinton was the BEST PRESIDENT in history thus far and you can check the facts on that one. He supports our current president so all of you shallow people who have nothing better to do than to insult a good man’s character look at your own life and ask yourself why are you so out of touch and full of hate? I bet you never help the less fortunate unless you get some type of benefit from it, I bet you are a homophobe, I bet you have never known true struggle in your life, Look in the mirror and I bet you are not perfect so leave the judging up to God because I am pretty sure you try and tell yourself that is the reason why you are such an ASS, but truly we are all Gods people and we all bleed we all cry we should be EQUAL. So wake up you ignorant people!

      • Don’t worry folks, this pathetic race hustler has been shown to the door.

        Too bad there’s no hint of liberty in anything this race-obsessed person writes.

        • colliemum


          Anyway – someone who thinks Clinton was ‘thrown out of office’, when in fact he’d served his allotted two terms, is just to ignorant to be taken seriously.

          • Hah! Yes. I missed it. But then, I’m not smart!

            • colliemum

              You – not smart?

              With all due respect, and very politely, I beg to differ, Sir!


              • Well, thanks! But I’m just a regular guy. I know what smart is, and I like listening to smart people. But I’m not Mensa material.

      • searcher0

        what, pray tell, did clinton do to equal the accomplishments of washington, lincoln, teddy r., kenedy or reagan. and your grasp of history is tenuous at best, clinton was thrown out of office, hmmm, last i checked he served two terms himself, and it was the predominately white north that defeated the southern democrats in the civil war to bring freedom to the slaves, and it was the republicans who were in the majority in the passage of the land mark civil rights legislation in the ’60s. people here have brains of there own, we do not spew out the marxist talking points of your dear leader.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        How’s that Huff-Po ban working out for ya, Candi?

      • CherDash

        90+% of black people vote Dem. A lower percentage of white people vote Rep.

    • searcher0

      powell never learned the old saying- screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice shame on me.

  • vinny

    Personally I don’t think he was a great general. He and Wesley Clark are hacks. William Tecumseh Sherman and George S Patton would of kicked their asses. Not speaking in political terms..but I speak as a wargamer. Clark and Powell would of been too weak willed as Civil War or WWII generals..

    • bongobear

      I agree completely.

    • p m

      The first Iraq war tells his story…leaving the monster in place instead of offing him. At what cost.

    • Agree on Powell, Clark, and Patton. Sherman was a war criminal and a rapist.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        So was Clinton.

  • odin147

    bros before party ehh…Mr.Powell

    • famouswolf

      Or country.

  • And to think that several years ago I had thought Powell would be a great president. I’m really, really disgusted that I ever felt that way. What a traitor.

    • sjmom

      We were all fooled. You’re not alone.

      • I think there were a couple of people telling the world he was a RINO hack. A lot did see a different Powell though.

        • E. Lee Zimmerman

          I think a lot of people have been fooled by Powell, probably as many who weren’t.

    • Candi Cane

      how is he a traitor? You are acting as if he sold out his country to some terroist. He is just expressing whom he thinks is a better fit to run a broken country and President Obama is a man who is good at bringing everbody together romney will only further divide this country and go to other countries with a chip on his shoulder which may just get us blown up with a nuclear weapon! Powell is not the only republican that is indorsing our president, so you are calling any republican who indorses a democrat a traitor? Wow you are not very bright are you?

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        FYI: you spelled ‘candy’ wrong.

      • I would never be stupid enough to betray my country by voting for a Marxist commie democrat.

    • I always thought, before he turned, that he should be the first black President. Too bad Obama beat him to the draw, but then again, it is better to know that Powell is the racist up front.

  • tshtsh

    powell endorsed b.o. because b.o. is still the same color.

    • Candi Cane

      Ugh who cares about COLOR! Is that the best thing you can come up with? WOW get over his color. Why does it bother you so much to have a black president? I know plenty of whites who endorse him as well

      • searcher0

        if it wasn’t for the whit majority o’bama would never have been electedf.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Color matters to traffic lights.

      • It does not bother me to have a black President, I think Allen West would make a great President. I just don’t like Marxist, commie, “liberal”, dictators of ANY color. Why can’t the commies understand that conservatives just don’t like communism in any package or form.

        • tshtsh

          Sonia, I did not see your reply before I answered Candi Cane.

      • tshtsh

        As the great, great granddaughter of a slave (with beautiful brown skin), I really do not care about color. In fact, when we have our first American black President, LT COL Allen West, I will rejoice. Congressman Allen West is a MAN of courage, intelligence and principles. Remember what Martin Luther King Jr. said about the “content of ones character not the color of skin”. I have read many black and white people’s opinions who voted for Obama and they cannot say why. Also, don’t forget when he was elected people kept using the code word–“historic”!

    • searcher0

      shoot, if i didn’t know better, his photos make him look white or latino.

  • What a traitor.

    • Orangeone

      and a racist.

  • Nukeman60

    Why does Powell declare himself as a Republican? He should switch parties to match his beliefs. He reminds me of Meggie McCain, who claims to be one of the “new Republicans”, when in fact neither one of them embrace Republican ideas at all. RINOs are even better than these two.

    • Candi Cane

      Why should a party define what should be right and wrong? It is wrong to tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body, it is wrong for a person to say that if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant that the crime was an act that God intended to happen. Hello the republicans must not read the bible because I would consider such a harsh act an act of the DEVIL not GOD. Why are republicans so worried about the next person. If they are not harming you or your family why do you care what someone else does or believes. If they want to be gay, straight, married or not why do you care leave it up to GOD and mind your own business. Stop passing on your bigotry.

      • Nukeman60

        Oh, absolutely. Why infringe on the rights of anyone to murder a child (the ultimate infringement, btw)? After all, that child means nothing. Only your right to contraceptives is important. In fact, why not extend it to toddlers, or even teens? They do get sooo annoying at times. We should be able to kill them at will. The outrageous bigotry that stops this act of convenience is just unbearable, isn’t it.

        No one ever said the act of rape was an act of God. I love the way you liberals twist what was said to fit your agenda. Mourdock said that the child created was a precious thing and a miracle of God, not the terrible act of rape. Also, you can be gay all you want. It’s the fact that you try to push your beliefs on the rest of us that we balk at. Christianity is evil to you and must not even be mentioned in public, but child killing and public displays of homosexuality apparently are a must have.

      • It is also wrong for those same women to use the government to force those who oppose their actions to pay for abortions and contraception. That is no different than the government forcing you to pay taxes and then use them to support faith groups ( something you don’t believe in).

  • vinny

    Good soldiers don’t die…they just fade away. Bad soldiers don’t STFU. lol

    • freenca

      A very good soldier said that! This trepidation on the part of Powell, to support BO is just sooo sad!

      • Candi Cane

        Why is it so sad? What is sad is all of the hateful things I am seeing by nothing but white people I assume because so many remarks having to do with them both being black are on this hate site.

        • searcher0

          you want to see real hate spewing? go back to your liberal bubble.

  • sjmom

    Good insight from the Great One. Colin Powell has really ruined his legacy because he had a very good name which he now has tarnished himself. He sold out.

    • Candi Cane

      Listen to yourself! Whom did he sell out? He loves this country. He did not give up information to some terroist, so once again how is he a sell out. When he sees what is good he knows so if he is in support of our president that should give you a clue.

      • sjmom

        It is evident you are one of the blind and deceived who the president has led down the road of perdition. Not I. The Truth has set me free.

        • searcher0

          according to The Moody Blues, “the words that i remember from my childhood still are true, that there’s none so blind as those who WILL not see”.

          • sjmom

            It’s always about a choice and some choose to make bad decisions.

            • searcher0

              still don’t get it , how about – screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        I’ll bite: what evidence do you have that he loves his country, Candi?

  • colin powell,
    You are a disgusting human being! Get out of the Republican Party, you moron! F**king commie! You are as stupid as your clown obama! You are voting for him because he is black! You are voting your race moron! We can see that.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Who cares what Colin Powell has to say? He was a twit last time… and turns out to be an idiot this time.

    • Mark Smith

      Charles Krauthammer: “There aren’t ten votes across the country that Obama will pick up because of this endorsement.”

      • Sober_Thinking


  • Army_Pilot1967

    Color before country, eh Colin!!!!!!!!

  • HuandaRulz

    Colin Powell is no longer relevant I just wish he quit trying to look conservative and go where he belongs. He is a disgrace now.

  • Orangeone

    Levin tells it like it is. I wish he could get Powell on his show and rip him a new procto pathway.

  • Landscaper

    Mark is right about the VA, at least the one my son has tried to use. {Red Tape} to no end, typical gov. screw ups in charge. Let a private group run the VA for a year and see if it improves.

  • Orangeone

    What has Barky Boy promised to Powell in the new world regime?

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Hillary’s leavin’, ain’t she?

  • sDee

    Levin is one of a few.

    Powell knows Hussein Obama intends to create a socialist oligarchy, and his design is to that he and his spawn bask in its wealth and power.

    Powell is poster child for the political elite – he simply found convenience and haste by putting an ‘R” after his name.

    As a member of the political class he had grown fat lapping the cream off the top of our labor. He secured his position of power and privilege through deceit and betrayal.

    Affirmative action is highly profitable in the hands of a black articulate con man.

    • freenca

      It seems to point to the GWB presidency as a ONE world gov’t program.
      If GWB didn’t start out that way, did he become so converted within his terms of office? or was it a case of his Daddy’s control all along. It makes me to wonder! You’re one that sees, what do you think?

      • searcher0

        in case you haven’t notice W is not running in this election.

    • Candi Cane

      You hate to see a black man in any type of power. This country was built on the backs of slaves which were not white people by the way. It has been a long time coming that somebody of color be in power and all you racist folks can’t take it. We have had 44 presidents and you can’t handle it when one of them is finally black.

      • Go back to your KKK meeting. We support the Constitution, which stands for liberty. You race-hustlers are due to be broomed into the dustbin of history.

        Good riddance.

        • We would have been wiser to pay retribution to the actual slaves along with a national apology, and then offered them free passage back to their home lands from whence we got them. The biggest mistake we ever made was beginning the “multicultural experiment” with the black race. With few exceptions it has been an absolute failure.

          • There is no “we” in this equation. It’s not like everyone voted to bring slaves to America. How people’s ancestors arrived should have zero consequence to policy decisions made today.

      • searcher0

        slavery, jim crow laws, the kkk, the fighting of civil rights legislation, what is the common denominator, why it is the democrat party. the things that make you go hmmmm.

      • Alan Keyes. Allen West. Clarence Thomas. None of these might be president, but 1 of them once had been been nearly crucified by liberals in congress, 1 was slandered and vilified by the chicago punk marxist who now sits in the white house. The other is a great patriot who is in the political fight of his life, which may I add, most people on this site will be PROUD to call Mr. President some day when he runs. As for the marxist traitorous dear leader who occupies the white house now…. he’s black, who cares. We care that he’s a traitorous marxist.

      • This country was not built on the backs of slaves. The South was built on the backs of slaves, but that economy was destroyed (along with the wealth of the rich plantation families) during the civil war. And if it were built on the backs of slaves ( and it wasn’t) those same slaves have destroyed the same with their victim status.

    • In my perspective if he had been white, he wouldn’t have been promoted so heavily by most and we would’ve had no illusions he was anything but a RINO, like with McCain, Jim Jeffords and Arlen Specter.

    • I have had the same thoughts about Mia Love, Allen West and Herman Cain. In the democrat party they are just another face but in the Republican Party they stand out as people with reason and common sense. I wonder if being in the Republican Party is just a matter of political expediency and a way to power and success. They know that the Republicans need black people in order to stand against the lies and onslaughts from the left that we are just a bunch of bigots and racists.

  • Colin Powell and George Costanza share a similar intellect. Who the heck votes for Obama in 2012? Morons that’s who.

    • keyesforpres

      I believe that was the same constituency that got his vote in 2008 as well.

  • celestiallady

    Holy Moly now that’s calling it!!!

  • pdxlady

    I don’t understand why Colin Powell doesn’t just come out of the Republican closet, and admit that he’s a Democrat. It is evident to everyone.

    He has just lost all credibility…Mark is right…”Get out of my Party!”

  • When it all comes down to it, Colin Powell is voting race. There is no other reasonable explanation.

  • blueniner

    The man has always been a RINO, good for Levin for calling this fraud out!

  • This moronic coward isn’t fit to lick Colin Powell’s boots.

    • Ahhh…so THAT’S what you do!

    • You’re talking about Mark Levin? Huh?

  • It’s sad there are americans out there that think what Obama has done is as good as it gets… This below mediocre recovery is not as good as it gets and we deserve better. If McCain had these numbers there would be no defense for him and he would get get out office!

    • Candi Cane

      Mccain had a choice to choose between romney and palin he chose palin and look at that whack-a-too. We had to deal with 8 years of a horrible president who was on vacation more than at work, so I am going to give our current presiden 8 to fix it. When you are in debt how do you get out? Everybody is so worried about higher taxes, well how else are we going to get out of this hole? The money does not just make itself, we have already borrowed from other countries so lets do our part to dig our own selves out of the hole that bush started digging. I do not mind helping do my part. It is only money you should make the money not let it make you. GREEDY PEOPLE!

      • You think Obama has been working? You are really out of touch. More vacation than any president, more time flying around in AF1 than any president. More time golfing that Ike Eisenhower (the previous record holder). More missed briefings than a tenured faculty member (which is to say FAR MORE than any president, ever). More parties than any president. More state dinners. More fundraisers.

        His daily schedule is the laughingstock of the nation.

        I suppose we’re lucky this fool has worked as few hours as he has, or we’d be in even worse trouble.

      • searcher0

        and i suppose o’bama’s choice in that racist biden was a real winner.

  • 1217Chic

    He must be getting himself some Wookie when AH is out of town.

  • Willem Boom

    Long live Mr. Mark Levin!!!!!!

  • Seriously. General Colin Powell . An intelligent commanding man of seeming insight and discernment . His vote for Obama in 2008 , {understandable with hope and promise of a greater nation.}, but now seeing the failure after four years of promise , a diminished economy, betrayal, disdain and little hope , looking to a long recovery in the future, for Powell to actually endorse Obama again (with a mention of gusto for Biden ) is I can only interpret as insanity. For Any human being to NOW say they will vote Obama to a second term must be minus a few brain cells. How far down does this President have to take America, for people to say. No MORE !!!!

    • Candi Cane

      Be a leader not a follower. How do you get out of debt? What would you do that is better?

      • It worries me that anyone would need to ask such a question. It’s as silly as asking if you should get out of the house if it’s on fire.

  • freenca

    Colin Powell used to espouse the values of hard work and a chance to excell in the free-market and now he endorses the Communistic Muslim theology? WTF?

  • redpuma

    I call him Colon Powell…He lost all respect I had for him the first time he endorsed Obama.

  • When did Colin Powell ever leave the democrat party? He is pro-choice, pro-affirmative action, pro big government. Give me one view he shares with Republicans. And finally the only reason he says that is that he makes a bloody fortune on speaking circuit by corporations and conservative groups. NO MORE! I have been at one distinguished one years ago and he was rude to people wanting autographs and unfriendly to event sponsors. Huge undeserved ego.

    • mike3e4r7

      That’s interesting about him being rude and unfriendly to the commoners. Somehow it doesn’t surprise me.

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      I think you meant “huge unreserved ego.”

  • I doubt very seriously if Powell was ever a Republican. He used his black status to work his way up in the party. Either that or he is voting for Obama b/c of race, which means he’s a bigot….

  • UnCL3

    He’s just like (almost) every other Black American…

    • mike3e4r7

      I think somewhere close to 90% of blacks still support him.

      • Candi Cane

        And the white people that do not support him only can talk about his color. All the white people that are going to vote for romney will do so based soley on the fact that he is white and you all can’t stand to vote or see a black man in power. We support what is right not what is black. HELLO! He is not the 1st black person to run for office and it is plenty of times us black people vote for a white person over a black person because they are a better fit for the job not because of color. GET REAL!

    • Candi Cane

      why are you still talking about color. you are not any better so stop thinking you are. stop being so full of hate because you do not like you own life. you do not know every other black person so how would you like it if I said romney is like every other white in America which is not true because I had white women come to my door in my neighborhood in support of President Obama. So get over color!

      • mike3e4r7

        I did not say “Powell is like every other Black(or almost)”, that was said by another commenter whose comment has since been removed. I simply responded with the statistics I’ve seen which show approimately 90% of black Americans still support Obama.. If you are not one of them then, good for you. I agree that many whites support Obama. If 90% of whites only voted for whites, Obama never would have gotten elected. Neither would Allen West. I did not mean to imply all blacks vote in this way, just a large percent. I’m sorry if my comments upset you. I truely am.

        I was talking about skin color because I was responding to a commenter who made the
        comment you were refering too. Again, I’m sorry your upset. That wasn’t my intention, but why are you talking about skin color? Does the fact that you are and that you’re obviously angry mean that you don’t like your own life?

        • I’m sorry the wrath of politically correct cultural Marxism was thrown at you. It’s statistically true most black people support Obama. It’s not all of them and the ones who don’t know it’s true. Denying that would be lying for the sake of PC.
          Herman Cain said many black people had been brainwashed and the cultural Marxists were saying he was racist!
          It’s also true that the likes of Al Sharpton hate whites. If we’re against racism, people should condemn that just as much.

          • mike3e4r7

            Thanks Alex. Well said.

      • mike3e4r7

        And yes I am better.

      • UnCL3

        facts are irritating things…they get in the way of lies.

  • Sinsonta

    Agreed 100%, Powell is a hack & he should switch parties. Also, voting for the second time for the radical marxist of BHO tells me that Colin Powell is another marxist and also tells me that he has a ship on his shoulder about America, in other words, he is also anti-American.

  • Politically_Correct1

    he was never a Conservative Mark, he worked for President Bush, But once he was out from under the President the true colors come out!

  • If Colin Powell goes, please make sure he takes all the RINO’s with him. It would be greatly appreciated and helpful in correcting the direction of our country!

  • PVG

    Can’t believe this is the same man my dad used to admire. Shmuck is right!

  • Powell needs to STFU. He’s an annoying liberal.

  • chatterbox365

    Powell can support whomever he wants, but he is living in fantasyland if he thinks things are good right now.

    The trolls can be entertaining…LOL! Candi Cane is an example of Obama’s racial division platform. If Romney wins the election, the liberals will be screaming racism, not the fact that Obama has failed as president with his disasterous policies. This has nothing to do with the color of someone’s skin. Many of us would enthusiastically support Allen West if he were running for president.

    Liberals have nothing so they have to play the race card and anything else that divides America.

    • mike3e4r7

      Lol! I just got a dose of Candi Cane. Never seen her around here before.

  • By the way, folks, it really isn’t worth mentioning skin color at all here. It brings down the level of value to the discussion. I blocked the person spamming the thread with race-hustling accusations, but a lot of folks need to drop the race comments, too.

    Powell is a lib. Anything else he may or may not be thinking is irrelevant.

    • Shanking My Head at things I’ve read here….I guess I’m really naive or just plain crazy I really thought race had nothing to do with this race,but I beg to differ the comments or really off the hook here….But I guess I have to understand that this is still America Ooops did I say that….Guess I did,We still somehow some way goes back to alot of people to a time way back when an Black person was only good Enuff to only shine your shoes,plow your field ,wash your clothes,and all the other stuff that some of you felt was beneath you…Well wake up,those days have gone ( Black Men r now an an Whole Man ) Not that Less then an Man crap that Jim Crow led some of you to believe …..You know I would Love for the American People to Vote for an Better American but I know that’s impossible Mainly because some wont put 100’s of years behind us….God Knows I Wish We Would..God Bless Us No matter who wins….

      • Race is immaterial. Nobody shined my shoes. Nobody shined my dad’s shoes. Most folks never owned slaves, but over a hundred years ago, more than 800,000 men died here to show the world that slavery will not be tolerated.

        Eight Hundred Thousand.

        Our Constitution is about individual liberty. That’s why great black men like Congressman Allen West and great black women like Mayor Mia Love are our heroes, just as much as people like Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin.

        The only minority that matters is the individual. Period.

        Anyone selling this race garbage is stuck in the 1960’s.

        • retiredvetwife

          It is not the conservatives that are keeping the race issue alive. It is used as a retort to any comments made by conservatives whether they are racial or not.

          • Yes. I don’t even think most of the leftists who throw the word “racism” around have any idea what they are talking about.

    • colliemum

      Thank you!

      And yep, Powell is a socialist, of the softly-softly kind. The kind who turns left as soon as they’ve reached the top, sitting on a nice, safe income, and looking down on the masses they so despise, while talking about ‘helping’ them.

    • While race shouldn’t matter, we can’t bury our heads in the sand and be politically correct. Race matters very much to them, we can’t pretend it doesn’t. And if racism isn’t to be tolerated it shouldn’t be from any race.

      • Fat matters, too, but it’s pointless to tell people if they are fat, no matter if it’s the honest truth.

        It’s too obvious to bother bringing up race in every discussion. That’s why we don’t need to bring up skin color here.

        Powell is a big lib, that’s all you need to know to realize his endorsement is crap.

  • MisstheUSA

    I just love Mark Levin !! He really knows how to strip things down to the bone. Colin Powell has sold his soul and it is obvious (at least to me) that he is saying words that will benefit himself and his own marketability. What a sellout, not to mention a betrayer.

  • Cyborg0012


  • retiredvetwife

    I knew he was a traitor to his party the first time he endorsed Mr. Obama. It is no surprise that he would do it again. We don’tneed him.

  • Levin is right. I don’t really see any reason why Powell is even in the Republican Party anymore. He never seems to mention what there is in the party that he supports, let alone is willing to campaign for. He really does need to find a new party to belong to.

  • MiketheMarine

    Like 96% if his race, Powell cannot see beyond skin color. He is a racist POS.

  • agas84363

    colin oscopy without sedative anyone?….what a hack…thanks Mark

  • jrt1031

    How can he endorse this president and his lies about Benghazi. He says that We were in a depression with Bush and Obama has improved this????What??? This man lives in a bubble and is a disgrace to military persons.

  • searcher0

    colin powell is just another marxist plant, he used the republican party to get ahead in his chosen field then when the opportunity came he jumped ship and went right(sic) back to his true master, the democrats, the party of racism, jim crow and slavery.

  • codenametimna

    Colin Powell stated publicly the only reason he voted for Barack Obama in 2008 was because Obama was black. Not because Obama was a competent politician or that Obama could potentially turn the economy around – which he hasn’t been able to do by the way. No, no. Because he was “black.” That in itself suggests racial overtones and ‘reverse’ racism is still racism. Colin Powell should know better. Not so though. Colin Powell once again decides to endorse Barack Obama for president. Colin Powell has made it abundantly clear he’s not a Republican at all but simply a Democrat operative who has shamed his own Party.

    Powell’s reasoning lacks any logic or common sense. Barack Obama has single-handedly destroyed U.S. foreign policy both in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere around the world. The so-called “reset” with Russia by the Obama administration has given Russia many perks without asking anything in return. Poland was stabbed in the back by Barack Obama after the Obama administration “nixed” a missile defense system that would have assured Eastern Europe’s safety and security from a rising nuclear Iran. Instead, Obama told Poland to go pound sand. Just like the Obama administration basically told Ambassador Chris Stevens after he had pleaded for increased security and resources at the consulate in Libya… but was denied each and every time by the Obama administration. Barack Obama has also severely strained ties with our ally Israel. Obama also went on a worldwide apology tour and he continues to “bow” to communist dictators and Marxist thugs like Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. In fact, dictator’s Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro have all endorsed Obama. Do you see the pattern here?

    Barack Obama has been an empty suit president who has “divided” the country and has used “crony capitalism” to reward his union buddies with endless wads of taxpayer money. Barack Obama is spending America into oblivion and his idea of being presidential on the campaign trail has been reduced to calling Mitt Romney a “bullshitter” and Elmo (the Muppet) was somehow driving in a white Suburban (hence the reference to O.J. Simpson) heading down to Mexico because Mitt Romney wants to eliminate taxpayer funding to PBS.

    Colin Powell stated one of the reasons he’s supporting Obama again in 2012 was because Obama hasn’t started a war since being in office. Say what? What about the Obama administration giving the order (without Congressional approval) to bomb Libya? The “war” in Libya started after Obama sided with the U.N. to institute a no-fly zone around Libya. Gaddafi is gone, but make no mistake, Barack Obama’s direct action led to the bombing of Libya (with US supplied fighter Jets and ordnance) and when you bomb another nation it’s called war.

    Colin Powell also mentioned he had confidence in Obama’s ability to turn the economy around. Say what? The Obama administration has single-handedly “strangled” the US economy through onerous regulations, higher taxes and increased DEBT. The economy was worse in September of this year than it was in August and August was worse than July. In other words, three months of stalled growth that is killing businesses and stifling the economy.

    Barack Obama doesn’t have a plan for America’s future, other than spending taxpayer money until he bankrupts the country, and thus, would undoubtedly saddle our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren = with ENORMOUS DEBT that will place future generations of American citizens in “slavery” trying to pay down the HUMONGOUS DEBT that Barack Obama has accumulated in just four years. SIX TRILLION DOLLARS to be exact. More DEBT, I might add, than ALL previous administrations ‘combined’ from George Washington (yeah that George Washington) up until George Bush the elder. Barack Obama is taking America “over a cliff” and Republican Colin Powell couldn’t be happier apparently. His endorsement of Barack Obama proves without a doubt Colin Powell is both reckless and illogical and he should quit the Republican Party ASAP!

    The fact of the matter that by endorsing the failed policies of Barack Obama, Colin Powell’s legacy has been sorely tarnished and he will likely be remembered as the man who voted race over the good of the country. His reputation has been sullied and the once brilliant General of Desert Storm has been reduced to racial demagoguery and illogical buffoonery in my opinion. To the same degree as his good buddy Louis Farrakhan I might add too.


  • Powell is a coward.

  • KatnDan

    God what a bunch of hateful racists. Your beloved Colin Power, a national icon, is suddenly a racist evil man. What is really evil is turning this country over to religious extremists, uneducated racists, and the easily manipulated who see ‘socialist’ ‘communist’, ‘marxist’ boogymen under ever rock.

  • I use to respect Colin Powell, but he is nothing more than an old school racist like Morgan Freeman (whom I also use to respect).

  • SKL53

    Mark is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! Powell is a damn RACIST!!! He isn’t interested in our military or country! He wants to see this black man back to DESTROY US!!! Colin Powell you are a disgusting LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT OF MY PARTY YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By supporting this muslim you show us you are UNAMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • SKL53

    Powell is a TRAITOR!!!! Have not heard “NOT A SOUND” from him about what happened in Lybia!!! MORE POND SCUM endorsing POND SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DebbyX

    It really is amazing what you learn about people when their President is a black man (half anyway). I used to like Colin Powell, seemed like a great American who served his Country proudly. Then when no one was looking BOOM! He turns into just another guy voting for Yomama, no matter how bad of a President he is or how much damage he does to our Country.

    In short, he’s racist.