Levin blasts Shep Smith for Koch brother conspiracies

Mediaite reports that today Shep Smith argued that it’s malarkey to pretend that what’s going on in Wisconsin is about a budget crisis. Instead he points to the Koch brothers campaigning in the state to bust the unions and donating lots of money to the Governor’s campaign, basically saying that they paid off the Governor to bust the unions. What a joke! In fact, as Ben Smith from Politico pointed out after the Koch impersonator called Gov. Walker prank, that phone call actually proves that Walker doesn’t even know David Koch. But great job Shep on that conspiracy theory. Keep up the good work there buddy.

But now this gets good. Mark Levin took a few minutes tonight to teach Shep a little about actual news that matters as opposed to his lefty ‘Koch brothers conspiracy theories’. Awesome!

If you want to watch Shep Smith and Juan Williams in action, here’s the clip:

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  • Constance

    As always, Levin throws the last and best punch.

  • Hooves_of_thunder

    That is why I watch John King – Smith belongs to MSNBC.

  • MJS

    I never liked that turd Smith…always with the smart mouth that guy. He’s always putting his little comments at the end of sentences that involve facts.

  • Fox should have let Shep walk instead of renewing his contract last time…

  • Anonymous

    Shep is still on the Air? The man screws up at least a dozen times a night, and obviously. How has he not be relegated to some unimportant position yet?

    Otherwise he isn’t all that surprising, this is the same guy who had an on air temper-tantrum over the difficulty of healthcare reform passing. Not to mention his giggling with Carl Cameron over the “Palin didn’t know Africa was a continent” rumor nonsense.” I’m no fan of Palin but those rumors were stupid, and Shep has shown multiple times that so is he.

    • No only is he still on, he has 2 shows, 3pm and 7pm….

      He is by far the WORST host on the network.

  • Santina35

    why doesn’t the management at Fox get rid of Shep, really we have 98% of all media liberals like Shep why does Fox think we need a couple of hours of it on Fox.

    • They have other Liberals that would be a Better Host…

      Juan Williams, One of the Liberal Chicks, a talking monkey???

  • zytekfan

    Shep is probably kept to maintain the “fair and balanced” motto. He’s shown a few times in the past year he’s gone off the deep end, and his reporting is awful.

  • I really which they were fire Shep, or at minmum move him to 5pm and put Glenn Beck on at 7pm

    • Kimberly B

      eeek! two hours later to see Glenn Beck @trs?

      • The problem is most people are on the road at 5pm, not in front of the TV Screen.

        IMO the fox line up would be alot stronger with Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity back to back.

        They dont do it because they feel they need a “news” program on at the same time as the networks, and the 6-8pm block is local/network news in most areas so you probably dont have to worry about them moving him any time soon, (unless they flip Hannity and Beck, which would also be fine with me)

        • Constance

          I agree with you – that’s likely what is up. Unfortunate, but likely the truth.

  • I really which they were fire Shep, or at minmum move him to 5pm and put Glenn Beck on at 7pm

  • “….Smith belongs to MSNBC.” I 2nd that !!!

  • Anonymous

    Shemp is a useful idiot. Liked Shemp better when he was still with Moe and Larry.

  • Switch Glenn and Shep’s time periods. That way in a year from now when Glenns new time period drops from 50% of America to 48% they can celebrate the “huge” decline.

  • Shep Smith, there is ALWAYs’ one libratard in the bunch.

  • Shep Smith, there is ALWAYs’ one libratard in the bunch.

  • Anonymous

    I would like for puffy, bloated drunk Shemp to speak on Soros and his political money and agenda. He doesn’t have the balls.

    • Constance

      Yep, not a chance of that one happening. There are men and then there are MEN.

  • Marti17

    I’d like to say something in defense of the Koch brothers, Charles in particular. Mark is right (to the nth degree) about him being a very nice, honest and honorable man. I know this personally – I was a Meeting Planner with Koch Industries until I retired a few years ago. I had contact with his office on a regular basis.

  • Goldni007

    Yeah he just got a big fat raise a while back too.

    Btw..a very fine point by the Politico guy. If he’s in bed with the Koch brothers..why did fail to realize who it was he was talking to?

  • Shemp. Love it!

  • Shemp. Love it!

  • Mediaccess

    MS-LSD! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Let’s suppose all of the most brilliant minds in the entire world got together. Their goal, to distance or exonerate Walker from anyone named Koch. They could NEVER, EVER, have concocted a proof so pristine, so beautiful and so incontrovertible as the one this lying, lefty, blogger has demonstrated with his “prank”.

    On the other hand we have Trumpka speaking with the Whitehouse “every day” and perfectly at home in the Oval Office. Obama knows each and every nuance of his face, his voice, his personality, and his odor. Not to mention his multi-miilions in “donations”, er, quid pro quo.

    • Constance

      Exactly. It’s so ridiculous, that it is funny to all of us who get the big picture here. They have to go to this extreme to attempt to discredit a governor simply doing the job he was elected to do? What next, a woman will appear on the news with “proof” she had Walker’s love child?

      • Anonymous

        Wouldn’t put it past them.

  • Anonymous

    It is astounding why Fox News not only keeps Shemp, but gives him 2 hours a day to embarrass himself. And boy, he is embarrassing. I forget what story it was, Egypt probably, but I was watching Fox all afternoon and Shemp was just painful to sit through. Even though I can’t stand him, it’s still painful to watch someone make a fool of themselves the way Shemp does.

    As Mark said at the end, this guy is supposed to be a journalist. A straight reporter/anchor. Ed Shultz, at least, is an opinion guy so he isn’t held to the same standard. Shep Smith is considered one of FNC’s top news guys. Ugh.

    Is he really from the South? Because he seems to throw that accent in whenever he tries to be “down home” or something. His phony “feelings” editorials that he spews at random are just cringe inducing. The fake concern and eeewwww! He is just so hard to watch, and that has nothing to do with his politics. He’s just so unprofessional!

    I think the comment below is spot on. Fox feels like they have to keep him to keep their “fair and balanced” meme going. That’s why every lying liberal Democrat who comes on a Fox News show has to be thanked profusely for showing up. Bite me.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, he is really from the South. Mississippi. I liked him 10 years ago when he did 24/7 war coverage. There were 3-4 Fox guys that had great chemistry together w/him doing the invasion. I can see their faces, just can’t think of their names right now.

      Smith used to be decent, entertaining, and I sorta liked his off the cuff comments, things didn’t seem so programmed and scripted like other shows. I liked the casual feel. Which Beck now dominates. Then as Shemp got more popular he became opinionated instead of just reporting. Somewhere along the way something changed and now I can’t stand him. He is always on vacation, looking hung over when he comes back, his make-up is hideous, could cut it w/a knife, and his views and opinions I don’t like. He is just one of many reasons I stopped watching FOX. Anyhoo, he is a Southern Boy.

  • Anonymous

    About the Koch brothers. I was watching Nova last night and guess whose name came up as being a sponsor? David Koch.

    I knew I’d seen the name Koch somewhere before. Leave it to liberals to demonize one of the biggest supporters of one of their biggest sacred cows, PBS.

  • Hey Shep…it’s time for you to go! MSLDS has a position open…hey so does CNN. BTW…take O’Reiley with you!!! Laura should take his place on “The Factor”…

    • Constance

      I would far prefer to watch Laura Ingraham than O’Reilly. I concur!

  • TexasT

    Thank God! There’s someone else besides myself who has seen Shep all along for the Socialist he really is! I’v talked with my friends and family and they all say, Well, we don’t like him but he’s not as bad as the blatantly, obvious Socialist, journalists”. What the hey? So, once again they are going to take the same position they do when they get to the polls on election day….stand there and try to make a decision between really bad and reprehensible!!!!!!!!! I say no! I do not watch Shep Smith. Ever! I look like O.J. Simpson in those long ago commercials where he was running through the airports, jumping over chairs, etc…to make it to his plane (remember those?). I literally run into the room, jumping over the couch, searching frantically for the TV control and change the channel as quickly as possible. Oh, how I pray Americans wake up and realize that they don’t have to choose between really bad and reprehensible. We can do much, much better if only people would actually see with their eyes and do something! Stop being so damn busy! Help us fix our country first. Re-arrange your priorities. All of our priorities will be changed for us by the new Communist form of government we are going to find ourselves in and people are not going to have the opportunity to make any choices at all then. Good heavens! We’re being fought over by the Muslims and the Communists! Which ones are going to be the first to destroy us! People should be calling Fox and demanding that all those like Shep be fired! The American people have all the other Communist news networks to watch. There’s only one Fox! Without Socialists like Shep, there might even be more viewers!

  • Anonymous

    Shep got his talking points from Rachel Maddow.
    Two of a kind!
    Lefties and maybe more!
    I detest Shep.

  • Anonymous

    For those who don’t know (or can’t figure out the obvious), simpleton smith IS A D-CRAT !
    Along with geraldo and juan williams, buffoon smith is a MASSIVE DISGRACE and EMBARRASSMENT for FOX news.

  • Anonymous

    Balance? No wonder after listening to Shem for 15 seconds, I am checking to see what channel I am watching!