Levin exposes Democrat propaganda

Mark Levin did a great segment at the beginning of his show on how the Democrats are using propaganda to deceive the people and destroy this country. He’s gotten a hold of audio of Chuck Schumer instructing other Dems on how to paint John Boehner and the proposed spending cuts as extreme.

But Levin focuses on the bigger picture of what we are up against. It’s a great monologue.


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  • This should surprise no one. The left are masters in the use of language.

  • Anonymous

    Senator Chuck Schumer Delivers “Marching Orders” To Senate Democrats

  • Anonymous

    Spoken like a true patriot.

  • Anonymous

    Spoken like a true patriot.

  • Anonymous

    Just finished listening to the first segment of Levin today and furious about what he shared on Schumer. Thank you (whomever you are) for posting this so quickly. You saved me tons of time and helped me to get this clip up on my Facebook page quickly. Kudos!

  • Right out of the DemocRAT play book. Why would we expect ANYTHING different?

    Little history need here,..

    The Republican Party was created in 1854 to combat the threat of s l a v e r y ‘s extension into the NEW territories, and to promote more VIGOROUS MODERNIZATION of the economy.

    Abraham Lincoln was the FIRST Republican to run for president, and won in 1860.

    Before that it was the Whigs and the Democrat Party.

    And by the way, the Democrat Party was the party of the S L A V E OWNERS.

    And It hasn’t changed ANY since then.

  • Thanks for posting this one- I was just listening to his show on the way home, but I missed it because I couldn’t sit in the car like a dope just to listen to the radio.

  • Anonymous

    Blatant, covert, unabashed, robotic, underhanded, diabolical, and dictionary definition henchman.

  • MikeBri527

    Levin is a very intelligent man. I just wish he’d stop bashing Libertarians like Ron Paul and Glenn Beck.

  • Anonymous

    Mark, I live in Progressive Maryland, I am sure you have read about our Progressive Governor and his Center for American Progress talking points which he receives via his Blackberry. O’Malley’s favorite is that we have a “Structural Deficit” but he fails to state that he is increasing spending by 10% thus a Deficit caused by spending.

    Mark, PLEASE keep up the great work, and since all Politicians want to make their policy a “game” metaphor, the TeaParty is down to the two minute warning and Bohner needs a Hail Mary pass completion.

    The Democrat Party sess pool has been very good at creating the message, Bachmann and Palin have been pushing back but “We the People” need to burn the Capital phone lines with the truth.

    I guess Schumer goes home to his wife and says “let’s jump in the sack, I just screwed the American people again” he is a POS and that does not stand for point of sale.

  • Persephone

    The great one…is so right about this.
    We have all noticed how the Dems come out with their little talking points, at the same time.
    They may call it ‘strategizing’.
    It is actually the manufacturing of propaganda.

    God save us from the tyranny of the Left.
    Grant us the strength to fight it on every front, in every way that we can.
    For our children.
    For our grandchildren.

  • Persephone

    The Dems are the ones who are wanting to ‘shut down the govt’.
    Let them.
    Shut it down.

    The House alone does not have the Power to shut down the government.
    I repeat…
    The House alone does not have the Power to shut down the government!

    Clinton got away with blaming his govt shutdown on Newt & the Republicans.
    It won’t work this time.
    It will backfire on the Dems this time.
    They control the Senate & the WhiteHouse.
    That’s 2 out of 3.
    Clinton got away with it because Republicans held both the House & Senate.
    Clinton got away with it because Liberals controlled the media back then.
    It’s different now….bigtime.
    It will backfire on them, this time.

    Make the cuts, Boehner….grow a spine.
    Let them shut it down!

    • Anonymous

      No. They just want to make the Repubs look bad, blame them for our troubles, and cause general commotion. That is what they do…for sport.

  • Anonymous

    He’s not just using the propaganda LIKE a communist despot, he IS trying to become a despot. The sad thing is, Schumer is just the example for the day, Cass Sunstein and the other Czars in the regime, as well as other members of congress, are in unison with Schumer behind closed doors.

    • Anonymous

      Right on. As a former leftie, I KNOW there are constant talking points issued from on high.

  • Anonymous

    A bit off topic everyone but I felt this was important. Please scroll to page four of this article. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Birth Certificate officially filed. The next time someone calls you a “Birther” or “Racist” or says “You never asked for a birth certificate from a white President,” show them this.
    Page 4

    • Anonymous

      Can’t see it. Too small. Care to explain?

  • Steprock

    Call me naive, but the last time I checked, the Tea Party folks are NOT a political party, and are solely focused on fiscal responsibility.

    This is NOT something that any party should oppose or try to vilify.

  • Stearnwarning

    Do you enjoy being stupid? Does it take practice?