Levin: If Ron Paul runs third party, I’ll work to defeat Rand Paul in Kentucky


Given the crucial significance of this election, Mark Levin leveled a threat today saying that he will work to defeat Rand Paul if his dad runs third party and pulls a million votes.

If Ron Paul decides that he is going to go third party, which is detrimental to this nation, and pulls a million votes, which is relatively insignificant in the big scheme of things, I will do everything in my power to defeat his son in Kentucky. I will do everything in my power to defeat his son, Rand Paul, in Kentucky.

Here’s the audio:


UPDATE: Just fixed the audio to the correct clip.


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  • Anonymous

    Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, Mark. From what I have seen, Rand seems like a stand-up guy.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, Rand should have just stayed out of this. His pappie is a nutcase, supporting and campaigning for him is chipping away at this reputation.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you on that. Rand should have taken a neutral stance on his Dad. He could have easily done that with no loss of face whatsoever by simply recusing himself citing their family relationship and their positions as members of Congress.

        • Anonymous

          Are you people nuts? His father is running for President of the United States. He is not going to take a “neutral stance” or “stay out of this.” LOL

          I have no idea why any of you, including Mark Levin, think Rand Paul is substantively different than his father. Is it because Rand calls himself a “Constitutional conservative”? Can someone please explain what you think is different between the two? The only difference I am aware of is that Rand believes in keeping Gitmo open and Ron thinks it should be closed. What else ya got?

          • Dax

            I guess we’ll see just how crazy these two are. I will suggest an inside job if Ron Paul runs 3rd party and if Rand doesn’t condemn even his own father then he is just as dangerous. Neither of them love this country if that’s the result.

            • Anonymous

              You are assuming that Rand Paul is overly concerned with being re-elected to the Senate. He is an accomplished opthamologist with a young family. He’s not interested in being Chuck Schumer, career politician.

              • Anonymous

                Good. Maybe he’ll go home after this term like his Dad should have.

                • Anonymous

                  Yeah, and then Kentucky could have two Senators who vote for empowering the president to suspend your 5th Amendment rights and detain you indefinitely without charge or trial. That would be great.

                • Rand Paul is a good man. Shut your mouth. Ron may be nuts, but Rand has done good work for us.

              • BS61

                He’s interested in being Prez too!

            • Anonymous

              Oh, but you “love this country” huh? How is that, because you blindly toe your party line election after election? Is that your definition of partriotism? Seems to me our founders believed in standing up for what was right, in fact most of them despised political parties, you dems/repubs have been at each other’s throats for how long now, what has it gotten us?

            • Anonymous

              written like a true extremist. YOU’ll be the first to go per the NDAA bill. Good luck with that. Paul for Sanity and Rights.

          • Anonymous

            They’re aren’t nuts, they’re brainwashed.

        • I have yet to find someone who agrees with their father 100% on issues. But would nonetheless support them towards a presidency. Growing up with a Constitutional philosophy doesn’t hurt Rand one bit.

          • Dax

            This is about supporting him in a third party. If you or anyone does that, it’s awin for Obama and you guys will have played a huge role in destroying this country.

            • Anonymous

              Right, WE have destoyed this country, not you blind Democrats and Republicans who spend more time hating each other than actually paying attention to what’s going on. I’ll vote for whoever is the best candidate, an “R” or “D” by their name is irrelevant, tell me, would you really consider someone like Romney a conservative if he didn’t have that “R” by his name?

      • So I guess that means your the type of person that would sell out your own father.

        • Anonymous

          No, it means as US Senator that came to power with heavy Tea Party support, should know better. You stay out of the endorsement business, because your father is full of so much controversy.

      • Anonymous

        There are NO welfare checks for deadbeats and NO right to speak out at indefinite detention camp. You WILL DO as you’re told, shut up and like it. Good luck with that, moron. Ron Paul for our RIGHTS –

    • Anonymous

      I agree.

    • Anonymous

      Rand is backing his father 100%. He said it several times. I’m with you Mark, whatever you need I’m in. Same with Trump.

      • So setting father against son is conservative policy these days? Makes a lot of sense coming from the “family values” party…*rolls eyes*

    • bobemakk

      Rand may be a stand up guy, but his father Ron Paul has become an oddball. He blames US for 9/11 and reiterates Obamas policy, be nice to our enemies (IRAN), gimme a break…..Gingrich for president, just read his Contract with America, no other politician can even come near that accomplishment by Newt

      • Anonymous

        When did he ever blame US for 9/11? you think for yourself much? What would you do about Iran genius? Bomb them? How would you pay for it? Borrow more money from China? Oh, that just may be a problem since China (and Russia) get’s most of it’s oil from Iran, doubt they’ll be in any hurry to loan us money to cut off their own oil supply. Tell me, do you ever think any of this stuff through logistically or do you play out war in your head like some video game?

  • Sins of the Father?

    Disgraceful comments by Levin.

    • Anonymous

      Levin is spot on. Politics is dirty business-no plays dirtier than the Paul family I see.

      • Please give examples of dirty politics on the Paul family

        • Dax

          On Jay Leno Ron Paul, ” Bachmann hates muslims. Santorum hates gays”. That’s pretty stupid and dirty.

          • Anonymous

            Leno said Santorum hated gays, not Ron, you misquote worse than liberals do.

          • Anonymous

            Those are Both TRUE. BOTH are race baiting islamphobes. It’s not ‘dirty’ when it’s TRUE.

      • You are actually able to keep a straight face when you say that? I am impressed.

        I don’t even know what to say to someone that thinks like that…I mean…were you actually born yesterday?

      • Anonymous

        Levin is a screaming LOON. An absolute extremist, fearmongering LOON. Luckily, big mouths like him and the attorneys are First in line for indefinite detention. Have fun with that, Levin.

    • Anonymous

      Levin is a crybaby. I tend to support anyone he opposes out of principle. Not always, but mostly.

      I pray he will one day support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. But, for now, he is a renegade. Hopeless. God help him to find the way.

      • Constance

        So, you are telling all of us that you support Obama because Mark Levin opposes him? And, you do so out of principle? What principles? You obviously have none.

        • Anonymous

          I listed my principles, but you obviously did not understand, so I will state them again: I support and defend the constitution of the United States. And, no, I would never support a communist like Obama under any circumstances, unlike Newt who stated Obama vs Paul would be a very hard choice. Glenn Beck was right about Newt. He’s a progressive — a Rockefeller Republican– unbound by the chains of the constitution.

          Levin, on the other hand, recently blasted Coulter for “unfairly trashing” Gingrich. He has a short memory. In June 2009 he himself ripped Newt as a Phony and a “Has-Been”– a “psuedo-conservative”.

          Will the real Mark Levin please stand up?

      • Dax

        You sound like a real mature adult. You’ve never listened to Levin or you would’nt say something so utterly stupid. What the he** are you talking about?

        • Rhys Williams

          Levin is a lightweight with a big, cocky, rude mouth. He thinks that claiming he’s an expert 7000 times a night makes it true.

          • Cause we all know a OBGYN knows tons more about the constitution than a constitutional lawyer right?

            • Rhys Williams

              Yeah, Levin’s a regular Obama when it comes to constitutional scholarship.

            • Anonymous

              If you are referring to Levin as a “constitutional lawyer”, then YES! Levin is a complete dunce when it comes to the constitution. He is an embarrassment.

        • Anonymous

          Well, thank you. You sound like a real mature adult, as well.

          Where did you get the notion I have never listened to Levin? Was that from a seance, or did God whisper it to you or reveal it to you in a dream?

          I have listened to Levin for years. He is a a narcissistic jerk who claims to be a constitutional scholar (just ask him). Unfortunately for the naive he is more of a Hamiltonian (the government has all the rights) than a Jeffersonian (the individual has the rights) in that he tends to ignore government power grabs he agrees with. Even a superficial reading of his book, “Men In Black”, will quickly enlighten anyone to the fact that he is no Antonin Gregory Scalia. He is not even close. He is laughable.

  • Anonymous

    What does his son have to do with his dad running third party? Rand is my senator in Kentucky! Stay out of KY politics, Mark!

    • Dax

      Wake up! My sacred senator yada yada yada

      • BS61

        Yeah, unfortunately those polls that show govt’s low approval also show that the majority thinks that their own Congressman or Senator is doing good!

  • Anonymous

    Proof of the futility of pragmatism right in the headline. If a man won’t violate his principle convictions to achieve the “greater good”, then an act of malice is perfectly judtifiable. This is a gross violation of justice and equity, and a plain violation of Gods law of impartiality. Shameful as it is, many like this man have sinned away shame, placing their hope in the strength of man (politics) rather than the gospel of Jesus, which commands the saints to “love their enemies.”

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking the same thing. When I saw Rand and Ron standing together when Ron was bashing Rick Santorum, it definitely got my blood boiling.

    Ron ball calling Rick liberal? Based on ear-marks. Let’s look at Ron’s ear-marks!

    • Anonymous

      Earmarks are good. Spending money we do not have is bad. Santorum voted for numerous appropriations bills (containing earmarks) while Paul voted against them. Paul knew the bills would be passed by his colleagues, so he acted in the best interests of his constituents (as any good representative should) and made sure they got as much of their money back from the federal bureaucracy as he could (by inserting the transparency indicators known as earmarks). If he did not do this, his constituents’ money would be given to Obama and his administration to dump into various federal agencies.

      The important votes are those FOR or AGAINST appropriations (spending) bills. Ron Paul is known as “Dr. No” for a reason (and Santorum is not).

      • BS61

        Where is his principle and ethics?! Voting NO to a bill that he know is going to pass really doesn’t take courage and honesty. Since he is always saying that we are broke, I don’t support him doing so.

  • Anonymous

    I have liked Rand Paul’s positions and would hate to lose him. I know Levin has remarked favorably about him too – even supported him – and would not make such a statement if the issue were not so serious. I think he is begging Rand to talk sense to the old man.

    If Ron Paul cannot secure the GOP nomination and chooses to run 3rd party it really will be the death of America. And he knows it too.

    Imagine the damage we have had inflicted in the past 3 years. Now how much more harm can be dished out over one more term of Obama – he doesn’t have to worry about getting re-elected and nothing will stop him from his agenda.

    This is what p**ses me off (excuse the language) about Trump, too. This election is no time for games and egos.

    • Anonymous

      And if he does run 3rd party and his cult followers gives us another 4 years of Obama, they will be traitors to this country and should be dealt with as such.

      • Anonymous

        So if someone doesn’t vote for who you want them to vote for, they should be dealt with as traitors? (The penalty for treason is death, as I’m sure you are aware.) Very American of you.

        • Anonymous

          And blaming America for 9/11 is very Democrat of you……traitor. If you hate America so much…….GET OUT.

          Iran would be happy to have you there.

          • Believing what the CIA and the 9/11 commission has to say does not make you a traitor, makes you “aware” of the real situation.

            The other republican candidates will do THE EXACT SAME AS OBAMA! Don’t you get it? Don’t you have eyes & ears? Obama has been Bush’s 3rd term.

            Also, I am very disappointed that you would use up the word “traitor” on voting for a president. Shows that maybe you should not be the mom…but instead be the child.

            • Paul is a weak scumbag that thinks lunatics bent on genocide should get nukes……..Traitor? maybe not …Retard? yep he is that. and if he decides that his ego is worth bringing the country down by running third party he is a traitor then.

              • I bet you are one of those people who STILL thinks the Iraq War was the right choice! HA!

                Iran is surrounded by countries that can handle whatever bogus missile they can duct-tape together. Russia…Israel…Turkey…not to mention Saudi Arabia and Egypt would probably have an issue with Iran as well.

                Not our duty to DIE for other countries. When did being American = U.N.?

                • Iran is surrounded by countries that hate Jews like they do. Hitler was suppose to be surrounded by countries that would keep him from causing trouble as well look how well that turned out.

                • How has Israel done in the past wars? Oh yeah…they completely and utterly won. (Save for the last Lebanon campaign…which we FORCED them to lose…and now they continue to be attacked by the group Hezbollah…which wouldn’t be happening IF WE MINDED OUR OWN BUSINESS)

                • Ignorance is its own reward huh?

                • Wow, sure just attack me as a person and ignore what I have to say…shows the board a lot about your character.

                  Clearly you are ignorant, sir. You would do well to READ & THINK before you have your opinions uploaded to you by *insert radio talk show host*.

              • Anonymous

                Hey David, where do you come by that info? the Michele Bachmann institute? It may suprise you to know Iran has been working very hard to build up it’s economy, schools, roads, etc, does that sound like a nation bent on suicide? Maybe you out to look into things a little more before you run your mouth, and while your at it, head on down to your local recruiters if you’re spoiling for a fight so bad, I served, did you? You people are so backwards, a man who has principles and keeps them is a traitor while bought and paid for flip-floppers are your heroes?

                • If he shows even the small amount of principle he will just fade away when he doesnt get the nomination if not well it just will show he has no redeeming qualities. I dont care much for racists isolationists who believe America had it coming on 9/11.

                • Anonymous

                  Wow, great comeback.

                • Truth is a bitter pill for some.

          • ConstitutionalAmerican13

            Ron Paul said the reason they attacked us was do to our ovewr involvement in the mid-east. It.s not so much about blame as fact. I dont hate america I hate what uneducated people are perverting it into. People like you have supported bankrupting the greatest nation to ever exist and then get pist as soon as someone points it out. Think what you want about Ron Pauls policy but 8 years of his sound economics is the only way we are going to be able to support all the mistakes you morons will undoubtably make in the future. I love how you seem to think following the constitution as it was intended to be followed makes you nuts and anti-american. This country was founded on those principles you seem to hate so much and I wish instead of trying to change and destroy what the founders have worked so hard and gave so much to create you would just find a place more to your liking and go there. If you want to argue make sure your argueing with fact based points and look at the deficit next time you want to support bombing the world most of which couldn’t bomb us back if they wanted. If you still support it you might as well look at your kids and say “I know I’m handing you a future that will be worse then the one I had and I’m doing it by choice. You will be poorer and less safe then any group of americans in the last fifty years but I would rather do that then ever admit I was wrong”. I truly hate people like you.

      • BS61

        All of the RP supporters will be voting for Obama!

        • Anonymous

          Yep…….Ron Paul & Obama are two sides of the same coin. They both hate America, are fake Christians, sympathize with the Muslims & hate Israel.

          Maybe their brothers with a different mother?

          • Sympathize with the Muslims? Since when was it a crime to allow free religion? Do you know anything about the country you live in? You do realize that life exists outside of your parish…right?

            • Anonymous

              Islam isn’t a religion you dumbass.

              • Ah ok, slander me and the 2nd largest religion in the world. Really proves what you are made of…

                Seriously, you don’t deserve to even hear the word freedom much less say it.

          • Anonymous

            That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Let’s run down here:

            Obama is for socailized medicine – Is Ron: NO – Is Romney: Yes, Is Gingrich: Yes
            Obama is for more wars – Is Ron:NO – Is Romney:Yes, Is Gingrich:Yes
            Obama supported TAARP: Did Ron:NO – Did Romney:Yes, Did Gingrich:Yes
            Obama supports the Patriot Act – Did Ron:No – Does Romney:Yes, Does Gingrich:Yes

            Seems to me these so-called “conservatives” have far more common with Obama than Ron.

      • Amy

        Wow… seriously? His ‘cult followers’ are still afforded their rights to vote. You may not like the Paulbots or Ron Paul’s positions, but to say they are traitors and should be dealt with for voting is a bit… out there? That’s the same position the left takes with those who vote in a way they don’t like. We’ll just brand them as ‘traitors’ or ‘terrorists’ or ‘hostage takers’.

        I don’t think so. I WILL fight to defend EVERYONE’S right to vote their candidate.

        • Anonymous


          If YOU nuts split the conservative with a 3rd party, you are traitors. Enjoy four more years of Obama. You deserve it.

          • So the people who vote for Obama are traitors squared? Are you aware that we do not live in YOUR country but in OUR country?

          • Amy

            LOL – You need some anger management…

            And I stand by my last statement. I WILL defend & fight for everyone’s ability to vote for their candidate. This is the USA, we are governed by a magnificent piece of work called the Constitution with a fabulous Bill of Rights. You may want to read it.

          • Anonymous

            If we get Obama again and I hope we don’t it’s going to be because of Ron Paul supporters its going to be because the republican you nominate isn’t worth the vote. Both the republican candidates aside from Ron Paul and Obama would destroy whats left of the greatest country to ever exist. Niether side seems to understand that you can’t balance a budget and reboot the economy while continueing to fight multible wars, It just cant happen. Once again it’s very funny to me that running the country the way the founders intended it to be ran is all of a sudden called nuts. Then again raising the deficit killing millions including our men (Who almost all support Ron Paul, but I guess they’re nuts too) and eliminating our civil liberties that men died to gain and protect is obviously the way we should be going. I guess me and the men fighting for us are all just out of our minds. Is that why your trying to get all of our soldiers hurt or killed?

    • Trump is a demoncrat in sheeps clothing. He supported Obama and Clinton 10000%. Trump does third party precisely to re-elect Obama.

      • Anonymous

        That’s my take on it too, Salvatore. Anything for a buck.

        Can’t prove it but I’ve always thought the Birth Certificate was a game that he brought out when Zero wanted to use it to advantage by bringing out those everyone thinks of as “the crazies”. What worried me most was how easily many conservatives jumped to support Trump because of that issue only.

  • Thanks for getting this one TRScoop! If anybody could I knew YOU would.

  • Levin is one of the few in the conservative media who are not motivated by the financial windfal they would gain from an Obama 2nd term. Rand Paul has to earn my trust again. His father has lost it for him.

  • Rand is just like his father, he campaigned on ending earmarks and even backed Jim DeMint about passing it into legislation.

    He didn’t even make it to DC before he reversed course.

    I voted for Rand Paul hoping he was different from his father. (People on Infowars.com hated him)

    Turns out the tree doesn’t fall far from the nut.

    • Anonymous

      Ending earmarks would be bad. That would end a mechanism of transparency in Congressional spending. Earmarks do not add spending to an appropriations bill; they just show us where the money we send in to Washington will go. You are confusing earmarks with pork. They are not the same thing.

      • He campaigned on ENDING them, he told people in Ky what they wanted to hear. Then, when he got the golden ticket, he showed he was really no different than his father.


        Also, if its not the same as Pork, then why doesn’t his father vote for the bills he attaches the earmark requests to?

        • Anonymous

          Ron Paul does not vote for the appropriations bills that contain his earmarks because he does not find authority in the Constitution for the spending the bills contain.

          Earmarking funds makes sure that money his constituents have sent in to the Washington bureaucracy will come back to them. It is their money. In other words, he is being a good representative. All spending should be earmarked. I’m glad Rand changed his position on earmarks.

          • “It is their money. In other words, he is being a good representative. All spending should be earmarked.”

            He is sending home a far greater amount then they paid in.

            Let’s see, it’s unconstitutional, but he gets them the money, but he has others do the dirty work for him so he can vote no.

            That, my good friend, is the definition of a racket. Good work if you can get it.

            • Ron Paul made over $157 million in earmark requests for FY 2011, one of only four House Republicans to request any earmarks. Additionally, he made over $398 million in earmark requests for FY 2010, again one of the leading Republican House members. These earmark requests include:

              $8 million from federal taxpayers for Recreational Fishing Piers.

              $2.5 million from taxpayers for “new benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, decorative street lighting.”

              $2.5 million from taxpayers to modify medians and sidewalks for an “Economically Disadvantaged” area.

              $2.5 million from federal taxpayers for a “Revelation Missionary Baptist Community Outreach Center.”

              $38 million in multiple requests for literacy programs to “encourage parents to read aloud to their children.”

              $18 million from federal taxpayers for a Commuter Rail Preliminary Engineering Phase (light rail).

              $4 million from federal taxpayers for the “Trails and Sidewalks Connectivity Initiative.”

              $11 million from federal taxpayers for a “Community-Based Job Training Program.”

              $2 million from federal taxpayers for a “Clean Energy” pilot project.

              $5 million from federal taxpayers in order to build a parking garage.

              $1.2 million for a “Low-income working families Day Care Program”

              $4.5 million from federal taxpayers for a new Youth Fair facility.

            • Anonymous

              You have figures to prove he is sending home more than they put in? If so I’m open minded and that would weigh on my decision to support him, but so far I’ve heard this accussation but no proof.

  • Ron Paul will not run thrid party because it would destroy his son’s career. Plus he made that point today that the Tea Party is better sticking with the GOP.

  • I’m more worried about Donald Trump running third party

    • poljunkie

      Trumps slip, I mean ego will be showing if he does that.
      In our view he will hand the election right over to Obama.

      What a jackwagon he will be.

    • BS61

      Yes, I had to turn off Fox once again when Greta was interviewing him. Why do they keep interviewing him!

    • Nobody, not even American Idol voters would vote for Donald Trump.

  • You’re all worried for nothing. If Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination, he’ll probably just ask his followers to support Gary Johnson. See? No problem.

    • Anonymous

      That would be a problem for the GOP nominee most likely. If Ron Paul formally endorsed Johnson, Paul’s supporters, who will number well into double digits nationally by the time of the general election, will either vote for Johnson, write in Paul’s name, or not vote at all. Obama will almost certainly win in that scenario (but with less than 50% of the vote).

      • I appreciate your response, gb; my comment was a little tongue-in-cheek.

        But really, the Anyone But Obama argument doesn’t hold much water when you consider that Romney and Santorum are just Obama clones. Their campaigns are filled with the same empty promises that Obama made, and broke.

        So I agree; it would take a miracle for Gary Johnson to win a third party bid, but what an awesome campaign it would be. Americans would acquire a libertarian education and would start conversing about Constitutional rights (I get shivers just thinking about it).

        Education is the first step to recovery.

        • Anonymous

          Santorum a Romney clone??? Not so much………..

      • BS61

        What part of we have a Communist in the WH do Ron Paul supporters not understand?!

      • Anonymous

        Could I just set one thing straight here, you guys are so worried about Ron Paul doing this or that, you obviously don’t know many Ron Paul supporters, we are about ideals, NOT a man, I could care less who Ron endorses, if he endorsed Romney or whoever it would have ZERO impact, we will not vote for a Romney regardless of what Ron does, most of us are voting for Ron, and Ron ONLY because of his principles, if he endorses some slick politician we will view that as a total betrayal and abandon him, call us whatever names you want, those are the facts, don’t blame Ron if your “boy” loses, we are free thinking individuals, you don’t own our votes, no one does, we will do what WE want, parties do not matter to us, do you understand?

        BTW, having said that, if the GOP was smart they would embrace us, despite our “faults” because you are turning away a huge base of potential voters, I don’t know what election you guys are following, but anyone who hopes to win the general needs more than just the GOP base, show me anywhere you see appeal outside of Republicans for any of the other candidates – you won’t beat Obama with Romney, believe that.

    • BS61

      Gary Johnson moved to the Libertarian Party.

  • Mark obviously has something personal against Paul this runs way deeper then policy.

    • Yes, and frankly holding Ron Paul’s son hostage is not likely to go over too well with the majority of Americans, either. Blow back, anyone?

    • Anonymous

      As a Jew, Mark is taking Paul’s anti-Israel policy personally. I don’t blame him.

      • Every dollar given to Israel must be matched with a dollar to Egypt (Camp David Accords). Besides having to fund an enemy of Israel…we also forced them to lose the latest war in lebanon…which has certainly affected the freedom of the Israeli people.

        Anyways, Israel isn’t all sugar & spice. The treatment of the palestinian people is deplorable…oddly enough, every Israeli I have met is also against their government’s treatment of the palestinians.

      • Anonymous

        Anti-Israel policy? You guys crack me up with this stuff. I guess he must be anti-everyone then because he wants to cut-off ALL foreign aid, you do realize we give more money to Israel’s enemy’s than we do to Israel right? You do realize we constantly boss Israel around telling them who they can and can’t attack and when and how right? No, you probably don’t know that, but keep listening to these conservative radio host and newscasters, they are playing you for a fool.

    • Yes he does. It’s called anti-semitism. Can you blame him?

  • Anonymous

    Mark Levin obviously fears Ron Paul significantly. In the above audio clip, he acknowledges that there are “scores of third party candidates out there, and they are mostly irrelevant” but he knows that Ron Paul is the one candidate who has the ability to draw enough votes to change the election. In other words, Mark Levin knows that Ron Paul controls this election.

    • Well, paulnut, they said the same thing about Ross Perot, too, and look what happened: he handed Clinton a victory. Rumpelstiltskin can’t win, and you paulnuts can go back to Stormfront, the KKK, or whatever other rock he finds you guys under. All Rumpelstiltskin can do is siphon votes away from the GOP, which can spell disaster for the country. However, like any paulnut, all you care about is getting this nut in office to validate your beliefs, and damn what happens to the rest of the nation, to any other nation, or anybody else that’s not like you.

    • Richard Easbey

      In other words, Mark Levin knows that Ron Paul controls this election.

      If that’s true, are you COMFORTABLE with that? I’m not.

      • Anonymous

        I support Ron Paul, but it doesn’t matter if I am “comfortable” with it or not. It is just a fact.

        • Anonymous

          Ron Paul people seem like those sailing ship people used to build inside a bottle. The world can see you and you can see the world, but somehow you remain untouched and untouchable. Good Luck to you brother.

  • Anonymous

    what he has against paul is the same thing any other rational has…the legitimate concern for the viability of our country with this guy as chief executive

    • Anonymous

      As opposed to say, Romney running the country? Or 4 more years of Obama? Or how about those wonderful prosperous years under Bush the GOP gave us, yeah, I think I’ll make up my own mind thank you.

      • Anonymous

        romney would be a bad choice. i don’t agree with a number of bush domestic policies but neither would i say those years weren’t stable…paul would amplify our problems…that fellow has odd ideas and is NOT a conservative. I don’t know at this point but obama or paul will be disasterous for our country

        • Anonymous

          OK, I can respect other views, I’m just curious what you feel would be so disastrous about Ron Paul? Bush run up our debt over 4T, would Ron do that? Bush got us in 2 disastrous wars that went nowhere, would Ron do that? wars to me aren’t just about the money either, I served, so did my little brother, my family knows first hand what war can do to people, my brother far more than me has had some serious issues he likely will never completely work out, I’m no coward and would fight again if need be, but you have to give me a reason, everyone thinks it’s some liberal position to say we were duped into Iraq, it is not a liberal position, trust me, Iraq was no threat.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the response and thanks to you and your family for your service. My family likewise made sacrifices so I too know the effects of war. While I am not a big bush supporter, I would point out that bush did not unilaterally raise the debt. that millstone needs to be wrapped around the necks of many people. As for the war, hindsight is 20-20, but there was bi-partisan support. Was it a mistake? maybe.

            Domestically, he has some valid points: lower spending and taxes, smaller govt. Foreign policy positions: misguided. Strategically, the progressive/socialist obamatons would steamroll paul and obama would very likely win the general election. That being said, and God willing, the republican nominee would be wise to appoint paul to some cabinet position where his fiscal views can be translated into action.

  • Anonymous

    That is awesome. I will donate the maximum to oust Rand if Ron does this. Mark nails it like usual. Actions have consequences.

    • Anonymous

      The only people who insist on talking about Ron Paul running third party are those who dislike him. He has not mentioned running third party once, and he is likely about to win the Republican Iowa Caucus. Why should he even think about a third party run?

      • “He has not mentioned running third party once,”

        And when asked straight-up and point-blank by softball thrower Sean Hannity to decisively state that he WOULD NOT run “third party”, Rumpelstiltskin refused, paulnut. As for Iowa, so what? Reagan didn’t win, and was a far better president than Rumpelstiltskin could dream of being.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, he’s answered it many times but the blowhards in the media won’t stop asking the question, I’d say at this point he’s flat out sick of it as anyone would be, how about we talk about something that matters like our debt, the wars, you know, real issues.

          • Well, when I listened to him, myself, he refused to give an answer, so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

            • Anonymous

              Likely you caught him the 200th time they asked him, I think he kinda got burned out around the 89th time. Frankly the only people I hear talking about Ron running 3rd party are the media, I’ve never once heard it out of Ron’s mouth, not to mention why are we asking the guy that is in 1st/2nd place in Iowa and NH about a 3rd party run to begin with?

      • Anonymous

        With all due respect, Grizz, like any Paul supporter, you speak as if there were no consequences. Please read LiveFree’s statement again. There will be “consequences.”

        Paul supporters are beginning to sound like Alan Colmes- Take a position and, when nobody responds to the “startling” tautology, you mistake the silence of disinterest for approval.

        There will be “consequences.” Those consequences will come to Paul, his progeny and to those who support Paul. This is not some silly argument among high schoolers. The fate of liberty and the future of justice is at stake and “there will be consequences.”

        • Anonymous

          In my opinion, there is nobody in this campaign who is more concerned with the fate of liberty and the future of justice than Ron Paul.

          • Anonymous

            Grizz, okay and again with respect, you are just making an assertion here. Make an argument and defend it. Tell me how Ron’s position is better than someone else’s.

            He is:
            –for the Constitution
            –against the Fed
            –against squandering money on foreign nations
            –for a smaller government and blah blah blah.

            Jeez. A sixth grader could have come up with a platform like that. But he’s not running for class president. Where’s his comprehension of the complexity of foreign relations? How will he get cooperation from the Congress?

            Other than grabbing the moral high ground on every issue, what is it that Ron Paul will do as the most powerful man on the planet? Where’s the substance? Where’s the beef?

            They say the devil is in the details and that’s what we’re missing from Ron Paul. Unfortunately his details-isolationist policies- seem to fit in exactly with the far left/communists in this country. And his conservative interests-auditing the FED and sticking to the Constitution- these are just words and when you put them close enough together in a sentence, the sound like they have meaning. But what does RP mean? What will he do by midnight, Jan 20, 2013?

            For me it appears that Paul supporters hear a few interesting topics which seem to embrace both liberal and conservative issues without interfering with each other and then the peace-loving, justice-minded “Paul Brains” just freeze, right there. No more discussion, no more thought. “Done deal- I’m a libertarian.”

            I wish that life could be as simple as that.

            • Anonymous

              I am just fine with that platform. Weighing every decision he would make against the Constitution? Perfect. Against the private cartel of banksters who have a monopoly on our money and manipulate our national economy from a board room? Excellent. Disagrees with borrowing money from China to give to countries who we consider allies and even more to those our allies consider enemies? Correct. Staunchly committed to a federal government that operates within the limited scope outlined by our Founders in the Constitution? Oustanding.

              If you want to know “what Ron Paul means” about any number of subjects, I recommend you read a book or two of his. If you were near me I’d let you borrow them. He has written one book specifically about the Federal Reserve (“End the Fed”). Others including “Liberty Defined” and “Revolution” lay out his philosophical positions with detailed explanations quite thoroughly. I think if you and others read even one of these books, you would at least have a real understanding of where Ron Paul is coming from. Disagreement and debate are fine. Smears and name calling are childish and not productive. (You specifically have been respectful and I thank you.) I assure any and all of you…Ron Paul may have different ideas, but he is a great American who wants what is best for this country.

  • Anonymous

    Great attitude by Mark Levin….Karl Rove, not my favorite person but agree here, thinks that Ron Paul will not run because of his son and the damage it could do to him.

    • Anonymous

      You mean the damage over and above the dna contribution?

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul has his place and it is NOT a candidate for POTUS. He is rapidly becoming the Jessie Jackson of the Republican Party. His attention to auditing the Fed will not happen before the election, instead he should push for a audit of TARP and ARRA. Follow the money of ARRA and you show the corruption within LIAR Obama.
    Ron Paul help defeat Obama and in Feb. support the GOP front runner. Rand, ok he is your father but step to the side, Dad is toxic.

  • Mark Levin is a legend in his own mind. I hope Ron Paul runs a third party candidacy to take out the phony Mitt Romney and the BIG GOVERNMENT CONSERVATIVES who protect the defense establishment. How do you like supporting unconstitutional wars while making private defense contractors like Lockhead Martin and Bell rich? Unending wars with no clear enemy and no sign of an endgame, but boy keep the money flowing.

  • Mark Levin is a fraud. I’m sure Rand Paul is shaking in his boots with that mental midget.

  • If mark levin does that to Rand, you will see a splintering off of the Republican Party. Try to win elections without true limited government libertarians, you won’t be able to. This is the same Mark Levin who backs Orrin Hatch over Jason Chaffetz. Mark Levin is a joke. He protects his friends, period. Not the constitution.

    • Jim Botts

      Uhh, since when have Libertarians voted Republican? Every darn libertarian I know votes Democrat out of spite. It seems the civil liberties & foreign policy issues always trumps spending with these people

    • Anonymous

      The splintering will be the Paul supporters’ choice: Either (a) back the democrats who agree with your anti-American, blame America first foreign policy and share your lack of social values; or (b) join with the only party, the Republican Party, that has any sense of fiscal discipline. Your call mate.

    • And precious Jason Chaffetz is supporting ROMNEY –explain that

  • Good for Mark.

  • I agree with Mark. Ron Paul will never become the Republican nominee. Never. And like Mark says, if he decides to do the third party run, then screw him. At that point, it would be all ego and nothing else.

    • Ron is ego personafide

    • Ego? If Ron Paul has enough supporters to make a 3rd party run possible…he definitely should. People have donated MILLIONS to his campaign, and it would be a slap in the face to his supporters(assuming their number is great enough) if he does not run as a 3rd party.

      Personally…I hope he wins the nomination then says “Eh, I’ll run 3rd party anyways, here you go Mitty, maybe you can take 10% nationwide.”

  • Anonymous

    Little whiny voice Levin wants to take all his toys home and he’s gonna scream a tantrum the whole way.

    Geesh – what an idiot. He’s really showing his under belly with his apoplectic freak.

  • Anonymous

    Mark Levin just seems eat up with jealousy and envy of Dr. Paul.

    I say if you’re so smart and so great, why don’t you jump in the race, Mr. Levin? Don’t tell Dr. Paul what to do or threaten what you will do if he doesn’t do what you say.

    Are you medicated??

    • Anonymous

      He will need to be after Paul wins Iowa. Wednesday night’s show should be epic.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Mark you better not see me in a bar or a restaurant because if I do I’m gonna knock you the f*ck out.

    Thats a promise. Nice to sound tough when you are on a microphone, you want to defeat Rand I’ll defeat your face with my fist.

    • K-Bob

      Threats of violence aren’t looked kindly upon here.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed – thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve gotta agree with Mark Levin on this one. The Paul’s are both ‘playing politics’ if they consider a third party, and we aren’t in the position to survive it.

  • Anonymous

    And that’s why I like Mark Levin.

    Ron Paul’s people are simply not conservative or republican. Scratch a Ron Paul supporter and you find Occupy Wall Street, College d-bag libtard, conspiracy nut, bigot, self important, self rightous know-it-alls (that know nothing). Some are sincere, most are just along for the ride and when the time comes, they support every leftist/socialist cause in the world. Most Ron Paul supporters will vote for obama in the end. Ron paul is just the Trojan Horse of the leftists, their own Operation Chaos. When they are not trolling in conservative sites, they are watching J Stewart and S Colbert and then stuff their pompous spoiled faces with Doritos watching South Park.
    99% of all Ron Paul supporters know their little fantasy of a Libertarian utopia will never happen, and when they stop daydreaming, they vote democrat, because they are hypocrites, they want their free health care, free “education”, free housing and everything else with the word ‘free’ in front of it.
    By the way, are all of Ron paul’s supporters accounted for in the L.A. area…? I thought I heard something about cars being burned, woot! 420!!!


    • Anonymous

      “Most Ron Paul supporters will vote for Obama in the end”

      Absolutely, completely wrong.

      “99% of all Ron Paul supporters know their little fantasy of a Libertarian utopia will never happen, and when they stop daydreaming, they vote democrat, because they are hypocrites, they want their free health care, free “education”, free housing and everything else with the word ‘free’ in front of it.”

      Moronic. Could you possibly know less about Ron Paul’s supporters? I think not.

  • Ron Paul is the only one i would consider voteing for, even if he didt get the nomination which is very unlikely, i would still perfer to write his name in than to show support for any of these other war mongers and keynsians.

    • Anonymous

      Both parties are Keynsian now. Not all war is bad. Do you think you got your freedoms because people thought it was wrong to fight for them?

  • RonPaulvoter

    All of you whinny loving levinbots…..why dont you try thinking for yourself…Mark Levin, who is not a great one, talks hateful, twisted non-sense…he says he loves his country….but then backs a weak, flip flopper….do your own homework…issue for issue my guess is you know nothing….my guess is you have no idea what this nut job levin is blathering…cause he sure dont love his country if he thinks this is the way to show it. Think I am wrong…give me an issue and lets have a real debate?

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Anonymous

    Rand Paul is campaigning for Ron and he is manipulating everything his dad says. According to Rand, his dad’s views aren’t that far off from ours when it comes to national defense and protecting our interests around the world. Really? He must be listening to the other Ron Paul from Venus.

    • “He must be listening to the other Ron Paul from Venus”.
      – Kong1967(from Uranus)

      …..sorry dude,..it was just too easy

      • Anonymous

        Coming from a Ron Paul fan it doesn’t mean much.

  • Anonymous

    With talk like that you and the neocons would do well to learn from Louis XVI. Via la Liberty

  • Philo Beddoe

    To Rand Paul.

    Hello Mr. Paul.

    What are your thoughts of a politician who has been in Washington for over 20 years and has only 1 bill that they have written?

    Who’s that you ask? Ron Paul.

  • Constance

    I knew this was coming. And, I agree with Levin on this. Rand Paul seems a decent and conservative guy, but I knew that eventually, he would become a target of conservatives if his lunatic father continued in a position of strength. There is no rule anywhere that a person has to support their parents, if their parents’ values are opposed to their own. Apparently, Rand Paul believes the same things his father does. If so, then Rand Paul is not welcome in the conservative tent. Period.

  • I say “throw out the baby with the bathwater”!!

  • Message to The Good People of Iowa:

    Please WRITE-IN Sarah Palin Today January 3, 2012….

  • There goes Mark again, supporting Big Government and Endless-War. I just wish Levin, Hanity and Rush would just come out and admit, that they’re really for the Big Government Establishment because as long as they support the war machine the Statists will remain firmly in dictatorial power, and with their support to boot!

  • Look at this guys picture in the clip above,.. he just spit in your coffee when you left the room for a moment and now he’s watching you have a sip….

    “I will do everything in my power to defeat his son, Rand Paul, in Kentucky”

    Folks,..this is one evil little gnome,…think about what he’s saying,..c’mon man…

  • Ron Paul moonies can’t talk about his stupiid stands on issues.
    Supporters are the mirror image Obama supporters.

  • Dinky Dot

    Waaahhh i didnt get my own way. Mark sins of the farther mean anything to u ?… Now all i need to do for Obama to walk right into a second term is to get the republicans to fight amoung themselfs.. Oh wait they will turn on there own. they will sense the allmight one is beatable and they will implode

  • Anonymous

    I love Mark…but he being one BIG BABY here with his threats to defeat Rand.

  • chris davis

    If you like Rand and hate Ron, it is a clear sign that you are confused because they have the same philosophy. But Levin knows that… so I submit that he will work to defeat Rand regardless. Liberals are liberals, but what has ruined this country is the phony conservatives. The phony Trump already suggested he would run 3rd party if Newt didn’t win… so why isn’t Levin bashing him?… I thought he was so smart… maybe just intellectually dishonest

  • Ken Caudll

    Perhaps Mr. Levin has a higher opinion of his influence than is merited by reality. The Republican establishment already unleashed the dogs on Rand Paul in the previous election with little effect.

  • Remember, Kelly Clarkson went up when she endorsed Ron Paul…Mark Levin is most likely to go down after a foolish statement like that.

    • Only for those in a pot haze…the rest of us sober people know the dangers to the country Obama represent and don’t take kindly to ego maniacal old men who have delusions of grandeur.

      • Ok, right. Believing in the Constitution and liberty makes us all drug addicts. Quit acting so foolishly, you are giving conservatives a bad name.

        Also, who is “your candidate”? I would really like to know what ghost you are voting for…because as far as republicans are concerned…Ron Paul is the only honest candidate amongst them.

        • Since when is a man more left than Obama a conservative? I also think the majority of Paul supporters are only supporting him cause of his stand on drugs. Pauls support of the constitution is fine if he was right which he isnt. NOTHING in the constitution says we cant have a foreign policy. He is a isolationist and to damn stupid to see the world the way it is.

          • Again, stop with the blanket statements. Anyone doing drugs is going to continue doing drugs whether or not drugs are legal.

            George Washington had the same foreign policy that Ron Paul is talking about. If that isn’t as American as you can get…well, then…you tell me.

            Our current foreign policy has made the ENTIRE world hate us. (something you wouldn’t know because you have never been outside of the country…obviously)

            We are also going BANKRUPT. Do you know what that means? Ever hear of the Fall & Decline of the Roman Empire?

            Stop making up silly arguments.

  • John Luzzi

    rand paul will not lose.

  • Anonymous

    Levin, and the ilk like him, are irrelevant. When he says he loves his country, you better believe it’s the statist end that he embraces, or at least the financial means that it affords him to support it.

    Trying to defeat Rand or Ron is very showing. Those two may possibly be two of the only persons working hard to improve the life for all Americans. Levin, you’ve truly jumped the shark here.

  • Anonymous

    Mark…….just heard Rand on with Shep…….could NOT clarify no matter how many times Shep asked…..question being if no objection or no state law….would it be o.k. at the federal level to sell heroin and cocaine over the counter….the little whistle prick COULD NOT ANSWER as Shep said a VERY STRAIGHT FORWARD QUESTION!!!!!Almost as squirrley as the old man

    • Rhys Williams

      I think you’re whole premise is off. It’s a states rights issue. The Paul argument is that it’s a police or medical matter, which isn’t in the jurisdiction of the federal government. They’re not talking about overriding state laws with “party time USA” laws. They’re just talking about eliminating federal drug laws and leaving the enforcement and prohibition to the states where they can come up with more local and reasonable policy. It’s already a state crime in every state anyway. The only thing that would change is the federal bureaucratic waste would be eliminated.

      • its not a state rights issue cause the drugs will inevitably be sold over state lines thus making it a federal issue….Hell most the drugs will be coming from a different country which sure as hell makes it a federal issue. If ether Paul were honest about this they would have pointed this out.

        • Rhys Williams

          That’s the liberal view of the Interstate Commerce Clause. Conservatives see it different.

          • Thats not liberal view its what interstate commerce is….things being sold over state lines…….Is it the name that confuses you?

            • Rhys Williams

              The intention of the Founders for the ICC was to “keep regular” the trade between the states. That means no tariffs or trade barriers between Florida and Utah.

              • And so they gave the regulation of interstate trade to the federal government ……..Your goi9ng to have to live with the fact that the truth doesnt support you.

                • Rhys Williams

                  it’s to regulate trade between the states, not goods traded across state lines

  • Anonymous

    Geez, what a crybaby. I guess it’s so hard for some to realize that this about AMERICA, meaning ALL OF US, not some stupid party. How about we stop this left/right war and just start voting for the person who best represents us, regardless of party.

  • Rhys Williams

    If Mark Levin opposes Rand Paul, that’s his mistake. He’s basically saying that if Rand’s father runs third-party, he’ll try to wipe out the best senator in DC out of revenge? And all if Ron Paul doesn’t play along with electing an Obama-lite republican? And the funny thing is Levin thinks he’s a match for Rand Paul?

  • Ever notice how Paul supporter always blame Republicans yet seem to gloss over the fact that Paul is one? You know why? Cause Paul supporters are not republicans. Republicans both moderate and conservative Wouldn’t approve of this loon. The establishment is afraid of this scumbag and I ask why? If he truly has the juice to mount a successful third party run he would be able to get the republican nom. No mater what the Paulbots think True independents are not crazy Terrorist appeasing pot loving hippies who think every ill done to us was our come upends

    • Rhys Williams

      I don’t see Paul supporters ever blaming republicans for anything more than any of your other average tea partiers. There’s some election fighting going on from all sides. That’s pretty normal. Based on your comments, you’re pretty hostile to the paul folks. You seem pissed off at them.

      • Why assume anger is the reason for telling the truth? Go against Paul and all of a sudden your a Partisan IE a puppet for the republicans……….Its asinine and hypocritical. Dont much care for putting God Hood on a candidate.

        • Rhys Williams

          You’re not really telling much truth. I don’t assume it’s anger. It just seems like you’re expressing anger more than truth. And you do come off a bit like a lemming, more than a puppet. That’s because the establishment has been all up in Ron Paul’s junk this last week and you’re following blindly. Again, you seem directed more than controlled. A lemming over a puppet. This whole thing with Levin shows it off because only his enemies talk about a third party run for Paul… and his enemies are numerous.

          • Keep that tinhat on tight dude. I have stated observable truths if you had the honesty to look. But I am sure it is really just a Giant conspiracy like you said…………..Yep……..thats it.

            • Rhys Williams

              everything thing you said was an opinion, and your opinion is pretty nasty

  • Yes… Good strategy

  • Mark Levin, you are a douchebag!

  • Anonymous

    That’s why Levin is a turd bucket.

  • Randy White

    Detrimental? Really? Since when is standing up for the Constitution detrimental to our country. I dare you to listen and think carefully about when Ron Paul says.

    • When Paul does more than cry about it while living off our tax dollars maybe I will take him seriously…Oh wait he is retiring. Guess will will just have to live with the fact that he is a do nothing congressmen who loved pork and lived like of my dime like a welfare queen.Only times Paul give a crap about the constitution is when it does him good otherwise he just follows the liberals.

      • Matt Fry

        How does he “just follow the liberals” exactly? You obviously know nothing about Ron Paul and are just regurgitating the filthy media you listen to. There is no way to argue that this man is not sincerely passionate about sticking to the constitution and giving power back to the people. He has spent a large portion of his life fighting for civil liberties and against big government. He has guts and sticks to his beliefs no matter how popular they are with the idiots in the republican establishment.

        • Look at his voting record…..He voted with liberals and against conservatives consistently.

  • I dont know why a bunch of you really like Rand Paul, but seem to think Ron Paul is nuts. Rand is an ideological copy of his father on 95% of the issues. However, he has a much stronger demeanor, presents himself like your classic politician would, is a much better public speaker, is younger, and isnt nearly as quirky. He’s got big shoes to fill though, his dad being the most conservative congressman since… 1947 I believe?

  • Boooo Go Ron Paul! Go Rand Paul!