Levin interviews Caroline Glick from JPost

This was really a great interview with Carolina Glick, a columnist with the Jerusalem Post. She basically gives Levin the lowdown on the Middle East, particularly the countries in flux at this moment. And it’s not good at all. She even comments that it seems the only relationships Obama seems interested in are with countries that hate America. She adds that might be a slight exaggeration, but I think it sums it up pretty well:


As a bonus, here is Levin routing Obama for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood today:

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  • “they can renounce violence and then, and then when they get power the can use violence….it’s basically what people do when they don’t have a problem lying”

    This woman is brutally honest in just about everything she said- There were so many things that I paused at 6 minutes just scramble together a post.

    The quote I posted underscores a reality that we all live in with our current politicians. I think it is the issue that needs to be addressed, the rest is all a result of dishonesty and the population’s reluctance (possibly via our elected representatives) to confront it.

  • Anonymous

    So what is the penalty if the MB goes back on it’s word to “swear off violence”???

  • Anonymous

    So what is the penalty if the MB goes back on it’s word to “swear off violence”???

  • Art

    Caroline Glick knows who the enemy of liberty is…

    Caroline writes about current events related to our friend Israel with such awesome insight.

    Her articles can be found at the Jerusalem Post.
    Her blog is http://carolineglick.com/


    As you know, the Muslim Brotherhood, jihad and shariah law is nothing new. If you can find a copy of Judith Millers 1996 book, “God Has Ninety-nine Names – Reporting from A Militant Middle East”… buy it!!!

    Read Judith’s history of the Middle East, chapter titles include

    – Egypt
    – Saudi Arabia
    – Sudan
    – Algeria
    – Libya
    – Lebanon
    – Syria
    – Jordan
    – Israel
    – Iran

    Only Yahweh (Y-H-W-H) can expose Allah and … STOP! Islamization Of America … with our informed speech and actionb

  • Rich

    YOu gotta post Levin’s destruction of Weiner. It was superb. I defy any liberal who hears his argument to make a clear and understandable counter-argument.

  • im4zion

    Right about now, I’d be happier if Mickey Mouse was the resident in the white house.
    At least I’d trust that he was for America and our allies.

  • Jaycol

    Will there be an American Republic in 2012? This wave of revolution is a tsunami coming for us!

  • NJK

    If you want the truth about what is going on you have to listen to Mark. He is the true news.

  • Anonymous

    Levin’s Muslim Brotherhood tirade brought a smile to my face: his voice tone tells all one needs to know; these terrorists are dangerous…. and the Thug-in-Chief just gave them the thumbs-up !!

    • im4zion

      He always does. “Give them a thumbs up” I mean.
      Its hard not to think of him as one of them. Either that or he’s the pathetic coward some accuse him of. But that isn’t likely.
      Is it?
      I don’t know, they do hack off heads –

  • Pauline

    I wonder if obama would denounce Hamas?