Levin interviews WI Justice under attack by unions

Underway in Wisconsin is a massive smear campaign against WI Supreme Court Justice David Prosser to unseat him in the upcoming election. Obviously this has everything to do with the budget bill that was just passed and the unions are trying to get a very liberal activist Justice elected in his place.

This is a huge issue for Wisconsin as the Unions are spending tons of money on ads to lie and deceive the people over Prosser’s record. Levin had him on for a few minutes tonight to explain:

If you would like to help financially support Justice Prosser you may contribute here.

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  • Brifry

    This story puts a final bullet in the corpse of the big democrat lie that THEY think courts should be A-political. Let there be no doubt, dems consider the courts to be an arm of the Democrat party.

  • Esox42

    If David Prosser loses this race, it will be a disaster for the entire country. The leftist thugs and goons trying to overthrow an election through death threats, vandalism and other forms of intimidation cannot be allowed to succeed.

    • Publius

      and other forms of “intimidation”

      Isn’t that spelled t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-m?

  • Santina35

    please to toughs who live in Wisconsin, make sure to get out the vote tell your neighbors, family and friends, it would crushing if the Supreme court becomes a liberal majority.

  • Anonymous

    Well, he’s toast.

  • Indy

    Not only can you donate, you can help make calls from home…over at NRO are links on how to do that, please engage and spread the word so others can volunteer, this election impacts much more than Wisconsin.


  • Anonymous

    Help him all you can Mr. Levine.
    This should not be allowed.

  • Anonymous

    What does democracy look like? Screwing the democratic process, and just buying an activist judge to pervert the law however you feel… is what… democracy… looks like..

  • J Kust

    I will vote and SUPPORT Mr Prosser. He is an honest, ethical man! I hate lies about people. That is what is happening to Prosser! J Kust