Levin: Obama admin lost big time in court

Levin says that Judge Vinson basically called out the Obama administration for their legal ‘tricks’. The Obama administration filed a motion that said they wouldn’t comply the Judge’s decision unless he clarified what it meant. The judge turned it around on them with a clever compromise. He granted them a stay of his decision for seven days if and only if they file an expedited appeal to have ObamaCare heard in the Supreme Court. Ha! This Judge Vincent sounds like my kinda guy! The Obama Admin wanted to push the date off so they could implement as much as possible before it went to the Supreme Court. Now they are forced to file an expedited appeal. Awesome!

Levin explains it all:

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  • A rare bit of light in the tunnel. It sure gets old watching the media twist every decision for the last two years somehow into an Obama victory or that every ebb and flow magically benefits Obama.

  • sloop

    the motion from the doj was the functional equivalent of a motion to stay

    the ruling of the judge was the functional equivalent of a bish slap

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see how the MSM spin this, it should be good – LOL!

  • Anonymous

    Whatever, the supreme court is very likely going to uphold it. It’s going to be hilarious when they do though.

  • Pauline

    Love it. This judge knows his way around.

  • Anonymous

    Hope the Judge has good security.

  • Odin147

    Man these news agencies abc radio news they are all commies

  • Jimbo

    As usual “the Great One” is spot on.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s have some word fun.

    Judge Vinson. Reminds me of venison, yummy. Only it’s the O’ administration that be sportin’ that deer-in-the-headlights look 😀

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure why Mark is so happy with this result. It’s pretty obvious the Obama administration has no intention of obeying any court that decides against Obamacare. So they have another 7 days to ignore his original ruling (which was, what? a month ago now) as long as they file an appeal in those 7 days. So if they file an appeal with the 11th circuit within the 7 days, they have an indefinite stay.

    So on Day 7 they file the appeal. How long does the 11th Circuit have to take it up? Days? Weeks? Months? So the 11th Circuit hears the case a year from now? Even an expedited case wouldn’t get decided this year, right? So forget next year’s Supreme Court calendar. So no matter what happens we’re looking at 2012-2013 for the Supreme Court. Which is exactly what Obama wanted.

    It was a nice smack down of the Justice Department lawyers, but they don’t give a crap what the judge or anybody else thinks of them. They’ll have very lucrative jobs waiting for them. Their mission is to get it done. This decision seems to have made their mission easier.

    • sloop

      so we should just drop the case and forget all about fighting obamacare

      what a downer

      • Anonymous

        I wish the judge had simply said his previous decision was in fact an injunction and had issued one in response to the request for clarification so that the Justice Department lawyers would have no “out” going forward. Instead, he gave them the stay they wanted.

        • sloop

          i wish i had a unicorn that crapped skittles

          the judge is forcing the doj to ask for an expedited appeal – which should move this case faster than the others (the doj does not want THIS case before the scotus) – in your wish, the appeal would be filed today – it would not be expedited – they would get a stay – and your scenario of a 5 year delay would be true

          read the ruling – the judge called the doj on their games – he did everything possible to move this case along on the fastest track possible

          • Anonymous

            Judge Vinson stayed his own ruling. Which is exactly what the Obama lawyers wanted.

            You can spin this anyway you want to but that doesn’t change the fact that the Obama administration now has legal cover to continue implementing Obamacare. They got their stay.

            So they have to file an appeal in 7 days. Big deal. They wanted a delay and they got it.

            By the way, it doesn’t matter what the judge said about their competence or professionalism in his rulings. They don’t care. Assuming they are not idiots and know exactly what they are doing with every filing, it benefits them to come across as incompetent. If anyone thinks there isn’t a single lawyer on the administrations side who isn’t willing to be disbarred to get single payer you are naive beyond belief. I guarantee you that every lawyer working on that case for the administration would gladly break every rule and risk any penalty to get it done. Liberals don’t care about rules when it comes to things like this. There is not a single lawyer on that team who wouldn’t have a job paying 6 figures in a week even if they do get disbarred.

            • sloop

              what vinson did

              Therefore, the defendants’ motion to clarify (doc. 156) is GRANTED, as set
              forth above. To the extent that motion is construed as a motion to stay, it is also
              GRANTED, and the summary declaratory judgment entered in this case is STAYED
              pending appeal, conditioned upon the defendants filing their notice of appeal within
              seven (7) calendar days of this order and seeking an expedited appellate review.

              “conditioned upon”

              your way – it drags out – doj files with 11 circuit and gets its stay

              vinson’s way – stay for SEVEN DAYS

              expedited appeal

              no expidited appeal filed after 7 days – no stay

              this is a victory and the best possible outcome – your snit fit would do exactly what you do not want to see happen – dragging it out for years

              drop the negativity long enough to enjoy a score for our side – we don’t have this chance often

              • Anonymous

                The only one throwing a “snit fit” is you. I’m disappointed the judge didn’t back up his own ruling but instead gave the administration exactly what it was hoping for: a stay. The fact that he berated the lawyers involved may make you feel good, but it has no practical purpose at all. The lawyers probably laughed their asses off when they read it. The bottom line is that they got what they wanted.

                So they will file their appeal on the seventh day. That one will be just enough to cover themselves. It will go through the system until there is another ruling. That will get responded to. And on and on.

                You know, I love seeing liberals get a good smack down. But in this instance the smack down they took was a small price to pay for getting exactly what they wanted.

                I won’t bother to reply to any more of your replies to me. You don’t understand my point and simply seem pissed that I don’t agree with you that this ruling was the best outcome. Whatever.

                • sloop

                  no – they will file an expedited appeal – not an appeal

                  this can only be construed as a victory for the doj by those that do not understand the ruling – which you don’t

                  glad you are done with the replies because you are wrong about what happened and just love wallowing in ‘poor me’ and ‘everything sucks’

                  i hope you don’t have a spouse – no one could live with all your negativity

  • Kscotts

    “The Great One’ knows his law and is able to explain it to those who don’t.

  • Anonymous

    If “You Lie!” hussein, once again, ignores the ruling of the judiciary, Speaker of the House Boehner must convene a special panel to begin IMPEACHMENT hearings for the high crimes and misdemeanors of hussein. These must include the illegal sestak and romanoff job offers, CRONY CAPITALISM with GE, Goldman Sachs, GM and others, blatant extortion of money from a company (BP), intentional failure to protect our borders, willfully ignoring the legal rulings of the courts (that’s the THIRD BRANCH of the federal government, Sen. “Like all lunatic-lefties, I know nothing about the Constitution” Shumer), funneling massive amounts of taxpayer money to unions that then illegally kick-back money to the d-crat socialists, intentional failure to enforce immigration laws and the intimidation of any state or law enforcement agency that does try to enforce them, DOJ acceptance and encouragement of Blank Panther voter intimidation, outrageous race-base law enforcement by the DOJ and his many, many other offenses against America and the US Constitution.

  • Jdriggers

    I read the paper, and although it was filled with things I never hope to understand, it concluded with plain and simple statement. Obama has no respect for American Law or the Constitution.

  • Anonymous

    Nice of him to read the judge’s decision. Maybe he should have read all the way to pages 18 to 20.

    If the Obama administration appeals within 7 days (they did), his order is stayed. That means the administration can go ahead implementing Obamacare until the Supreme Court hands down their decision.

    And I see irritation, but nothing he wrote suggests incompetence on the part of administration lawyers. He clearly suspects duplicity.