Levin: Obama is cooking the books with unemployment

Levin says this game the Obama administration is playing with the unemployment numbers, removing 1.2 million people out of the workforce in order to get unemployment lower, reminds him of the propaganda used in the old Soviet Union where they would lie about record high wheat production levels while people were starving to death. And yet our media is operating the same way, refusing to tell the whole story and applauding 8.3% unemployment as though it were a record low.

Levin says this is evidence of a declining nation and an out of control government that’s trying to manipulate you into believing that everything is OK.

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  • Anonymous

    Manipulation Nation. Madison Ave tactics along with the Alinsky shades make for a

  • Anonymous

    …GOD BLESS the great one MARK LEVIN .”

    • Anonymous

      Liberty… I’m a bit confused by your Avatar. Is it because it’s doused in the colours of Hope n Change and used as OWS irony, or is it that you’re trying to scare us. It’s not exactly what a Conservative would use… but then again, I was going to use a BozoObama avatar myself, so I’m not being critical… just curious.

      • Anonymous

        Las, I thought you were using a ‘BozoObama’ avatar? Now I’m confused 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Maybe I was and didn’t even know it. Now I’m confused!

          I think I’ll play around with it a bit like ABiC and switch it up a bit. Bring out a new one every once and a while. She has a looney toons thing going which is kinda nice. I’ve got a nice bozoObama one which I have to tinker with to get it right… I’m not a good graphic guy so I need help to meld two jpegs into one… it’s a bit beyond my ken however. Maybe I’ll borrow the neighbour kid across the street to help me.. they’re pretty good at that sort of thing.

  • Obama’s employment plan:

    Cost: only $5,000,000,000,000.00
    Benefit: 1.7% higher than Obama’s pessimistic estimate for doing nothing.

    Pretty good outcome by Obama standards.

    • Anonymous

      It’s dismal. Unemployement is down from when? Isn’t it true that there are less people working today than there were when Bush left office? Also, many more people are of working age than then. He has lost jobs in total. Right?

      How much lipstick can they put on a pig? He looks like a candied apple to me.

      Pork, the other red meat.

      • Anonymous

        By. those standards, unemployment five years ago was about 2.5%

        • Anonymous

          See what I mean? Aaahahaha.

          What standard doth thou subscribe to?

          • Anonymous

            Nothing the media or government will give. Trust not in thy government, trust in the Lord for he has given you the truth. The government has viciously manipulated the numners that calculate inflation so why would this be any different? Still hearing sob stories about thos that can’t pay the rent, utilities or the car payment which says alot. Best indicator is how many are going off food stamp program in favor of providing for themself. When that number comes down, wake me up otherwise I would rather sleep .

      • Anonymous

        If you were to write a paper and choose a thesis statement that would be it. The economy is not doing better because the stimulus did not keep unemployment under 8% as it was designed to do. Taxes have not been cut. And gdp is supposed to grow at only 2.2% this year. Because of these items less people are working during Obama than Bush.

  • Anonymous

    Pravda has nothing on our media!

    • Anonymous

      Indeed! Pravda is an order of magnitude more unbiased than any US news organization. And they damn sure aren’t afraid of the islamists.


      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I read something there a while back that stunned me because our media was completely silent on the issue. I can’t remember what it was since it was a couple yrs. ago. Maybe I should pay more attention now. From what I’ve seen, our media is more propaganda than pravda’s former reputation.

  • Constance

    The most frightening aspect of this is how many Americans will believe that unemployment is going down, instead of wondering about the fishy timing of this and wondering about what happened to all those people who just dropped off the radar. I have no doubts that over 50% of the public will believe this nonsense. Perhaps just enough to reelect Obama, thinking things are really improving. I never do underestimate the absolute stupidity of the average American voter. I hate to sound so pessimistic, but I guess I am. I don’t trust the public anymore.

    • PFFV

      I hate to agree with you but I do 100%. That is how we have come to where we are now. The majority of people in the USA are brainwashed sheeple that don’t think for them selves. I find that most are just lazy and don’t care enough to do the research to be on the side of truth. The others are drones that believe in Socialism and want government to be the answer for every problem they think they have; behold the OWS cult groupies. I estimate about half of our population falls into these two groups. The Liberal – Socialist indoctrination / brainwashing has been going on for a long time now, it’s all around us, and its effects are our biggest obstacle to getting our country back from the Marxist Criminals in our government.

      The scariest thing is this, it is going to take time to repair the severe damage Obama has inflicted upon our nation. Will our US dollar and/or our economy collapse before we get this turned around? It is urgent that we win back the White House with a True Conservative. Romney will ensure our demise if he wins the nomination let alone the Presidency. There is no way RomneyCare will repeal or abolish ObamaCare and this one policy will destroy the nation, as we know it. Gingrich has pledged to repeal ObamaCare on day 1. Go Newt Go!

      • ApplePie101

        The damage has been in the making for decades. I’m sorry to offend the “greatest generation”, but they helped bring America to this point of deterioration by electing social engineers like FDR. The generations before them put authoritarians like Wilson in power, and helped institute the federal income tax. It’s a long trail of slacking off the defense of our rights. The effort required now to reverse course will be tremendous, but reverse we must, or our children will face worse oppression.

      • Anonymous

        There is more than just Obamacare destroying the nation… a lot more.

        On top of all of Obama’s acts of malfeasance, We Canadians were just treated to another interview of David Frum on Canada’s SUN Media. I could barely stomach it…

        But there he was yet again, Canadian media falling at his feat enraptured and in wonderment while Frum regales those rube Canadians with stories of how Newt is finished… how Newt is unpopular and just can’t win. Frum obviously didn’t get the memo that Newt’s popularity among conservatives is much higher than Mittens. But, meh! Frum from RINOland sees things differently I guess.

        Fools like Frum and other RINOs are also part of those other factors destroying America.

        God Help us!

        • PFFV

          ObamaCare (if it isn’t repealed) will be the death of our freedoms and liberties, as well as the end of our god given right to persue happiness for future generations. That was my point. I am aware of the fact that many things have contributed to our miserable current state of affairs.

      • Anonymous

        Most of the voting public is too concerned about who is going to win American Idol.

        • Anonymous

          And the Super Bowl.

    • Anonymous

      They are the moocher class… sheeple… lemmings… dumb masses… OWS…

      Money ain’t for nothin and the chicks are free… They want their MTV…

      Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And pray. Hard.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the real numbers:


    U6 is ~16%. Keep cooking the books, O. Eventually, everybody will be unemployed and then U3 will be zero. Job well done.

  • Anonymous

    Or the Soviet Union killing people and then saying the unemployment rate got better (fewer people – rate lower)

    • Anonymous

      Maobama is killing the soul of this great nation.

      • Anonymous

        Fortunately he is outnumbered, even if he is re-elected. 310 million citizens 535 members of Congress, I’ll take those odds anytime.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. Now if we can also take out the garbage and outnumber him with new, fresh, conservative, Tea Party patriots in the Senate, House, Judiciary, and state legislations, then we can continue to hold him and his twisted plans at bay.

  • Anonymous

    His analogy is so fitting considering the accomplices Obama has in the media and among those who will pretend we can sustain a collapsing economy with borrowed money. There is no way the unemployment rate is going to go down until the energy sector is unleashed and the regulatory burden on business is lessened. If we are fortunate enough to prevail through these trials by design it won’t be by electing Obama or Mitt.

  • poljunkie

    Yep, the goal is 8.0% on Nov 6th 2012. By any means.

  • Jim Botts

    And where is Bill “Mr. Looking out for the folks” Oreilly? Or FOX news for that matter. I bet they haven’t even mentioned this

    • Anonymous

      He’s an arrogant know-it-all…

      You’re right, aren’t they the so-called knight in shining armor – for the people?

  • Anonymous

    In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

    Quote attributed to George Orwell

    Levin is dangerously flirting with revolution.

    • PFFV

      I will be happy and ready to help lead the coming revolution if need be. I am well armed, locked and loaded.

      The last stand against tyranny is an armed citizenry.

    • Ain’t he great!

    • Anonymous

      At this stage of the game it is more dangerous not to flirt with revolution.

  • ApplePie101

    Introduce some Gulags, and Obama can claim he’s put people back to work.

    • Anonymous

      Gosh… the people are good here… another line I want to steal.

    • You haven’t heard? It is called the CCC.

  • Anonymous

    And the sheeple will continue to feed from this trough. The ONLY reason there’s anything good to report here is because of the revolution that occurred in Nov. 2010 – thank you Tea Party. The dumb masses are too complacent and government-married to wake up and realize that the government has turned the gas on and is about to strike a match.

    How freakin stupid are people? How gullible? Facts are facts… the truth is real and it’ll set them free if they’ll just exert a little effort and reach out for it. Scratch below the surface.

    And Romney sort of embraces all of this as good news? Really? No outrage or truth?

    The Tea Party needs to take over the Senate, House, Judiciary, and state legislations.

    When things start looking good again, the uncounted folks who dropped out of the job market and gave up, will go back out there and start looking for work again… driving these numbers back up to a more realistic 8.9 – 9.2% unemployment. Right before November 2012. How will Nobama spin the numbers then?

    Mark is awesome as always. Thank you Scoop!

    • PFFV

      Great post sober! I am told many Tea Party members are supporting Romney but I find this hard to believe and can’t find any endorsements for RomneyCare by them online. If you claim to be a Tea Party patriot and you are supporting Romney you should just shoot yourself in the head right now. I don’t believe this to be true though.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. I agree, it’s hard to imagine any Tea Party folks supporting Romney. I’m wondering if that was some intentional misinformation that is now being parroted by the media? If so, then the media STILL doesn’t understand what we (Tea Party) stand for. Romney is the MOST moderate candidate – and frankly a phoney – in this race. This IS the hope and change that Soros is looking for. But for conservatives or Tea Party folks to support Mittens… well, that’s oil and water… and it won’t mix.

        Perhaps they’ve swallowed the “Coulter Morning After Pill” and believe he’s the only one who can beat Maobama? In which case, they are buying the crap the media is selling.

    • Even when those who have dropped off the rolls go back to looking for work, they won’t be included in the unemployment number. It’s only those who are eligible for benefits who are ever counted.

      • Anonymous

        That may be true… but even the CBO (who I question at times), predicts the unemployment rate to bounce back up towards the end of the year (9.2 at the start of 2013). We very well could be at the lowest point right now… Time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    Alexander Solzhenitsyn describes a scene in his book The First Circle. Historically if I remember correctly it was at a Leningrad Party meeting during the 1930’s. Stalin’s speech was concluded with thunderous applause which continued for five minutes, then ten, then twenty then over an hour … all because no one dared be the first to stop applauding. Eventually, one brave fool sets the precedent leading the rest to immediately stop their rapturous and painful applause. That poor leading soul… that vanguard of the applause proletariat was immediately arrested and shipped off to the Gulag.

    This is what we can look forward to in America under the Cult of Dear Leader. Every word… every breath from Obama is dew falling from the heavens. And all dutiful party organs, like the Democrat/Mainstream Media Party ensure they fall in line to congratulate and applause and advance Dear Leader’s propaganda while mocking the pain of the nation.

    This soft tyranny, as Levin describes it, eventually turns harder and harder.

    • I guess you haven’t noticed, it already happens at Ob’s speeches. Even the media has to clap. Ob knows this, and shows it on his face, a kind of pained patience. If you still miss my point, look at old Hitler speeches, he has the same look.

      • Anonymous

        I think you’re right… that pained patience. We’re further along down the Cult Leader road than we once thought.

  • Anonymous

    Figues don’t lie, liar figure. Since Obama:

    1. 24 million unemployed/underemployed
    2. 6 million dropping off unemplyment rolls and classified as discouraged workers
    3. Total jobs in the economy fell by over 6 million
    The arithmetic is fairly easy to figure out:

    Numerator equals actual unemployed plus underemployed/discouraged
    Denominator equals total starting jobs minus reduction in total jobs

    As one can see, adjusted unemployment is in fact substantially higher as a result of the numerator having increased while the denominator fell. The 8.3 unemployment rate is actually smoke and mirrors and is actually more than double the rate released by the Dept. of Labor.

    • I believe you are off about 10%, it is about 25/30%. Hey, what do I know?

  • Anonymous

    True…and then he has the nerve to tell Republicans not to “muck it up”…how erudite from our so-called brilliant president!

  • It’s the most dishonest number cheerlead by the media, I even saw Foxnews and Mitt Romney at the bottom of this pyramid cheering it on.. SMH

    • Another good take on this from Santelli…

      CNBC’s Rick Santelli: You know what I said at 8:30 Eastern? We want a million jobs an hour. That’s what we want. What we got looked like a good report. I said, ‘Let’s get the calculator out,’ and I did. And so did a boatload of my sources and big blogs that many people read like Zero Hedge. The labor force participation rate, if you look at non-seasonally adjusted, a fresh low going back to April of ’83. If you look at seasonally adjusted, a fresh low participation rate going back to December of ’81. What does that mean in English? Shrinkage. Shrinkage. 1.2 million people are now not considered unemployed anymore. They just have left the system. So, we need to concentrate on the internals, and eventually we want to watch the fixed income market to see if some of this sets in as people do their ciphering.

      Listen, if I talk about a stock that had a great report, but I don’t point out the fact that there was a one-time tax credit that did it, am I doing my viewers a service or a disservice? Listen, when you look at the body counts on the establishment survey, we created jobs. That’s a good thing. There’s my perk. But I’m sorry, if you look at the other side, you look at the household survey, yes, we had this big seasonal adjustment. You can go to the BLS, you can see their economic release, you can see their situation summary. And we can see that ‘not in labor force’ moved from about 86.6 million to 87.8. There’s your 1.2 million. And we do see the asterisk, there’s been an adjustment on population. That’s the way it goes. We make an adjustment. The last 12 months needed to be adjusted. It is what it is. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/02/03/santelli_12_million_fall_out_of_labor_force_as_participation_rate_hits_20-year_low.html

    • Anonymous

      romney is a goof for acknowledging these total bs numbers. the real numbers should be made available to the citizenry.

      • There in lies the proof of the pudding. If we had the real numbers, we could do the math. Ju gotta cook de numbers.

    • I disagree, Steve. I think it is just the same old number lie, Ob has been pushing since day one. If you lie about your birth, and family, what is left to betray?

  • This should surprise no one. The entire concept of our modern government has devolved into the opinion that an inept proletariat must be guided and protected by a cabal of benevolent elites. This is the origination point of all leftist forms of government, but the GOP has been just as guilty of promoting it over the past couple decades. They all think we’re too stupid to figure out what’s really going on, so they will continue to lie as long as it is politically beneficial for them.

  • At last! Thank you, Mark, for addressing what I have been complaining about from day one, of Obama. My field is stats. The first day, he made public he was changing unemployment stats methods. So, unemployment stats have been inaccurate, his whole term. Nothing to compare them with. You cannot counter a lie with a lie. He might as well say, there is no unemployment. I had a boss like this, one time. If it goes right, it is his fault, if it goes wrong, it was my fault. This is Obama’s legacy. If allowed, it will be used, again, over and over. There are statatics people who will lie for money. Always consider the source, when someone quotes stats. Obama has proved he is a liar, so, why quote him? Ever?

  • wodiej

    Been out of work 2 years. Applied for over 500 jobs, gotten about 12 interviews during that time. I am educated, skilled and have a great work history. Last interview they got 400 resumes for one job. I have been applying for anything from factory work to my field of expertise. Levin is on the mark-Obama is full of it.

    • Anonymous

      My mom went from having her own real estate business to working at Walmart in the Deli. She sees men coming in in business suits to apply for jobs because they are so desperate for work.

      My and husband I had our own real estate business and now he’s painting for pittance at a retirement home with the boss of Hell who is the spawn of Satan. I don’t know that RE will ever turn around because foreclosures are backed up 4 years. A million homes a year are being repossessed.

      I STILL think Obama we could have a landslide victory if the R Establishment would GTHO of the way and give us a conservative candidate.

      God Speed my friend. My prayers are with ya.

      • Bless you lady! Unless you reveal the real truth, there are those who will lie, like Obama. Your solution, I don’t know. My solution was personal. We still have the RS, at least for now. I do hope you took GB’s advice. When I lost my career, I had 5 years supply of food. I still count every penny.

    • IHS you start your own business, out of your home. I did. You may be surprised what you accomplish. My wife ran a push cart business, selling hot food.

  • Anonymous

    We know the truth about the numbers and how bad they really are in spite of the best efforts of this administration and his fawning media hacks.

    Old Soviet Joke:

    An American visiting the Soviet Union, after having an interesting conversation with a Soviet citizen who knew the real facts about how poorly his country was fairing, asks the Soviet how he is so remarkably well informed, in spite of the steady stream of Pravda government fed propaganda.

    The Soviet citizen replies: “We don’t read Pravda, we read between the lines of Pravda.”

  • Mike Lee

    Yes. But to be fair, as a financial advisor who follows these things very closely, I have read many comments about the unemployment figures released today that are completely false. Either do your homework or be quiet. It’s a complex matter. I don’t believe the numbers are being cooked for Obama. That’s smacks of paranoia. The numbers are ALWAYS being cooked no matter which party is in power or in the WH. The way the BLS calculates its figures is criminal (or should be). It is fraud.

    • Anonymous

      The difference is that the media would be all over the negative aspects of the report if there was a Republican in the White House. When the numbers go back up, the media will spin the bad news as “unexpected” and then blame it on the Republican Congress.

      The issue isn’t really how the numbers are manipulated to make the administration look good in an election year, it’s that only Democrats get away with it with help from the media.

    • Mike, I suggest you read Obama’s words, on his first day. He said, I am changing the way to calculate unemployment. Paranoria is using the word always.

  • Obama is cookin’ somethin’, allright! Crack Rocks that is. Barack Hussein Obama is truly america’s first cocaine president. Only someone hopped up on drugs would believe in universal health care for all, a phony stimulus & taxing everything that moves.

  • Anonymous

    I just read an article on this at American Thinker (January Unemployment Report: The Devil is in the Details) which takes a few more factors and details into consideration. It’s hard to know what the truth is, but this article sure raises a lot of questions:


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Mark Levin.
    What did Bam mean by “don’t muck it up”?
    I think he meant “suck it up” and let me have my way as I send America down the drain.

  • Anonymous

    They’re busy or should I say John Boehner’s busy cooking up a coverup for the accessory to murder, Eric Holder.


    “That John Boehner has now become the most useful tool to the White House outrages many gun rights activists and Tea Party members, who look upon this turn of events as just one more sell-out in a long line of sell-outs.
    Asked by this reporter what Boehner would get from such a deal, called “logrolling” by the source, he said, “Whatever he wants most or fears most. Politicians do these deals all the time, but this one is unusual in its size and scope. . . and the fact that a whole lot of people are watching.”
    Another source confirmed the foot of Boehner on the brake pedal of the Issa Committee investigation and said, “the only thing that will stop him is if somebody chucks him out of the car.”

  • Anonymous

    And Drudge is right there propping up the lie with a link that says “Happy Days Are Here Again…” and showing a happy Obama and Pelosi.

    I think Drudge is about wanting more clicks to Drudge. If he was really honest, he would have a huge headline that said, “REAL UNEMPLOYMENT 11%” or whatever. Instead that bit of news gets sidelined somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    nobama cooking the books? Gee i would never have thought. I predicted over a year ago that come election time the unemployment rate would be under 8%. Guess where the unemployment rate is headed. Real rate is near 25% for unemployment/under employment.

    • Aren’t you a statistician? I am, and my figures agree with yours. Maybe we should work for the Bureau of Statistics. Nah!

      • Anonymous

        Its not about numbers. Its about common sense. Look at all the people out of work. Look at the home foreclosures. Look at the malls. Add it all up and it being an election year. It’s all very simple. You think the MSM will report the truth?

  • Amy

    The actual numbers are scary. Both Heritage and Cato have good pieces that show the decline in the number of working adults over that last decade. I believe though, this is the way he’s going to try to win the election.

  • bobemakk

    Gingrich is the man for the presidency. The lamestream media now including RINO Romney, is trashing Newt for “historical” baggage. All politicians have baggage if we dig deep enough, but the lamestream/left socialists won’t expose democrats, they love the big zero/Obama. Newt has made his mark with his “Contract with America,” a contract he fulfilled that no other politician can match. He is a true conservative. He also now has the support of the Palin family and Rick Perry, Chuck Norris, JC Watts, and former Sen. Fred Thompson. Newts daughters also wrote to ABC about the Brian Ross interview with their mother and said it was a mean and nasty move right before a primary, which Gingrich won anyway. We need this man to bring back our country into prosperity. Look at Iraq when the troops were brought home, the Iranians will take over and the violence has started again and is worsening. And it will happen in Afghanistan as well once the troops come back. We can all blame Obama for that and all the soldiers lost or maimed was all in vain. Gingrich also asked Romney to stop the attack ads and he refused. Why are the American people supporting Romney RINO? Gingrich/West or Gingrich/Rubio would be a win/win ticket.
    However, I will vote for anyone who runs against the Obama regime.
    I just wish that the candidates would stop slamming each other and focus on the multitude of failures by Obama, he has ruined US and we are on the brink of bankruptcy.