Levin takes a trip through the Arab Spring

Levin walks through the so-called Arab Spring with a focus on Obama’s foreign policy:

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  • Great job today Scoop!

  • Anonymous

    Bunker Brilliance!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Thomas Jefferson and Ahkmadinnerjacket have nothing in common. Neither do any of the other leaders in the Middle East. These revolutions are only replacing one dictator with another. Dopes like Friedman and Kristol are cluless Utopians.

    “It is the rise of Islam” and that’s not good.

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      I thought it was Ahmanutjob. Yep, I checked, and I’m right 🙂

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      Spot on ND with your comparisons. My peeve is the homeland comparison from obama- OWS/wonderful and tea party/bad- really clueless? I don’t think they are clueless- well organized, they have their goals fixed in their sights. We have to figure out how to break their aim. 2012 can’t get here fast enough.

      • I was referring to our Philosopher Kings who populate the punditocracy like Bill Kristal and Thomas Friedman who were orgasmic with the notion that democracy was springing up in the Middle East. How wrong they were.

        One-bama and his radicals know exactly what they are doing. People underestimate how ruthless One-bama is. He will say and do anything to get his agenda accomplished.

        What can we do:

        1. Save up your pennies and get ready to support true conservatives. I am proud to say I supported Marco Rubio’s campaign.
        2. Get connected with campaign organizaitons and find out how you can volunteer. Voting is not enough. You need to convince as many other people to do the same.
        3. Stay informed and help your family and friends to understand what’s going on.

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      I know this is a serious subject, but you cracked me up with “Ahkmadinnerjacket”.

      A little comic relief 😉

  • The lyrics which have kept going through my mind ever since Eqypt is “meet the new boss, same as the old boss….” Anyone who knows anything about Islam could see this happening as soon as dear leader started meddling. I am grateful for folks like Levin and Scoop and others who keep the reminders going.

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    There’s only one thing to say: These people are violent barbarians following the teachings of a violent barbarian madman. How can you expect any better of them?

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    Radical Islam is on the move. They perceive weakness, and an opportunity, with the Obama regime . . . and in many instances, Obama is simply enabling it. Egypt is a disaster – for which Obama should be blamed since he took the lead in forcing Mubarak out. Thirty years of peace between Egypt and Israel has pretty much been destroyed. Iranian ships have been allowed to transit through the Suez Canal, and the Egyptians have allowed al Qaeda fighters to use the Sinai Penninsula for attacks against Israel. Turkey, a NATO member, is trending toward Islam. Tunisia has installed an Islamic government. Hezbollah now controls Lebanon. Libya will become an Islamic state, and probably Iraq will too (time will tell).

    Of course, when the people of Iran rose up against that regime in the spring of 2009, Obama sat on his hands and said it wasn’t our place to “meddle.”

    In the middle of all this sits Israel, who has never been in a more precarious situation. Either Obama and his regime are the most stupid and naive leaders we’ve ever had . . . or things are playing out in the Middle East exactly according to Obama’s plan.

    I’m trending toward believing there is intelligent design behind all this. There are just too many coincidences.

    • Anonymous

      0bummer is the Manchurian candidate.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not Obama’s plan, but it may be the devil’s. These things must take place before the end. When the West Bank is surrendered and Islam is united from Turkey to Tunisia, the storm that is brewing will hit. It’s going to get pretty ugly in the coming years.

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    And the left claimed Glenn Beck was a nut when he did his shows about the rise of the Caliphate…

  • He should run for president.

  • This has been brewing for decades.

    At the end of WWII, when the Allies split Berlin, the US captured key scientists and weapons/rocket engineers and whisked them away to the US to develop their technology for our side. The Russians, on the other hand, were left with what remained. Among the remnants were the contacts between the Nazis and the muslims.

    The KGB built on these contacts, developing the worldwide terrorist networks we see today. The fact is that the terroristic war waged on the West in general and the US in particular is a proxy war waged by the Kremlin, used to divert military assets and money to a nuisance; something to bleed money and personnel away from the US, while never (until a few key pieces were in place) rising to the level of a hot war. Drip, drip, drip.

    The ‘collapse’ of the USSR back in 1989-91 was theater, nothing more. It created [1] the opportunity for the Soviets to receive financial assistance from the West, and [2] the illusion that the Soviets were no longer a threat, moving the US from a war footing to a humanitarian one.

    Anyone remember the run on Wall Street that brought about the opportunity for TARP? Now soros and co. are tanking the dollar – another prong of attack – and buying up farmland. Why do you suppose soros wants to control our means of food production? There is a much bigger picture to be seen than the election of this or that politician as POTUS. The only candidate capable of seeing this picture and acting on it is the one we need. That would be Newt, in my estimation.

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    How about some words on the subject from Pamela Geller? At least, she is hot.

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    More examples of the wonderful Arab Spring ( sarcasm)

    Gaddafi Sodomized? Video Shows Libyan Leader Attacked By Captors (WARNING: Graphic)

    Gaddafi was a horrible dictator but the rape and sodomy of this man by members of the “religion of peace” is an act of debauchery and sadism.

    Tunisia Elections 2011: Ennahda, Moderate Islamist Party, Leads Many Constituencies

    As we have seen, the real goal of the uprisings have nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with establishing Shari’a, first in the middle east and then world-wide. They are looking forward to the Caliphate.

    • Anonymous

      Matthew 7:16

      By their fruits you will know them.


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    “Either they want to cut your head of, or they don’t.” Mark is the shizzle. I love this guy. Islam and peace is like Muhammad saying, “No” to pedophilia, and “Yes” to reading and writing, because he was an illiterate peasant. Islam is such a slap in the face to evolution and humanitarianism.

  • Anonymous

    A dead dictator in the freezer? Mark is the funniest SOB in the industry. Islam is such a spectacle.

  • Anonymous

    Paraphrase…The only time he is proactive is when he is against this country (which is most of the time). When is this person going to be put up on charges of treason?

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    Islam is a huge cesspole of human waste & obama wallows right in the middle of it. that’s why everything he touches turns to shit.

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    I’m sure Kemal Attaturk is spinning in his grave over the Islamic takeover of the Turkish government. Where is the Turkish army that was supposed to protect the Republic of Turkey?

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    Mark Levin said something that concerns me here: “We have to make sure that the 4400 who lost their lives in Iraq didn’t die for nothing.”

    I heard that same statement while Vietnam was going on. That attitude kept us in Nam while thousands more lives were lost. Even soldiers who’d been there got hung up on that emotional hook. I hope that same attitude isn’t used to keep us in Iraq. What we should have learned in Vietnam is to stay out of other countries’ problems. If we – our “leaders”, actually – made a ghastly mistake, the only way not to waste the lives of the dead is to stop wasting more lives.

    There’s a popular phrase usually quoted about now: “except where the interests of the United States are concerned.” Just how far beyond ridiculous that is can be seen from our recent entrance into Uganda. Oh sure, they’re “just advisors”. That’s exactly how Vietnam started. 50,000 lives and ten years later we finally quit and left the South Vietnamese to the mercy of the Communists.

    War is not something that ought to be available to a president on a whim, without restraint.

    We need a consistent foreign policy. Are we or are we not the world’s policeman? I guess I must be stupid. I thought we learned that lesson in Vietnam. You go into a military engagement to win, not to occupy, not to prop up, not to maintain a presence or influence, not even, for reasons Mark Levin noted eloquently, to spread democracy or republicanism. You go in to conquer / destroy / crush the enemy and then you GET OUT!

    And let them pay for their own rebuilding.