Levin: Tie me to any murder and I’ll drag your ass into court

Levin says that anyone who tries to tie him to the AZ shooting or any other shooting for that matter (which he clarified in the following segment) will be sued and he won’t settle. He says it doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or a tv host, it’s all the same to him. He specifically calls out those at MSNBC and tells them to test him. Someone has to stand up for free speech in this country he adds, and he’ll do it in federal court.

You’re on notice:

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  • DisturbingBehavior

    Part of me would love to see Levin get his opportunity to take someone to court over the issue. But another part of me fears the legal implications it could have on political discourse. And it all depends on the judge, whether the ruling is in a broad context or is narrowed to a specific issue.
    With Levin’s legal credentials, I do have faith he’d be one to argue based on an extremely narrow context that would do well to fit in the already very narrow legal definitions of libel or slander. With libel and slander being some of the hardest cases to prove for a public figure, it would be an interesting trial and decision.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Mark Levin!

  • Joe

    I am behind you all the way Mark!

  • Anonymous

    Levin has something there. Neither Maddow, Schultz, Olby, or Chrissy are Liars, I mean lawyers. (Unlike many of the Fox folks.) Scarborough and Spitzer should know better.

  • Poptoy1949

    Thank you Mr. Levin for telling the truth and naming names.

  • Anonymous


    Ed and more attacks on Palin, after he said this this should be a day to set politics aside.


    more attacks on Palin by the a hole.

  • Levin: Tie me to any murder and I’ll drag your ass into court

  • Jimbo

    He is not called the “Great One ” for nothing. Go get sheriff idiot and the rest.

  • Bravo!

  • Outsourcethegop

    good luck w/ that one rambo… free speech means for everyone

    • Try it and find out

    • jprAustin

      as do libel and slander…Go get them Mark.

  • The law is clear that celebrities can sue for slander/libel if a reasonable person believes the slanderous accusation was maliciously untrue. I believe that threshold in some cases (MSNBC, CNN, TPM etc) has been met. Tying someone to such a heinous crime is textbook actionable. The time for a new test case has come.

  • Mediaaccess

    I’m gonna accuse you of being right on!

  • What we really need to hear is this type of talk coming from Palin, Bachmann, Angle and others, and they need to name-names. They need to point the fingers at Sheriff Nogoodnik, Doogie Howser, Arianna Puffinstuff and all the rest and put them on notice, as well. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. I fully agree with what Mark Levin said: if I was in his position, there would be no warning. As soon as someone tried putting me in that bag, they’d find themselves in front of a federal judge. I’d attack actors, pundits, bloggers, politicians and anybody else that was stupid enough to libel me in print, or slander me across the airwaves, no ifs, ands or buts. If Sarah Palin retained the services of Landmark Legal Foundation, there’d be a lot of teeth in any warning she issued to steer clear of talking crap about her and accusing her of criminality without due process.

  • Chris Neal

    I have an allegation for you Mr. Levin, I think you are one of the greatest Patriots of our time! Your book “Liberty and Tyranny” is the best book I’ve read to date! I allege that you were not born but composed from a compilation of DNA goo derived from George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Thomas Paine. In all seriousness, thanks for always standing up for the real American values that I firmly believe in. Carry on soldier!

  • Anonymous

    I too wish that all of the others – Palin, Rush, Beck, Hannity – would publicly state the same threat. At some point, this garbage has to end. It is one thing to disagree about political views. However, what I have witnessed since Saturday has been beyond the pale.