Levin to Schumer: Why haven’t you denounced NY union sabotage?

Levin says he’s been waiting on Chuck Schumer to hold a press conference denouncing the sabotage of these union supervisors that cost lives in the last snow storm, and is still waiting. He adds that if this were the doing of a corporation Schumer would be all over it:

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  • I thought the New York Times and the Daily News had already debunked this.We on the right need to quit falling for such conspiracy theories otherwise we will continue to drive away the independents and moderates that decide elections.We need to get to the business of fixing the government and the economy before worse things then miffed up snow removal drag us down the tubes.




    • Anonymous

      You need to look at the other reports and not just those that say the unions have done nothing wrong. Remember union leaders (Trumka is the leader of the indoctrination) have unequivocally declared that they want to finish the move to socialism and will use any tactic to get there.
      There is good reason to investigate this since some of the rank and file have testified to the purposeful inaction and slowdown (as well as union employees calling in “sick”) authorized by union leadership.
      This isn’t conspiracy theory stuff, it’s just what happened and finding the reason for something happening that was an anomaly until the mayor starting cutting union pay etc., and is important. Unions kill jobs so if you’re worried about jobs, getting rid of unions will help.

    • sadpanda

      UMM are you serious??? Union workers in the NYC admitted to sabotaging the clean up of all that snow in their city. Their supervisor told them to not do a good job, in fact wanted them to do a poor job. Now i understand you get your news from The New York Times, but this information is from the union workers!! Are you going to say that the New York Times knows more about what the union workers do than the union workers, seriously?

      And by the way, you say “we on the right…” but you are obviously just another lefty trying to pose as a conservative on a conservative site. You aren’t fooling anyone, continue to pretend you are politically sophisticated and read your New York Times.