Levin: Why is Boehner being a coward?

Levin explains that the last Congress is trying to control the spending habits of future Congresses through this hidden ObamaCare funding, and Boehner, despite already breaking a rule to stop other appropriations, refuses to break the same rule to stop this funding. Thus Levin asks why is Boehner being a coward.

He adds that any Representative that votes for this CR is voting to fund ObamaCare, and he’ll see to it that they have to answer for it in their districts. He also adds, ‘grow a pair’.

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  • BigM

    I fear that like most all politicians who have served multiple terms, they are so tied in to the corruption of Washington that Boehner may not have just a simple closet full of skeletons, he most likely has a walk-in closet full. He knows exactly what we want him to do, but he’s just not ready to have his skeletons exposed for the good of the constitution and the country.

  • Anonymous

    A couple of weeks ago some stories started to surface about affairs that Boehner had. All of a sudden they’ve disappeared and I hear this. Is he being blackmailed? If so, he better step aside and let someone else lead. I’m not willing to have our health care destroyed to protect skeletons he may have. Get out of the way Mr. Boehner if you can’t do the job.

  • For crying out loud…

    Levin definitely calls em as he sees em.

    Mark not only called Boehner a coward, he told him to “… stop crying; for crying out loud.”

    Mark also named Allen West by name. What did West say? Did West really say that the Republican leadership needs “some space” to get things done?

    Well, Mark is right on… if Boehner succeeds with the continuing resolution, it will forever be known as Obama/Boehner Care.

    I support YHWH (YaHWeh) vs. Allah to … STOP! Islamization Of America … with our informed speech and political action

  • MJS

    @BigM: You got it. WE NEED TERM LIMITS!

  • MJS

    @BigM: You got it. WE NEED TERM LIMITS!

  • Anonymous

    Yes Mr. Boehner,do your job,or else!
    Mark Levin was great today,not that he is not great everyday.

  • Mark Levin makes the case that Boehner is a coward. We has to shut down Obama. Close him off. Strangle Obama’s ability to operate. DEFUND HIM.
    Wrong way Harrigans under the leadership of Boehner.

    • …and Republican should force Boehnor to submit a 2008 budget to the res and force his hand to veto it….I am in agreeemnt with that…it will take some strong calibrated measures to fore dems in the senate to cooperate just to even get it to the prez, but i am all for that…..the shutdown will hang on democrats neck regardless!

  • Jimstl

    If the GOP doesn’t change course, if they continue to be cowards, the party will be completely destroyed by 2016 if not sooner. I’m beginning to think some of them don’t care either. It’s easy being in the minority. You get to whine and complain, you aren’t expected to govern, yet you get all the trappings of being a congressman. A nice salary, platinum plated benefits, a nice title, etc.

    Why should I vote for them? Because they suck only 78% as bad as Democrats? Because they would run a $400 Billion dollar deficit rather than a 1.6 Trillion dollar one? Because they want to phase in the destruction of America over a 30 year span vs 8? It’s not the short sprint to socialism I’m afraid of, it’s the long march, where people forget, they adjust over time to tyranny. They become content with bologne sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner and rice with vienna sausages on the weekends if you behave properly.

    Folks, the only solution I see here (and no it’s not third party) is that we are going to have to get surgical with our RINO busting efforts. Throwing out Republicans in swing districts doesn’t cut it. Is the party acting any better after the shellacking they took in 2006 and 2008? No! Do you want to know why? Because the most senior members of the party didn’t get thrown out! They are located in these deep red ultra safe districts.

    Our efforts should focus on getting Republican voters in these districts like Boehner’s, Cantor’s, and McCarthy’s to replace them in the primary with a new Republican. If they fail, then throw the election on purpose by voting for the Democrat or just staying home just to make our point that it’s our way or the highway.

    Folks, this is getting real serious real fast. We elected a check on this rogue government in November and it’s already been co-opted in just 3 months.

    Kristie Noem? Your a joke!

    Tim Scott? You’re a joke

    Look how easy it was to buy these people off just by giving them a seat at the leadership table.


  • Mike Dysart

    Daddy and son Bush (along with McCain) started the destruction of the Republican part and now Boehner is going to complete the mission. The idea of 3rd party is starting to make sense.

    • Anonymous

      Daddy Bush spoke of a New World Order coming, with his blessing, more than 20 years ago. W did his best to bring America to its knees with his spending and violent opposition to any border security and by not defending his terrorism policy so that his and the Republican’s approval ratings would be so low, thus pretty much ensuring a Dem victory. Bush proceeded to pass the baton to the socialist we now have in charge to finish the job. I am a conservative who voted for Bush two times, but now I see no other way to explain these past few years but to acknowledge that they are all in this together and obviously don’t have our best interests in mind. Bring on the Tea Party.

  • Debn2freds

    KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Today there is another Republican offer for a CR. I don’t know if the 1.5 billion of funding for Obamacare has been removed or not?
    GOP offer: 3 weeks, $6B in cuts

  • NJK

    Step aside Boehner. We need warriors. George Washington didn’t negotiate with King George, he beat him. We don’t have time for games.