Liberty University graduates unhappy with Jerry Falwell Jr’s support for Trump, RETURN DIPLOMAS

A few hundred Liberty University graduates are supposedly returning their diplomas in an effort to protest their former president’s support for Trump:

DC EXAMINER – A growing number of Liberty University graduates are calling on fellow alumni to return their diplomas to the evangelical Christian university in protest of Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr.’s support for President Trump and his defense of the president’s remarks on Charlottesville, Va.

More than 300 people joined a Facebook group titled “Return your diploma to LU,” which encourages Liberty graduates to mail their diplomas back to the Lynchburg, Va., university by Sept. 5. The graduates are also writing letters to Falwell and the Board of Trustees detailing their reasons for revoking their support and calling for Falwell to denounce Trump’s comments.

“We are thoughtful, kind, smart, ethical, conscientious people, and we stand in solidarity with anti-racists,” a post by one of the group’s administrators read. “We do not equivocate on issues of white supremacy, white nationalism, anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant sentiments, ableism, or antisemitism. We love and support our fellow citizens and noncitizens alike. We love and support the LGBTQIA community. We have diverse political, ideological, and religious views but we all stand in solidarity for a more inclusive, more just society.

“And we recognize how the figurehead of LU has risen to prominence in a way that impacts more than just the local community in and around Lynchburg, but is poised to negatively impact many people in America by advocating for terrible policies, and generally supporting an appalling president and presidential administration.”

This strikes me as a dumb way to protest. After all, a diploma represents your effort to graduate and has little to do with the University president, other than in branding.

Even moreso, did you read the statement by one of the administrators of this group? What kind of Christian university graduate supports the LGBTQIA community? –Wait a second, there’s an IA now? I’m not even gonna ask what that means.

Look maybe some aren’t Christians, but they did graduate a Christian university so I’m gonna assume at least half of them are Christian. How can you be a Christian and support these groups? Also are they saying they stand with Antifa, which purports to be anti-racist?

I’m not a fan of Jerry Falwell Jr anymore after the way he went all on in Trump during the primary. And there are quite a few prominent people that I could also say that about. However sending back your diploma just seems dumb, for reasons already mentioned. I would add to that list of dumb reasons that Liberty already has their money, so what do they care about getting a diploma back from someone?

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