Lindsey Graham grills Panetta during Benghazi hearing

I must say that if Graham were as good a Senator as he is an interrogator, he’d be pretty awesome.

In the two clips below, Graham really goes after Panetta establishing several important pieces of information, namely the interactions between Panetta and Obama as well as whether any assets were launched to aid the people in Benghazi.

Watch both clips, it’s pretty incredible:

Part I:

Part II:

Right now Mark Levin is covering this as well, but from a slightly different perspective. We’ll post that as soon as we can.

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  • drphibes

    I don’t share your enthusiasm. Graham goes from inquisitor to apologist at the very end. Way to nullify his own efforts.

    • Wow. Completely ignore everything he said because he told Panetta he would be missed. Wow.

      • drphibes

        I agree his performance was wonderful – the probing deeper – giving him no quarter. Yet, at the end, he seems to be exonerating all players. All had wonderful motives, it was a systemic failure. To me, the sting of his queries is followed by the antiseptic of his expressed confidence in all who were involved. He didn’t merely say the man would be missed. He expressed confidence in all high-level players (he even had to shade this event brighter by lauding the Bin Laden victory, an unrelated event (what sense is there in asking who went to bed if they’re heros, anyway?)). The uncomfortableness is smoothed over in the end because the culprit is an unaccountable, impersonal “system”, and no person will be held liable – in fact, they’re all commendable victims of a systemic problem. Wouldn’t you agree?

        • CrossroadsDawg

          Senator Graham’s “Compliments” were not really what some of you are thinking. I don’t understand why your interpretation is such. He is making a “tongue in cheek” remark about their “Services to our Country”, but in the same sense is telling them “You two, the Pres., and Clinton REALLY SCREWED UP !!!! They know that and we all should, also. Have you all never heard of “kill em with kindness”. I think Sen Graham will stay after this. I really do. Obama should be impeached just like Nixon – He lies !!

          • drphibes

            Good feedback. Thank you.

      • Diogenes_wy

        I’m with RS on this one. Both Secretary Panetta and the General have served our government long and well and have been faithful for which Lindsey thanked them, however, he also followed up by intimating that they and this administration were up to their eyeballs in deep doo-doo on this one.

        • JungleCogs

          It’s tough to do a good job when you have a crappy boss. Those guys hands are tied under Obama’s rule. This all goes back to Obama; he is this country’s failure.

    • Don

      Great points, drphibes. Informative inquiries resulting in absolutely nothing. Once again Grahamnesty barks like an attack dog for the cameras and returns to being a lapdog as he wags his tail on exiting. Two-faced politicians like Grahamnesty are so predictable they are nauseating.

      • TimeForAnarchy


    • G_unitttt

      hear hear………graham turned into an obama pant-licker. graham is sure obama cares???? why is he sure? if obama went to bed while this assault was still taking place, did he still care???

  • Stehekin912

    let me finish waffling, Senator. Hedge hedge waffle waffle
    Edit: Spoken: The president is well informed. Implied: What he does or does not do with the information is up to him and has nothing to do with me.


    • Don

      Kind of like Hillary shrieking, “What difference does it make now?” What if she did watch them being slaughtered and did nothing or whether she didn’t watch them being slaughtered and did nothing, what difference does it make now? Probably the only truth ever uttered by a Clinton in their entire lives.

      • Mary Sieg

        I sure hope they use that as a commercial in 2016! Remember the “who’s going to answer the phone at 3 a.m.??????? Guess the answer to that was “nobody”. We need to run her campaign ad about the 3 a.m. phone call….followed by her shreeking “what difference does it make”.

  • Joe

    I know I am repeating myself – but so is everyone else

    This whole scene is getting silly

    ZERO should be in jail

    ALL his nominees are knuckleheads

    The Nation is getting screwed big time

    Any person on this board could do a better job than anyone in “high” government
    we just don’t have the wealth or connections

    I am really disgusted how the MSM gives a pass to ZERO and his knuckleheads

    • Mary Sieg

      Stop watching ANYTHING on those “in the tank for the messiah” channels. That’s what I’ve decided. Even the shows I used to enjoy….don’t watch them anymore!

  • notsofastthere

    Graham did a great job. We need much, much, more of this. I do so hope this isn’t just a show for the cameras – and then all is forgiven and swept under the rug.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Lying liars, lying their @sses off. OMG! These are the best leaders we can find? Thank you Lindsey Graham for ripping off the covers of this mess and it still isn’t over. More questions. Panetta and Dempsey both look like school boys caught in a mess they cannot confess. They look like the liars they are.

    • sjmom

      They looked like they were protecting their boss, the Liar in Chief. What was so important Obama was AWOL.

      • Orangeone

        Wonder if anyone has the WH visitor logs from 9/11/12….haven’t heard or seen anything about them, of course likely redacted or edited even if they do surface.

        • Mary Sieg

          Great point, Orangeone…..see….we folks out here in the country are smarter than our leaders! Of coarse, that’s not too much of a challenge.

  • jleinf

    Senator Graham’s weenie actions define the word dweeb as do most of the old rinos in charge.

  • 57thunderbird

    Is Graham up for election in the near future?Dog and pony show.

    • sjmom

      I think he’s just really ticked off.

      • 57thunderbird

        I give him credit for bringing some good points into the light of day,but I must confess that I don’t trust any of the republican establishment to do what is right at the end of the day.I hope I am proven wrong.

    • Orangeone

      Yup in 2014

      • 57thunderbird

        I had a sneaking suspicion.

  • WHO was in CHARGE ? NOt a hard question. The fact that panetta has to repeat everything shows he’s covering and lying.
    Who was in charge? NO it wasn’t those in Benghazi- they were taking their orders from someone in Washington. WHO?!

    I loved it Scoop until Graham said dear leader deserved credit for bin laden. that’s pure bull. But I do hope Graham and others keep up the hard questions. Thank you for posting this!

    • Diogenes_wy

      I’m no fan of Lindsey, but that credit comment was a ‘dig’ at Obama. The indication was that the killing of Osama was a feather in Obama’s political cap and a talking point for reelection so he was hands-on and Johnny-on-the-spot during that operation whereas, during Benghazi, a possible black eye and a detriment to his reelection campaign, he was nowhere to be found.

      • Maybe, but with his praise for panetta, the dig is lost on me.

        • Diogenes_wy

          Scroll to drphibes and see my reply to RS in regards to Panetta ‘praise’. (about and hour ago)

    • celestialjunk

      Graham is tossing out platitudes to be politically correct and to appear fair … that’s all. It is great politics.

      What matters, is that he is drilling down at Clinton and Obama in a concise and ruthless way. He is making it harder and harder for them; or someone, to escape responsibility. Let’s hope the target is Clinton, as Obama is your Pres for the next 4 years whether you like it or not … Clinton needs to be knee capped now or she’ll be your Pres in 4 years.

  • welltempered2

    I know the answer as to whether Obama went to sleep before the end of the Benghazi attack. Of course not, he had his golf cap on backwards, listening to Beonce while playing on his X-Box. First things first!

  • 911Infidel

    You got two mouth pieces for an incompitent out-of-touch-could-care-less POTUS making one pathetic excuse after another pathetic excuse for not trying to rescue our diplomats in Benghazi and then you have a suck-a$$ Goober who acts like a prosecutor one minute and an a$$-lick the other. Heads will never roll because NOTHING will come out of this hearing with Goober & Co in charge. Disgusting.. Pathetic.

  • jleinf

    So we have a record sealer not a American leader?

  • Two sycophantic morons protecting their dereliction of duty Liar-in-Chief.

  • welltempered2

    I’ll give Panetta this: He has no honor, but at least seems to know what honor is. Which is something I can’t say for the rest of them.

  • sjmom

    Great questions and happy to see he’s not done because Benghazi cannot die with the four Americans. The truth must be known and the American people deserve to know where the president was and why he was AWOL as CIC.

  • Mary Sieg

    Great job Senator Graham. I don’t think he was apologizing at all in saying thank you and that Panetta would be missed…I think Panetta and his pal both were tongue tied and embarrassed. When Panetta took his glasses off he really looked stumped. This is disgraceful, as is so very much with this administration. I sure hope the Republicans carry this as far as they can to make it known publically and this cannot be forgotten when Hillary decides to run in 2016! I am furious about their inadequate answers, dancing around the questions. I think Senator Graham did as good a job as any prosecutor I’ve heard. It is becoming true that there were weapons being trafficed from Libya thru Turkey to the Syrians. The American people are being so duped by this president in so many areas it makes my blood boil. Disgracing our constitution and our rights protected under it, lying about what they’re doing, increasing entitlements to people who do not need or deserve them (and I’m not talking at all about Medicare or Social Security), trying to dismantle the citizens of means to protect themselves when this is the most dangerous administration in my lifetime….and I’m old!
    Hey, RS, I’m trying to reset who I post as, but am having trouble. …..I like to say what I think and I know you remove things that are not appropriate, but I don’t like that the spies in Washington will know who I am…..wouldn’t be surprised if they are monitoring us and making a list. I very much appreciate that I can vent here. Thank You!

    • Orangeone

      Thank you for your excellent insights and for sharing them with us.

  • Only a matter of time (and not much I predict), before more american lives are claimed under this President and his so called “Team of Experts”. God help anyone serving this administration if your life comes under attack! Watch your own back comes to mind and good luck with that.

  • FreeManWalking

    This all happened 5 months ago, who can remember, who cares?

    10, 000 slain at the feet of 0b0 and what racist is going to try and make an issue of it?

    As much as will be asked and as much that will not be reveled. The FAILURE at Benghazi is as dead as ambassador Stevens, agent Smith, and Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. The MSM will cover this administration @$$ and the all of the officials involved.

    I hope that one day the offspring of these news personalities hang their head in shame for being born to such despicable people.

    • 3seven77

      “I hope that one day the offspring of these news personalities hang their head in shame for being born to such despicable people.”

      Let’s just hope the news personalities hang. As I understand it, treason is punishable by death.

      • notsofastthere

        Congress has removed the words, imbecile, treason, and illegal alien from our lexicon. Sorry

  • anneinarkansas

    Panetta sort of let the cat out without meaning to…way to go Lindsey…try to keep up the good work for a change.

  • John3_3

    I’ll tell you where the president was during Benghazi, he just got on his Dora the Explorer PJs with feet in them, drank his glass of warm milk, had Mrs. Robinson read a bedtime story and fell off to a nice peaceful night of sleep.

    • notsofastthere

      A correction if you will. He got on his Che Guevara PJ’s, had a beer and smoked a cigar

  • nibblesyble

    Well done Sen. Graham….I watched it twice!


    …who is President Barack HUSSEIN Obama and what does he care about ?”

    • Mary Sieg

      He cares about how nice Michelle’s bangs look. She needs to have her jaw aligned so her bottom teeth don’t stick out further than the top ones. And someone needs to tell him the election is over…..he’s still out there campaigning…the only thing he was good at.

  • Everything is better with a Southern accent.

    • d00mie

      So true…

  • Mary Sieg

    …and I was especially outraged that only one conversation with the president took place and that he never followed up or worried at all about these people. I cried when I saw the footage. At least I think Panetta tried to tell the truth….and it looked painful for him to answer these questions. I hope this conversation goes on for a long time. I do not watch ANY main stream media anymore….and none of their programming…none of it. More people should do that and then the companies who pay for sponsoring on those channels would get the point. I watch FOX news and the religious channels….sometimes the weather channel. Period! If they won’t cover what is happening in our backyards they don’t deserve me in their audience. Maybe when they realize their audience is cut in half the sponsers will put their money elsewhere. And Chris Rock and Tony Bennett can shut the heck up! Who cares what they think…..shut up and sing, Tony….tired of President Arrogant and Vice President Stupid parading Hollywood out to campaign. Has half the country lost their minds???

    • Rain Man

      No Mary, the country has not lost their mind, only YOU! If you think for one minute that you are getting all the details on Benghazi, you have lost your mind. This is and will always be, bigger than the average american citizen will ever understand. History tells us that there is always a motive behind our actions but your just not at a level within the government to have access to the motive. Senator Graham and Macains time has passed and it shows with the meaningless questions they ask. They question the security in benghazi while with holding the funds to improve it. Wow!

      • notsofastthere

        So Rain Man, how are thing going over there at Current and MSNBC?

        • Mary Sieg

          Thank you, Notsofastthere….I was going to say something that RS would have probably removed in reply to the Rain Man….you said it better. I think someone has been out in the rain too long…..he’s all wet….

          • notsofastthere

            Glad to help. Say a prayer for Rain Man, he/she doesn’t realize Bush made errors but Obama and Hillary set the Middle East on fire. Obama just murders people with Drones but hey, it’s not torture. He promotes abortion, but hey – that’s not murder.
            Ignore schmucks as much as you can – we know they have a right to live.

      • Mary Sieg

        …and how much in food stamps do you get each month, Rain Man?? If we weren’t giving billions of our taxpayers money away on entitlements, we would have more for defense…..ya think???

    • 3seven77

      Unfortunately, it’s more than half.

  • 3seven77

    I find it very, very hard to believe that the US didn’t have a single aircraft within 1,000 miles of Benghazi that could be used to assist. Even less credible is the waffling on an aircraft within 2,000 miles.


    Any servicemen or servicewomen, any State Dept. or DOD, or any other staffer or personnel who saw or heard anything needs to come forward. Your nation needs you to tell what you know.

    • hbnolikeee

      If you think about it. The attacks lasted 8 hours. F16 Jet’s fly faster than the speed of sound (mach 2 or more…). At high altitudes they can do 1500 mph (or more…). That would be a 10,000 mile flight in 7 hours. How could a plane be out of range to come to the rescue?

  • Haywoodjbl

    These two are all about “keeping their jobs”…..f them…….meely mouth wimps

  • repubboy

    Someone needs to be punished for this.. Four dead Americans.. A punk A.. president who not around .. BS Thats a another Lie.. He knew exactly what was going on.. A Sect. of Defense, that knows the truth but is to afraid for his own life to tell the truth.. mysterious accidents happen in Washington.. Mrs Clinton who also was lying through her teeth.. Why is everyone afraid of Obama. He is the man ! the bucks stops at his desk, or does the buck even get there ? He is the one that needs to prosecuted fro high crime and treason, he is the one that is the responsible party for the Benghazi fiasco.

  • Rain Man

    No, you do not need to come forward. Everyone who has a need to know and access to the information knows what happen in Benghazi. You people who are so eager to start wars without determining how to pay for them need to keep quite, remember Iraq and those WMD’s. Just stop the madness, the question that everyone in this post should be asking is, What in Hell are we doing in Libya? Trust me, you will never no the answer to that?

    • Mary Sieg

      Looks like we were in Libya so we could smuggle weapons thru Turkey into Syria, Rain Man. Pretty clear to most of us.

    • David Nisim

      Rain Man: Honestly ,You are pathetic. Liberals are gutless… what does mary Jo kopeknic, Amabassador Stevens & Private Ryan have in common????? They were all betrayed by gutless Liberals…….

  • I don’t understand the people who dismiss interrogation because of trivial niceties exchanged. This has nothing to do with the substance of the arguments!

  • The pieces of the puzzle all fit together, how in teh world can we believe that Obama was told that the facility was under attack at 5:00 PM EST and he never asked about what was going on in Benghazi again that evening.

    Wake up folks, the plan was to kidnap the Ambassador so that Obama could trade him for the blind Sheikh and Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods threw one heck of a monkey wrench into the plan when they refused to stand down as they were ordered to do on three separate occasions.

    The question is who gave those three stand-down orders and why was help never provided when it was readily available? The answers are unfortunately obvious to anyone with half a brain in their heads.

    I hope that Senator Lindsay Graham continues asking the had questions, he seems to be the only Senator that is honoring his oath of office by trying to protect the American people from all enemies both foreign and domestic. If he continues to do so, this nightmare can I believe be brought to an end. Benghazi is I believe the key to end this nightmare.

  • Pyrran

    These two people do not qualify as men in my book.
    Waterboarding comes to mind as the only way to get to the truth.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I like how they are all so polite… how they butter them up before grilling them.

    Panetta is incompetent and liable… I believe he’s either lying or a buffoon or both.

    Graham sure has some gusto for some people and lays off on others (like Hillary and Holder).

    This all ticks me off so much… there’s unlikely not going to be any truth or justice. I want butts! But, we’re apparently not going to get any justice under this corrupt regime.

  • armyvet10

    I was at work when this was posted, and once getting home had so many other responsibilities I didn’t get a chance to share in the conversation.

    1st observation is that the answers provided by SOD Panetta, and General Dempsey is a classic example of a Counter Intelligence effort. That is Confirm nothing, Deny everything, and Immediately launch counter accusations.

    2nd observation is that both the SOD and General Dempsey come off as being complacent and at times incompetent. No leader worth their salt could live with themselves knowing they didn’t do everything in their power to try and save people who they have a direct working relationship with. Here, in both segments of these videos, it is made pretty clear that very little high level communication was going on. One phone call during a crisis that is now being covered with “I don’t know” and “What difference does it make” to “I talked to the President once” are prime examples of the “I did the bare minimum, it is someone else’s problem now” attitude that must not be allowed to escape justice.

    3rd. I believe that having both SOD Panetta and General Dempsey at the hearing at the same time is a good way to cut down on the “I will have to check on that and get back to you.” or the “It was not my responsibility”; passing the buck syndrome that has become so prevalent in Washington D.C. I believe all parties should be interviewed at the same time. This does not mean they all have to be in the same place, so any one concerned about security can rest easy. Several sites could be established with video tele-conferencing so immediate answers can be obtained and weighed for validity. Then when someone tries to redirect to another participant, that participant would be there and can reply to whatever accusation being made against them. The only reason, IMHO, this isn’t being done is to give rise to Plausible Deniability, which is what President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Secretary of Defense Panetta, and other high ranking officials within the military are putting into action. Regardless, the so called Free Press, and the media machine supporting Obama, will never report this.

    Justice will not be had until the truth is known.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Thank you for Your SERVICE and My FREEDOM armyvet !!! The truth is simple and is known in the Special Operations community as the CBA. Any ops mission anywhere worldwide requires CBA, aka Cross Border Authority (Authorization), and this can only come from the president. ONLY the president accepts or denys CBA. You can bet your boots the community is WELL aware of how things went down 11 Sept. 2012. As far as the general public learning the Truth, time will tell. Peace be with you….

      • armyvet10

        I wasn’t in Special Ops or in Special Forces, (SF) but worked with many when they set up shop at Fort Carson Colorado (10th Mountain Special Forces Group) so I am aware of the CBA. During Desert Storm I had the chance to talk to a couple of SF folks and have always been impressed with their focus and WILL WIN attitude. These SF folks are the most un-sung heroes of the military and often the best friend you can ask for. Thank you for your kind words and Peace be with you and yours…