Lois Lerner’s name on IRS letter to conservative group

The Director of the IRS Exempt Organization Division who apologized the other day and blamed ‘low-level employees’ on targeting conservative groups, sent out letters herself to conservative groups requesting the burdensome information:

POLITICO – The director of the Internal Revenue Service division under fire for singling out conservative groups sent a 2012 letter under her name to one such group, POLITICO has learned.

The March 2012 letter was sent to the Ohio-based American Patriots Against Government Excess (American PAGE) under the name of Lois Lerner, the director of the Exempt Organizations Division.

Lerner, who is based in Washington, on Friday apologized for the agency singling out groups based on search terms such as “tea party” and “patriot.” Internal documents from the Treasury Department inspector general shows that Lerner and other top officials at the agency were aware of the targeting of conservative groups in 2011.

This appears to be the first public documentation that Lerner’s name is on a letter seeking information from a conservative group. Other letters to groups reviewed by POLITICO have come from IRS offices in California, Ohio and Washington, D.C.


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  • doofuschmartz

    Frog-march her right now, she has already made a confession of guilt, what more do you need? Then you can get out the industrial-sized vacuum and SWEEP THE PLACE CLEAN…

    • WordsFailMe

      doofuschmartz Frog-March— Haven’t heard that in years!! LOL!

      • doofuschmartz

        Patriotism! Is that synonymous with ‘bootlicking’ or ‘butt-osculating?”

  • froggy19510

    Put them in jail and collar the whole agency.

  • Stehekin912

    And this agency can be trusted with your health care?

  • YoJoe

    EVERY signatory of these letters MUST be arrested 
    only then will the truth come out

  • TinaG123

    She is one of the main people that needs to go, not some “acting” scapegoat who was booted today.

  • toongoon

    It’s time to dismantle the IRS and put in place a flat tax.
     It’s time our representatives got the message.
    Don’t tread on me.

    • Rshill7

      toongoon  Or me!

    • PhillyCon

      toongoon You mean everyone pays?  Kind of extreme, don’t ya think?

      • toongoon

        Absolutly. A two tier flat rate. Due the BS of the Obama games conservatives pay 8% and liberals pay 22%. 
        Doesn’t that sound like Obama’s usual fairness propositions?

        • toongoon

          Just watch how many people will suddenly claim to be conservative.

        • toongoon PhillyCon SInce liberals benefit far more than conservatives, their fair share should be 95% but only after the first $34k.

        • toongoon

          warpmine toongoon PhillyCon  
          And their first born child but liberals babies usually don’t make it to birth, and if they do they cut off their heads.
          Pisses me off, 95% is more than fair.

      • Orangeone

        PhillyCon toongoon Waiting for the NAACP to scream racism in 3.2.1

        • reason1984

          Orangeone PhillyCon toongoon Julian Bond already did.
          Tea Party are ‘admittedly racist.’

        • lawngreen

          Orangeone PhillyCon toongoon Remember what Patrick Henry said: “If this be racism, make the most of it.”
          I think that was it. Memory’s getting a little fuzzy these days. Next thing you know, I’ll be forgetting to file my tax returns.

      • lawngreen

        PhillyCon You mean “extreme” like half the population paying NO tax now?

    • njmom

      toongoon Great minds toongoon. I’ve been saying for years I’d vote for anyone willing to get rid of the IRS and like you I prefer a flat tax.

      • toongoon

        I made the same proposition on another blog and got this response:
        “National Retail Sales Tax- abolish the IRS.
        (the Amendment will
        mandate only a collections bureau with Only Congressional oversight,
        with no more Power than the Post Office)
        it won’t happen soon, but it will create an Economic Rocket Zoom when
        it does happen. it’s our Ace in the hole and can literally save the
        nation overnight.
        Keep everything you earn = increased productivity
        Tax as you spend = voluntary, and! increased revenues
        Spend as you go- only a predetermined amount of GNP and No Mo’.
        (we’ll be sure to add that to the Amendment along with a ‘poor allowance’)

        it IS the Magic Bullet, and with Divine Providence this scandal will be the instigation to git ‘er done” ~ Ghost

        It sounds reasonable, does anybody have anything to add to this?

        • patriot077

          toongoon njmom National retail sales tax sounds good until you think about how easy it is to raise the rate. And it’s too close to the European VAT for my comfort. The VAT creates chaos and additional expense at every stage of manufacture or process.
          I like the flat tax where everyone pays the same % and has their own hide in the game – no exceptions.

        • toongoon

          patriot077 toongoon njmom  
          The VAT tax was on my mind as I pondered it. It is best that taxes are between two entities, taxpayer and tax receiver. when we add a third or more entity, loopholes, education, any number of exemptions it becomes more complicated and susceptible to corruption as we have seen for decades culminating in where we are now. 
          You are absolutely right patriot, flat tax with no frills. Fair for everyone.

        • patriot077 toongoon njmom Super majority can eliminate that possibility.

    • clevonlittle

      toongoon if only this idea was the outcome of this mess.

      • toongoon

        I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • toongoon

      It’s time to dismantle the IRS and put in place a flat tax.
       It’s time our representatives got the message.And put those that work there in stockades
      Don’t tread on me.

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    Oh, people.  You’re making too much of this.  NBC is already prepping a sitcom pilot for next fall called “Don’t Trust The B— In the IRS.”

  • YoJoe

    There are lots of heads available – 
    Let’s see how many will actually roll 

    • toongoon

      Hmmmmm. His money or ours?

      • Orangeone

        toongoon YoJoe It’s a HER, and an attorney to boot!

    • Orangeone

      YoJoe I owe you Joe, love this great tidbit!!!!

  • njmom

    Remember she’s the one who tried to push it on underlings which IMO is pure cowardice on her part. I’m waiting for this to be tied to the WH and the Obama campaign.

    • TinaG123

      This is definietly going to lead back to his campaign or WH. I think it might take a few months to directly time Obama to this though.

      • clevonlittle

        TinaG123 if not years……. this is toxic if anyone in the West Wing is involved , they will stonewall like mad.

  • KarlRogue

    Fire this KGB swine.

    • towerclimber37

      KarlRogue fire?? FIRE? I want her ass in jail. failing that, I want her ass hung from a barn door after being skinned alive.
      I want to see her in a TURKISH prison on bread and some onion soup for the rest of her life. you don’t use armed thugs to stop speech like this. And another thing. If congress doesn’t want to see protests close to them then they need to stop screwing up.

  • chatterbox365

    No way in hell was this abuse of power orchestrated by “low-level workers.”  I used to work for the government at the lower level and most of these workers won’t do sh*t outside their position description.

    • lawngreen

      chatterbox365 Confirm. Been there, done that. Fedgov workers are more restricted than any purely union worker.

  • lawngreen

    Don’t worry, Lois Lane … er, Lerner. SUUUPerman is coming to save you:
    If you fool around with the bandwagon, honey, you’re liable to get hit with the horn. (Oops; I called her “honey”. Is that a sexist word?) In this case, you’re liable to get hit with a subpoena. It’s time to choose: save your boss or yourself. <snicker> Sorry, that just sort of slipped out.

  • Laurel A

    He husband is a major fund raiser for Obama…follow the money.