LOL!! Eminent Domain-loving Trump’s spokesperson Katrina Pierson RAILED against it in this newly found video!

We have been endlessly amused by the amazing spokes-people that el Trumpo hires, as they keep proving that you can say absolutely anything and suffer no consequence for it whatsoever.

Here’s the latest from Katrina Pierson, who defends her boss now on Eminent Domain, but railed against it in this newly discovered video from 2011:

Here’s Donald Trump praising the heck out of Eminent Domain:

This is a complete strawman, of course, because nearly no one opposes Eminent Domain that is used purely as it’s intended – for public gain. But the Kelo Supreme Court ruling allows Eminent Domain to be extended to include private gain and is abused by real estate developers.

Like Donald Trump, for instance.

To lump in private abuses with the correct public use of Eminent Domain is thoroughly disingenuous and dishonest.

But curiously, in the example cited above, Katrina is actually objecting to an example of it being used specifically for what Trump advocates – a public road!!! LOL!!

Words are meaningless in Trumpmerica.

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