Louis Gohmert: The Obama administration has Muslim Brotherhood members advising them

Louis Gohmert once again has the left up in arms by suggesting that the only way Obama’s horrendous decisions of support in regard to the ‘Arab Spring’ could be explained is if you factor in that he has Muslim Brotherhood members giving him advice:

The only way you could explain the horrendous decisions that were so completely wrongheaded would be if this administration had a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood members giving them advice.

This is from a larger interview with Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio where Gohmert discusses the recent cease-fire deal and the ‘Arab Spring’. He also asserts what many of us believe as well, that it seems Obama is working to help build the caliphate in the Middle East – what Gohmert refers to as the Ottoman Empire. No matter what it’s called in the end, supporting or fighting for the overthrow of dictators so that the Muslim Brotherhood can take power is exactly how to bring back the caliphate that was removed in 1924.

Listen to the full interview below. The Muslim Brotherhood part starts around the 6 minute mark:

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  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    Soviets were good at subversion

  • stage9

    I’d like to see someone with this sort of conviction as president.

    • It is not going to happen, we must get back the culture once and for all.

    • Jazzee

      me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Philo Beddoe

    We all knew this and it took 3-1/2 years to figure this out and have finally the ‘nads to come out and say this?

    Don’t act so innocent republicRATS, you knew exactly what is going on.

    • Some have had ‘nads, and have spoken out, but most of the spineless have tried every way they can to shut them up.

      • Betsey_Ross

        Col. West knows all about them. Time to speak up.

      • Patriot077

        That’s right, AbiC. And Sue Myrick of NC has been stumpin’ on this issue for several years to no avail. I don’t think she ran for re-election this year and I hope she uses her knowledge and passion in the public arena.

        From what I’ve seen, anyone who tries to shine a light on these cockroaches gets drummed out.

        • Yep. Only they tried with Michelle too, but thank God they didn’t succeed there. How are you today my Patriot sister?

          • Patriot077

            Yes, and I’m hoping that Michele’s voice isn’t silenced by Boehner & his sidekicks Cantor and McCarthy. Sure sounds like they are doing their best to sideline all the conservatives.
            I’m doing fair to middling today, AbiC, thanks for asking. I’ve been battling a horrible cold for 2 or 3 weeks (I think my grandbaby gave it to me with his slobber kisses)

            • Nothing like slobber kisses 😉 There’s a brutal cold going around,and I hope you get better soon!! xoxoox

    • ApplePie101

      Louis Gohmert, along with Michele Bachmann, was one of the five members of congress who signed the letter urging investigation of Obama administration staffers with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He is as gutsy as they come.

  • Sober_Thinking

    It’s obvious that this regime is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. Obvious!

    Obama and the MB the same ultimate goal: the complete destruction of America.

    • and Israel.

    • Jazzee

      yes just listen to his silence with Morsi……he is one of them

  • Haywoodjbl

    I am saddened that our country has been so “dumbed down” that we now live with a bunch of zombies….exactly what the establishment wants…..BOTH SIDES

  • Why would Morsi claim dictatorial powers so soon after “soothing” the tempers between Gaza and Israel? Around Thanksgiving for that matter.

    My opinion:
    I don’t think we should be so quick to embrace countries that are clamoring for democracy in this day and age. Because if the leadership fails, the next question we should ask is — are there institutions that exist that will help the democracy stand on itself? A strong judiciary? Respect for the rule of law? An overlying moral perspective which can guide the leaders? A relatively free press? These are important questions.

    • stage9

      …and most importantly of all, will we elect another president who will dismantle those democracies and replace them with islamofascist systems?

      • aposematic

        Hmmm…America just did on Nov. 6, 2012.

    • aposematic

      America has moved to the top of that list you describe and we should not be so quick to embrace it…are you listening R’s?

  • marketcomp

    I have no doubt that Obama is either consulting or making plans with the Muslim Brotherhood. For example, Hamas decided to attack Israel and then Morsi removes the Israeli ambassador and then appears to come to the rescue of Hamas and broker a peace with Isreal. Obama supports the peace and tells Hilary to get to Israel right away to facilitate the peace between Hamas and Israel that Morsi brokered and one that is supported by Obama. Additionally, Morsi is hailed in his country as some kind of Great Leader by not letting a good crisis go to waste! But, with this crisis Morsi uses his newly acquired recognition and popularity to hammer his own people by enforcing Sharia Laws and forcing a Constitution giving him complete power and total power, you know like a dictator. All supported by Barack Hussein Obama and assisted by Hillary Clinton. When you connect the dots you can see the entire plan.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Don’t forget Huma. She’s in this pretty deep, too. It’s time to blow the lid off this corrutp administration.

  • Rshill7

    Gimme some names Gohmert. Who are the Muslim Brotherhood folks advising this President? What positions do they occupy? I keep hearing this but never see any names or positions, other than Val J. Anyone else?

    • colliemum

      Good point, rshill7!

      Doesn’t he have immunity, as Senator, from being accused of libel?
      Our MPs have.

      • Rshill7

        I don’t know, but based on some of the things Reid said about Romney, he at least seems to think he does. He also has a pocket veto. That much I do know 🙂

        Hey, can you complete this sentence: “Fi fi fo fum…”

        • colliemum

          Yep, when written like this:
          fee fi fo fum … I smell the blood of an Englishman …


          • Rshill7

            Ooops, I fixed it. Thanks.

            I was thinking it would rhyme so much better if it were ‘English-mum’.

            “Roses are red
            Bacon is red
            Poems are hard…bacon” 🙂

            • colliemum

              Nobody would ever dare to try and get at an English Mum! The idea! Outrageous! We’ve got our umbrellas and handbags, and know how to wield them, I’ll have you know!


              Mind – bacon is always right, except with chocolate. Gotta draw the line somewhere …

              • Rshill7

                When yer right yer right 😀

        • sjmom

          “I smell the hatred of all that’s American.”

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        Actually, I think he’s a Representative, not a Senator.

    • stage9

      Malkin: Why was Muslim Brotherhood member visiting White House?
      Hisham Y. Altalib visited the White House. According to visitor logs, Altalib was received by Joshua DuBois, the director of President Obama’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Four days later, White House officials welcomed a foreign delegation of the radical Sharia-enforcing Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt.

      Huma Abedin’s Muslim Brotherhood Ties

      Well, Whaddya know? Huma Abedin was a Muslim Students Association Board Member

      Underpublicized threat deep in White House
      Infiltration of the federal government by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood is worse than some have warned recently, says a former FBI special agent in Washington.

      The agent confirmed that at least three operatives of the Egypt-based Brotherhood – whose credo is “Jihad is our way and death in the cause of Allah is our dream” – have penetrated the Obama administration.

    • sjmom

      How about Weiner’s wife? Can’t think of her name. However, also remember the Brotherhood has been welcome guests at the WH more than once.

      • aposematic

        Huma Mahmood Abedin, American deputy chief of staff and aide to U.S. Secretary of State Hillarious Rodham Clinton

        • sjmom

          Thanks, that’s her. Couldn’t remember her name.

  • Rocco11

    Obama had Nadal Hassan, the Fort Hood terrorist, on his Muslim outreach team shortly after his inauguration in 2009. Has anyone, including Fox, covered this?

    • reason1984

      If I recall correctly, DHS categorized that ‘incident’ as a case of ‘workplace violence.’ Janet ‘the system worked’ Napolitano is going to get us all killed.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    It’s is pretty apparent that Stalin, Mao, and Lenin were not the only murdering psycopaths who have determined the value and effectiveness of “useful idiots”. Our “leaders” in DC are of the opinion that they will be excepted from the wrath of the mullahs once the impending dhimmitude has run it’s course.

    It is now the time for someone to stand up and that they cease and desist. The Rs are apparently to scared and too stupid to go on an all out blitz in the mainstream media. They need to refuse to answer the agenda driven bullsh!t that comes out of the mouthes of Gregory, Mathews, blitzer, and Corwley, et al.

  • NJK

    He’s right, but the Congressional leadership in the Republican Party is too pc, even after 9/11 to acknowledge it. The Islamo Nazi’s and the left are working together. Here is an email response I got from Rep. Mike Rogers. While I appreciate the reply, he is mistaken. The Nazis infiltrated the military in WWII, there’s no reason to believe those that worked with the Nazis wouldn’t also. I can’t believe their allowing pc to blind them. More people are going to die because of their blindness.

    “Thank you for contacting me regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. This is an important issue and I appreciate you sharing your concerns with me.

    Regarding your specific concerns, as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee I have not seen any evidence that would lead me to conclude that U.S. officials are working on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood. In addition, there is currently no investigation pending before the committee regarding Huma Abedin, an aide to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    However, I have serious concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence around the world. Whereas they have proceeded largely non-violently within the political process so far in Egypt, this is not their typical way of operating. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has a long history of deception, promotion of Sharia law, anti-Semitism, and violence. The Muslim Brotherhood has explicitly stated it will not accept Israel as a state “under any circumstances.” The organization referred to Osama bin Laden with the honorary title “Sheikh” and called him a “shaheed” (martyr) after he was killed. They also have an intricate connection to the terrorist organization Hamas, which regularly attacks Israel.

    That is why, as Chairman, I held a hearing on the Muslim Brotherhood on April 13, 2011, shortly after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation. I remain concerned about the threat of homegrown terrorism, and the Intelligence Committee held a hearing on this topic entitled “Preventing Violent Radicalization in America” on July 27, 2011. Additionally, I have traveled all around the world in support of America’s critical intelligence gathering mission.

    Rest assured, I take my job as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee very seriously and I have the best interest of our National Security in mind at all times. I can also assure you that I have been staying abreast of this issue and will keep your concerns in mind as we continue our discussions.
    Again, thank you for your correspondence. Please keep in touch.”


    Mike Rogers
    Member of Congress
    Follow Mike Rogers on Facebook

    • stage9

      Do you really think Obama is going to publicize this? WHY would he? If your strategy is to destroy America from within, then this would have to be kept as quiet as possible. The amount of hate Michele Bachmann received for exposing the Muslim Brotherhood ties to the WH should enlighten us as to how sensitive this subject really is to this administration. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about liberal radicals is that the closer you get to the truth the more they get keyed up to destroy you.

      Underpublicized threat deep in White House
      Infiltration of the federal government by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood is worse than some have warned recently, says a former FBI special agent in Washington.

      The agent confirmed that at least three operatives of the Egypt-based Brotherhood – whose credo is “Jihad is our way and death in the cause of Allah is our dream” – have penetrated the Obama administration.

  • I will never forget when James Clapper said, under oath before Congress, that the there were no problems with the Muslim Brotherhood, that they were basically a “secular organization” and did not represent a threat to either Egypt or the world. Well, how’s that working out for the Egyptians right now? The Muslim Brotherhood is consolidating its power and if the Army does not step in, Egypt will go the way of Iran and what little “democracy” they had will die. Hope Clapper and Obama are happy with their decision to support radical Islamists. Because, as we all know, any organization that had Ayman al-Zawahiri as one of its leaders, Osama bin Laden’s No. 2 man in al Qaeda and now the defacto leader of al Qaeda, can’t be all bad, right? What idiots.

    • Rshill7

      “Thomas Crapper (born 28 September 1836; died 27 January 1910) was a plumber who founded Thomas Crapper & Co in London. Contrary to widespread misconceptions, Crapper did not invent the flush toilet. He did, however, do much to increase the popularity of the toilet, and developed some important related inventions, such as the ballcock. He was noted for the quality of his products and received several royal warrants.

      Manhole covers with Crapper’s company’s name on them in Westminster Abbey are now one of London’s minor tourist attractions. Thomas Crapper & Co owned the world’s first bath, toilet and sink showroom, in King’s Road until 1966.”

      Oh, you’re talking about James Clapper…in that case, never mind.

      • aposematic

        Interesting none the less. Is that where the term crapper comes from?

        • Rshill7


    • colliemum

      Clapper really said the muslim brotherhood was basically a ‘secular’ organisation?

      He may be Director of National Intelligence, but apparently doesn’t possess any himself.

    • stage9

      More liberal diversion. Someone should have corrected this fool and explained to him the definition of the word “secular” and then proceed to dispel his lies with collected data from the muslim brotherhood’s own documentation.

    • reason1984

      Jimmy Claptrapper is an ass clown.

  • NJK

    Here is what the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is. They’ve said it with their own mouths, they know Huma Abedeen’s mother is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and she has other family members with ties as well. Rashad Hussein is another member who works for Obama.

    “Written sometime in 1987 but not formally published until May 22, 1991, Akram’s 18-page document listed the Brotherhood’s 29 likeminded “organizations of our friends” that shared the common goal of dismantling American institutions and turning the U.S. into a Muslim nation. These “friends” were identified by Akram and the Brotherhood as groups that could help convince Muslims “that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands … so that … God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”


    Why do they think they don’t mean what they say?

    Look at this. I just don’t know why they refuse to see.

    Pentagon Islamic Adviser Reappears as Political Leader for Syrian Muslim Brotherhood-Dominated Group


  • NJK


    Rashad Hussain

    Gee, he has a Christian name, just like Zero does.

  • Gtrjag

    Obama’s treatment of the Muslim Brotherhood reminds me of alot of FDRs treatment of the Soviet Union. FDR’s complicity led to the enslavement of Eastern Europe and Obama’s will lead to an Islamic caliphate. History repeats itself.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    That’s as reasonable a supposition as any rational thinking person can come up with given the Odministration’s performance.


    … the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD got the go ahead with this aggressive action to make Morsi PHARAOH over EGYPT with the FIXED ELECTION of DEAR LEADER ‘HUSSEIN’Obama PART II. As I have stated before DEAR LEADER PART II is taking the Capitalistic System of Western Civilization DOWN with his Marxist Agenda Policies which in turn will lead to WWIII !”

    • stage9

      They are two sides of the same coin. Both liberals and islamofascists share the same goals — destroy America. It’s that simple and any other diversion is simply ludicrous.

      • NJK

        Apparently the FBI and CIA, as well as the military hierarchy are full of fascists, because they’re following along.

        “Evil will prevail when good men do nothing.”~Edmund Burke

        We need a military coup to take this guy, and the rest of them out. It’s the only way, to remove them. We have the strongest military, the smartest minds, and some of the best intelligence. They certainly know how to do it. DO IT!

  • Susitna

    I just read an article at Breitbart TV: “Fact Check” regarding the goals of Osama Bin Laden that he left back in written form. After reading them point by point I have also to admit that Hussein Obama has indeed fulfilled the dreams of Bin Laden and not only from his fathers. I was overwhelmed because the parallels are mind blowing!!!!!
    The conclusion is that the Muslim Brotherhood is running the White House thanks to Valerie Jarrid, Obama, his wife Moochelle and Hillary Clinton, while Biden is cracking all the time and enjoying how this group is destroying the country. Of course Holder, Panetta, Pelosi and Reid are playing their key role as well. Each of them, I guess, for different reasons. How much money are they getting for betraying the country??? Or is it just the hunger for power??
    Here Bin Laden’s manifesto:

    -“Terrorizing” Americans;
    -Demoralizing US troops;
    -Weakening and destruction of Israel;
    -Unification of Muslims throughout the Middle East via “democratic” establishment of —Shariah law in “governments of our countries which act as your agents”;
    -Destroying the US economy, especially the banking system, with special attention to the creation of massive deficits – a “bleed until bankruptcy plan”;
    -Destruction of American industrial capacity in the name of global warming;
    -Destruction of the rich, “who hold sway in their political parties, and fund their election campaigns with their gifts”;
    -Closing Guantanamo;
    -“Pack your luggage and get out of our lands.”

    Regarding Guantanamo Obama wasn’t successful, but in setting free terrorists who are “active” again.

    Mind blowing and no one is doing anything………

  • sjmom

    Louie is one of the best but he is outnumbered by the establishment. I’d like to see him go farther and would support him however I could.

  • FreeManWalking

    A Nation was first taken aback, then outraged that 19 mooslims hijacked 4 planes and used them to kill 3000 soles while destroying 2 landmarks, damaging another, and the last plane overtaken by brave soles on board and ditched in a field to keep it from its objective.

    8 years later,

    A nation lifted up another mooslim and put him in a similar plane, gave him the most powerful position in the world, and set by watching him go about destroying the nation.

    • Marridge

      Quite something allright, that so-called inteligence of the left. Stunning.

    • NJK

      You’re absolutely right. We have soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East, and they gave the stealth Jihadist who’s working with the left, like Hillary Clinton, and her ilk, the keys to the White House.

      We’re not stupid. We know what he is.

  • Marridge

    The left is up in arms? Why? I thought islam is the religion of peace? Or not? If the islam is such a good thing and we support muslims left and right then why is the left up in arms? They can’t have it both ways.

    Look folks, some of us have been saying this for a long, long time. Barack hussein obama is a muslim hellbent on doing one thing:


    To the left: Go ahead and call me a racist now or whatever. I don’t care what you people think.

    • NJK

      The left can go to hell. Anytime someone speaks the truth, they are up in arms. I’m up in arms about what they’re doing to our country. GO TO HELL!

  • Yazz55

    Muslim brotherhood gets a much warmer reception by the obamessiah than Netanyahu can ever expect.

  • 911Infidel

    Secure Freedom Radio….a must visit site for any real conservative/supporter of Israel. Most of us already know that the MB has penetrated the seats of power in the US government. This situation will not change until we get more folk like Rep Gohmert into the Congress and the WH. Indoctrination U and their Goebels media won’t change either, unless we address the culture and find someone who represents our values, and embraces veritas to represnt.

  • Like I said, Gohmert is one of the good guys. He’s one of the few that will bring stuff like this up. Speaking of Frank Gaffney, the 10 part series he did on the Muslim Brotherhood is eye opening honestly, especially the part about the infiltration of the right.

  • reason1984

    The MB has infiltrated the Obama administartion…noh shiite!


    Do you want the truth of what these muslim mafia commies squatting in the white house are REALLY doing? You won’t even believe this could be possible, but this insider could not be more believable. IMPEACHMENT. ARRESTS and IMPRISONMENT for EVERYONE INVOLVED. They have been planning the demise of the US for YEARS!!!

    PART 1

    Part 2

  • brendawatkins

    What a really good question to ask.. and I think the answer is OBVIOUS!

  • daisybud

    Obama is one of them. I believe he will replace all of our top military officers, starting with Petraeus with men from his regime. He will replace conservative supreme court justices with more of his communist buddies. Barack Hussein Obama does not intend to leave the White House.

  • armyvet10

    After listening to the radio cast of Mr. Gohmert, and reading the posts, I think one more organization must be added to the list of those helping take down this country. The United Nations must be included in the groups of destructive organizations instrumental in helping Obama with his specific goal of destroying America.
    The United Nations should be expelled from this country and as soon as possible. The United Nations has been all too happy to denigrate America, while supporting countries like China, Russia and Iran. The GOONS at the United Nations take great pride in telling America that she is arrogant, self centered and unconcerned about its citizens, but has yet to condemn China for all the citizens they have destroyed. The United Nations has yet to ask Iran; the same country they admitted to the United Nations and head up the council on women’s rights, to give their women rights. The United Nations has never monitored voting in Iran, yet was asked to watch over America’s voting (had to make sure Obama won). The United Nations is as culpable as any organization or individual with helping Obama and his administration destroy this country.

  • bobemakk

    Are we actually surprised by this?

  • Medaton

    Gohmert is a REAL LEADER! Wish we had 434 more just like him!