Lt. Col. Allen West: I don’t see myself as African American, Black American. I see myself as an American

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West gets a standing ovation for that line. And he means every word of it. And that’s why America loves Lt. Col. Allen West!

Also, this is a MUST SEE: Allen West talks about the incident in his life that represents honor and integrity

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  • Aye, outstanding!

    The first I have seen and posted on my site (ALLEN WEST For President)… the second is first class!

    THANK YOU, RS for your diligent service in making these “GOOD” things available to a larger audience.

    CM Sackett

  • Yo

    Allen West, Stephen Broden, Tim Scott, and Starr Parker are key individuals for saving our country.

    I put Allen West, Tim Scott and Stephen Broden in the as capable as Paul Ryan camp. I’ve never contributed financially to any candidate before but I have to those gentleman. Please familiarize yourself with them. Nobody since Ronald Reagan energized me like Allen West. Godspeed Col. West.

  • Poptoy1949

    I sure hope he wins in November. He is an excellent speaker.

  • Sybilll

    I could watch this man on a continuous loop. What a healer.

  • Bj

    What are his chances? Any polling or news about his run against Ron Klein?

  • lilium479

    Sherrod should listen to West.

  • The War Planner and contrast this fine man — from Atlanta, Georgia — class, with Shirley Sherrod and, oh yeah, by the way how about the Town Hall meetings last Summer and this Summer.

    See the difference?

    Support this man; make America great; shove that racist crap back down the throats of those who luxuriate in victimhood.

    • Real American Hero

      Shirley is a class act! Since was exposing racism, racism! Doesn’t make sense.
      Shirley gave a great speech about NOT using race to judge a man and somehow she’s a racism.
      Get a clue but first watch the video before making silly comments.

    • Real American Hero

      Shirley is a class act! Since was exposing racism, racism! Doesn’t make sense.
      Shirley gave a great speech about NOT using race to judge a man and somehow she’s a racism.
      Get a clue but first watch the video before making silly comments.

  • JudyinNC

    A true Officer and a Gentleman…Sir, we desperately need you!

  • OH man, I love Alan West. He's been on the Tammy Bruce talk show, and he resonates with the people. I just hope the folks in his district in Florida are intelligent enough know what a good man he is!

  • It's ironic that West is the black man that people thought Obama was. Clean cut, literate, no-negro dialect unless he wants to have it. With one big difference. West is the real-deal. The epitome of serving his country with a genuine class that Obama can only read about or try to fake. You can hear it in his voice… Experienced. Purposeful. Deliberate. No Axlerod BS.

    • Wes654

      He says all the right things you want to hear. If more people from the other side believed or said what he says, then more of the ones you claim want to have handouts and play the victim, would feel differently about this country and the people who think Mr. West is so great. I too am an American who happens to be black, and if Mr. West have seen any racist action at these T party events, then he need to get as new perscription or either look at some of the events he hasn’t attended.

  • Allen won't heal this country. Only God can, and though it may be through Allen, haven't you people gotten the message that putting your faith in people to save you IS the problem?

  • When our country was fighting for its very birth, it needed a wise man to lead. General Washington was that man then. I believe that Col. West is the man we need now.

    No, no man can heal a nation. Unless the people and God himself support him. I believe that this man has his heart firmly in the hands of God. From what he says, his Christianity is as much a part of his judgement and common sense as his military training and experience. He may well be the “tool” that brings the healing. He has the ring of sincerity when he speaks. And his history shows his courage, honor, and integrity.

    What else can we look for in a leader, this side of the second coming.

  • Oh where, OH WHERE is the “REPEAT-LIKE!!!” button?!

  • …ibid!

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  • Unstoppable 2012 Ticket That Can Purge Communists from Our Gov't:
    – Michelle Bachmann (Prez)
    – Lt. Col. Allen West (VP)

    More here:

  • KeninMontana

    A man who stands by his words and his deeds.This is what an Honorable man looks like.This is precisely why the left fears this man. This is the kind of man that as a Father I proudly pointed to when my son asked me “what is an American?”.

  • DW Pepper

    Hooah SIR !!! We are at the “O.R.P ” awaiting your orders!!!

  • As well said as it is well deserved. Sherrod has raised victimhood to an indulgent science. She got an apology and a sit-down with Matt Lauer – her 15-minutes are therefore complete.

  • Origanalist

    I'll take that but flip the order. Allen West seems just a bit more commander in chief material to me. ( nothing against Michelle, I love her}

  • Joyandhope

    This is what America needs. What a great leader. To state that institutional rasicm is dead. WOW! We've needed to hear those words. I'm sick of the race card being pulled everytime someone disagrees with the administation's policies. I'm scared of where this country is heading but there is always hope and Col. West is that hope. I hope every American will see this. WOW!

    • Real American Hero

      Except, institutional racism is not dead. This country will never be Good as long as we don’t fight it and this man is clearly not in the fight to end racism and neither are most of the folks here.
      Thank God for real Americans who strive to make this country better.

      • Davis1413

        Let the race card go. Its over…

  • Wishin' and Hopin'…

    Definitely an UNSTOPPABLE ticket in 2012 that would purge communists, nazis and anti-Israel Islamic dhimmis from the U.S. State Department and the Executive branch in 2012 to 2020…

    – Sarah Palin for POTUS
    – Allen West for V-POTUS

    – Allen West for POTUS in 2020… yes.

    [… just click on my name to STOP! Islamization Of America]

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  • Xplease

    I thought the same thing!!

  • Lamac66

    He’ll find out he’s an African American when he loses miserably. All the hype about African American republican candidates winning is a joke. That is why J.C. Watts called it quits, the republican establishment won’t have a Black man wanting leadership roles. Watch!

  • PN

    Allen keep it up. Peace

    P. Naputi

  • thefacts

    Only a useless uncle tom that is still on the plantation would reject his own race…

  • Azat31

    White Americans do still call themselves “white.” So what is wrong with Mr. West admitting that he is a Black American? That is one way we know racism still exists, because people have a right to determine what they call themselves according to their ethnicity. And the majority race has continuously used their numbers to their advantage. It’s probably just the flaw in our humanity.
    Maybe there is either denial of racism in America, or it is naive for Mr. West to think that because he won the seat for congress in Florida that institutionalized racism no longer is an integral part of American life. Ask most Black Americans who experience racism in their daily lives. But there is no longer “legal” racism in the vast majority of our nation. Thank God for that!
    I hope Mr. West and others will consider the above points for discussion.
    Thanks, and God bless all of America!!!

    • Davis1413

      There’s nothing to discuss concerning institutional-racism. Real human beings see the heart and soul before they see anything else. No right thinking American pays attention to the color of one’s skin, that is so boring. Grow up and get over it. Racism and the race card are through.

  • David White

    HE is a uncle tom Kisses white folks asses !

  • Ever here anyone say I don’t see myself as a White, Jewish, Hispanic,
    or Italian American.

  • Burnink

    Saw al on the tube tonite. a real paid off slave to the rich. I bet he has to ask permission to use the restroom. Poor boy!! But his family has great medical ins. And he runs 5 miles every morning. He won’t get sick.

  • Tntalkamerica

    Alan West: A New Political Lawn Jockey. He’s living his dream!

  • Anonymous

    the donald and col allen west — they WILL bring back america. — it would be the best ticket ever.

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