Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Lying Obama admin. makes Nigerian phone scammers look like paragons of integrity

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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says we must expose the Benghazi coverup because the Obama administration has told so many lies about Benghazi that they are making Nigerian phone scammers look like paragons of integrity:

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  • NewDixieNation

    Yeah! Go after the Obama’s throat. This subhuman POS must be impeached!

    • NJK

      He’s a criminal of the worst kind.  A criminal against America, but we all knew that.  People have died because they wouldn’t do what’s right.  Boston happened because they’re playing fast and loose with security.  The number one job of the Federal Govt. is to protect this country from attacks.  They didn’t do it, and they lied about it.  A man who claims so much to care about “the children,” let an eight year old die in Boston, because he is not protecting the country.  He’s probably lying about the Saudi kids involvement in that too.

      • cabensg

        NJK   That’s the crux isn’t it. We know they lie about everything so there’s no way to know the truth of anything.

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    I’ve always liked and respected what Ralph Peters has to say.  He speaks strategic common sense.  Brilliant guy.

    • E Lee Zimmerman  
      I like his straightforward – no bs – message!  I always listen when he speaks.

  • Bac Si68

    Yea, and they have our names, address, DOB and SS #s.

    • cabensg

      Bac Si68  I read an article this morning lamenting the possibility of the government reading our IM. Get real! Our tax returns and voting registration give them all the information they need. Of course if they’re interested in underwear size they can always get it from google. Anyone who thinks we have any privacy from the government is naive.

  • I can’t think of anything, anything, that would enrage the military and the CIA more then letting people twist in the wind when it came to having to launch a rescue operation immediately. All Americans have to know that their biggest belief, the belief that their country and their military would come after them and try to rescue them when the chips were down, has now been shattered by this. If it’s not politically advantageous to an administration to rescue you, it will never happen. And THAT is the biggest lesson from Benghazi, and it’s a shameful one.

    • NJK

      All of the trust in our govt. is gone.  We can’t trust anything they say anymore.  Obama needs to be put under oath for this.  John Boehner, needs to decide if he will be someone aiding in the cover up or be a patriot and tell the truth.  If not, he’s responsible for anything that happens in the future.  
      He let him lie about all of his other crimes, Fast and Furious is one.  He said he trusted him completely a few weeks ago, when he probably knew about this.  Which is it Boehner.  Are you willing to be tied to this forever, or will you do the honorable thing?  Are there secrets about Boston we don’t know?  How about Sandy Hook?  Are they lies too?

    • cabensg

      Libertyship46  and some wonder why we’ve become cynical.

  • NJK

    Obama must be removed, and anyone tied to him.  Boston may have happened because they’re playing fast and loose with security.  Are they telling the truth about Boston?  If there is a terror threat in this country will they just let it happen?  You people in the Goebbels media who keep covering for this man and the Bitch of Benghazi, Hitler had the Bitch of Buchenwald, and Obama has his Bitch of Benghazi, you might be at the next ground zero.  People may be reporting about you, instead of you doing the reporting.  You aren’t immune.

  • NJK

    If the media tries to smear these people, let’s all collectively pray, they are hit next.  I’m tired of innocent people dying for their sins.  I want to see them punished, and I hope it’s them or their loved ones who get bombed next.