Man arrested for taking Biden’s shotgun advice

He should get a presidential pardon on this one:

NEWS MAX – A 22-year-old Virginia man has been charged with firing a shotgun through the door of his house on the same day that Vice President Joe Biden said that if “you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

Biden made the comment on Monday to a reporter from Field & Stream magazine.

The man, who was not identified in a report by The Washington Times, was in the bedroom of his Virginia Beach home when two armed masked men leaned through the window and warned him to close the bedroom door.

The 22-year-old did, but not before stepping into the hallway, The Times reports. He then grabbed his shotgun and fired several shots through his closed bedroom door, toward the window.

The man was arrested on charges of recklessly handling a firearm, The Times reports. The suspects have not been caught — and no injuries were reported.

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  • Lizzie Warren

    The man second in command for enforcing our laws told american citizens to fire through the door. I would subpoena Biden and an offficial transcript of his comments for my defense trial.

    • OneThinDime

      I’d like to volunteer to be on the jury if this man is held for trial. Too bad I don’t live in VA. So VirginaGentleman, can you find a way to grab a seat on that jury????? He needs peers

  • 3seven77

    Biden’s advice was not only stupid, it was ineffective. The suspects got away and now the dipstick that followed Sloe Joe’s advice is in jail. And this is the way this administration approaches EVERYTHING. Stupid and ineffective.

    • Biden’s advice WAS stupid, but I thought he had said (to his wife) to go out on the balcony and shoot the thing off–I see now, however, he made an equally idiotic followup comment.

      However, something about this claim bothers me–what masked crooks lean in a window (and make themselves a target) and warn you to shut bedroom door (thereby giving their victim a chance to run and call police)? I won’t be surprised to hear that it’s discovered he did a stupid and decided to shoot up the bedroom door after tying one on.

    • M_J_S

      Exactly! WAIT FOR THE THIEVES to enter then shoot them. DUH!

    • notsofastthere

      Was this guy living in a trailer park?

    • Joe’s advice ineffective??
      But there are plenty of other advices:
      ***pee on an intruder,
      *** jab an armed killer with a ballpoint pen….
      Libs must be on drugs 24/7 or, according to their perception, 25/25
      …you cannot make up those idiocies

      • bobbybstrd

        Don’t forget to blow a whistle.

        • joyfulgiver

          or the sound advice of vomiting on your attacker.

  • The Biden made me do it.

  • I think he’s an idiot for listening to Biden in the first place but hey he might have a solid defense with that…

    • The judge might respond with, “that’s not a defense; it’s been well established that Joe Biden is a moron. If you, however, choose to proceed with that defense, I will have to give you the maximum allowable penalty should you be found guilty…..Taking advice on anything from Joe Biden, more than the crime you are being charged with, shows a lack of judgement I wouldn’t expect from anyone over the age of 8.”

      • Haha, GREAT point taken..

      • the guy will be released. Reason: the insanity of the adviser.
        Everybody will agree.
        Maybe even the adviser, after he sobers up.

  • Nukeman60

    Anyone who is trained properly in firearm usage knows full well not to just step on the balcony and fire away into the air. Biden’s advice just shows the left’s ignorance of gun safety and training.

    This is why they believe if every household had a gun, we would be randomly shooting each other and firing away into the darkness with a 100-round drum. If only they could learn the four safety rules of gun ownership, then they would be way ahead of the rest of the idiots.

    • notsofastthere

      If I remember correctly, Biden charges the Secret Service to rent a home on his property, while we pick up the tab for them to protect his wife and family.
      I bet that Jill, his ‘smokin hot wife’ (his words) doesn’t own a shotgun.
      We know Joe doesn’t own a brain, and BO doesn’t own a heart.

  • Godisright

    See, the shotgun was ineffective. A sixteen round magazine would have been ideal for the occasion. Also, a sound lesson for would-be copycats.

  • Joe

    I really believe the PLUGS in his head have taken its toll!

    A few must have gone way too deep and effected his brain

    I really mean it – He’s a crazy man!

  • That’s low-hanging fruit for any reporter to ask the WH.

    • DCGere

      I’m not holding my breath that any reporter will ask the WH about this.

      Too bad for the homeowner, better use that Biden quote for sure.

      • bobbybstrd

        Why would the reporters question it? They believe it’s appropriate advice and damn the facts and law staring them in the face. Liberals refuse to believe what is in front of them.

  • c4pfan

    Anyone dumb enough to do what Biden says…

  • deTocqueville1

    There you go then, reckless Joe!

  • Susanna958

    Am I missing something? Is it illegal to shoot your own bedroom door?

  • FreeManWalking

    Wasn’t Biden’s advice for a Woman, not a Man.

    • toongoon

      Yes. I think your right. It was about as tough a talk as he could give. I’m sure if Biden was in a similar situation he would probably just scream like a little girl.

      • FreeManWalking


        I can just see him hiking his skirt and running off screaming help 0b0 help.

  • Well, on the other hand, I wonder if those suspects will EVER come back to that house? Something tells me they will not, given the sound of a shotgun blast.