Marion Barry doubles down on ‘dirty Asian’ comment

Reason TV caught up with Marion Barry to ask him to explain his comments that about Asians and their dirty shops, and he just doubled down on his original comments:

Just imagine him saying ‘Jews’ every time he says ‘Asians’ and it becomes reminiscent of the 1930s in Germany. But no, he isn’t racist. We’re all just stupid.

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  • marketcomp

    Ya know a crackhead will say anything so the crack can keep coming!

  • I can’t understand why barry just hasn’t gone to his good friend charlie rangel and borrowed bus fare back to a non-race natrion, since every race of people in his drug induced idiocy world, is to close in his world.
    and using the barry’s famous words on the matter, I’m finished wit dat.
    barry needs a new drug, where huey? one that wont make him sick or feel racist in his head when he thinks about hotels.

  • aPLWBinAK

    That was your brain on crack….how’s that workin for ya Marion?

  • Naww, he’s not a racist, but we are for thinking he is.

    • kong1967

      It’s ok for a black man to be racist. I’ll never understand that one.

  • BMinPA

    Actually, he opened my eyes to the cultural vs. racial. Do you realize how many times this distinction could come to help our argument?

  • M_J_S

    I hope that 95% of the carry outs are owned by Asians.

    It’s the Italian restaurants owned by Asians I’m worried about.

  • You don’t have to imagine him saying “Jews.” What he said is already racist.

  • I freaking love chinese carryout. This guy is a huge jerk.

  • DavidScottMasiwchuk

    You know whats sad?????Is the people voted for this guy even AFTER they knew he was a crackhead who liked hookers…….This should tell you how messed up our values have become.

    • jimmie smith

      yea…It”s called “Marion Berry syndrome” He may be a crackhead, but he”s our crackhead!

      • WordsFailMe

        Barry loyalty in WASH DC seems more like a family’s concern for a retarded child.

  • My best friend is Asian. If I ever see that bastard son of a crackwhore, I’ll slap his ugly face.

  • aZjimbo

    Gee, a racist liberal. What a novelty.

  • The reality is that some provocative racist liberal black leaders like Barry have long expressed and acted on racist views against Asians. The racist liberal belief is that Asian immigrant job creators have somehow stolen their rightful black-owned businesses because Asian immigrants happened to open a lot of businesses in neighborhoods that also have large black populations. If you look at Spike Lee’s movie “Do The Right Thing,” there was a scene where some of the characters were bitching about how they didn’t have any opportunities to own a business because of Asians.

    Then look at the Los Angeles race riots. They were supposedly sparked because justice was served in the Rodney King police officers’ trial, but the targets were largely Korean-owned businesses. There was always a lot of pent up rage against Koreans for being successful and owning businesses in Compton, and then in 1992 some people snapped and started raiding them. One shopkeeper shooting a customer in the midst of a scuffle was also an event in the days preceding.

    • I remember watching the Korean businesses burning after the Rodney King riots. I remember wondering why that was OK for blacks to target them when it was not ok for others to target blacks. I wondered the same thing when they dragged that white truck driver out of his truck at the intersection and threw a brick at his head and stomped on him. That wasn’t racist? Payback to innocent bystanders is perfectly ok?

      Some of these folks seem to live by, “an eye for an eye”, but they forget about the verse which says do not repay evil for evil.

      • WordsFailMe

        And I never heard of any prosecution or even black retaliation against the Koreans who stood up for themselves. A white person protecting their premises, property and family will get the same respect.

    • WordsFailMe

      The blacks cannot access and activate racial guilt in the Asians.
      The blacks cannot find an emotional “button” to push in an Asian.
      The blacks cannot physically intimidate Asians.
      Asians can see blacks as they are without any artificial “filters” which have been added to white culture by:

      public schools and teachers, public television, public officials, Newspaper, television, communist propagandists, weak, ignorant unpatriotic parents, an insidious, feminine sense of “fairness,” university professor and their toadies who believe that tenure and privilege are the same, Hollywood, marijuana advocates and the list goes on.

  • stevenbiot

    Why do black politicians get to be racist?

    • NYGino

      Affirmative Action.

      • stevenbiot

        This world is so whack, NY.

  • stevenbiot

    Isn’t the message kind of crazy. If you smoke crack, weed, get bad grades, or are an alcoholic, you can become a world class athlete, president, or congressman.

    • ain’t it great? :-/ And yet somehow to these losers, America sucks. It’s beyond my scope of reasoning to understand them.

  • NYGino

    I know whenever I’m looking for a good restaurant that will serve home made Polish pierogies sauteed with herbs, butter and onions, I always start my search with good Korean kimshi chefs.

  • NYGino

    Only a few more Asian people move into D.C. and it’s going to flip over. Like Guam.

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  • Jay

    He must be on crack. Oh, that’s right. He IS on crack.

  • It’s pure envy and jealousy. Unfortunately due to the entitlement mentality of many blacks their work ethic has been eroded. And that’s what we see in inner cities and in the culture in general. Obamao has made their situation even more worse.

  • leaky_sink

    They’re quick to call somebody racist yet they’re just the example of racists themselves. A guy like him makes a bad name for the decent, respectful black people out there.

    An interesting article:

    I understand it’s more complicated than just a simple word “racism.” This tension between blacks and asians are caused by many factors, hard adjustment between groups of different cultural and social background, black’s envy/jealousy against asian business thriving in “their” turf.
    There are lot to be worked on. And Marion Barry is NOT helping it at all.

  • WordsFailMe

    Can you imagine what Asian societies think of a Nation who would cater to and subsidize a minority group for the last 60 years with no appreciable change in social integration, education and productivity? The Asian nations I know wold have long ago determined that this was a losing investment.

    I’ve seen how the Viet Namese, also an melting pot of ethnic and racial types, treat their minorities. China threatened governmental retribution on hotels, bars and restaurants who refuse to serve blacks during the Olympics, Same in Nazi Germany’s 1938 Olympics. Only in the US does it pay to be a violent, vengeful minority. Every other nation would have crushed them. Every other nation has crushed them.

    How would South Korea have fared had they the need to support 12% of their population with welfare, food stamps, EBT and preferential hiring and promotions? How far would SONY have gone with a need to have 12% minority representation in management?

    • Budvarakbar

      I believe that most of the companies you mention have been the most likely to open new factories in the US for many years now. oh — and mostly in right-to-work states

  • GreenBeretWay

    This schmuck is still around? I thought he overdosed on crack.

    He sounds like another crackwhack, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

  • kong1967

    Lol, he goes after the smartest people in the world. Idiot.

    Yes, there are cultural differences between blacks, asians, whites, latinos and etc., but he stated that the asian shops need to go and black people should replace them. Why not just go shop by shop and close the ones that don’t meet code?

    Additionally, blacks have the opportunity to open shops in their own community. Removing the asians won’t do anything but hurt the community unless blacks step up and open their own shops. They can, so why don’t they?

    • WordsFailMe

      They tried that eliminate and replace strategy all over Africa. It was Idi Amin’s first step-eject the Asians, confiscate their property and turn the shops over to Africans with no training, no background and the only motivation being greed and aversion to effort. Same thing all over Africa following the successful elimination of the British,m and French.

      Name five African Presidents or rulers since 1950 who did not employ murder, racism and genocide, within the race, as a standard operating policy? What a fecund place for political strategy. Visions of terrorists, loafers and polygamists. Culture can be a handicap, unless you are the one with the machete.

      • kong1967

        Ok, something is wrong here. I’ve been wondering why no one will talk to me. Lol, they ARE, but I’m not getting the messages in my email. I’ll have to check my settings but I don’t remember changing anything.

        Yeah, I don’t care if it’s blacks or asians or whites supplying our technology. Replacing the property ownership and wealth won’t do a darn thing but destroy the community. They have to learn the trade. That’s why so many people from India are here. It’s all how their culture raises them to think… make money and be businessmen in one from or another. Culture means a lot and cultures are different. Asians send their kids to school to learn and they take it seriously. I wish our culture would change like that.

        • WordsFailMe

          Whew, thanks Kong! I thought Scoop had me on some kind of 7-day delay, like they had for off-color language on the radio, for a while.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Barry has just lost his Asian drug suppliers.

    I thought blacks caouldn’t be racist. Guess I was wrong.

  • theWYcowboy