Mark Levin blasts James Clyburn and Marcia Fudge for race baiting over Susan Rice opposition

Mark Levin spent almost the entire first hour blasting race-baiting demagogues James Clyburn and Marcia Fudge for their stupidity and hypocrisy over the opposition to Susan Rice for Secretary of State. The clip below is his first segment in hour one and my favorite, but if you want more be sure and download his podcast later tonight. It won’t disappoint.


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  • If only the GOP had a sack, they would levy every single racist claim on her to drive the media nuts.

    She’s an incompetent, lazy, angry outsider, with Chicago ties, and she wants revenge.

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    • crosshr

      sadly, they don’t Stewie. It’s up to us to plan and execute that plan. Rinos never like Tea Party Conservatives

  • deeme

    Why do we let them get away with this b.s. we needed to tell them the exact same thing when real racism was happening with conservative blacks …like Cain , West, Love, Sowell, Rush, Bishop Jackson..Dash…

    So we are just suppose to sit back and take people who are slacking at their jobs as opposed to being called racists….go ahead call U.S. racists I don’t care anymore..God and I know the truth..

  • Chris Witham

    We, as Americans have to cut the crap and get back on track. America is the greatest nation in the world. Let’s get back to believing that. Let’s stop acting like spoiled 5 year olds, roll up our sleeves, and get this great nation rolling again.

  • sjmom

    Classic Mark and why I love him; he tells it like it is. It’s about time someone called these race baiters out, especially after the way Allen West, Herman Cain and others have been treated. Wouldn’t I love to but Mark is so much more eloquent. I’d love to see him go after them in person.

  • I listened to this live. Just beautiful. Levin hit it out of the park. To me, I think every GOP member, should refer to Rice as the incompetent lady. Let their heads explode.

  • aZjimbo

    This entire world has gone mad under the great leadership of this fraud.

    • AtlEsquire1973

      You are so correct, the country has gone mad, and the left are going to use this false racism thing and pretty soon, very soon- its going to run out of steam (I hope that wasn’t racist- run out of gas- whatever) and then what happens. I don’t know,without the race card, I don’t know what will happen. We all may be looked at and treated equally. I am 40 and have never really known racism in my lifetime (I only know what’s called “reverse racism”). Other than when I was about 15′ I saw the Rodney King violence. But since then, it has been all violence against white people (al sharpton, OJ, attack on Reginald Denny, central park jogger, and the numerous murders that occur almost weekly in Chicago- although that is black on black crime mostly.

      • aZjimbo

        Interesting comments. Eventually this false racism narrative by the left is going to cause some real racism and hatred. I think eventually you are going to see some real blood in the streets as the economy worsens, this false narrative keeps up and inflation kicks in. This false racism is all part of the community organizer approach by barry and all done on purpose. All I can say is be prepared.

  • JeffWRidge

    Only the left is allowed to make attacks on non-whites and women. They are not only allowed to attacked non-whites and women, they’re allowed to use actual racist and sexist terms without fear of reprisal. Some of them are even praised for it.

    Cries of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and so on, are nothing more than a ruse to prevent us on the right from being able to point out the failures and outright crimes of the left. They don’t care about race relations or gender equality beyond how they can exploit them.

  • When one lacks intellect race baiting is all they have as a weapon.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    What is sad is that Mark Levin is like a lonely voice in a sea of cowards that are the republicans AKA Rinos, instead of fighting and calling it as it is they will undoubtedly are going to back off.REPUBICANS PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG AND START FIGHTING THESE NUTS.

  • colliemum

    Do the Clyburns and Fudges and the rest of them in Congress, the DNC and the MSM actually want to incite race hatred by their continuous baiting?
    Do they not notice that they totally invalidate their ‘code word’ and ‘dog whistle’ yelps by not standing up when people like Allen West and Mia Love get attacked?
    Do they not recognise that the race card has been maxed out, and that the continuous use of the same will only inspire more and more people to stand up against their socialist ideology where any means is allowed to promote their own while destroying those on the other side?

    I’ve only got one moan to direct at The Great One: please stop calling these people ‘liberals’ – they are socialists, some even are communists, they are of the far left. Making them sound acceptable to the uninformed by calling them ‘liberals’ is playing into their hands. It is keeping ordinary people lulled into a false sense of normality, because ‘liberals’ are surely nicer than conservatives, and can be voted for.

    • las1

      colliemum… I’d be interested to hear your take on the RS posting on the French group Génération Identitaire. Particularly your take on European conservatism (if it exists at all really) and your understanding of North American conservatism. And where you think this group fits in from what we know about them as of now.

      • colliemum

        las1 – I watched that video and the discussion, but kept out of it because I am wary of the possibility of this being hijacked by groups which are, let us say, unsavoury.
        There are such groups in Germany, who are the nsdap in a more modern clothing.
        We have the BNP here in the UK, which did get a few people elected to the local council in Northern England, but again are too close to fascist thoughts for my liking.

        I am also wary of this group because there is a definite undertone of generational warfare there. At a time where especially pensioners are having their meagre benefits cut back (meagre in comparison to those received by immigrants), and where many ‘youngsters’ blame the ‘Baby Boomers’ for all the ills in society, with slogans like ‘why should we pay for your pensions’ and ‘you voted for those politicians’, I am suspicious.
        Blaming the parent generation is nothing new – but all this is getting much more like blaming grandparents for living and taking resources away from the young. So when these young French say they’re declaring war, I am definitely not happy.

        In any case, I think it is self-defeating for conservatives to splinter into various groups. I think the socialists have shown us why they are so successful: they did not leave the socialist parties, they subverted them from inside. Same with the MSM and academe.
        So I have to ask all those young ones: why do you not get into the conservative parties and change them from inside? Is trying to convince the ‘old guard’ too much like hard work?
        I’m probably too old fashioned, but for me, running away is not an option.
        There are some very good young conservatives in the Tory Party who got elected in 2010 – if they can do this, why not others?

        • las1

          Thanks for this. Very good points and caution expressed. Now that I think of it, you reminded me… the video definitely had that “blaming the parent generation” feel to it and an arrogant glorification of youth aspect to it… a sort of “we are younger and smarter than you” haughtiness and arrogance. There are undoubtedly behind the scenes major players in this group who just may be “old” enough and cynical enough to know how to exploit youth discontent and impatience and manipulating it using the YouTube culture.

          You bring up another good point… “So I have to ask all those young ones: why do you not get into the conservative parties and change them from inside? Is trying to convince the ‘old guard’ too much like hard work? “… a tendency of younger folks without wise older counsel to think they can reinvent the wheel, or a better mousetrap.

          I’ve always felt that authentic conservatism is dead in Europe, or at the very least barely on life support… and that it’s roots are flimsily based in nationalism or some form of patriotism, not on Christian values or classical liberalism. I hope I am wrong, but that’s my feeling after living four years in the Netherlands.

          • colliemum

            Thanks for your comments!
            I know next to nothing about the proper roots of conservatism on the continent, although some of those parties do carry the name “Christian” etc Party.

            Here in the UK, conservatism has deep roots in the rural communities, and certainly under Mrs Thatcher the Church of England was known as ‘the Tory Party at Prayer’.

            Sadly, the ‘new’ Labour party, since Tony Blair, is metro/urban, and their policies have done huge damage to the countryside in general. Their aim was to crush conservatism once and for all, thus they opened the gates to uncontrolled immigration from the subcontinent, and any criticism was of course shouted down as being racist.
            The proper, old Labour people were not like that. There’s a famous video somewhere showing the then PM Gordon Brown on his campaign – being caught on an open microphone saying ‘who let me meet this bigoted woman?” after he’d met an old labour supporter who dared ask him what about all the immigrants. That’s the left as we now know it: permeating urban society, media, academe.
            And all of that is exacerbated by the EU and their diktats, ahem, directives.

            The true conservatives, descried as being eurosceptics and too hidebound for words, have meanwhile beavered away inside the Tory Party of David Cameron – with the result that there is now open debate about an in/out referendum: not should we have one but when!
            Yes, UKIP are conservatives, but in spite of their work, they are still seen as single issue party, with not much chance of gaining a seat in Parliament.
            So beavering away inside the party is getting us what we want, as oppsoed to being outside.

            For Great Britain, or rather England, there will always be conservatives upholding conservative and Christian values as long as there is the countryside, the rural communities, the land.
            I’m not so sure about Scotland – and Wales, sadly, is socialist, thanks to the coal valleys and the industries in the South, even though most of that is gone now.

            • las1

              Following from what you have written… I’m not a big fan of “new” parties or movements which are purer forms of what the old parties should be.

              I would prefer that these “new” groups go stealth and burrow away into the old Tory party in exactly the same way that leftists and progressives have taken over the Democrat Party in America, or in exactly the same way they have taken over the Progressive Conservative Party in Alberta… by co-opting a long standing Convservative provincial party with progressive policies.

              Why real conservatives don’t get smart and do exactly the same thing instead of fracturing the electorate into voting for new parties.

              I feel if the progressives and extreme marxist leftists can suck the blood of the old Democrats Party in the US feeding off it’s body and grabbing power, then there is no reason why real moral conservatives cannot take over the British Tory or the US Republican parties or the Conservative Party in Canada. Going back to the roots, reforming what has been deformed and engaging in reconquest is the better move coupled with a constant and consistent message to educate people what real conservatism is.

              • colliemum

                Well said, las1 – I couldn’t agree more, with your general observations and in regard to the particulars.

                We’re definitely singing from the same songsheet!

  • I never quite understood why these people are not considered bigots themselves? They seem to hate white people A LOT and consider just about everything a white person says to be racist, so why aren’t THEY racists for hating white people so much? There is bigotry in every race, not just whites. That is something the mainstream media always fails to point out and all of this screaming of “racism” is getting very, very, old. If we have to go through yet another four years of it, there WILL be a backlash and then these race baiters will see what real racism is like. You can only insult people for so long before they start yelling back.

    • JackieDee01

      They are racists! Unfortunately, in the black community there is a misconception ‘blacks can’t be racist’ or some just plain don’t like white people. But they are and justify their racism because of slavery or Jim Crow, or any perceived racism or discrimination. They believe the race hustlers like Sharpton and this lady who was spewing the filth. They teach their children and so it continues, they surround themselves with people of like mind and so the lie is perpetuated. I don’t want to stereotype ofcourse their are some blacks (like myself) who does not fall for lies but obviously a majority of blacks do. I think that it is sad and we will never live MLK’s dream as long as we have those who constantly divide instead of bring together.

  • aussieguy64

    Learn how to counter these disgusting Left-Progressive-Liberal-whatever name they fall under…Here’s a few books I found:

    * Rules for Radicals Defeated (by Jeff Hedgpeth)
    * Rules for Conservatives: A Response to Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky (by Michael Charles Master)
    * The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph Over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage (by Greg Gutfield)

  • denbren52

    Everyone who holds a position of power is criticized from time to time by those on the other side of the political aisle. Especially when they make themselves the central spokesperson for a controversial issue.

    So, according to Clyburn and Fudge, only white males are allowed to hold such positions of power. Because any criticism of any other person would be deemed sexist or racist. The next time a black person criticizes a white male, let’s lay on the charges of racism. If it’s a black woman doing the criticizing, let’s add sexism to the charges.

    Fairness! Isn’t that what Obama preaches? Let’s redistribute the wealth of racial indignation!

  • bongobear

    This is the best Levin segment I’ve ever personally heard. His last points were devestating.

  • Every time they had no defense, the race card comes into play. Should we start a “white caucus,” then we will be racists. Mark Levin is the best commentator.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Mark nails it once again.

    Black politicians are among the main culprits at continuing the race problem. Some of these hacks would lose any power they have if they weren’t black. Racism is perpetuated by those who are supposedly the victims. Grow up you lying opportunists!

    Until we can get past this nonsense and let go of this insanity, the future will never be peaceful or honest.

  • Why doesn’t someone ask Marcia Fudge how she has the nerve to accuse Sen. McCain and Phil Gramm of being racist and sexist for calling Susan Rice inept and saying she’s not a good pick for Sec. of State when they approved another black woman’s (by the same surname, coincidentally) nomination to the same office?

  • She’s a hypocrite. McCain and Gramm approved of Condoleeza Rice, a black woman, for Sec. of State so how are they racist and sexist for being against the appointment of Susan Rice?

  • ThaomasH

    Is there a link to the statements that Mr Levine is criticizing? Context is usually important in interpreting the meaning of a statement?

  • Dierardo

    I’m increasingly sure that Alan West’s ringing denunciation of Congressional Black leadership set off the mission of bulleting his ballots…
    food for thought on the importance of ballot corruption and voter fraud in high-minority urban precincts across the landscape.. From the safety of such precincts, Clyburn and a large number of mostly Black, (We must include Hillary and Bill) operatives involved in this Chicago-centric Alinsky movement have been pursuing the goal of Neo-Marxist conversion.

    Rife with political self-aggrandizing, treasury raiding and a ruthless exploitation of a burgeoning army of unwed, “Moms”, raising the real child-soldiers in this army of National Angst.” See below brutal video:

    See the first below summary research of George Wiley’s original venture and “Nutty Regime” to bankrupt NYC; assembled by Sol Stern of the think tank, Manhattan Institute. (Worthy of our $$ support)


    And a second, great Manhattan documentary 40 year history of the movement assembled by Kat Hymowitz: replete with the antics of black leadership and PC scholarship along the way.