Mark Levin blasts Obama for smearing American people, and GOP for throwing in with Obama

Mark Levin blasted Obama for going on Al Sharpton’s radio show and smearing not just your representatives, but you. And then he torched Republicans for being so weak that they end up throwing in with Obama’s mindset.

It’s a great clip. Listen:

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  • Joe

    Mark – I love you


    Talk is cheap

    I want to see a REBELLION started!

    • Then start it.

    • williamm

      Ben Franklin’s Great Seal Design

      Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God

    • OneThinDime

      His Landmark Legal Foundation, with him drafting the amicus brief on his Constitutional arguments, resulted in Obama’s recess appts being UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Remember, he is advising us to litigate every thing we can.

      • Amjean

        Thank you! That is what I keep posting. Why don’t the states sue the
        living heck out of the federal government? Law suit after lawsuit.
        Bury the jerks with paperwork.

        What about a citizen class action lawsuit against the federal government?

        Obama and his marxist/communist/socialist/progressive thug regime have
        broken many laws. And we stand and take it! Drives me crazy.

        • OneThinDime

          I think the citizen ones are about to start over ObamaCare.

        • PhillyCon

          I think many of these Governors and/or GOP elected officials are scared to death of Obama and his Leftist machine. It’s the only thing that makes sense to explain the endless caving.

  • c4pfan

    Thanks for posting Scoop!

  • 57thunderbird

    Well past time for the pitchforks and torches.A few barrels of tar and a truckload of feathers may be handy as well.

    • famouswolf

      I was thinking of a few hundred lamp posts and several thousand feet of rope, myself.

      • 57thunderbird

        Another very good alternative. 😉

  • PVG

    If BO ever had an original thought I think I’d faint. He is so freakin’ lazy and devoid of character and yet the GOP is afraid to stand against him. To quote a great American “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!”

    • notsofastthere

      The meaning of words have changed. People call Obama a Charismatic speaker. I didn’t know Charismatic meant causing people to yawn and fall asleep.
      He has recycled his speeches over and over again for four years.

      • wallwatchman

        You are so right! Just like they say he’s a good speaker. That apparently means you’re a good liar now. You can read speeches written for you and lie through your teeth! This may seem harsh, but his behavior fits that of a sociopath. Serial lying, manipulation and intimidation to get what you want. No guilt feelings when your decisions hurt other people, narcissism, etc. It’s scary that this man was able to become president!

        • notsofastthere

          Oftentimes truth is a harsh reality. The time to be harsh and not PC correct was long before Obama’s 1st term in office. McCain and Romney are glaring proof that playing nice with a potential Dictator and sociopath is destroying a nation of 310 million people. The effectiveness of one egocentric maniac is affecting the entire world.
          We losers fight fair in court, while he rules and installs by executive decree his flagrant violation of the constitution.
          The growth of government is a cancer on society. We the people appear patient and powerless to stop it. Wishing evil to go away isn’t working well for anyone so far.

      • c4pfan

        Plus, they keep forgetting that LESS people voted for him the 2nd time around.

        • notsofastthere

          Less voted for Obama than last time. That is good, but in fairness, Romney got much less votes than McCain. So now the Republican party thinks that their loss is because they didn’t move to the Left enough or pander to Obama’s agenda.
          With that attitude and preposterous analysis, just look how much more destruction can occur in this next four years.

    • martha chandler

      I can’t listen or look at BO or his wife. I break out in a rash.

  • JRD1
    • PhillyCon

      Now, there’s a professor in the real sense of the word.

  • deeme

    Sometimes we tend to forget who we are dealing with..and why we didn’t impress that with any of our candidates is beyond me..

    • sDee

      Eventually, all that is preserved of the history of modern liberty will be the veneer of democracy masking the tyrannical structure beneath, as an emasculated humanity “freely chooses” its own slave masters.

      • deeme

        Eventually may come sooner then we think. The rate they are passing out money to their friends and family members is breathtaking..and all that corruption going unnoticed by the press..

  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama on Al Sharpton’s show… really, do you have to say anything more?

    Obama is a criminal, a liar, a punk, and on and on and on… Mark summed him up quite nicely. Obama is sick and rotten to the bone.

    I’m so tired, sick, frustrated and outraged that we keep hearing about this going on and on… and the Republicans being so limp-wristed about it all. Day in and day out…

    All of these people are shameless cows.

  • bjohnson55

    I am getting tired of hearing that little bald headed chicken plucker’s name Rove every time I turn around. He is in over drive trying to screw things up. He is turning into a rash on the posterior of the Republican Party.

    • c4pfan

      Yet the GOP is getting advice from him!

  • PhillyCon

    Animal Farm redux.

  • c4pfan

    Can you believe that Hugh Hewitt was moaning in a tweet that Politico was after ROVE?! Can you believe this BS?!

  • PatriotInk

    I am sick of this piece of trash usurping the otherwise honorable office of POIUS…Hussein Obloody make me so gd sick. I absolutely loathe the SOB…

  • 1endtimes2020

    Well, it looks to me that what was said by Mary, the mother of Jesus, to the shepherd children at Fatima, nealy 100 years ago (1917) will soon have to come to pass. She had requested for the Pope and Bishops of the world, and laity, to all consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart. This was to be done to prevent Russia from spreading its errors throughout the world. Only Pope Pius XX11 did a consecration, by himself. That is not what Mary requested.
    She said, “If my request is granted, there will be peace in the world, for a time” and went on to say, to the 3 shepherd children, “If my request is not granted, Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, the Church will have much to suffer and the Pope will be persecuted.” Then around 12 years ago, Mary appeared to the surviving oldest of the 3 children, Lucy, who was a nun, and said to her if Russia was not consecrated soon, communism would spread throughout the whole world. Sister Lucy asked if that included the United States, and Mary responded ‘yes’.
    Right now, in Rome, journalists who investigated the event that took place at Fatima, Portugal, and other happenings in the Vatican since then, have been after the Pope to consecrate Russia. It didn’t seem possible with Pope Benedict. But now, with his resignation, and a new Pope that will probably be elected in March, things could change. 3 of 5 of the most prominent Cardinals that are up for election are Italian, and one from Quebec in Canada, and a black Cardinal in Africa…and other Cardinals are in the running as well.
    The way things are going all over the world, and the poor leadership we have in the west, it seems we are getting very close to finding out if a consecration will take place.
    If it does, Russia will be converted to the original Catholicm, and leadership in the world will be more peaceful because the devil will no longer be allowed to manipulate the people. We will see traditional normality as Mary is fulfilling her promise.
    I realize there are many people on this site, who do not agree with this whole eventuality. I’m not writing this to try to convince anyone of anything. Rather, I just want people to remember what is written here now, so that when a new Pope is elected, we can see if that person refers to Mary at all. or ignores it all.
    Mary’s final words to Lucy, before Lucy died a few years ago, was that the consecration would take place, “but it will be late”.
    With Iran and North Korea a threat, and Israel considering pre-emptive strikes, and the build up that has been taking place of the various militaries of the world, namely China, Russia, and in the middle east, and the mixed up thinking of our leaders, it seems to me we could at least give this some consideration.
    Father Nicolas Gruner, known as the Fatima priest, for his lifetime work of trying to persuade the Popes to do the consecration, will soon send a newsletter from Rome and it should appear on his website

  • Holmezzz

    I always say us conservatives need to stand by our principals and never compromise for any political reason, but sometimes I think to myself what would happen if we let Obama get whatever he wants and not impede on him at all and just let him really own this debt, economy, etc.

    • notsofastthere

      Obama got everything he wanted. Obamacare, Unions, Car Companies, Failed Energy, NLRB and Supreme Court and Cabinet appointments, Media praise, Czars, Dream Act, Destroyed DOMA, Aid to our enemies and distrust from our allies, unilateral nuclear disarmament, Class warfare and a promotion of Racism, a bullied and fearful Republican Party, and great wealth, healthcare, security, vacations, schooling, for his family. I’ll stop at this point, but could go on.
      In general, he has destroyed our country and is still around to brag about it, while we stand around with our mouths opened in disbelief.

      • sDee

        Obama is a post turtle. He did not get this. The globalists who placed him there got it done. They could not have done it without both elephants and donkeys, without the compliance of the Judicial, Congress and Executive Branch.

        We have little time left. We cannot do anything about top-down because DC is wholly corrupt. National politics is now a distraction to keep us from seeing what is about to happen.

        We can do something about bottom-up. Find where Agenda 21 and ICLEI are being implemented in a State, County, City or Town near you!. That is the last battle field and since Obama’s re-election, the money is flowing and they are on the attack.

  • tdaly

    Nullify everything individually… its the only way!

    • iaintlyin

      Very hard to do relative to the health care situation. What is a guy to do when his orthopedic Dr. sends out notices that he’ll no longer be accepting medicare? Hard to nullify that as an individual. Yeah you can vote against him but in my neck of the woods, I’m nullified in that avenue by my neighbors who for some reason think this dude is on the right track.

  • iaintlyin

    what a joke, when I hear a Lefty including the phrase “the American people want” when they’re pitching their warped agenda. But I ask myself, can they actually be right? Does the silent majority really exist anymore? And if they do, what exactly can they do about anything. They haven’t even got the gonads to run against Socialism. Never do you hear any of them call this guy out with a litany of proof that he is exactly that, a fledgling Communist. I’d bet my bottom dollar that if a Righty was brazen enough (Rand Paul?) to come out and CONSISTANTLY call the Socialist what he is, he’s so arrogant that he and his minions would gladly accept it openly, finally. At that point it might wake the true American out of his entitled cocoon and make him realize the party (entitlements), as he’s enjoying it, is about to end with a very horrible outcome in every aspect of our existence. We had a chance to stop this madness and wound up being abused both at the polls and afterward. I’ve been staying away from politics lately because of the Nov election results, shame on me, but I’m ready willing and able to aid and abet a strong tell it like it is conservative candidate. A candidate that will run with the promise of reversing the last seven (by the time he’s elected) years of underhanded, communist, insulting rule. Yes America, we have a Ruler not a President.

  • sDee

    I am glad to see Mark is not shying away from exposing the political class and elites regardless of Party.

    Mark, please explain to America the Founder’s intent of Natural Born Citizen requirement in Article 2 Section 1. Leo Donofrio has done extensive legal research. It is no coincidence that neither McCain, Obama, Rubio and Jidhal qualify!

    By failing to challenge Obama under jus sanguinis and McCain under jus soli we have set precedent that any “citizen of the world” can occupy the Executive Branch.

    The Constitution is under full blown attack. Did you think the globalists would not go after this? It is very dangerous.

    There is a wealth of research in Leo’s archives:

  • Obama is nothing less than a muslim mole. Al Sharpton, Apostate devil.

  • Obama has to have something on all of them. It’s his SOP and it must be huge they are so terrified of it getting out. This includes Chief Justice Roberts.

    I on the other hand am ready for a full scale revolution to save our country.