Mark Levin breaks down the Herman Cain smear by Politico

Mark Levin covers the gamut in this clip, illustrating the double standard by means of the allegations of rape from Juanita Broderick against Bill Clinton, to exposing the sham of a news website that is Politico and its hit men reporters:

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  • Steven

    This whole deal is ridiculous. This only came out because Cain is at the top of the polls. What’s more despicable are those on the Right who are giving legitimacy to this story from Politico! Disgraceful! I know there are those who support Romney or Perry, but really, is this the way they want to win this thing?

    • Anonymous

      …is this the way they want to win this thing?

      Yes. At any cost.

      The best thing Mr. Cain can do is as he has been doing. Rise and stay above.


    • Your assumption that Romney has anything to do with this story is unsubstantiated. Please refrain from making such allegations unless you have evidence of such information. Herman Cain and every other GOP contender must get used to responding to false personal attacks. Obama will wage that kind of election because his record is weak at best. I fully expect Cain to respond to all the allegations and clear up the issue with facts. In the meantime, don’t accuse Romney of such despicable tactics of personal destruction.

  • Sorry, gang, I hate to be the reality troll but Herman is not handling this well. He first didn’t know about the settlement and now he says he knew about it and will provide details on Greta. He said the claims were false and now he says they were based on a misunderstanding.

    Sorry, Herman, better luck in 2016.

    • Dear Reality Troll,

      Why is your assumption that Herman Cain was lying? Maybe he was contacted and told that he could divulge items that he previously, under assumption or otherwise could not. Why must you go to the worst possible scenario that he lied and has killed his campaign?

      Oh right, you don’t want him to win. How’s that for an assumption?

      • Dear Right Scoop,
        where did I accuse Herman of lying? I said Herman is handling it badly. He should have just come clean and gotten it behind him. Tell the truth and move on.

        I look at politics as a serious voter not a fan watching American Idol. Let me make another wager with you: if Herman Cain ends up with the nomination I will pay off your mortgage.


        BTW: you still owe me for the Sarah Palin bet.

        • But you haven’t seen the whole interview yet and you’re writing him off because he clarified details of his story. Doesn’t that mean you think he was hiding it before and not now?

          BTW: What do I owe you again?

          • Anonymous

            That’s right RS, look at the left, their nutcases.

            Someone made a false allegation to get paid, so what? How many bimbos fell out of the Clinton tree?

            But Cain does need to be careful because perception can be more harmful than the actual alleged incident.

            Cain or Perry….NO ROMNEY 2012!

        • Let me make another wager with you: if Herman Cain ends up with the nomination I will pay off your mortgage.

          Holy Schnike!!!

    • I can’t remember what I had for luch yesturday and you expect Cain to remember how much a minor settelment was for?

    • DCGere

      How should he have handled it? By saying “I did not have sexual relations, um harassment, with that woman”? By being a good lib and lying (if it’s even true to begin with, which I doubt. Sexual harassment is sooo hard to prove and hypersensitivity by women is commonplace)? It was a long time ago and involves/d legalities that he must be careful to not violate.

      Tell the truth and move on? That never crosses a libs’ mind (Clinton, Edwards, Kennedys, etc.) and they get a pass almost all the time. Double standards are their rule and pass.

      • “Tell the truth and move on? That never crosses a libs’ mind (Clinton, Edwards, Kennedys, etc.) and they get a pass almost all the time. Double standards are their rule and pass. ”

        That’s why we have to live to a higher standard than perverted whore mongeringng libs.

        Just saying….

        • Anonymous

          Well, when you put it like that…yeah we do, but were the accusations 100% true, and he were 100% lying about it, it would already be approximately several times better than Bill Clinton, just to pull a name out of a hat. As it is though…duppin’. “Nothingburger”…with cheese. What is that, vieux boulogne? Unwashed feet? Whichever, exquisite is the word for it, followed by several others.

      • Anonymous

        Why didn’t Cain admit right out of the gate that there was a settlement. Up front at the first question, no deliberation needed if the truth be told.

        • DCGere

          I know we have higher standards…just making a point about the double standards in liberal politics and how they are treated compared to conservatives.

          I also know Cain should be up front. He’s inexperienced, I get that. And you try remembering the exact details from an event over 10 years ago. Granted, he needs to get it straight. At least when he lies he’ll get called on it, unlike the liberals who get a free pass from the SRM.

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Cain may have had a chance latter in the day to speak to those responsible for the settlement. I was sued and had no idea if it was settled and for what amount. Two years went by before I was made aware. So it may be that you are not familiar with these types of cases. If you are judging a candidate without getting all the proper knowledge that is a shame on your part.

      • No. The facts are irrelevant to a lynch mob. Cain could be completely innocent, but the Left will smear him with it as if it were true. The Left doesn’t have to convict him, they just needs to raise doubts.

        Flashback: To this day the Left repeats the lie that Scooter Libby went to jail for outing Valerie Plame in spite of the fact that he was actually sent to jail for not answering a question to the satisfaction of the judge; a process crime.

        Welcome to reality…

  • Anonymous

    Savage just called Herman “The Great Black Hope.” If the Politico or whoever planted this story thought this would knock the Cain train off the track, they have seriously miscalculated.

    • Anonymous

      I am seriously weighing or not to offer $10,000 for any information on Mr. Martin ever using racial slurs. With 8 GOP candidates, how come he targeted the only black candidate?

      • Anonymous

        I talked to someone who knew someone that was related to a little boy that felt that Mr. Martin touched him inappropriately. I want Mr. Martin to address these charges and to discuss his feelings about little boys.

        • Anonymous

          I haven’t seen a denial yet from Mr. Martin. How about this headline:

          “The Politico’s Martin Fails to Deny Little Boy Fetish”

          There is nothing in that headline that is false. Let’s run with it. I like being in the MSM. This is fun.

  • I just donated more to Hermans campaign. This entire make believe story is perfectly predictable from the left guppies. A Guppy fish can be fed a wide variety of foods (flakes, Spirulina, lettuce, bloodworms, spinach, freeze dried foods, mosquito larvae). That is exactly what has been feed to these parasites.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Greta asks the right questions. She IS a lawyer. She should know that there is a cost analysis done on when it is prudent to pay a Plaintiff to go away, even if their allegations are false or unsubstantiated. Particularly if you know the tenacity (and legal fees) of the firm that represents them. As a former Risk Manager handling liability claims, I did this all the time. I see it as no big deal.

  • I don’t see any reason to believe this is a Democrat hit offhand:

    Democrats would have had the docs unsealed as they did with Jack Ryan.

    Democrats wouldn’t have wasted this shot this early in the campaign. Now they’re just inconveniencing one of a herd of primary candidates, instead of the nominee.

    So who?

    Gingrich doesn’t benefit; these are NOT the kind of issues he wants discussed when he’s busy rehabilitating himself as Mr. Brainiac the Ideas Guy.

    Perry could plausibly assume he would pick up any alienated Cain voters before Romney would. So to that extent, the ploy might appeal. Also, the Perries have been tough-talking their resurgent campaign.

    Romney has no reason to put those Cain voters back in play since they split the anyone-but-Romney vote that constitutes 70% of the GOP base. So to that extent, the ploy does not appeal. BUT, as a short term attack predicated on avoiding any embarrassing setbacks in the early primaries, it might still be attractive. Also, the lightning response from an extremely conservative women’s conservative Christian group based in DC hints at a GOP insider’s game, particularly since that group has no previous record of attacking other pols for their morals. Also, they are an unlikely choice for Politico to hook up with.

    Paul might do it out of malicious stupidity, but neither he, Bachmann, or Santorum, let alone Johnson and Huntsman, have enough base left to pick up enough to make difference.

    • I think Perry could have done it because he has a bunch of money and nothing to lose at this point because of his poll numbers…much like the way he tried to make a big deal out of Romney and his yard company back in 2007, which blew up in his face. He changed tactics, at least thats my feeling….

  • Anonymous

    Three cheers for Levin and 4 for Cain!

    I’m wearing a pirate’s outfit right now that I borrowed from Conservative Hippie in return for two perfectly rolled oregano dubies. He says he’s going to use them for incense. Yeah right.

    Arrrrr, I’m a pirate fixin’ to foul a witch’s brew. It’s going to be a Republican brew concocted for the current candydates. So far I’ve got:

    1. Eye of Newt

    2. Bone of Boehner, er Bachmann

    If anyone has other good ones, please inundate Scooparrific’s mailbox with ’em. Just kidding, send them to BR 549.

    Occupy RightScoop! Bwahahahahahaha!

  • Cain may not be handling this fiasco the way the MSM elites think he should, but I don’t believe any of those hacks will be voting for him. Until This hit piece lays some names, dates and faces out there, I aint buying the bunk.

  • Anonymous

    herman indicated to greta that he actually did know of settlement. oophs…but i am not counting him out. i would like all details, since it has come up. lots of times just to get trouble makers (the gals) to leave, a buy out is offered. happened with one of my secretaries who was a big trouble maker. just easier. herman did get fired, feminazis did!

    • He was not talking about a settlement but a severance package for her to leave the organization. He said he knew nothing about a settlement and that still holds true.

  • Well I heard from someone, who talked to someone, who walked the dog of someone that knew someone that heard that Barrack Obama say that he wanted all white people to die. That is pretty much the insanity of this story from the hacks at politico. This is the classic leftist tactic of accusing the other side of the things they are guilty of themselves. Wonder if we should look into B.H.O’s past to see if there are any of these accusations against him, oh wait we cant cuz they have locked all his documents into John Kerry’s Social Security lockbox.

    • B-Funk

      Heh, you think anyone in Hippie-ville here cares? He’s got an D in front of his name and he’s partially black. He’s pure as the fresh driven snow.

      • Sorry I forgot that in our fair town you throw everything out the window and just vote based on feelings and being a citizen of the world not the united states and that the pledge of allegiance is divisive. Eugene, OR for the FAIL

  • Anonymous

    Typical Smears is all this is. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • puma_for_life

    I really do not care about this. Just another attempt to bring down someone who is not part of the insider game.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you…………

  • Anonymous

    this morning its totally false ,in the afternoon he now about the accusation but he dont now nothing about the deal , at night he now what the deals its . This is a fact and this is my problem with this man .Why he dont tell the true when everything start .Another misspoke ? or another lie?

  • Just watched Greta, I hope tomorrow she has a more informative show with HC on the issues, I’m hoping she talked to Mr. Cain about more than this lameness.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless Mark Levin!

  • How about a little hypocrisy with a side of irony? Bill Clinton, our then sitting President, engaged in sexual acts, with an intern, who was not his wife, in the Oval office; the epicenter of our trust. To top it off, Slick Willy committed actual crimes when he perjured himself & obstructed justice. Yet, despite his long history of womanizing, he is as popular as ever with Democrats. Herman Cain? A self-made man who served his country, is a devout Christian & a devoted family man. Yet, when baseless accusations of sexual harassment are levied against him, liberals demand justice. All I know is this: if Cain wins the nomination, he will defeat Obama. Guess who knows that as well?

    • Dj

      I like what you wrote here… I added it to my blog and gave you credit, as much as I could… If this is not OK with you, let me know and I will delete it.
      This should take you to my blog… Google… Darrell Bermel My Blog
      [email protected]

      Herman Cain will beat Obama and I doubt that any white candidate can… The country needs Herman Cain.


  • Either you have to be a lawyer or closely listen to lawyers like mark levin, ann coulter & laura ingraham to seriously understand gag orders & out of court settlements which are not admissions of guilt.

  • First of all, I don’t care what the left comes up with against any of the GOP candidates. I DON’T CARE. Anyone is better than barack hussein obama and I mean ANYONE….. when the media did NOT vet him, they set the precedent that anything goes in this country. In fact, anything went with the bill clinton election as well. We knew that he had an 11 year affair with gennifer flowers…that didn’t stop people from voting for him….hey, NOTHING will stop me from voting AGAINST barack hussein obama…. NOTHING…. I would vote for a convicted rapist against barack hussein obama…. you see, what the left doesn’t understand is that WE DESPISE barack hussein obama FAR WORSE than they despised George W. Bush…. they can take that to the bank…… 2012- END OF AN ERROR!!!

  • There are those in both the Republican and Democrat Pratys THAT DO NOT WANT Herman Cain to win the 2012 election. They will stop at NOTHING to shut down the Cain Train, because he is living proof that success in America is based upon “equal… opportunity” versus “equal outcome”. His lifetime is representative of LIBERTY that every Americans a can achieve outside government entitlements. The oppos…ition wants you to believe he is Pro-Choice, as he denounces Planned Parenthood’s genocide attacks of the poor black communities since 1918. They attempted to dismantle his 9-9-9 plan that is 100% pro-PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! And finally, his moral character is being protrayed as “questionable and scandalous”. The actions and motives of many professional politicians will be called into question when Herman Cain is elected president simply because he is everything THEY are not.

    Ladies and gentleman, fellow patriots, they have attacked Mr. Cain on every side of what we represent— pro-LIFE, pro-LIBERTY, and pro-PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. To allow the left to sway your opinion of Herman Cain is aiding and abeding the enemy! We will be cutting our own throats with the knife they handed us. If our motives are genuine, our objective clear — we must stop the establishment elitiests in 2012. We have to enture Herman Cain is nominated, otherwise get ready for the Romeny pill that WILL NOT CURE the cancer that are destroying our nation. WAKE UP American, we are either going to be slaves to our government or we restore our rightful place as MASTER! Its “We the People”, NOT “We the slaves of tyranny”.

    I contend that not only are the Socialist Democrats and establishment Republicans attempting to destroy Mr. Cain, but they are attacking EVERY conservative, free loving, constitution reading, gun toting, flag waving, defenders of the Republic, bible reading, American! Stand tall or get trompled on just like the U.S. Constitution.

  • This attempted smear article that Politico put out late Sunday night is a joke…:

    [Quote: The women complained of sexually suggestive behavior by Cain that made them angry and uncomfortable, the sources said, and they signed agreements with the restaurant group that gave them financial payouts to leave the association. The agreements also included language that bars the women from talking about their departures.
    POLITICO has confirmed the identities of the two female restaurant association employees who complained about Cain but, for privacy concerns, is not publishing their names. End quote]

    … Herman Cain is the People’s Choice…

    Not the media’s choice … Not the Republican Establishment choice … & certainally not the Democrat’s choice opponent (they all want Romney or Perry)…they all want the Rhino’s of the party… None of the above can gain leverge on what the people are hearing from Herman Cain… So their strategy is make the public hear something else … besides Mr Cain’s message…

    Well now hear this media, republican establishment, & democratic party.




    CAIN 2012

  • Could be from Perry. I heard he does this stuff too.

  • Anonymous

    Who would you rather have, B.O. or H.C.?

  • jsinnp

    The thing that is astounding about this whole story is that his own campaign team/advisors did not sit him down a long time ago, and ask him to think through his past, and was there anything that could come up that might be problematic. And sit there for a little while prompting him to try to jog his memory.

    And I really do think that for any guy, even one as busy as Mr. Cain, that had an allegation of harassment, even if it was dealt with by a settlement, would remember that little detail, discuss it with his advisors, and already have framed a response should it come up.

    I also find it astounding that people don’t seem to recall that this kind of thing (dig the dirt up) cuts both ways, always has, always will.