Mark Levin caller: Inextricable liberal indoctrination on display

This caller is the definition of liberal lunacy and is the result of liberal indoctrination. Levin talks to Justin for a while but Justin is never able to answer any question posed by Levin directly. It’s so revealing, you just have to hear it.

Listen below:

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  • badbadlibs

    He “thinks” he has the power….see how liberals are…they “think” it, so it must be….no logic, no proof, no facts, no history…it’s just because Justin, “thinks” it so. God help us, please, please, please! And oh yes, must throw in how evil the corporations are…wow, these people cannot think for themselves, they have no heart and mind of their own.

  • Nukeman60

    Now I truly know why they call it ‘taking a left turn’. Whew. Kudos to Levin for going so long with this peabrain. This was absolutely entertaining. I’m going to have to listen to this several times, whenever I feel sad. It will perk me up to no end.

    He’s never going to read the book!

    • RocknRolla

      This wasn’t entertaining at all. In fact, it was painful as hell. This kid has no effin’ clue how this stuff works. Levin may as well be speaking mandarin.

      • Nukeman60

        Exactly. Too many ‘intelligencia’ left-wing media blowhards seem to think they know it all and talk in Obama talking points. This was pure entertainment to me, listening to the inside echo of an OWS mind and listening to Levin direct it around.

        Edit: I kept waiting for him to say, ‘No man, Dave’s not here.’

    • Colonel Neville

      After 12 years of blogging, writing and answering thousands of left liberal logical fallacy sodden, cognitive dissonant cliched incoherence, I can tell you, left liberals virtually NEVER “read the book”, in fact almost ANY book. Thus the Reagan quote of “it’s not that liberals are ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t true…” No, really. Colonel Neville.

    • CO2isGood

      I found this exchange to be extremely entertaining. It was such a well expoused exemplification of the difficulty and the need to clearly articulate the degree of brainwashing to those that do not realize they have been made zombies by the Left.

      Even if the caller never utilizes his mind a few marginal listeners might actually say, “Maybe Levin knows something I don’t.”

      We need more Levins with bully-pulpits to take the time and effort to slowly chip away at the stucco of stupidity that has been plastered on Americas education system by the Left.

  • MaroonRepublic

    The point Levin was trying to make on taking the CEOs and locking them away and how that would effect him was totally lost on Justin.

    He thinks jobs are just given to people. OMG

  • MaroonRepublic

    The point Levin was trying to make on taking the CEOs and locking them away and how that would effect him was totally lost on Justin.

    He thinks jobs are just given to people. OMG

  • That is a classic case of liberalism au naturel. It is naiveté that has been stoked from the time of his birth. It’s where class warfare has been promoted and his jealousy and frustration towards those that have more have been painted as a picture of the enemy. This has been accomplished with long brush strokes over the years. So nuanced are the winds of liberals from such an early age that the subject has literally no idea that he has been thoroughly brainwashed.

    That guy will never wake up from his nightmare. He will continue to hate (right now, it’s big businesses, but it seemed his hatred may have an opening towards gays, who knows? But he’s got more hate to give and only needs someone to point him toward a new target. Hello MSM!!!). His frustration will grow as time moves forward. And this will happen on two fronts. First, the world will never be as he wants because those that stoke his hatred will continue to fuel it and point it in ever new directions. Second, as Mark pointed out, what he thinks he wants is exactly what is destroying America.

    What this means is that for someone to wake up from liberalism, they have to do it on several fronts. That’s a tall order for anyone when you consider that these are beliefs held from day 1. What’s more frightening is that many of these people are atheists and don’t realize the irony of what they preach.

  • CalCoolidge

    Seems to me Levin missed something early on.

    Guy was asking why you call Obama a dictator. Two sentences later he is desribing a President as having power to amned the Constitution on the fly, and it’s OK, because Obama’s “will” is good.

    Sounds to me like a dictator, but one the guy likes.

    • Kordane

      It goes to show how simple questions are all that are needed to expose the absurdity of statism. Liberals evade, go off on tangents and do their best to “get into the weeds” because if they can steer a debate into the weeds, then statism can escape the grasp of rationality. Don’t let them do it.

      • CalCoolidge

        I couldn’t agree more. They were like unhinged machine guns, spraying bullets in every direction.

        Here, Levin lost focus and he doesn’t usually do that. Often liberals believe in X, but don’t want to called X. Socialism is a perfect example. (See George Orwell). Here, the guy believes in dictatorship, but doesn’t like the word.

  • Joe

    The guy is obviously brainwashed >>

    For the newbies on the Board >>

    • badbadlibs

      I love that line! Funny, guess democrats haven’t changed from… well, talk about “back in the day”!

  • “Your incoherance is exquisit” And Levin, you are a national treasure! This was annoying, but actually it was fun too. I like hearing Mark ripping libs stupidity to shreds. He doesn’t let them go on so long usually, so it’s always a treat when he lets them prove their ignorance.

    • kong1967

      The guy sounded like a good, decent guy….just misguided. He wasn’t carrying the vitriol usually associated with liberal callers.

      • I liked the way Mark said he was going to take him under his wing. Classic- and I love it when he does that! 😀

      • CalCoolidge

        That’s because he’s 27 and has been living in Obama land. Wait until he’s older and has experienced a conservative majority, perhaps had to “suffer” through 8 years of a Republican adminstration. He’ll be bitter then. Right now, he’s high on Obama Kool Aid.

    • aPLWBinAK

      Justin: “his will seems good, man”…another laugher

  • toongoon

    He sounds like my nephew without the accent.

  • RocknRolla

    It took me 30 minutes to make it through that 11 minute clip. The guy was so mind-numbingly stupid, I had to pause every few secs and do something else — otherwise my head would’ve exploded.

  • kong1967

    The guy was a decent young man at least. He wasn’t a nasty lib that blamed everything on Republicans. He was just misguided and didn’t have the answers. If he reads the book it might do him some good.

    BTW, Bush did appoint czars. The big difference is that they were just temporary and were there to perform certain tasks…such as dealing with Hurricane Katrina. It had nothing to do with shaping policy or imposing policies.

    • aPLWBinAK

      I too gave him credit for being civil, but like a typical Liberal he refused to answer a question but went off a tangent every single time.

      • kong1967

        True, but he admitted that it was because he didn’t have the answers. He was honest, right? I can’t really blame libs who get pissed at government being run by corporations and special interests. It’s true. What I get mad at is when they blame the corporations and say they are evil. Government is the root of all evil. The businesses are just taking advantage of avenues that goverment offers them….such as special tax breaks via lobbyists. If government wasn’t so corrupt and actually worked for the people, environmentalists and corporations looking for special treatment would be told to take a hike. Unions would be told to eff off. Unions aren’t even the problem. It’s the government protecting them and throwing tax payer dollars at them for kickbacks. Romove the link and you fix a lot of things. The crying business that gives into unions is told to go bankrupt and restructure….which tells the unions to eff off.

        Woops, sorry. Went off on a tangent. This guy just didn’t have the answers. He wasn’t a bad guy.

  • Maxsteele

    “In fact I have a headache now…” One of the best lines and perfectly timed.

  • PFFV

    Typical Liberal Mush Head That Thinks He Knows The World At 27 Years of Age. If We Don’t Take Back Our Country From This Sick Ideology This November We Will Lose Everything Our Founders Fought and Died For.

    We are surrounded by braindead people like Justin. We Must Defeat Obama! Vote Romney!

    • sDee

      Sadly, it would be hard find an average Republican voter who could defend Romney’s progressive big government record as governor if Levin pressed them as hard as he pressed this guy.

      Blind party/candidate allegiance afflicts both sides. We are all so easily fooled by this Kabuki theater.

  • aPLWBinAK

    “You’re incoherence is exquisite”…that was funny.

  • This guy’s has two Jobs? and he’ll take anything free? He must either work for the government or a Union, not a hell of a lot of difference there, but i digress because he may work at the local headshop.

    Tea Part Patriot

  • las1

    I just stomached my way through this whole interview, and between my guffaws and incredulity I have only one thing to say… well three actually….

    Wow! Just Wow!

  • teri_b

    My kids sound like geniuses compared to that poor kid.

  • ramv36

    Just another example of advice I’ve given to several people: unless you yourself are a trained, degreed, licensed lawyer, or very intelligent, you are going to have a very difficult uphill battle attempting to argue fallacious logic with a trained, degreed, licensed lawyer! Sound, logical thought is their profession, and if you lapse into illogicality for even a split second they WILL see that and pounce on it like a cheetah, and in most cases a mistake such as that will invalidate your whole point.
    Mark Levin was a Chief of Staff for an Attorney General of the United States. That is not a job you get by being a bad lawyer (possible exception for the current admin!).

    Arguments need to be constructed in the same manner as submarines: watertight, and able to withstand the pressure of deep scrutiny.

  • I think therefore it is. Justin wake up and study the US Constitution!!

  • Is this our future? God help us.

  • newtiffen

    He was ignorant of federalism and the basic tenets of the foundation of our American experiment. Typical of cult of personality types that believe that nice guys that are likable and can stir emotions can rule by fiat and central planning committees. Nevermind that history shows that governments like these fail and even have had leaders kill themselves in a bunker or get stoned while hanging from a street lamp pole.
    When I think of the blood spilled to ensure that government doesn’t intrude into every crevass of our lives, people like Justin grate me and every conscientious American trying to live free. Both of my sons couldn’t find work and both decided to reinvent themselves and start businesses on a shoe string. They are entreprenuers that the free market often helps to create although with some government regulations that stifle most people. So are they now two that we should applaud or hate because of their success? It would be much easier to get a government job and waste taxpayers money in an office that doesn’t produce anything. I’m sure Justin has a dozen shiny trophies from losing athletic teams he pathetically competed on.

  • twistedmuser

    You are in trouble in an argument if all you have is “I think” or “I Feel”. No facts, no truth, no source, just feelings.