Mark Levin calls out so-called conservative outlets for supporting Romney

Levin says there’s only one way this country can be saved and it’s with a conservative. And Mitt Romney is NOT a conservative. He’s even using big government types as surrogates to attack Gingrich, and then pretends he’s not apart of it. And that’s what Levin can’t stand about the whole thing.

Levin also calls out so-called conservative outlets for constantly supporting Romney who is not a conservative:

There’s only one way this country can be saved, with a conservative! And it’s high damn time that so-called conservative pundits, and conservative outlets, and conservative websites, and conservative magazines start acting their role! And I don’t just mean in their fundraising appeals, how conservative they are, but I mean use their intellectual power, use substance to support a conservative!

Romney is not a conservative. You’ve been going on and on about how Newt’s not a conservative. Great! So is the Weekly Standard going to endorse Santorum or Bachmann? Will National Review endorse Santorum or Bachmann? Will the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which has it’s own conservative problems with open borders and some other dumbass positions that it takes, will it be backing Santorum or Bachmann? Or are they all going to rally behind Romney? Now all of a sudden they want conservative purity when they apply it to Gingrich, but they don’t want conservative purity when they apply it to Romney. …

It’s time to back a conservative!

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  • Dax

    Yeah Ann Coulter you sell out!

    • Anonymous

      What the hell is wrong with her, anyway? Crispy Cream Christie first, now Romney the Robot? COME ON!

      • Anonymous

        NO! No! No! You’ve got the order wrong!
        FIRST there was Bill Maher, then Christie, etc, etc…

      • Anonymous

        Why in the world would you attack Ann Coulter? Are you insane?
        Ann “IS” conservative….. and she does NOT want the Teleprompter Reader to stay in the White House another 4 years!
        The DemWits are NOT worried about ANYONE…. but Mitt!
        I have never liked Newt….. he is all about HIMSELF!
        It was the power that went to his head…. and that is what gets him a wife…. who…. if the money and power are gone…. so is she! Does anyone think it could be anything else?
        Newt is just like McCain….. they’ve got to be the center of attention…. soooooo….. they go on Left-Wing News Networks, who will give them praise….. AS LONG AS THEY DEMEAN THEIR “SUPPOSEDLY” OWN PARTY”!
        WAKE UP!
        Go back and watch Newt….. in the debates….. he is FULL OF IT!

        Mitt Romney used his OWN money to get CONSERVATIVES elected!
        Newt does not have his OWN money….. he lives off OTHER PEOPLE’S money!
        Newt kisses the back side of the Left…. because he got paid off with dirty money….. as in…. “FannieMae and FreddieMac”!
        And how else would a blow-hard like him make money…. his fellow Republicans hated him
        BlowHard…. the perfect word to describe Newt…
        Definition:1. Braggart
        2. windbag

        • Anonymous

          Romney is a phony and a coward and has tried to buy his favor with Conservatives-not happening. I bet you $10,000 we’re not interested.

          • Anonymous

            As a conservative….. I’m getting pretty sick of conservatives!
            NEWT…. is NO conservative….. and it is embarrassing that he is supposedly leading in the polls!
            Romney is not a big fat wind-bag like Newt…… he has MANNERS!
            He’s NOT a Ken doll or a robot….. he just knows how to BEHAVE!
            I’m sure getting sick of Perry rolling his eyes… everytime someone says something…. like he is is above it all!
            Romney said 10,000 dollars….. because it was showing that he WOULD win the bet….. because Perry is NOT telling the truth! And can you really expect anything from someone who used to support Al Bore…. I mean… Al Gore… when Perry was a DemWit!

            • Anonymous

              Pal, you want to lose? Nominate Romney.

              We don’t need polite $10,000 gamblers with a penchant for lying about their positions. We need a fighter to take it to obama.

              Newt isn’t as Conservative as I am, but at least he has Conservative Accomplishments to tout, Romney has NOTHING.

              The FACT is he DID omit the line out of his book, because like anything else with this loser, he’s always lying and always hiding something.

    • Anonymous

      I am predicting (rightly or wrongly) that Ann Coulter gets her next pie in the face from a Conservative. You cannot run around endorsing Romney in a primary, yet expect us Conservatives to buy your next book!

      • Anonymous

        Yea her book business is pretty much done now.

      • Anonymous

        SHAME ON YOU!!!
        Ann “IS” a conservative….. who wants to win! And we didn’t win with the last guy who dumped his first wife… for a rich babe! McCain and Newt are 1 in the same!
        Both are full of themselves…. both were for amnesty… both constantly are on Left-Wing TV shows…. because they WILL demean their fellow Republicans!

  • MichaelLee1

    As I look at all we face and all we have to choose from,all I can say is God,please help us! This is not a put down but a reality. I hope and I pray,but I also realize,the way things are going who will beat this destroyer of America? Is this our destiny? Or can we pull off a miracle? Please folks, remember this election in 2012 will be due or do for America. We have to stop hussein at all costs.

  • Anonymous

    He always has the most passionate and reasoned analysis, the entire hour was top drawer Mark Levin.

    • There have been a few shows I downloaded because there were some very good arguments made….this week already has one spot on the HD, look forward to this one if is as good as you say it is.

      • Anonymous

        You will like it.

      • I was just looking at your avatar pic of Stewie, and then I could hear the TV with Strewie in the backgroud calling Lois. 😛

  • Anonymous

    Here’s my evolution… What’s yours?

    Palin is still my top choice but she is not running.

    Romney was my choice in 2008, but now I know a whole lot more about him than I did then.

    I started this primary season with Bachmann and Pawlenty getting strong consideration.

    Bachman faded as I learned more about her, Pawlenty dropped out. He would probably be ahead of Gingrich now.

    Then Herman Cain got my attention. Sounded great, had some thought provoking ideas and style. Some question marks about how he would govern and then he imploded.

    My next choice was Gingrich. Never thought that would happen in a million years. With all the conversation of late regarding Newt, I am reminded why I originally felt that way.

    Who is left? Not a Ron Paul fan. So we have Santorum and Bachmann. Between the two Michele has the energy and is more inspiring. For a lot of reasons, I thought Senator Santorum might be too weak a candidate. He is not inspiring, but he is consistent. There have been some very good posts about his overall experience, accomplishments and reasonable explanations of why he took some controversial positions (e.g. supporting Arlen Specter). He has very broad and Senior Level experience within the Senate. Until Sarah Palin gets in, if she ever does, in the next Survey I participate in, I will be checking off for Santorum.


    • Huckster in 2008. Since then, I’ve read a lot about early American history. Also read Free to Choose by Milton Friedman. Since then I’ve gone to Ron Paul’s camp. In 2012, the economy will be the main concern for Americans… and his support of Austrian economics, in my opinion, puts him leagues ahead of any other candidate as far as the economy is concerned.

    • Anonymous

      Similar to your list, but my support right now for Bachmann.

      She was on the top of my list early, (though Cain had been my numero uno choice from about DEC last year) but then made an endorsement in the Michigan US senate race. I watched her early strength fade quickly, as most of her ‘tea party’ support bolted for Cain after that.

      I’ll vote for whomever the candidate is, but will only put my best efforts (and cash ) forward for a conservative.

  • Anonymous

    What makes Newt stand out in this GOP gang is that he has not attacked his fellow Rs .
    He has kept his focus on Obama and his minions
    Strange that the “experts” in DC and NYC don’t want us to see that

    • Anonymous

      Very true. From the Washington Post:
      “The surging Republican presidential candidate instructed his aides on Thursday morning not to respond to any attacks Romney has leveled against him or advance in coming days, according to a Gingrich campaign adviser. After reading news accounts Thursday morning about Romney’s advisers gaming out strategies to attack him, Gingrich told aides he wants his campaign, and himself, to focus exclusively on his ideas and what he sees as President Obama’s failings.

      And that’s why Gingrich is winning. Americans are hungry for leadership. We want someone to focus on Obama and concentrate on the plan to bring America back from the brink of Socialist disaster.

  • Anonymous

    Romney MUST NEVER be President. Anyone who wants it that bad, to use his wife as a prop, hide his involvement with his own religion, and avoid any role of leadership for FEAR of appearing wrong to this on or that one, or Jane Doe or John Doe.

    Romney is wimp who obama will crush him in the palm of his hand, with his record, with his lousy past decisions, and with his LACK of Conservative accomplishments (which equal 0).

    • There are plenty of legitimate points of criticism on Romney. His religion is not one of them.

      • Anonymous

        If he is asked questions about his religion (which is relevant) and he refers to his church’s leader, that’s weird. Just answer the question and stop acting like a lawyer. That’s why people don’t like him. He’s lame.

        “let me get back to you, I have to run it by my lawyer first…” *yawn*

        • Why is his religion relevant?

          • Anonymous

            When ANYONE asks ANYONE a question about their faith, beliefs, etc, they need to answer it.

            On Piers Morgan, he dodged it, he’s done it before. If voters are curious, they are thinking the same thing, answer the question.

            You’re deliberately avoiding the issue. If you ask me about my Catholic faith, I answer your question. I think you’d feel pretty weird if I dodged it and said, “ask my bishop or the Pope”. WTF is that?

            • Difficult. As I have traveled around the world, I have seen all shades of LDS. Why is Mitt nervous about answering church questions? Once the USA declared war on the LDS church, one state put out an exterminating order on LDS. Makes me kind of nervous, too. I think if he says I am a Christian, that ought to be it. The Pope was brought into the JFK campaign. The press ignored it, because he was a DEM. I could ask you a lot of embarrasing questions about your religion and the Pope, but, come on, it has no place here.

              • Anonymous

                You are clearly in the tank for Mormons (the LDS name is a re-branding attempt to make their religion mainstream).

                Right, but my religion doesn’t believe the promise land is in the US, didn’t believe in polygamy, not allow blacks to serve in their church until the 1970s…I guess Mittens doesn’t want to talk about magic plates and how Jesus Christ’s brother is Satan…you know, non-Christan things like that.

                Perhaps why that makes Mittens nervous. I have no problem answering anything on the Catholic faith, or the Episcopal faith (the faith I converted from).

    • It turns out that even if we don’t nominate Mitt, he may still end up in the White House. Newt has said that he wold put him on his short list of potential running mates. — Yep, Newt would give Mitt the opportunity to become president, even if never elected if Gingrich, for any reason, cannot fulfill his duty as president.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know the context of the statement but ‘Short List’ doesn’t = VP.

      • Anonymous

        He’s saying that to be PC. Newt would pick a solid conservative, like Rubio.

  • I supported Romney in 2008. I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he had indeed sincerely taken his philosophy in the conservative direction. But, this time around, he has confirmed that his 2008 run was, for the most part, a swindle.

    Mark Levin is absolutely right: Romney is not a conservative. Romney ended up being the best alternative to McCain in 2008, but also a tool in splitting the conservative vote. Now, for 2012, Romney supposes he can cozy-up to moderate and liberal republicans to get the nomination, again with conservatives splitting. Don’t be fooled, Romney is no conservative and never was.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Mark would admit its time to rally behind Newt not let the MSM destroy our candidates nominate a guy who can stand up to the MSM beat them back and we can literally and rhetorically “Churchill” Newt and throw him out after one term with great adulation for defeating Obammunism. 😉

  • Mark Levin knows how a conservative thinks, because he is one. It’s amazing how much I agree with him. It’s been about 99.9% agreement with every analysis he has given over the years.

    I’ve had the misfortune of listening to some other radio programs recently while traveling, hosted by so-called conservatives. These commentators such as Michael Medved and his ilk who support Romney and claim that Romney is a conservative, are either fools or intentionally trying to midlead. They claim to be conservatives but so much of their rationale for conservative positions is rooted in the wrong fundamentals and principles. They don’t really understand conservatism, so they struggle as they attempt to communicate it, and their analyses lead to foolish conclusions such as supporting Romney for 2012. These fools posing as conservatives really irritate me.

    Get off my radio you dopes!

  • Anonymous

    Levin is right! If we want to vote true conservative then we have only two choices to choose from Santorum or Bachmann!!

  • Anonymous

    This is why we need a real conservative like Governor Palin. I feel she is the one who can turn this great country around. Iowa you need to get organized and WRITE GOVERNOR PALIN IN the upcoming caucus. Maybe she will get the message that “WE THE PEOPLE WANT HER TO GET IN THIS RACE”!

    • Anonymous

      I’d rather wait for our guy to get in the WH first,
      and then appoint her as Energy Sec

      • I still like sec state Palin, but then, I like Perry.

  • Anonymous

    Are you listening Anne Coulter? Ace of Spades? Hot Air? Are you listening? ‘Cause from what I’ve seen, heard and read from you, you’re not.

    • Anonymous

      Hot Air? Are you listening?

      You mean Hot Gas , right ?

      • Anonymous


  • Huntsman is the true conservative in the race.

    • Anonymous

      Opposite day Skinner

    • Anonymous

      11th commandment ?
      Ring a bell ?

    • Anonymous

      Conservative what? Huntsman’s not even a conservative dresser.

    • Huntsman is a sh*t eating dirtbag. Since he was the ambassador to china that makes him the manchurian candidate. Wouldn’t be surprised if was was put in by obama and alexrod to be the spoiler. The state run lame stream DNC obama media always mentions his name as the savior of the GOP, that’s how pathetic this guy is. What’s more embarrassing than this phony is his daughters.

  • Excellent great one. Just excellent. Now… God Help us.

  • blackbird

    The person that keeps coming to mind Mark every time you say “we must support a Conservative” is Governor Palin.

    • Anonymous

      I am sure it comes to Mark’s mind as well.

      • Anonymous

        I agree!

  • blackbird

    Thanks for the post Scoop.

  • As usual Mark Levin makes and excellent analysis on the whole situation and where it is important to keep the focus…


  • Anonymous

    Of the two real conservatives in this race, I am really surprised to just hear that Michelle Bachmann will not partake in the debate moderated by the Donald. I do think she has made the biggest mistake in her run for the nomination, as there will only be her and Santorum up against Gingrich. This would give her the forum for her chance to show the voters what she’s all about,and her views on the real things that matter in this crucial election. Big mistake.

    • I agree, it will likely be a mistake. I believe Santorum and Gingrich have just been handed some free points in the game and a huge opportunity. I predict many people (across the political spectrum) will watch the Trump debate just out of curiosity if for no other reason. Remember that just before Gingrich started to rise in the polls (he was still considered dead in this race) he had a 1-1 “Lincoln-Douglas” debate with Cain, who was leading many polls at the time. That debate was probably not watched by many people, but might have been key in Newt’s second look. Trump’s debate will get way more attention.

      • not sure if the debate will happen now… only two candidates debating? waste of time, Santorum should just cancel and then watch Newt do what everyone wants to see Newt vs Gingrich debate

  • Anonymous

    If Levin doesn’t think Mitt’s a Conservative, why did Levin back Romney vs. McCain in 2008 two years after RomneyCare passed and all those “flip flops” were well known? Rush did too.

    • They want an exact opposite of Obama, not someone who agrees with him on 4 or more issues. That is why.

    • Anonymous

      why did Levin back Romney vs. McCain in 2008 two years after RomneyCare passed
      in 2008, Romney vs McCain was like a choice between tweedledee and tweedledum.
      In 2008, the details of Obamascare were not known.
      Now we have seen the results of Romneycare.
      Now we have seen the details of Obamascare.
      We know what he is and so we have no need to stick with tweedledee.
      Ofcourse tweedledumB is endorsing him, which makes it easy for us

      • The results of “RomneyCare” do not seem to be looked at negatively by the people of his state. If the people of his state like it, then it is good for his state; not necessarily for the rest of the country, but let Massachusetts have it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s actually worse than I said, Mark Levin put it in writing.. that’s why he has no credibility on these matters although you feature him here everyday.

    • Shhhhh, inconvenient facts! Inconvenient Facts!! Go away! We don’t want to confront the facts!

      • Anonymous

        I just really don’t get it. I like Levin but he’s full of crap on this stuff. He defended Bush when Bush was in office and now he throws him under the bus. He called Romney the Conservative and now he’s not. The “people didn’t know that much about RomneyCare” in 2008 is a weak argument. Mark’s problem with it is the Mandate. Whis is the very thing Newt and the Heritage Foundation said WAS CONSERVATIVE. I’d bet Levin thought it was Conservative back then too. His job is to feed you folks red meat and you eat it up without doing the most basic research. Including the person who runs this blog, which I enjoy btw, even though I may be banned after this.

        • I’m more of a Conservative Libertarian at heart, and not so much a Republican, so I do not eat all the “red meat” from many talk show hosts.

          I heard Rush earlier try to explain why the establishment prefers Romney… I would say that Rush does not get the entire story. The polls show that Romney can beat Obama, and Newt does not….as shown by a Fox News poll out today:

          I say THAT is why the establishment doesn’t want Newt.

          Hey, we may hate the establishment, but….that doesn’t make them wrong.

          PS> I hope you are not banned. It reflects the moderator’s respect for the first amendment…. It may be their blog, so they can ban us for any and every reason, but it would still reflect badly… So I doubt you’ll be banned.

        • Levin supported Fred Thompson in the 08 elections. But it eventually came down to Romney and McCain. He DID NOT want McCain and said of the candidates standing, Romney was the most conservative.

          Thus he supported Romney. Why does that kill his credibility? Please consider the context.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly what I did, can’t fault him for that. That does NOT mean Romney should remain in contention now. When McClown was the likely nominee it became “anybody but McCain”, and Romney was all we had left, since Thompson dropped out and ENDORSED McCAIN before his own damn state had a chance to vote for him.
            Thompson was an actor playing a Presidential Candidate. Fool me once…
            Last and only time I’ll ever give money to a politician. And guess where that went, anyway? Guess who called wanting “MORE” money, since I’d given before? HINT: not anybody I gave to knowingly!

            Repeal the 17th and it will matter a little who wins Survivor: White House.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    i miss herman.

  • Mark Levin should watch Glenn Beck’s interview with Newt. Mark and Newt are friends from way back so I take his defense of Newt with a grain of salt.

    I would reminder Mark of the William F. Buckley rule: Vote for the most conservative candidate that can get elected.

    William F. Buckley was the MLK of the conservative movement. He suffered all kinds of attacks every time he spoke in public trying to convey the values of true conservatism. He cleaned out the extremist from the conservative movement like the John Birchers. He is the man who most influenced Rush and Levin.

    Mark can rant all he wants, but here are the numbers that tell the whole story from the latest Fox News Pole:

    Obama/Romney 44/42
    Obama/Gingrich 46/40

    I dislike Romney, but I despise One-bama infinitely more.

    • I think that Glenn Beck’s remarks can also be discounted as well.

      Because Glenn is so far in the tank for Bachmann it really has jaded any interview he makes with any of the other candidates. Two days ago he had an interview with Newt and was quite critical in his questions.

      I think that was great because it raised alot of issues that I think needed to be addressed. By all account of what I have read and even Glenn Becks assessment of the interview Newt made the points and held his own very well. Even to the point where Glenn Beck said he was impressed.

      However, after that interview he when on to have a two day interview with Michele Bachmann that sounded more like a livefest that an objective interview. The number of softball questions he pitched and the level of ”love you” complements he made was almost to the point of being sickening.

      I must says I would have expected alittle more from a man who screams and yells at how the Media must be more objective and ”the Truth has no Agenda” than the displace Glenn Beck made.

      As to your polls….Rassmussen has the Obamanator over them both.

      Dec 6-7, 2011
      Obama 45% Gingrich 40%
      Obama 42% Romney 40%

      FoxNews Poll
      Obama 46 Gingrich 41
      Obama 44 Romney 42

      Obama 43% Gingrich 45%
      Obama 47% Romney 41%

      RealClear Politics
      Obama 48 Gingrich 42
      Obama 46 Romney 44

      So, as of today it is really a toss up.

      But polls are like leaves in the wind….you never know which way they are going to blow because polls are also subjective and not objective.

      I guess my point is that as long as it shows Republicans smearing and tearing each other down the more people will preceive (and it sickens me to say) Obama as the better person for President.

      • Nope.

        • Yep!

          (how about alittle more explination please)

          • Here’s how politics works.

            Rumors are now flying that Ron Paul could win Iowa. Why? How can this be? It come down to GOTV. DO you know what GOTV is?

            • I would actually agree that it is possible, though I would not bet highly on Paul winning Iowa. But I would say that Newt’s lack of organization could be a factor if he loses. (Hey, John Kerry won in Iowa, and two weeks before the Iowa caucus, he was still in the lower teens, and then had a last minute surge). So far, Paul and Romney are in a dead heat there, so….anything could happen.

      • Here is a poll question you might understand. Would you vote for Hitler, or Ob?
        If Gingrich is a commmunist, would you vote for him? If you really believe those are subjective poll questions, I guess my vote will cancel yours.

        • That is a stupid question. I am looking for someone with core convictions of lower taxes, less intrusive government, more personal freedoms, and Pro Capitialistic economy. You question is a non starter because they do not fit.

          I like Newt because he fits those elements and more importantly proved it when he was Speaker.

      • This is why radio personalities often don’t say who they are supporting, because someone like you comes along and claims they aren’t objective, that they are in the tank for that person.

        • Actually, I am fine with who Becks supports (because Bachmann’s positions and mine are also similiar)…but….I think you miss my point.

          I am trying to show Glenn Beck’s Hypocracy that should be held to a much higher standard for someone that touts he is above this kind of thing and screaming about media bias and ”truth has no agenda” rants.

          Do this………go back and re-watch/listen to his interivews with Bachmann and compare to the candidates…You will notice a definite difference in the style and more especially the level and depth of questions.

          That is what really depressed, discouraged, and disheartened me about this whole thing. It really opened my eyes and changed the way I view Glenn Beck since he left Fox.

          I think when he was with FOX they kept him grounded which made him think more about what he was saying. Now it seems he is like a kite with no tail…..

    • Oh please quit quoting polls. Just look at Ob approval rating on Fox home,and on opinion page. You better start using your own mind and quit letting some one else sway you, by empty arguments as to who can beat OB.

      • “Oh please quit quoting polls.”

        You say this and then imediate quote a poll. Now how could I argue with that???

      • Allen Poe you contradict yourself….you are correct Polls mean very little but you then tell me go go look at one….why do something you say to not do.

        Your positions is shaky at best and your logic is well…..crazy.

    • I heard Levin say on his show that he read somewhere that someone said that he and Newt were friends. He said, if I recall, that he’s only met the man a couple of times.

      Basically, he and Newt are not friends as you suggest.

      • He has always spoken highly of Newt. I think he at least considers him a fellow traveler. If memory serves they both served in Washington at around the same time.

        Nevertheless I take Levine with a grain of salt. It all comes down to the Buckley rule at the end of the day.

        You can throw your money at Santorum or Bachmann and get a warm fuzzy feeling and end up with One-bama as POTUS for another 4 years. OR you can support the candidate who will defeat the Neo-Marxist and return the country to a path to sanity.

        Free country….

        • and why is that?? Because Conservatives don’t trash other Conservatives. Levin has also not trashed Bachmann or Santorum either…why? Because they also are Conservatives.

          • I’d really love to rehash all the evidence that Newt is not a conservative but the “American Conservative Magazine” does a much better job.


            • Interesting article but Jack Hunter arguements keep rehashing the same tired stories about the Paul Ryan non attack attack….Which now even Paul Ryan says was a misunderstanding and He and Newt say it is water under the bridge because they do both infact agree with one another on the Ryan plan.

              Then he harps on the Gingrich/Pelosi ad that Newt admits was a mistake because again it was taken out of context because the reason Newt did it was to demonstrate that Conservative are also concerned about the environment and have plans concerning conservationism also.

              The Gingrich has no problem with the current size of governemt is just false. All one has to do is look at the 21st Centruy Contract with America and one will see deregulation plank after deregulation plank in effort to remove government from being a barrer to the marketplace and encourage economic growth. It also calls for a Reagan Balanced Budget ammendment that I have heard from none of the other candidates.

              Lastly his argument that Newt is not a constitutionist is simple a lie. Newt is one of the few out there (I include Bachmann, Palin, and some of Santorum in this group Ron Paul would be there but he is too radical more to the anarchist right for me)

              In Conclusion, I find this article to be the same rehash of distorted half-truths taken way out of context. To assert that Newt is never been a conservastive is just false or else he would not have the high Convervative ratings from the American Conservative Union, Eagle Forum, Heritage Foundation, Citizens United, and the Hoover Institution. US-based media outlets that are conservative include Human Events, National Review, The American Conservative, Policy Review, and The Weekly Standard.

              • Opinions are like uvulas, everyone is entitled to one.

                • But when the opinion distorts the truth then it is a lie.

                • Sure.

                • every thing I have said I can back up with video and fact.

                • Cool. You should set up a web site and run the videos for all your friend.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the history of Romney, it was his father’s very liberal dream to be president. I wonder if it is Mitts true calling, I’m not reading that at all from him. His heart just doesn’t seem to be in it. (No fire in the belly), so to speak. A limp handshake of a candidate. Ann’s endorsment of Mitt just seems a little bit strange, as conservative as she’s always impressed to be. ?

  • levin ur right again its time for uncle ron

    • He also blasted Ron Paul in this show. I didn’t post it because, well, it’s nothing new.

      But in effect, it’s not time for “uncle ron”

    • Just give up on ron paul, he pushing 80. He has already lost his mind. He doesn’t have that much longer to live.

      • Anonymous

        Levin made a very impressive point that Ron Paul was threatening to run on a third party…. Which would mean a clear win for Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Levin…as always….you are a 1st class ASS!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think anyone will really change anything. I hope I’m wrong on that part but I don’t see it happening. I mean maybe the big things like Obamacare and whatnot but actually cutting federal departments and being serious about vetoing bills….I don’t think anyone will fix it. They will attempt to right the ship a little so the country will lean a little more right in the way it does things but won’t do too much to fix it. I would hope that Newt, as he has said, will stop foreign aid and start asking “Why am I giving you money? What are we getting in return?” Dont’ think it will happen though. Foreign aid goes mostly unseen by the public so it can easily be forgotten. Maybe a big country here or there but all the little crap thats out there for whatever reason….I don’t think it will stop. I hope I’m wrong. Hopefully RP at least comes in second in Iowa and can force some critical issues to be looked at according to the constitution.

  • Anonymous

    RINOs are Progressives and as we know will lead us to destruction. It seems all GOP Leadership fits this category. Louie Gohmert for House Speaker!

  • ApplePie101

    The same people who pushed for raising the debt ceiling in August are the ones who back Romney now. That should say it all.

  • Anonymous

    Have been

  • Mike Florey

    There is no such thing as “Gingrich-care”.

    I rest my case.

  • bobemakk

    Gingrich is the most qualified and the best qualified to run this country. Mark Levin is right, Romney is a RINO in reality. He is much too liberal. Although I will vote for any republican who runs against The Big Zero/Obama.

    As far as baggage, Newt has a lot, and I DON’T CARE, it will not and has never affected his politics. Personal issues should remain just that “personal” and the lamestream media who favors the left should shut the f— up. I am tired of them brainwashing the public with their lies.

  • Anonymous

    After the Leftwing/liberals and Mainstream Media have trashed ALL our candidates and have conned us and America into thinking NONE IS WORTHY,then what?!!! It will be to late to go and try restart the hot air balloons of their campaigns and Obama wins again! So it’s time to STOP LETTING THEM CALL THE TUNE and ACCEPT OUR BEST REMAINING CANDIDATE (GINGRICH) WARTS AND ALL AND SAY TO THOSE CRITICS” IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER” WHAT YOU SAY ANYMORE,WE ARE ON TO YOU!

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with you, Levin?
    What is up, with the constant attacking of Mitt?
    WHY…. is Mitt not a conservative in your mind?
    When Mitt was governor of Mass….. he fought ALL the LIBERAL policies! Mitt WAS in a very liberal state…. and he vetoed policies, that were liberal.
    I am sick of Rush complaining about Romney Care…. WHEN…. his beloved Heritage Foundation was FOR it…. and so was NEWT…. and just about ALL other Republicans!
    What they were against….. was what the DemWits who had policy control over what gets put up for votes and not being able to stop the CHANGES the DemWits made to Romney Care! That is what really screwed it up!
    Newt is such a liar! He keeps talking about NOT attacking his fellow Republicans….. as he IS ATTACKING them! Newt is Double-Speak! He wants you to believe he is such a GOOD GUY, but most of the Republicans who worked with him…. were embarrassed by him! He goes after Clinton for having affairs and lying about it…. when he is DOING IT HIMSELF! He’s a “Do as I say…. Not as I do” guy!

  • Anonymous

    We have observed Gingrich for many years and think he is not a reliable conservative. Please check out these links:,0,2003907.story?track=rss
    We would readily vote for Mitt rather than Newt because Newt is so erratic, unstable, zanny, bombastic, untrustworthy, even truculent that we feel he is unfit to be president. Coulter is not the only one who supports Romney but so does George Will, and others. If you read the list of endorsements Romney’s list exceeds Newt’s many times over. Some of Gingrich’s conservative former colleagues have nothing but contempt for him because the way he allienated so many when he was Speaker. Check out Colburn’s statements. We believe that Newt’s outrageous words caused problems for the conservative causes for years and feel Gingrich would be as bad as Obama as president.

  • Anonymous

    We have observed Gingrich for many years and think he is not a reliable conservative. Please check out these links:,0,2003907.story?track=rss
    We would readily vote for Mitt rather than Newt because Newt is so erratic, unstable, zanny, bombastic, untrustworthy, even truculent that we feel he is unfit to be president. Coulter is not the only one who supports Romney but so does George Will, and others. If you read the list of endorsements Romney’s list exceeds Newt’s many times over. Some of Gingrich’s conservative former colleagues have nothing but contempt for him because the way he allienated so many when he was Speaker. Check out Colburn’s statements. We believe that Newt’s outrageous words caused problems for the conservative causes for years and feel Gingrich would be as bad as Obama as president.

  • $20962451

    I find the radio talkers quite amazing.In the 2008,ALL of the major radio show hosts-Limbaugh,Hannity,Ingraham,Levin,Savage and the list goes on and on ,were effusive in their support for Romney and now??? Shows that it’s all about creating havoc for ratings sake.Theyfor the nmost part are the biggest flip floppers-but then they get paid mega bucks to fool the people!